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  • 1. NEWSMAKERS INDEX2 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011 Ashar Aziz Patrick Burt Srinivas Ganesh Martin Griss George Guo Jeff Houston Bruce MacKenzie Song Woo Page 20 Page 21 Page 10 Page 5 Page 8 Page 1 Page 3 Page 6PEOPLE Burt, Patrick . . . . . . . . . . 21 Griss, Martin . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Johnson, Stephen L . . . . . . 6 Lane, Pam . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 MacKenzie, Bruce . . . . . . . 3 Pollak, Kevin . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Sutter, Betsy . . . . . . . . . . . 1ABCAdams, Nicholas E . . . . . . . 3 Byerly, Carolyn . . . . . . . . 12 Guo, George . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Jones, Wanda . . . . . . . . . 10 Leonard, Sugar Ray . . . . . 6 Marbry, Christy . . . . . . . . 32 Reandeau, Michael . . . . . 12 Szabo, Julia . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Adams, Peter . . . . . . . . . . 6 Chan, Sherman . . . . . . . . . 8 Haro, Chris . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Kastner, Eric . . . . . . . . . . 33 Leong, Sylvia . . . . . . . . . . . 5 McGowan, Dan . . . . . . . . . 6 Rieger, Tom . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Thornton, Billy Bob . . . . . . 6Amigh, Richard . . . . . . . . . 6 Christie, Chris . . . . . . . . . 33 Herman, Don . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Kelley, Erica . . . . . . . . . . 33 Leung, Herman . . . . . . . . . 4 Moore, Spencer . . . . . . . . 32 Rishi, Alok . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Ullrich, Kathy . . . . . . . . . 33Aziz, Ashar . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Hibberd, Huck . . . . . . . . . . 6 Kemp, Tom . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Little, Maurice . . . . . . . . . . 6 Nath, Pravene . . . . . . . . . 14 Rohn, Jeff . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 DEF VWXYZBesarab, Anatole . . . . . . . 21 DeLauro, Rosa . . . . . . . . . 33 Hillhouse, Kent . . . . . . . . . 8 Kemp, Tyler . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Llamas, Ramon . . . . . . . . . 4 Ryan, Dan . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 PQR Volpi, Mike . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Bewley, J . Michael . . . . . 33 Diethrich, Edward . . . . . . 21 Houston, Jeff . . . . . . . . . . 1 Klink, Kevin . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Loar, John S . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Page, Larry . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 STU Wang, Chenxi . . . . . . . . . 20Bland, Seth . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Eaton, Sandra . . . . . . . . . 32 Hutsell, Dick . . . . . . . . . . 12 Kucklick, Ted . . . . . . . . . . 21 Love, Marcelyn . . . . . . . . . 4 Pilger, John . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Santinelli, Paul . . . . . . . . . 5 Westover, Rob . . . . . . . . . 11Blumenthal, Richard . . . . 33 JKL La Russa, Tony . . . . . . . . . 6 MNO Pillai, Kumar . . . . . . . . . . 21 Scott, Stephen . . . . . . . . 11 Wholey, Mark . . . . . . . . . 21 GHIBoggs, Chuck . . . . . . . . . 21 Ganesh, Srinivas . . . . . . . 10 Jha, Sanjay . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Lammers, Jason . . . . . . . . 6 Machado, Vince . . . . . . . . . 8 Pingree, Lawrence . . . . . 20 Staney, Will . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Woo, Song . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6COMPANIES Flextronics . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Motorola Mobility . . . . . . . 4 Sigma Partners . . . . . . . . . 6ABCAccel Partners . . . . . . . . . 6 Forrester Research . . . . . 20 Motorola Solutions . . . . . . 