Mr. Lodge World History Class 2/26/2009


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Mr. Lodge World History Class 2/26/2009

  1. 1. February 26, 2009February 26, 2009 I was recently told that someI was recently told that some schools in Florida are asking forschools in Florida are asking for volunteers to be substitutevolunteers to be substitute teachers because they can’tteachers because they can’t afford to pay subs. How importantafford to pay subs. How important are good substitute teachers to aare good substitute teachers to a school? What would you do toschool? What would you do to train and retain high quality subs?train and retain high quality subs?
  2. 2. Black History MonthBlack History Month ► On this day in 1964On this day in 1964 heavyweightheavyweight champion Cassiuschampion Cassius Clay changed hisClay changed his name to Muhammadname to Muhammad AliAli ► Ali publically rejectedAli publically rejected Christianity andChristianity and became Muslimbecame Muslim
  3. 3. Black History MonthBlack History Month ► Ali later refused to joinAli later refused to join the US army, sayingthe US army, saying “No Vietcong ever“No Vietcong ever called me n****r”called me n****r” ► He was stripped of hisHe was stripped of his heavyweight title andheavyweight title and denied the right to boxdenied the right to box for more than threefor more than three yearsyears
  4. 4. ContinentsContinents ► ASIAASIA ► The largest continentThe largest continent ► The highest mountainsThe highest mountains - the Himalayas- the Himalayas ► Some say it andSome say it and Europe are really oneEurope are really one continentcontinent ► That continent wouldThat continent would be called Eurasiabe called Eurasia
  5. 5. ContinentsContinents ► EuropeEurope ► Small and richSmall and rich ► Connected to AsiaConnected to Asia ► Close to AfricaClose to Africa ► Dense populationDense population ► Lots of riversLots of rivers
  6. 6. ContinentsContinents ► AfricaAfrica ► LargeLarge ► Lots of wildernessLots of wilderness ► Worlds largest desert -Worlds largest desert - the Saharathe Sahara ► Connected to AsiaConnected to Asia ► Close to EuropeClose to Europe
  7. 7. ContinentsContinents ► AustraliaAustralia ► A country and aA country and a continentcontinent ► The smallest continentThe smallest continent ► If you include newIf you include new Zealand and someZealand and some other islands it’s calledother islands it’s called OceaniaOceania
  8. 8. ContinentsContinents
  9. 9. ContinentsContinents ► AntarcticaAntarctica ► No native peopleNo native people ► Largely covered in iceLargely covered in ice ► At the south poleAt the south pole ► Nearest to SouthNearest to South AmericaAmerica
  10. 10. ContinentsContinents ► South AmericaSouth America ► Andes MountainsAndes Mountains ► Amazon RiverAmazon River ► Connected to NorthConnected to North AmericaAmerica
  11. 11. ContinentsContinents ► North AmericaNorth America ► Where we liveWhere we live ► United StatesUnited States ► MexicoMexico ► CanadaCanada ► The great lakesThe great lakes
  12. 12. ClassworkClasswork ► Look in the atlas of theLook in the atlas of the textbooktextbook ► Identify one physicalIdentify one physical feature of eachfeature of each continentcontinent ► Identify one major cityIdentify one major city from each continentfrom each continent