Cold War East Day1


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Cold War East Day1

  1. 1. Day 1 Cold War Eastern Europe PowerPoint
  2. 2. Council for Mutual Economic Assistance Created by Stalin in 1949 This was an economic organization of communist countries and a kind of Eastern European equivalent to the European Economic Community (Common Market). The military counterpart to the Comecon was the ???
  3. 3. A Soviet propaganda poster reading "COMECON: Unity of Goals, Unity of Action" ( COMECON / Comecon / CMEA / CEMA ), 1949-1991,
  4. 4. Full Members in the late 1980s: the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Hungary, Romania, Poland, Cuba, Mongolian People's Republic, and Vietnam
  5. 5. Economic Trade Blocs <ul><li>EEC - blue EFTA - green Comecon - red </li></ul>
  6. 6. Its original membership was UNITED KINGDOM , Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. The European Free Trade Association ( EFTA ) was established in 1960, as an alternative for European states that were not allowed or did not wish to join the European Economic Community (now the EU) The treaty was signed on Stockholm. Today only Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein remain members of EFTA.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Doctor Zhivago By Boris Pasternak Doctor Zhivago is a story of a man torn between two women, set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution. Although it contains passages written in the early 1920s, Doctor Zhivago was not completed until 1956. It was submitted for publication to the journal Novyi mir but, thanks to Pasternak's difficult relationship with the Soviet government, it was rejected. The following year, it appeared in an Italian translation. Two years later is was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The book was finally published in Russian in 1988. Yuri Zhivago is sensitive and poetic nearly to the point of mysticism. He is distracted by the beauty of ice crystals on a window pane. In medical school, one of his professors reminds him that bacteria may be beautiful under the microscope but do ugly things to people. Yuri Zhivago's idealism stands in brutal contrast to the horrors of the Russian Revolution. He must witness cannibalism, dismemberment, a young man shot dead for wanting to see his family. Even the love of his life Lara (sometimes called Larisa) is taken from him. It caused so much controversy in the Soviet Union because it stresses his individualism and condemned the oppressiveness of Soviet Society.
  9. 9. Imre Nagy Statue in Budapest, Hungary
  10. 11. Section 120 Blue OR Section 121 Gold Words that will be needed: Hegemony - influence or power of one country over another. Henry Kissinger – Sec. of State for US under Nixon and Ford (Nobel Prize winner). Influential in foreign affairs from 1969 to 1977. Investment Credits – loaning of capital (such as factories, machines, and inventories) that is used to produce goods and services