4 Silicon ValleyActeron Inc . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Capital Club . . . . . . . . . . . 3 GHI Myriad Concepts . . . . . . . 21Arden Realty LP . . . . . . . . 8 Gartner Research . . . . . . 20 Society for Human Resource National Kidney Foundation Management . . . . . . . . . . 33Arizona Heart Institute . . 21 Google Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Work Group on Vascular Access . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Stanford HospitalAscentool Inc . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Grubb & Ellis Co . . . . . . . . . 8 New Century Healthcare and Clinics . . . . . . . . . . . 12Barry Swenson Builder . . 32 IDC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Institute . . . . . . . . . . 10, 11 Sun Microsystems Inc . . . . 5California Hospital Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic NINICO Communications . . 3Association . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Susquehanna Opportunity . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Financial Group . . . . . . . . . 4 North Bridge VentureCannuflow . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Index Ventures . . . . . . . . . 6 Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Sutter Health PeninsulaCarnegie Mellon Invesco Private Capital . . . 6 NovaSolar Coastal Region . . . . . . . . 12Silicon Valley . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Technologies Inc . . . . . . . . 8Cassidy Turley CPS . . . . . . 8 JKL SVB Financial Group . . . . 20 Juniper Networks . . . . . . 20 O’Connor Hospital . . . . . . 14CB Richard Ellis . . . . . . . . 1 Symantec Corp . . . . . . . . 20 Kaiser Permanente . . . . . 10 PQRCellsite Industries . . . . . . . 8 Theranos Inc . . . . . . . . . . 33 Pepsi-Cola . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Kastner Kim LLP . . . . . . . 33 S u l l i va n & C r o m w e l l l l P Pa l o a lt o , C aCentrify Corp . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pittsburg Vascular Twitter Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Kathryn UllrichCisco Systems Inc . . . . 6, 33 Institute . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Associates Inc . . . . . . . . . 33 University of Phoenix . . . 33ClubCorp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Randstand Holding . . . . . . 6 Lee Guterman . . . . . . . . . 21 Red Bird Cinema LLC . . . . 6 VWCornish & Carey Commercial Lighthouse Management Vascular AccessNewmark Knight Frank . . . 4 Group Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Robert Half Technologies Inc . . . . . . . 21 LinkedIn Corp . . . . . . . . . . . 1 specializing in quality International Inc . . . . . . . . . 6DEF Littler Mendelson PC . . . 33 tenant improvements Rreef . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 VMware Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Daughters of CharityHealth System . . . . . . . . . 12 License #927336 Wilson Meany Sullivan . . 32 MNO STUDPR Construction Inc . . . . 11 Mayfield Fund . . . . . . . . . . 6 408.200.3260 w w w. t o e n i s k o e t t e r . c o m Sandlot Venture XYZ Group LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 YouTube LLC . . . . . . . . . . . 1Facebook Inc . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Mills-Peninsula Hospital . . . .12 These indexes highlight people, businesses, organizations and government agencies featured prominently in this issue . PageFireEye Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Sequoia Capital . . . . . . . . 20 Yunteq Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Motorola Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 numbers listed refer to the pages where articles begin . Indexes do not include companies listed in Leads, lists, or advertisements .
  • 2. The NewsAUGUST 19, 2011 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL 5Carnegie mellon launches full-time entrepreneur programBy Diana SamuelS ness Administra- real people,” Rishi said. “It was aug- tion program, said mented by the usual MBA-style case mOunTain VieW — Software engineer Martin Griss, di- studies and so forth, but I think (theAlok Rishi had worked for two de- rector of Carnegie program is) what really got me excitedcades at Sun Microsystems Inc. when Mellon Silicon Val- about ‘Hey I can feel the excitement ofhe heard a radio ad for a part-time ley, but everything wanting to do my own startup.’”degree program at Carnegie Mellon is tied in a practical Carnegie Mellon does not offer Sili-Silicon Valley that would complement way to how to run a con Valley’s only academic programhis technical experience. software business. in entrepreneurship. Among others, “I wanted to get a bit of the business “Sometimes we Santa Clara University offers a Cali-side, particularly the entrepreneurial say it’s turning a fornia Program for Entrepreneurshipside of the world,” Rishi said. MBA upside down,” and Stanford University has a Technol- He didn’t originally have any plans Griss said. ogy Ventures Program as well as itsto start his own company, but in The university Graduate School of Business’ Center forthe summer of 2009, before he even decided to expand Entrepreneurial Studies.finished Carnegie Mellon’s Master its emphasis on Paul Santinelli, general partner withof Science in Software Management entrepreneurship North Bridge Venture Partners, said vicki thompsondegree, Rishi had founded a cloud after five of eight academic entrepreneurship programs acaDemic Startup: Students at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley participate in an eight-daycomputing startup. teams in last year’s are a “fantastic” place for his early- “Idea Workshop” as part of the school’s new yearlong entrepreneurship program. Now, based on the interest of students software manage- stage venture capital firm to find thelike Rishi who want to start their own ment program formed their own com- startups, and I think that’s unique.” “raw, early talent” it’s looking for. Ear-companies, the university has added a panies, Griss said. Students in the new Rishi, who was previously a chief lier this year the firm, which has of-new full-time, year-long Entrepreneur- program are encouraged to create their technologist and principal engineer in fices in San Mateo, sponsored a $75,000ship Program in addition to a part- own startups during the course of the Sun’s Network Services Engineering seed capital competition for buddingtime software management master’s year, and Carnegie Mellon offers to pay division, said he didn’t have any “pre- entrepreneurs at Stanford.program already offered by the school. incorporation costs for any business conceived notions” about starting a As entrepreneurship programsThe new program will result in the developed during the program. Leong business when he signed up for the part- evolve, they’re focusing on the practicalsame degree, but with an emphasis on said those costs can total about $3,000. time software management program. lessons of how to start and run a busi-starting companies. “We’re pretty ex- He said the program helped him form ness, Santinelli said. Entrepreneurship Nine students, ranging from 21-year- cited by the nature connections with angel investors, law- is a “fire in the belly” and can’t beold college graduates to professionals of this program,” yers and others who helped him form taught, he cautioned.who have worked in the software indus- Griss said. “It’s an his company, Palo Alto-based Yunteq “What you can teach is how to buildtry for 20 years, signed up for the first attempt to combine Inc., which makes a cloud orchestration these businesses so that when peopleyear of the Entrepreneurship Program, two ideas — our re- and management software suite. The come out of institutions and they wantwhich began Aug. 15 at the univer- ally successful edu- two-year-old company is still small and to be entrepreneurs, they’re a stepsity’s Moffett Field campus. Tuition is cational ‘learn-by- Rishi declined to say how much fund- ahead of where people were 10 years$56,000, said Sylvia Leong, director of doing’ program, with ing it has received, but he described it ago,” Santinelli said.external relations and admissions. martin Griss actual creation of as an “early-stage startup.” The courses cover some of the same companies that could “(The Carnegie Mellon program) was Diana SamuelS can be reached at 408.299.1835 ortopics as a traditional Master of Busi- become successful a very real, visceral experience with
