EA to facilitate collaboration
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EA to facilitate collaboration



Facilitate enterprise collaboration is the unique value of Enterprise architecture. Al though the industry have focused EA on supporting Enterprise Strategic planning. However, in the past, there ...

Facilitate enterprise collaboration is the unique value of Enterprise architecture. Al though the industry have focused EA on supporting Enterprise Strategic planning. However, in the past, there are many business improvement initiatives supporting business strategic planning and decision making. It is hardly an unique EA value. Further, the business improvement initiatives subject to the fate of come and go because strategic planning is more art than science, there is not a repeatable method to support business strategic planning.



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  • “ System implementations make business and break through process change possible and business managers should partner with IT, not the reverse. But the reality is that when there is not clear business vision driving decisions with an organization, it is often difficult for IT to decline the leadership role in Enterprise Engineering efforts.  As a result, IT is often blamed for the failure to successfully transform an organization through implementation of systems when in fact, it is the lack of strategic business vision and leadership from the outset that led to the failure to achieve desired outcomes. Thus IT managers and organizations should not accept responsibility for driving an organization transformation without understanding the accompany risks and only after failing to recruit the necessary business leadership and vision to lead the effort.” -   Susan Grovant [Grovant, 1998 ]

EA to facilitate collaboration Presentation Transcript

  • 1. EA to facilitate collaboration John Chi-Zong Wu [email_address] www.liteea.com
  • 2. Presentation Goals
    • Collaboration and knowledge sharing to close the gaps between strategy and execution.
    • Why collaboration and knowledge sharing?
    • Apply EA principle to architecture KM and collaboration.
    • Collaboration is a culture which must be cultivate.
    • Cultivate collaboration in a systematic approach as show in the collaboration framework.
    • Cultivate collaboration with actual practice described in LEA,
  • 3. The power of collaboration
    • Collaboration to win the edge of competition.
    • Collaboration to minimize the redundancy of stovepipe culture.
    • Collaboration to close the gap between strategy and execution.
    • Collaboration enable total participation.
  • 4. The challenge of collaboration
    • Collaboration is a human gift but is not human nature.
    • For survival, it is human nature to be create stovepipes.
    • But also for survival, human have learn the power of collaboration.
    • All civilization evolved from stovepipe system and to a collaborative culture.
    • The challenge is how to cultivate the collaboration culture.
  • 5. EA to facilitate collaboration
    • Collaboration is a human gift but is not human nature.
    • For survival, it is human nature to be create stovepipes.
    • But also for survival, human have learn the power of collaboration.
    • All civilization evolved from stovepipe system and matured in collaborative culture.
    • The challenge is how to cultivate the collaboration culture.
  • 6.
    • EA professional are the “Glue” not the “Guru”
    • It facilitate collaboration rather than a commend and control approach.
    • EA is a total participation effort.
    EA is the “Glue” not the “Guru”
  • 7.
    • Enterprise is organic, it consist of the visible enterprise mechanic architecture and also invisible the enterprise fields similar to a iceberg.
    • Collaborative culture is considered as the enterprise field which is analogy to gravity, electric and mechanic fields.
    • Traditional EA focus on the visible enterprise mechanical architecture.
    • LEA make special effort on the enterprise filed of collaborative culture.
    Enterprise mechanic and fields
  • 8. The EA iceberg
    • EA does not support strategic planning, it also facilitate the enterprise collaborative environment.
    • On the tip, EA appears to support strategic planning.
    • In the bottom, EA facilitate the collaborative environment.
    • EA can not close the gap between strategy and execution without a collaborative environment.
  • 9. EA can not success without collaborative culture
    • EA will not be able to close the gaps between business strategy and execution without a collaborative enterprise culture.
    • But unfortunately the EA community only see the tip of iceberg without paying attention to invisible part of an collaborative enterprise environment.
  • 10.
    • LEA consist of the basic EA and advance EA.
    • Basic EA to facilitate collaboration.
    • Advance EA serve as the glue between business strategy and execution.
    Basic EA and advance EA
  • 11.
    • Collaboration framework is proposed to cultivate enterprise collaboration culture systematically
    • The rows describe the roles of collaboration.
    • The columns describe the attributes of the collaboration framework.
    • The cells in the framework serve as the systematic approach to divide and conquer.
    Cultivate collaboration systematically
  • 12. LEA Collaboration Framework Visibility Communication Human psychology consensus Politic technology owner Planner Designer Developer
  • 13.
    • The rows of collaboration framework
