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Brochure Attini Blogs

  1. 1. givi n emp g a loyees voic eBlogs have become standard practice for business andinternal communications. They open up and humaniseleadership messages, and they give employees a voice,facilitating upward feedback. The ability to share anddiscover knowledge is critical to breaking down theinformation silos that stop people learning from each other.Is it as easy for people to publish to your intranet as it It takes the essentials SharePoint provides and addsis to send an email? Attini Blogs unlocks the knowledge features that will drive adoption, improve the value ofin people’s inboxes by making publishing as simple as posts and ensure the right people see the right information.clicking ‘send’. Attini Blogs ensures SharePoint’s blogging templateAttini Blogs integrates seamlessly with SharePoint 2010, meets the expectations of today’s bloggers; people familiarmaking its blogging template easier and more effective. with platforms like WordPress, Blogger and
  2. 2. about attini blogs company-wideAttini Blogs provides a number of targeted and important enhancements blogging portalto the SharePoint blog template. Most importantly, it incorporates Ever wanted to find out what people area company-wide blogging portal and centralised blog directory. blogging about inside your organisation? Attini Blogs provides a place people can goBlog enhancements: to find the best blogs and the best blog posts.• Enhanced search box, providing search results in a format that makes sense; With Attini Blogs and social analytics, you can ensure the best content ‘bubbles to the top’,• One-click e-mail subscription, making sure no one misses a post; by creating views based on the number of• Summary views, providing quick access to the most recent and comments, views, ‘likes’ or other social metrics popular posts; a post has received.• Information panel, displaying information about the blog, the owners of the blog and their contact details; The Attini Blogs advanced Tag Cloud and Tag• Tag cloud, filtering the posts within the current blog based List take SharePoint’s tagging features to a new on how they are tagged; level, helping people to create compound filters• Blog portal link, making sure no one gets lost: putting your blog which allow them to drill into the portal and within the context of the organisation. find only the posts that relate to their topic of interest. By including an RSS feed, they can be assured of never missing a thing.Blog post enhancements:• Real time view tracking, giving the author instant feedback blog directory on readership; It’s also important to be able to find the latest• Post information panel, displaying information on the number and most popular blogs. Attini Blogs includes of comments, tags and the age of the post; a centralised Blog Directory, which lists all• Related posts, automatically finds other posts that have been the blogs in your organisation. It includes their published on the same topic, making them easier to discover. description, owner information, statistics and your own custom metadata. Information in the Blog Directory is constantly updated, and it’s used to provide helpful lists like the ‘My Blogs’ web part that makes it easy to find the blogs to which you have contributed.www.attini.comasia – pacific region europe, middle east, africa