Intermec Case Study - Columbia Natural Resources


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Case Study on how Columbia Natural Resources used hand held computer devices to save 300 man hours per month

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Intermec Case Study - Columbia Natural Resources

  1. 1. CaseStudyNatural Gas Producer COLUM BIA NATURAL RESOURCESColumbia NaturalResources Saves 300 Comparing mobile computers with manual computers are key components of a methods of capturing data on Columbia business automation system that savesLabor Hours a Month Natural Resources’ (CNR) natural gas wells CNR more than 300 hours of labor eachwith Mobile is like comparing today’s e-mail with month by eliminating duplicate data yesteryear’s Pony Express. The first is entries and the subsequent errors thoseComputing designed to deliver data or messages entries could introduce. directly from point to point quickly and accurately. The second may or may not Prior to the system’s implementation, the deliver the messages in a timely manner – well tenders had to write each well’s depending on the thousands of variables production information into a logbook the horse and rider encounter along the and transcribe the information onto data At a Glance path. entry forms. The forms were mailed to headquarters, where clerks manually Industry: “Our old manual method of data collection input the data into the company’s was labor intensive, error prone and time computerized accounting and production Field Service consuming,” said Jack Watson, CNR vice data system. Market: president of operations. “The new mobile Utilities computing system allows our company to As one of the largest producers of natural Application: collect, record and capture data in one gas and oil in the Appalachian basin, CNR Inspection and Survey seamless process.” needed an automated data-collection system that not only offered cost Products: Rugged Hardware Required efficiency, but one that was also reliable in 6920 Communication Software More than 100 of CNR’s well tenders (field a variety of harsh outdoor conditions. Well 6360 Rugged Mobile Computer personnel who monitor well activity) use tenders would be taking the mobile Intermec Custom Application ruggedized mobile computers from computers in vehicle mounts over rutted, Intermec Technologies Corp. to capture unpaved roads to well sites. The comput- data on each of the company’s 9,000 ers had to operate without incident in hot, production wells in a six-state region. The humid, rainy and snowy weather.
  2. 2. COLUM BIA NATURAL RESOURCES Taking It Out For a Test Drive wells. He or she also takes measurement Rollout of CNR’s mobile computing readings on the amount of natural gas program followed a two-month pilot coming from each well. This information is project that enabled 12 volunteer well essential in determining production tenders to “test drive” the computers. volumes and calculating payments to owners of the minerals. “We wanted to try the mobile computers in field conditions,” said Roy York, CNR’s Well tenders transmit their collected data director of pipeline systems and supervi- to the computer network at CNR head- sor of the pilot project-working group. quarters on a weekly or daily schedule. To “We also wanted to find ways to make the download the information, a well tender units as user-friendly as possible before sends it either by telephone line or being distributed throughout the through an Intermec docking unit in the company.” local field office. Reliable Customized Software Solution Intermec 6920 communication software, To aid in usability, CNR and Intermec along with a server software solution, developed customized software for the “The Intermec equipment has proven its handles communications between CNR’s handheld devices. Each company reliability in the most rugged and difficult dispersed field servers and mobile independently built its components so weather extremes. It’s also easy to use and computers. when the “engine” was assembled; the cost competitive,” Shaffer continued. combined system delivered the expected Efficiency at the Well Head performance. Armed with Information Shaffer has traveled the sometimes-rough In addition to enabling well tenders to terrain of many projects in his 15-year “With Intermec personnel developing the record and transmit information, the information technology career. “This well tending data collection piece and mobile computers contain production project, because of its logistics, personnel CNR personnel developing the historical data for a well tender’s specific wells. This issues and new technology, could have data view, report collection and back-end information includes historical volumetric been one of the most difficult,” he said. program integration, things went very records and reserve information. By “Instead it turned out to be one of the smoothly,” Jack Shaffer, manager of having such information in hand, the most successful and enjoyable projects network services, said. tender is better able to service wells and I’ve had the pleasure of leading. I give understand trends. The information can credit to the dedication of the Intermec The result is reliable, accurate and user- easily be shared among personnel to employees assigned to the project. Their friendly software that helps a well tender accommodate reassignments, new hires, attention to detail and customer service become comfortable with a mobile illness or vacations. allowed it to be a complete success.” computer. Data entry is simplified and the computer confirms the information as it is Each well tender at CNR is responsible for entered. maintaining and reporting on 60 to 120 North Europe/ Asia/ Worldwide America Middle East & Africa Latin America Fax Document Corporate Headquarters Headquarters Hong Kong Australia Retrieval Service Copyright © 2001 Intermec 6001 36th Avenue West Sovereign House 26-12 Shell Tower Level 7, 200 Pacific Highway 800.755.5505 Technologies Corporation. All Everett, Washington 98203 Vastern Road Times Square Crows Nest NSW 2065 (North America Only) rights reserved. Intermec is a tel: 425.348.2600 Reading, Berkshire RG1 8BT 1 Matheson Street Australia tel: 650.556.8447 registered trademark of Intermec fax: 425.355.9551 United Kingdom Causeway Bay tel: 61.2.9901.2065 Technologies Corporation. All tel: +44.118.987.9400 Hong Kong fax: 61.2.9954.6300 Internet other trademarks are the property of their respective Systems & Solutions fax: +44.118.987.9401 tel: 852.2574.9777 owners. Printed in the U.S.A. 550 2nd Street S.E., Cedar fax:852.2574.9725 South America and Mexico 611040-02A 06/01 Rapids, Iowa 52401 Gothenburg 2572 White Road Sales tel: 319.369.3100 Idrottsvägen 10 Singapore Irvine, California 92614 800.347.2636 In a continuing effort to improve fax: 319.369.3453 P.O. Box 123 25-16 International Plaza tel: 949.975.1905 (toll free in N.A.) our products, Intermec SE-431 22 Mölndal 10 Anson Road, 079903 fax: 949.975.1913 tel: 425.348.2726 Technologies Corporation Media Supplies Sweden tel: 65.324.8391 reserves the right to change 9290 Le Saint Drive tel: +46.31.869500 fax: 65.324.8393 Service and Support specifications and features Fairfield, Ohio 45014 fax: +46.31.869595 800.755.5505 without prior notice. tel: 513.874.5882 (toll free in N.A.) fax: 513.874.8487 tel: 425.356.1799