Social Media To Expand Your Audience


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Presentation given at edSocialMedia Summit on Feb. 16th, 2010 at Beaver Country Day.

Focus on how the use of social media can help you increase your audience in school programs.

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  • Brief Bio
    Was each of you this time last year.
  • Established program
    Proof of Concept
    Prior to 1999 cycling trips.
    175 - students (average 16 per year)
  • Static Content (iMovie/Photoshop/FTP/Web Server) to Dynamic Content (iMovie/iPhoto/Twitter/WP)
    No viewer interaction to complete interaction
    Closed content (Intranet) to completely open content (Global)
    Video Camera/Digital Camera/iPhone
  • Blogs/YouTube/Twitter/Flickr/Facebook - Commenting
    RSS - subscriptions & pushing content
    MASHUPS - Blog or device
  • If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • Making connections in areas that you would have never reach before with traditional marketing or means
  • Started as a pilot program, but prior to actually leaving two other programs adopted the blogging format as well.
    Not all the tools, but some
  • In-house, organizations that specialize, professional associations, technical conferences
  • Time
    Reusing content
  • When you’re on the road...
  • 1999-2009 1165 graduates
    169 Irish Studies (15%)
    Own constituency
  • This is the kitchen sink of reasons... where you throw numbers at people to impress.
    But the numbers tell the story
    Each service has different means for analytics
  • Discussions, debates, curricular application
  • The dirty message...
  • Brian Lambkin & Paddy Fitzgerald @ the Centre for Migrations Studies
  • Social Media To Expand Your Audience

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA TO EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE @wstites @IrishStudies @MKAcademy
    2. 2. WHO AM I?!
    3. 3. TAKE AWAYS • Reasons & benefits of using social media in schools • What tools to use • Challenges faced • Conversations to have
    4. 4. GUINEA PIG
    6. 6. REASONS • Greater levels and options for communication and interaction with audience
    7. 7. REASONS • More authentic voice, true authors of written, video and photographic content
    8. 8. REASONS • Actual contribution to knowledge base and discussion on topic
    9. 9. REASONS • Promotion of school program beyond the walls of the school - Going global with reach
    10. 10. CHALLENGES • Establishing & setting-up social media tools
    11. 11. CHALLENGES • Learning new tools, understanding the use of tags, hash tags and Creative Commons licensing
    12. 12. CHALLENGES • Training and Professional Development
    13. 13. CHALLENGES • Feeding the BEAST
    14. 14. CHALLENGES • Connectivity - Need for consistent broadband and/or 3G access in order to post content
    15. 15. FACEBOOK • Pages and groups for connecting and communicating
    16. 16. STATISTICS Irish Studies Blog 3065 Views 2413 May YouTube 966 Views Flickr 1863 Images 13639 Views Twitter 275 Followers
    17. 17. IMPACT & REACTIONS • Greater awareness of social media and the use of Twitter as a communications tool
    18. 18. IMPACT & REACTIONS • Constituents and followers feel more connected to the school/program “What wonderful tools these were and what wonderful places you visited and experienced.”
    19. 19. IMPACT & REACTIONS • Feeling you are getting the “real” story.
    20. 20. IMPACT & REACTION • Greater interest from cooperating partners to expand reach and influence... development of a product or artifacts
    21. 21. “I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks to you all for providing what I know is Graham's most enriching and memorable experience of his high school career.   I am sure the trip will remain one of his most unforgettable lifetime experiences as well.   We traveled with you all vicariously as we followed the blog posts, tweets, photos and videos.  What wonderful tools these were and what wonderful places you visited and experienced.   Thank you again for your willingness to travel abroad with 20 teenagers (not something most of us would undertake).  I hope you all have a wonderful summer.”
    22. 22. William Stites Director of Technology The Montclair Kimberley Academy Twitter: