Rapid Circle - Attini Social Suite for SharePoint- in 9 pages


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Rapid Circle - Attini Social Suite for SharePoint- in 9 pages

  1. 1. Created  a  Social  Suite  for  SharePoint   SharePoint is a great technology for collaboration. Even more so if you can enhance it with social networking and social features of Attini AttiniProducts
  2. 2. Why  A5ni?   Solution Native to Affordable, Complete framework to SharePoint, commoditi- Social Suite on help 2010, scalable zing Social SharePoint accelerate and SharePoint 2010 custom upgradeable 2010 templates “A#ni  costs  a  quarter  of  the  price  of   compe4tors,    has  most  of  the  features,   and  covers  90%  of  your  requirements”   Daniel McPherson, Chief architect, Attini Software
  3. 3. USP’s Attini Social SuiteNot just Microblogging. Makes collaboration and workplace moreproductive, social and knowledgeable Share  |  Comment  |  Like  The best and most relevant bubbles to top, from anywhere, toanywhere Share  |  Comment  |  Like  Improving MySite, while making corporate home social andpersonally relevant and team sites more productive Share  |  Comment  |  Like  News that’s sticky goes viral and everyone can reach large audience Share  |  Comment  |  Like  The only really SharePoint native product as far as we know. Basedon SP lists, SP content types and SP search Share  |  Comment  |  Like  Makes use of SP’s governance, security, updates, backups Share  |  Comment  |  Like  Runs on Standard, Enterprise, Office 365, FAST Share  |  Comment  |  Like  
  4. 4. Companies  using  our  social  products  
  5. 5. A5ni  Talk    Attini Talk provides a way to bring Facebook and Twitter to your intranet. Keeping tweets within the company and more easily finding out what’s on peoples minds.  Gain important insight in your organisation by applying social analytics on your internal networks  Available on mobile devices - Browse your Timeline everywhere on your mobile device and integration with Rich Clients such as Seesmic
  6. 6. A5ni  Talk  Features    Short status updates integrated with the My Site and Team sites  Mention, attach, reply, share, like, comment, tag and follow  Keeps your finger on the companies pulse through aggregate capabilities like trending topics  Enables users to search the company Timeline on interesting or relevant topics or interesting people to connect with  Your Timeline, latest updates and mentions and replies in your MySite, Talk site or homepage  Prebuilt aggregation webparts that can be placed anywhere in your farm, such as share this, most popular colleagues around this topic and trending topics  Start an open or closed group. Integrates with Team sites  Comment on documents, tasks, blogposts etc and add documents and images to updates  Share ideas, view best ideas and post challenges
  7. 7. Microblogging Best  bubbles   Microblogging   to  top   Styling  is  easy   Making  MySite   social  and  more   relevant   Mobile  (WP7,  iPhone,   BB,  Android)  
  8. 8. Pricing & Plans
  9. 9. Contact Attini