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YouTube Social Club. Sharing YouTube Marketing Tips and Video Strategies That Helps Generate Free and Low Cost Leads For Local Small Business Owners. Always Looking For New Methods To Use Video ...

YouTube Social Club. Sharing YouTube Marketing Tips and Video Strategies That Helps Generate Free and Low Cost Leads For Local Small Business Owners. Always Looking For New Methods To Use Video Marketing to Market Clients' as Well as My Own Products And Services. YouTube & Video Marketing Is An Exciting New Strategy That Small Business Owners Can Use to Leverage Their Advertising Dollars.



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YouTube Marketing Tips YouTube Marketing Tips Presentation Transcript

  • Your Business is Local.So You Need Local Customers, right? Would You Like Free & Low-Cost Leads In Your Market Area?
  • Introducing...YouTube Social Club Video Optimization Services Get Top Search Results on YouTube.
  • My story. In 2007 I was a partnerin a construction business spending$4,000 a MONTH on GoogleAdwords.That’s $50,000 a year on just Pay-Per-Click advertising.That didn’t include what we werespending on ‘SEO’ services, TheFlyer, newspaper inserts, signs,Service Magic, brochures, tradeshows.The marketing expense paid off inspades by generating a lot of leadsthat converted in high margincontracts.
  • Getting a new customer costabout $300. The average repair jobwas about $2,500 or about 12% ofthe order.Spend $1. Get $8 back. Nice, right?Add in 75% profits. Life is good.Fast forward 18 months to Mid-2009.All the ‘low hanging fruit’ is gone,prices started to drop like leadballoons.The cost to get new customers wentthrough the roof because ouraverage repair order dropped 40%.Now the cost to get new customersrose to as much as 33% of the job!
  • Thats when we had to findalternative avenues that were effective increating leads, at a much lower cost.One jewel we found was Video Marketing!Free traffic & lower customer acquisition costs?What a wonderful place! No hostingcosts, no domains, free tools includingkeyword, advertising, over lays and,it’s totally brandable! Even designyour channel to look like your Website& Facebook pages.For free. Just like I am now advertisingfor new clients…because I want freeand low cost leads, too.
  • You see, I have found away to get free and low-cost leadsfor any Local Business usingkeyword driven video Marketing.But, first let me ask you...
  • * Do you ever struggle to getnew leads and revenues for yourbusiness?* Have you ever woken up in themiddle of the night worrying abouthow to get more sales & spend less?* Can you believe what some of themarketing ‘EXPERTS’ want to chargeyou… UPFRONT?
  • Get more Leads – Pay Less?I love Free Leads!How about you?Would you like to learn how toget Free and Low Cost Leadsfor your local business?How, you ask? YouTube!
  • YouTube: 800 millionunique visitors watching over 3 Billionhours of video – EVERY MONTH.* More than half of all web traffic after 5PM isalready video traffic - YouTube, Netflix, and othercompanies serving prime video.YouTube Marketing is an exciting strategy that canget the business owner new leads and sales overand over again from the same optimized video.Video is where the web is headed.* There are currently 70 hours of video uploadedto YouTube every minute of every day - over onehour of video content every second.* In fact, Cisco is scrambling to re-engineer itsrouters to deal with what they call the "videoonslaught;“ theyre predicting that by 2015 atleast 90% of all internet will be video.
  • What Video Marketing Can Do For You!YouTube is #3 in Internet traffic.Its also the second largest search site onthe web - ahead of both Yahoo and Bing.How we get local, low cost & free leads.We use these same techniques to generatesales for our clients, for my own localbusinesses and NATIONAL leads for It’s UFB.Developing, manufacturing and marketingproprietary restorative automotive coatingsthat are ONLY SOLD ON THE INTERNET.We Practice What We Preach!
  • "Go where the puck is going to be." Wayne GretzkyVideo is where the web is going.
  • YouTube Social ClubIts genesis began after a NewYear’s Eve party having learned overthe evening how many businessowners there that were strugglingto get leads and sales.Lawyers, dentists, veterinarians,healthcare professionals, therapists,accountants, plumbers, engineers,contractors all needing more LEADS -but didn’t have big ad dollars tospend to get them!In a small business, ever dollar notspent is a dollar you get to keep,right?
  • Thats great, but my clinic is inPembroke Pines, Florida where Im aDoctor of Chiropractic.“How Can I Use YouTube to get new patients?”Take the phrase "Pembroke PinesChiropractor" it is searched for on Google320 times a month.Add in "Miramar Chiropractor" 126 timesa month and a few miles down the road!That is 446 potential new patientsEVERY MONTH Who Looking For Solutionsto Pain Relief.Who’s Looking For a Solutions That YourServices Solve?
  • How Can You Market Your Local Business using Video?* Start with keyword research. What are ‘solutions’ are people looking for.* Setup your YouTube channel* Brand the channel* Make a few videos demonstrating your product, cook a dish if you’re a chef, or give free advice on how to save money…* Optimize the videos and upload them to YouTube* Load them onto your website, blog & Facebook page and then….
  • Here’s a Gift For You..To help jump start your YouTubeMarketing campaign let us setup aYouTube Channel Page and Brand itwith Graphics at NO COST!Send me your logo,company name, whatservices you offer andcontact information.Examples Next Page FREE
  • Why am I doing this for Free?To generate leads for my business, of course!YouTube Social Club gives away freeMarketing Tips and Services to provethat we’ll do what we say we can do.By applying the same SEO Methods toYouTube Videos to that I use to promotemy own products, we help local business toget free and low cost leads by addingVideo Marketing to their existing marketingefforts.If what we give away has real value, whatdo you think the services we charge formight be worth?What Can You Offer Your Prospects, For Free?Get Your FREE Setup today!
  • Hurry.FREE can’t last long. Click Here
  • YouTube Social Club* Free Tips To Learn to Optimize Videos ** Get Top 5 placements in days* Use Google for competitive keywords s* How to check out your competitor’s Videos* Where to get video & channel views,comments, subscriptions – Safely! Free YouTube Channel Setup YouTube Social Club. All Rights Reserved. 2012