The Next Big Thing: The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch


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This is a presentation I made as part of a project for one of my communication sources at FSU. It talks about the diffusion of innovation theory and why the smartwatch will take off with the Qualcomm Toq

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The Next Big Thing: The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch

  1. 1. The Next Big Thing Presented by Will Winsemann December 1st 2013
  2. 2. The Smartwatch  A smartwatch is used for more than telling time  It’s like a computer you wear on your wrist  For a long time, smartwatches were associated with science fiction characters  The earliest smartwatches could only perform the most basic functions  Calculations, Translations, Games. etc…
  3. 3. Smartwatches Today  In addition to telling time, today’s smartwatches can manage phone calls, text messages, emails, and a multitude of other applications  Several companies such as Sony and Samsung have released their own versions of smartwatches.  The Samsung Gear was announced in September of 2013 and has introduced the smartwatch into the mainstream.
  4. 4. Smartwatches Today  When the Gear came out, it was received with general disappointment with respect to it’s battery life, screen visibility and functionality when it comes to managing apps.  By contrast, another smartwatch – The Toq by Qualcomm – was named one of Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2013  Announced on September 3rd 2013, The Qualcomm Toq is sure to be the innovation that gets people excited about the smartwatch.
  5. 5. The Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch  The Toq is one of the most innovative smartwatches on the market  It has the longest lasting battery life of all smartwatches currently available  It is compatible with all android devices and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth  It uses Mirasol display technology for increased screen visibility  It provides a color and touch screen experience  The Toq is the only smartwatch that uses “drop and go” wireless charging technology  There is also the option of a wireless headset to go with the Toq
  6. 6. Why the Qualcomm Toq?  The Qualcomm Toq is ahead of the game when it comes to smartwatches  It solves problems concerning screen visibility and length of battery life.  It offers superior functionality to other smartwatches with respect to application management  It is leading the way toward truly wireless communication technology
  7. 7. Why Smartwatches?  Have you ever lost your cellphone? Or had it stolen?  For some, this can be a damaging experience, both socially and financially.  Smartwatch technology came about from a desire for greater security and convenience.  The Qualcomm Toq uses the latest in technology to take the smartwatch to the next level
  8. 8. Relative Advantage  In the future, the smartwatch will be heavily integrated into mobile communication because it offers an advantage over smartphones.  More Convenient:  Allows users to tell time and manage apps quickly and discreetly  Higher security:  Attached to wrist for loss prevention
  9. 9. Conclusion  It is my prediction that the idea of the smartwatch will soon become more mainstream and the Qualcomm Toq will take off because of the relative advantage it offers over other smartwatches  How will the need for security and convenience effect the development of communication technology?