WVTA Presentation to key stakeholders - 11/2012


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WVTA Presentation to key stakeholders - 11/2012

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WVTA Presentation to key stakeholders - 11/2012

  1. 1. Improving Broadband Infrastructure For West Virginia’s Health Care Larry Malone and Jack Shaffer November 27, 2012
  2. 2. RHCPP Objectives– Interconnect state and region-wide broadband health care networks– Aid greater use of telehealth applications and learning– Facilitate electronic health information exchange and EHRs– Provide Internet2 connectivity= Improved rural health care and outcomes
  3. 3. Eligible Entities- Rural health care centers- Critical access hospitals (non-profit)- Mental health clinics (non-profit)- Medical teaching institutions (Marshall, CAMC, WVU and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine)- County health departments- School-based clinics- Free clinics- ERs in for-profit hospitals that provide Medicare
  4. 4. WV Telehealth Network
  5. 5. Accomplishments• Organized a statewide coalition focused on telehealth and health IT• Formed a non-profit organization and dedicated board of directors• Secured multi-million-dollar FCC grant to improve telehealth and broadband infrastructure• Secured $600,000 Benedum grants• Secured $800,000 in additional funding from state (HCA and DHHR)• Developed a first-rate technical implementation plan – nearly $10 million project• Aggregated need/demand from health care locations across the state – Group purchasing power – Enhanced service agreements and quality – Improvements in rural connectivity• Completed projects – – Metro Fiber Build – Advanced broadband connections to 90+ locations• Telehealth outreach project• Participating in state’s HIT coordination council/strategic HIT plan
  6. 6. RHCPP Project #1Metro Fiber Project• Marshall University (for its health education programs, courses)• Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine• St. Mary’s Medical Center• Cabell-Huntington HospitalBenefits:• Provide advanced broadband interconnection among these institutions for the exchange of health information and health education purposes• Will allow rural health centers added remote access capabilities (via telehealth) to the physicians and specialists at these interconnected organizations• Will provide a fiber connection point to bring Internet2 service into the state, particularly into southern and central West Virginia
  7. 7. Huntington Metro Fiber Build Project Fiber Routes– New Fiber – Existing MU – Fiber OARnet/Internet2
  8. 8. Huntington Metro Fiber Build Project Fiber Routes1 Gig Connection to Internet2 Rural Health Clinics 10 Gig Fiber Connections – New Fiber – Existing MU Fiber – OARnet/Internet2
  9. 9. Image Transfer SpeedComparison : 10 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 ••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••• – Huntington Metro – Regular Fiber Connection
  10. 10. RHCPP Project #2Telco Services/WAN Procurement90+ locations opted to participate and sign contractsPurchasing Groups: Partners In Health/CAMC Community Health Network of WV Valley Health WV United Health System/ University Health Associates Wheeling Hospital Minnie HamiltonWinning Vendors: – Comcast – Frontier – Lumos/nTelos – Verizon
  11. 11. W.Va. RHCPP Participants Provided are the entities that signed RHCPP contracts:Beckley Health Right Primary Care Systems, Inc.Belington Community Medical Services Roane General HospitalCabell Huntington Hospital Stonewall Jackson Memorial HospitalCAMC Tri-County Health Clinic, Inc.Community Health Network of WV Tug River Health AssociationFamily Care University Health AssociatesHighland Hospital Assoc. Valley Health SystemLincoln Primary Care Center Webster County Memorial HospitalMinnie Hamilton Health System West Virginia Health Right, Inc.Monroe Health Center West Virginia United Health SystemPendleton Community Care Wheeling Hospital, Inc.Preston Health Care Corporation
  12. 12. RHCPP BenefitsWVTA has met and exceeded its goal of providing at least T-1 service toall healthcare sites, with 40 % of participating locations signing up for T-1s.Moreover, 54 % of participating locations are purchasing service that is atleast six times better than T-1 service. Some locations (15 %) are evenpurchasing 100 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps service. WAN Bandwidth # Sites Internet Only 3 1.5 Mbps WAN 40 3 Mbps WAN 3 10 Mbps WAN 37 100 Mbps WAN 13 1,000 Mbps WAN 3
  13. 13. RHCPP BenefitsImproved broadband connectivity will provide a number of benefits:• Enable greater use of telehealth services and connections that will enable improved diagnostic capabilities and specialty treatment options: • Peri-natal project • Tele-stroke • Tele-psychiatry/therapy• Transmission of medical data for diagnosis, treatment or follow-ups;• Enable better group purchasing power and enhanced reliability and quality of service• Foster tele-training and educational opportunities; and• Dedicated virtual private networks to ensure security, reliability and connectivity
  14. 14. Major RHCPP Beneficiaries• CAMC• WVU Hospital System• Wheeling Hospital• Metro Fiber – St. Marys – Cabell-Huntington – Marshall School of Medicine• Community Health Network
  15. 15. Telehealth In Action• St. Marys Medical Center Remote Presence Telestroke Carehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7c7LIxnX-A• West Virginia Perinatal Project – Perinatal consults – Consults in pediatric cardiology, neurology, and neuro surgery• WVU Telepsychiatry Programhttp://www.mnn.com/money/green-workplace/blogs/wvu-expands-telepsychiatry-program• Valley Health – Remote site behavioral health telemedicine
  16. 16. RHCPP Project #3Intercarrier Metro/MPLS Hub Project Hub will serve as the backbone for the entire WVTA’s network of networks: 1) allow health care providers to connect to the West Virginia Telehealth Alliance network regardless of broadband vendor 2) allow for other hospitals and health care education facilities to connect seamlessly to the larger telehealth network
  17. 17. Questions?