Fourth Global BHL Meeting - Technical Update

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Presentation at the Fourth Global BHL Meeting in Fez, Morocco

Presentation at the Fourth Global BHL Meeting in Fez, Morocco

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  • 1. Fourth Global BHL MeetingFez, MoroccoMay 27th - 28th, 2013
  • 2. TECHNICAL UPDATEFourth Global BHL Meeting
  • 3. New Partners and new Content…
  • 4. New Partners and new Content
  • 5. Global Replication & ServingReplicated Data Center Portal Application
  • 6. Portal
  • 7. Book Viewer
  • 8. Article-level metadata• Disambiguating and locating structuralcomponents in the corpus• Done by automated and crowdsourcedmeans– Thanks Rod Page! Welcome others!• Greatly increases semantic value of thedataset• Addressing important – makes dataaddressable and thus linkableChapter-level metadataTreatment-level metadataPart-level metadata
  • 9. Articles in the BHL UI
  • 10. Images
  • 11. PDF Generator
  • 12. Macaw
  • 13. Viewing Activity
  • 14. Viewing Activity
  • 15. Loading Activity
  • 16. Uploading images via browser
  • 17. Uploading images via browser
  • 18. Reviewing Metadata
  • 19. Reviewing Metadata
  • 20. Uploading to the Archive• Need to get set up with an account atIA first• Account at IA needs access to thebiodiversity collection• Uploading of completed items is done viascheduled job or the command line
  • 21. The Art of Life ProjectDescribing and providing access to naturalhistory illustrations from the BiodiversityHeritage Library (BHL)Funded by:National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
  • 22. The Art of Life project: describing and providing access tonatural history illustrations from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL)Title Stictospiza formosaType IllustrationsDate Publication: 1898Agent Author: Arthur G. Butler (1844-1925)Illustrator: F.W. Frohawk (1861-1946)Description A pair of finches with green and yellow bodies resting on reedsSubjects Scientific name: Amandava formosa (Latham, 1790)Vernacular Name: Green Avadavat or Green MuniaAccepted Name: Amandava formosa (Latham, 1790)Birds, finchesInscriptions bottom center: Green Amaduvade Waxbill (Stictospiza formosa)Source Butler, Arthur Gardiner. Foreign finches in captivity. Hull and London: Brumbyand Clarke, limited,1889 (2nd edition). This image comes from the BiodiversityHeritage Library, and is available online at Public domainElement Definition Examples RepeatAgents person or corporate entity involvedin the creation, design, production,or publication of a visual resource.<vra:agent><vra:name type="personal" vocab="LCNAF" refid="89015596>Curtis,John</vra:name><vra:dates type="life"><vra:earliestDate>1791</vra:earliestDate><vra:latestDate>1862</vra:latestDate></vra:dates><vra:role vocab="AAT"refid="300025574">publisher</vra:role></vra:agent>YCopyright The copyright status of the visualresource.<vra:rights refid=””>Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)</vra:rights>NDate Date or range of dates associatedwith the creation or publication of thevisual resource.<vra:date type="creation"><vra:earliestDate>1945</vra:earliestDate><vra:latestDate>1955</vra:latestDate></vra:date>YDescription A free-text note about content of theimage, including comments,description, or interpretation, thatgives additional information notrecorded in other categories.<vra:description>This illustration shows a scale, colouredillustration of Sepsis annulipes (now known as Encitaannulipes) beside the Trifolium ochroleucum plant. Severaldissections from Sepsis cylindrica Fab. (all these details areprovided on the next page of this book and the subsequentpage).</vra:description>YInscriptionsAll marks, caption, or written wordsadded to the object at the time ofproduction or in its subsequenthistory, including signatures, dates,dedications, texts, and colophons, aswell as marks, such as the stamps ofsilversmiths, publishers, or printers.<vra:inscription><vra:position>bottom</vra:position><vra:text>Radula of L. souleyetianum on a morereduced scale</vra:text></vra:inscription>YSource A citation for the book, journal orresource that hosts the visualresource<vra:source><vra:name type=”book”>Butler, Arthur Gardiner.Foreign finches in captivity. HullBrumby and Clarke,limited,1889 (2nd edition). </vra:name><vra:refidtype=”URI”></vra:refid> </vra:source>NSubject Terms or phrases that describe,identify, or interpret the visualresource.<vra:subject><vra:term type=”personalName”>CarlLinnaeus</vra:term></vra:subject><dwc:scientificName>Plant: Picea abies</dwc:scientificName><dwc:acceptedName>Plant: Piceaabies</dwc:acceptedName><dwc:vernacularName>Plant: Norwayspruce<dwc:vernacularName>YTitle The title or identifying phrase given toan Image<vra:title xml:lang=”la”>Sepsis annulipes</vra:title><vra:title type=“alternate”>Orangutan</vra:title>YExample of illustration described using Art of Life schemaArt of Life schema elements required in RedWe welcome your feedback on the schema!
  • 23. Synchronization• Review and optimize the way that synchronization ofbooks is currently done at different locations.• Keep track of who has what. Periodically, make sureyour node has synchronized all the books you wantto synchronize from IA.• How synchronized (monthly, weekly, daily) willdifferent types of information be (e.g. content,copyrights info, metadata, pagination)?
  • 24. Global Replication & ServingReplicated Data Center Portal Application
  • 25. Global Replication & ServingReplicated Data Center Portal Application
  • 26. Thank youWilliam UlateGlobal BHL CoordinatorWilliam.Ulate@mobot.orgFez, MoroccoMay 27-28, 2013Global BHL Meeting