Mr. Lodge World History Class 3/24/2009
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Mr. Lodge World History Class 3/24/2009






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Mr. Lodge World History Class 3/24/2009 Mr. Lodge World History Class 3/24/2009 Presentation Transcript

  • March 24, 2009 You are the general manager of a sports team. You are looking at the free agents that are available. Do you look only at the caliber of their play, or do you also look at their conduct off the field?
  • Women’s History Month
    • George Eliot
    • Real name: Mary Anne Evans
    • 22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880
    • Wrote as George Eliot so her writing would be taken seriously
    • Wrote Middlemarch
  • Women’s History Month
    • Jane Goodall
    • Born April 3, 1934
    • Known for her studies of chimpanzee behaviors
    • Lives in Tanzania
    • Now a primatologist, once an anthropologist
  • Homework
    • Work on your questions
  • Women’s History Month Project
    • Same as the Black History Month
    • Select a woman you want to learn more about
    • Do a poster or a paper
    • Remember - Historic, not famous
  • Trench Warfare
    • It goes on for years
    • Millions of men are killed
    • Both sides are evenly matched
    • It has become a war of attrition
    • Attrition = who gets worn down first
  • The Tank
    • First used in 1916
    • Used to break through the trenches
    • Too slow to get too far
  • Poison Gas
    • First used by the Germans in 1915
    • One of the gasses used was chlorine
    • Illegal by international law
  • Submarine
    • Germany used them the most
    • They were called U-Boats
    • Some thought they should be illegal
    • At first submarines surfaced to attack enemy ships
  • Battle of the Somme
    • July to November 1916
    • 1.5 million casualties
    • On 1 July 1916 the British suffered 57,470 casualties, including 19,240 dead
  • Airplane
    • First used for observation
    • Began to be armed within a short time
    • Pilots were heroes
    • An ace is the mark of a good pilot
    • Ace = 5 kills
  • The Red Baron
    • He was real
    • Manfred von Richthofen
    • He was the most successful Ace of World War I
    • He was credited with 80 kills
  • The Battle of Jutland
    • The British and the German main fleets fight
    • Germany loses one large ship
    • The British lose four
    • Both sides claim victory
  • Class work
    • Skillbuilder p. 852, DBQ p. 85