  • 3. The News6 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011lighthouse expands into iT and biotech, hires new managersBy DaviD Goll today,” Woo said of establishing the IT and research departments. SaN JoSE — Lighthouse Management He declined to speculate on a specificGroup Inc. is capitalizing on the job number of jobs being generated in theseneeds of the hot IT and biotech markets career areas throughout the Bay Area,by expanding its agency. but said the unemployment rate in the The six-year-old company — with divi- information technology field nationallysions devoted to hiring in the account- is just over 3 percent, compared to aning, finance, business support and man- overall jobless rate of more than 9 per-agement fields — has added two new cent. McGowan said there will be moredepartments. One specializes in IT, the than 200 temporary and permanent jobsother in the research sector that focuses generated in his research specialty areaon biotech, pharmaceutical and medical around the Bay Area over the next year,device industries. adding that is a conservative estimate. Three former managers from staffing Software developers, system admin-industry giant, Menlo Park-based Robert istrators and network engineers in theHalf International Inc., were brought in tech sector have starting salaries be-to head up the new departments. tween from $80,000 to $120,000. Biotech- Chris Haro and Jason Lammers will related jobs — clinical research associ-be managing directors in the new IT ates, drug safety associates and biostat-division, and Maurice Little will be isticians — can earn between $90,000 tothe managing partner in Lighthouse’s $140,000 annually.research department. Haro was the for- McGowan said his new employer ismer director of technology at Robert well-situated at the heart of the valley.Half. Lammers was a market manager “This is a hotbed of innovation,” heoverseeing multiple divisions at Robert vicki thompson said. “Companies are moving here toHalf, and Little was a division director top trio: From left, Maurice Little, managing partner of Lighthouse’s new research division; Song Woo, CEO; and Jason be close to the talent and tap into theirat Robert Half’s technology department. Lammers, managing partner of the new IT division, are driving the company’s new business units. creativity.” Another managing partner, Dan Woo said about 80 percent of his com-McGowan, has also joined Lighthouse’s pany’s job placements are in temporaryresearch department. Recently, he in demand for such jobs as software from $7 million the year before. or consulting jobs, with the remainderhelped establish the West Coast office of developers, system administrators and Woo said his brand new managers, direct hire permanent positions. HisRandstad Holding, a staffing company network engineers in the tech sector. with many years of experience in the company has from 250 to 300 clients an-based in The Netherlands. Woo sees these new departments as key field, have hit the ground running, al- nually. Song Woo, president and CEO of Light- to helping generate this growth. ready having placed some, plans to generate his firm’s fu- Lighthouse’s revenue grew to $8 mil- “I had dabbled in these areas before, DaviD Goll can be reached at 408.299.1853 or dgoll@ture growth by tapping into an increase lion for the fiscal year ending June 30 but there is such tremendous demand investment firm booed by lenders Security firm Centrify raisesBy Eli SEGall MoNTE SERENo — Don Herman’s private equity and general partner of Sandlot. According to the court filing, Hibberd’s loan matured on Dec. 31, 2010, but only $15,000 of $16M, looks to grow overseasfirm was launched to put money into film proj- interest had been repaid as of Aug. 8 this year. By liSa SiBlEyects, and joined forces with a production com- He said a $100,000 interest payment was due onpany founded by actor Kevin Pollak, former A’s April 30, 2010, and that he was owed monthly in- SuNNyvalE — Centrify Corp. has raised $16 million in Series Dmanager Tony La Russa and an East Bay movie terest payments of $25,000 starting May 1, 2010. funding, as it plans an international expansion and continuedproducer. Hibberd said in the filing that Amigh and Ad- revenue growth. Now, a trio of lenders wants to liquidate the ams also provided loans. The private, Sunnyvale-based company provides securityinvestment firm, Monte Sereno-based Sandlot Attorneys at Santa Clara-based Binder & and compliance technology that helps to centrally control,Venture Group LLC, claiming they’re owed at Malter LLP, the law firm representing the credi- secure and audit on-premise and cloud-based systems andleast $575,000 in unpaid debts. tors, did not respond to requests for comment. applications for businesses. Centrify has more than 3,500 cus- The trio filed an involuntary bankruptcy peti- tomers to date.tion against the firm on Aug. 8 in San Jose fed- Silicon valley meets Hollywood CEO Tom Kemp said the company has raisederal court. They’re seeking to push Sandlot into Sandlot announced its inception in November more than $52 million with the new round ofChapter 7 bankruptcy. 