September 13, 2011
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September 13, 2011






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    September 13, 2011 September 13, 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • September 13, 2011
      The Sahara Desert, located in Africa, is the worlds largest desert. It is spreading to the south by up to 30 miles a year. Some countries may soon become uninhabitable. Is this a problem for the nations affected, for all of Africa, or for the world? Who should help fix it?
    • Objective:
      Learn the main geographic features of Africa
      Be able to place them on a map
    • Homework:
      Egyptian Worksheet
      This will be your homework for the next two days
      We will review this work on Thursday
    • Vocabulary:
      Geography / Geographic
      Having to do with the physical features of an area – mountains rivers, etc.
      Studying the Land Forms of the world
    • How big is Africa?
      Africa is larger than Europe, the continental United States, China, and Alaska combined
    • Africa is often divided into North Africa and Sub – Saharan Africa
      North Africa is Arabic today
      Sub Saharan contains most of what we think of when we think of Africa
    • Parts of Africa
    • The Sahara
      Worlds second largest desert
      (Antarctica is the largest)
      3.6 million square miles in area
      Expanding at a rapid rate
    • Sahara
    • The Sahel
      Means “coast” in Arabic
      The coast of the Sahara
      Transition between grasslands to the south and the Sahara in the north
    • The Sahel
    • Savanna
      Location of most of the animals well known to Africa
      Location of much of the West African culture that was transplanted to the new world
    • Savanah
    • Great Rift Valley
      Location of Olduvai Gorge
      Large valley with a fault down the middle
      Located on the East Coast of Africa
    • Lake Victoria
      Named for Queen Victoria
      African name: Ukerewe
      26,600 square miles
      Africa’s largest lake
    • Nile River
      Longest river in the world
      4130 Miles long
      Name in ancient Egyptian – Iteru
    • Foldable book
      Fold across the short width of the paper (hamburger fold)
    • Foldable book
      Fold it again across the narrow part
    • Foldable book
      Fold it again across the narrow part
    • Foldable book
      Title page – African Geography + pic
      One page per geographic feature
      1-2 points of info per feature
      I visual
    • Exit ticket:
      The completed book is your exit ticket