Edgar Allan Poe Background 2009

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  • 1. The Life and Times of EDGAR ALLAN POE
  • 2.
    • Born January 19 th of 1809
    • Son of actress Eliza Poe and actor David Poe Jr.
    • Eliza died of tuberculosis (some reports say pneumonia) and his father also died/disappeared. His disappearance is surrounded in mystery.
    • Adopted by John and Fanny Allan in 1811.
    Eliza Poe
  • 3.
    • The Allans moved to England where Edgar attended school.
    • 1820: moved back to America (Richmond, VA).
    • 1826: attended the University of Virginia
    • Poe gambled and drank: he was desperate for money to pay his gambling debts, but John Allan refused!!!
  • 4.
    • Edgar moved to Baltimore; wrote poetry (Tamerlane and other Poems) and worked for a small newspaper
    • 1827, joined the US Army as Edgar A. Perry
    • Promoted in 1829 to Sergeant-Major of the Regiment of Artillery.
    • 1829: Mrs. Allan dies; Poe did not learn about death in time – by the time he arrived, she was dead.
    • Poe leaves Army; enters West Point; dismissed 3 mos. later
  • 5.
    • Edgar worked very hard, continued to write, but his debt grew larger.
    • He drank often.
    • 1836: He married his cousin, Virginia Clemm. She was 14 years old.
    • 1836-1840: Published several stories/journals
    • 1841: published The Murders in the Rue Morgue , the first true detective story. Poe’s name was not originally on the story, and he didn’t make $
    • 1845: “The Raven” earns him $15.
  • 6.
    • 1847: Virginia, his young wife, dies of tuberculosis (consumption)
    • Poe gets involved with a few other women, but does not stay sober or successful long enough to please them.
    • 1849: Poe leaves Richmond, arrives in Baltimore.
    • October 7, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe dies in a street in Baltimore.
    • The reason for his death is unknown to this day.
    • 1910 - Poe is inducted into the Hall of Fame in New York.
  • 7.
    • Although Poe’s life ended in despair and disappointment, his writing has made him immortal to many.
  • 8. Including… POE, the Baltimore Ravens mascot! In a poll put to the football fans of Baltimore, they were asked this question: What Baltimore person, place, or thing would best represent this new Baltimore team? Out of the 30,000+ fans to respond, 21,108 selected the winner: the Baltimore Ravens.
  • 9. AND…
    • The Poe Toaster is the unofficial nickname given to a mysterious figure who pays an annual tribute to American author Edgar Allan Poe by visiting the author's original grave marker on his birthday, January 19.
    In the early hours of the morning on that date, a black-clad figure, presumed to be male, with a silver-tipped cane enters the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. The individual proceeds to Poe's grave, where he or she raises a cognac toast. Before departing, the Toaster leaves three red roses and a half-bottle of Martell cognac on the grave.