2007, saying it had formed a partnership with funding, which was announced Aug. 17. The In a typical Chapter 7 case, a court-appointed movie production company Red Bird Cinema round was led by European venture firm Indextrustee works to liquidate the bankrupt entity’s LLC “to fund a variety of future movie ventures.” Ventures, which has offices in London, Sanassets and pay its debts. With an involuntary Sandlot described itself as a “$25 million private Francisco, Switzerland, and St. Helier,, a federal judge must approve the petition equity fund,” with investors from technology, Mike Volpi, a partner at Index and formerbefore the liquidation process can begin. entertainment and professional sports. senior executive at Cisco Systems Inc., was re- On Aug. 15, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen In its announcement, Sandlot said its first sponsible for driving the investment for IndexL. Johnson ordered Herman to furnish investor project with Red Bird would be a movie based on and is expected to join Centrify’s board of direc- Tom Kemplists, annual reports and other documents. He boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. tors as an observer.also ordered Herman to “appear for examination According to a January 2008 article in Ven- The round also included current investorsbefore a court reporter” on Sept. 14. tureBeat, Sandlot hires script writers and ac- Menlo Park-based Mayfield Fund, Palo Alto-based Accel Part- Herman could not be reached for comment. tors, provides legal assistance on negotiating ners, Atlanta-based Invesco Private Capital and Sigma Part- Sandlot’s attorney, Frank Ubhaus, said the rights, and works with production experts to ners, which has an office in Menlo Park.firm raised up to $4 million after initially setting make the movies. Kemp said his company is profitable and growing rapidly anda goal of $25 million. He said the soured economy Red Bird, meanwhile, has an office in Dan- didn’t need to raise the funding. However, he said, “June was acrimped fundraising efforts. ville and was founded by actor Pollak, St. Louis good time to raise money to accelerate our development in the According to Ubhaus, Sandlot spent all of the Cardinals manager La Russa, and Red Bird’s cloud and international growth plans.”money it brought in, but has not achieved any managing director, John S. Loar. Red Bird says Kemp said the company had greater than $25 million in rev-returns. on its website that Academy Award-winning enue for the past fiscal year. The creditors listed in the involuntary peti- actor Billy Bob Thornton “recently joined as a Centrify, which has about 150 employees, recently opened an of-tion are Huck Hibberd of Los Gatos, Richard partner.” fice in Munich, and is in the process of setting up an office in Aus-Amigh of Bakersfield, and Peter Adams, whose It’s unclear what, if any, affect the involuntary tralia. It has offices is the United Kingdom and Bellevue, Wash.listed contact information is a law firm in Palo bankruptcy petition will have on Red Bird’s Kemp said the company is looking to hire in the Middle East.Alto. Hibberd is allegedly owed at least $250,000, movie production plans. The company is currently hiring and expects to add at least 50Amigh $125,000, and Adams $200,000. Loar said in a brief phone interview on Aug. employees in the next year or so. In addition, the company has In a court filing, Hibberd said he is an un- 16 that he was unaware of the petition against expanded its Sunnyvale footprint — taking an additional 7,000secured creditor of Sandlot. Hibberd said he Sandlot. square feet at its current location at 785 N. Mary Ave.provided a $250,000 loan that was personallyguaranteed by Herman, the managing director eli seGall can be reached at 408.299.1829 or lisa sibley can be reached at 408.299.1830 or
  • 4. T:10”August 19, 2011 S:9” tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 7 T:13” S:12” With you when your passion qrows into somethinq more America’s �� Small Business Lender Businesses have always had a big impact on our country’s growth. Wells Fargo believes in the potential that can come from one person’s dream. As America’s �� small business lender� and the largest SBA lender�, we’re providing financial resources to help you pursue your passion. Because at Wells Fargo, we mean business. For over ��� years, we’ve been dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Stop by your local Wells Fargo store or call �-���-��-WELLS to find out how we can help. Or for free financial information, visit our Business Insight Resource Center at Community Reinvestment Act government data. Small Business Administration federal scal year-end data, in dollar volume. © Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. Document: P1-189_Various Bus. Jrnls_10x13_4C. Date: 7-5-2011 2:16 PM Notes: Various Bus. Journals (See below)
  • 5. August 19, 2011 tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 9