      • Owner
      • Planner
      • Designer
      • Developer
    The rows of collaboration framework
  • 14.
    • The following slides discuss the attributes of :
      • Communication.
      • Knowledge management.
      • Learning.
      • Consensus
      • Leadership
      • Technology.
    • The following slides elaborate each attributes in the framework.
    The attributes of collaboration
  • 15. Visibility
    • Enterprise is a logical and invisible entity.
    • It is a human limitation that it is difficult to manage something they can not see.
    • It is particular difficult to facilitate collaboration without a visible and tangible subject.
  • 16. Communication
    • Communication lead to the mutual understanding and facilitate collaboration.
    • It is the communication between all level in the organization.
    • Communication does not limited to verbal or written language, it also include body language.
  • 17.
    • The study of collaboration must take human psychology into consideration.
    • It is best describe in the folk story of stone soup.
    • Stone Soup is an old folk story in which hungry strangers persuade local people of a town to give them food. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity.
    • The story was the basis of a 1947 children's book, Stone Soup ( ISBN 9780689878367 ), by Marcia Brown ,
    The human psychology
  • 18. Building consensus
    • Collaboration relies on building consensus among the different parties.
    • Consensus is a process for group decision-making. It is a method by which an entire group of people can come to an agreement. The input and ideas of all participants are gathered and synthesized to arrive at a final decision acceptable to all. Through consensus, we are not only working to achieve better solutions, but also to promote the growth of community and trust.
    • For consensus to be a positive experience, it is best if the group has
      • 1) common values,
      • 2) some skill in group process and conflict resolution, or a commitment to let these be facilitated,
      • 3) commitment and responsibility to the group by its members and
      • 4) sufficient time for everyone to participate in the process
  • 19.
    • Like it or not, politic is essential to facilitate enterprise collaboration.
    • Politic is the mechanism on how human work together.
    • Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a decentralized and egalitarian group. In particular, teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.
  • 20. Collaboration technologies
    • Leverage on technology evolution to Facilitate enterprise collaboration. The
    • The web 2.0 technology enables a chain of collaborative tool and social media applications
    • “ With the maturation of the Internet, collaboration and knowledge sharing have become a standard way of conducting business, to the point where enabling technologies require functionality to address these activities,” says Steve Cranford, a director in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Advisory Practice.
  • 21.
    • LEA cultivate collaboration via actual practice rather than talk about it.
    • EA professionals are the glue not the guru.
    • The follow LEA methods put collaboration into action.
      • See the big picture.
      • Master planning
      • Knowledge management.
      • Cross cutting architecture
    Cultivate collaboration by actual practice
  • 22.
    • LEA see the enterprise big picture via the Enterprise map approach.
    • It follows the concept in the story of blind man and elephant.
    • Enterprise is large and every one only touch a part of the enterprise .
    • Every one also believe the part they have touched is the whole .
    • Collaboration is the only way to see the true enterprise big picture.
    Cultivate collaboration via See the big picture
  • 23.
    • LEA conduct the enterprise master using the enterprise map approach.
    • A Master Plan is a comprehensive long range plan intended development of a community or region. It includes analysis, proposals for the community’s population, economy, housing, facilities, and land use. It is based on public input, surveys, development, physical characteristics, and social and economic.
    • The enterprise master is composed via collaborative approach under total participation.
    Cultivate collaboration via Master Planning
  • 24.
    • LEA manage the enterprise knowledge via collaborative effort.
    • Enterprise knowledge consist of :
      • the knowledge you know,
      • the knowledge you know that you do not know and
      • the type of knowledge that you do not know that you do not know.
    • To acquire the knowledge that you do not know is a collaborative process.
    Cultivate collaboration via Knowledge Management
  • 25.
    • Facilitate collaboration via cross-cutting architecture processes.
    • The cross-cutting architecture practice cultivate the enterprise collaboration culture.
      • Standardization
      • Governance & compliance
    • Cross-cutting architecture requires buy-in from the stake holders.
    • It is a political process of building consensus.
    Cultivate collaboration via Cross-cutting architecture
  • 26.
    • Enterprise consist not only the enterprise mechanic but also the enterprise fields theory.
    • Collaboration and knowledge is the fields of enterprise, It is the glue of the enterprise.
    • Collaboration is a culture which must be cultivated.
    • Cultivate the collaboration culture with actual practice not by discussion.