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November 15, 2011

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  • 1. November 15, 2011 A bill has come up in frontof the state senate, asking for money to conduct an archaeological dig before every large governmentproject. Write an argumentfor or against this proposal
  • 2. Objective: SWBAT Evaluate the value in an archaeological dig * by analyzing a description of the Presidents house dig located in Philadelphia
  • 3.  Come to the Homework: presentation tonight on the discoveries made in Philadelphia If you do so you will get an extra 4 homeworks added as A+’s
  • 4. Review Homework: What risksdid slaves face if they rebelled or ran? They could be… Sold away from family and friends Beaten or killed Their kids could be sold They had to figure out where they were going, with no money and few supplies
  • 5. Yesterday, behind the school:
  • 6. Yesterday, behind the school:
  • 7. Vocabulary: Archaeology The study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts. Use it in a sentence
  • 8. Archaeology: Not just digging in the dirt, but examining artifacts to tell the story of the people who used to live somewhere Digging is often involved
  • 9. Archaeology and African American History: Places like colonial Williamsburg are now excavating sites connected with African Americans Since we have limited written records of these areas, Archaeology can tell us a lot
  • 10. Archaeology and African American History: Digs at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s estate) show how African Americans lived there Without the digs we would know much less about their lives
  • 11. Archaeology and African American History: Digs have also been done at Jefferson’s estate, Monticello These digs add African Americans to the story of the estate At one time, little or no mention was made
  • 12. Check for understanding: Do you understand what archaeology is? Do you understand its value to African American History?
  • 13. Independent Practice: Read the article on the Presidents House tunnel in Philadelphia Answer the comprehension questions Write the story assigned
  • 14. Exit Ticket: What was discovered in the excavations at the Presidents House? Why was it important?