  • 6. Focus: Health10 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011 filliNg a Need: Dr. Srinivas Ganesh, the lead physician at the San Mateo offices, said the new space will help more than 40,000 Kaiser members in the area and cover services from family medicine and pediatrics to optometry. vicki thompson Kaiser just got closer to 40,000 membersBy N. Sheree SauNderS The new building will also contain a pharmacy, was necessary because space had become an issue at lab, imaging services, optical sales and optometry the Redwood City location, with some patient services Kaiser Permanente has opened its state-of-the- services, though Kaiser patients will still need to go moved into temporary trailers. The Redwood Cityart satellite office in San Mateo, four years after to Redwood City or San Francisco for emergency care facility is now being rebuilt, with construction sched-it took over a vacant lot city planners once hoped and hospital services. uled for completion by 2014.would be the site of the area’s next great hotel or According to Ganesh, services at the new facilitycommercial hub. will emphasize care through all stages of life — from New services, upgrades The new structure, a three-story, 64,700-square-foot birth to adulthood — or what he refers to as family- Kaiser is using the debut of its new facility as anfacility at 1000 Franklin Parkway, will house 20 pri- centered care. Kaiser has introduced the model at opportunity to roll out upgrades and eco-friendlymary care physicians, largely from four disciplines: other locations, including Gilroy and San Francisco. medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics Membership expansion along the peninsula was a The organization would not comment on the cost ofand internal medicine. According to Dr. Srinivas key factor in the construction of the San Mateo facility, the project, but according to Wanda Jones, presidentGanesh, lead physician at the San Mateo branch, Ganesh said. The health care provider needed the ad- of the New Century Healthcare Institute, a typical fa-many of the doctors will be moving their offices from ditional space to make its services more convenient for cility built to accommodate 15 to 20 physicians wouldKaiser’s Redwood City Medical Center. However, its members. probably cost in the ballpark of $30 million, barringKaiser’s electronic medical records system, which There are more than 40,000 Kaiser members in the special construction materials or design.allows patient records to be accessed at all of its fa- area, with many living north of Kaiser’s Redwood Ganesh said Kaiser took pains to make sure greencilities throughout the northern California region, is City hospital, Ganesh said. construction materials were used, to show that theexpected to make adjustments seamless. In addition to need, Ganesh said the new facility company could use the latest technology while still
  • 7. Focus: HealthAUGUST 19, 2011 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL 11 ‘We’re headed into a fairly severe shortage of physicians because baby boomers are moving into retirement.’ Wanda Jones President of the New Century Healthcare Institutebeing good for the environment. The had been vacant for a decade.building meets the LEED Gold thresh- Ultimately, the city was willing toold. Some 33 percent of materials comes amend its plan in the interests of fill-from recycled materials, and foliage ing a vacant site, said Stephen Scott,native to the peninsula was used in the city’s principal planner. “And sincelandscaping to conserve on water. To [the Kaiser facility] isn’t a general of-reduce the burden of cooling the build- fice, but a medical office, it does fill aing, Ganesh said, the roof is reflective, void,” he said.and the exterior has been fitted with Reports at least suggest that Kaiser’ssunshades so no direct sunlight will own plans for the space haven’t gone offoverheat rooms throughout the day. The without a hitch either. In 2009, the SanSan Mateo medical offices will also Francisco Business Times reportedhave digitized X-ray machines, which that the project had become delayed,will provide physicians with immediate with progress halted for a year, due toand more precise images, Ganesh said. a system-wide review of construction vicki thompsonIt will also offer free Wi-Fi like the Red- projects within the company. Kaiser digital oNly: The new clinic will use only digital X-rays, eliminating the use of chemicals in the developing process. Itwood City facility. has declined to comment on the matter. also makes sharing results with other clinics easier. A dummy is used here to calibrate an X-ray machine. In any case, Ganesh said they’re actu-A change in plans ally ahead of schedule, with plans to The city initially conceived the 4.2 open in November. just across the street from the new Kai- are moving into retirement. Since 97acres of Kaiser’s new site as a space According to Rob Westover, project ser facility in the Whole Foods Shop- percent of new doctors in the area gofor visitor-oriented services such as a executive at DPR Construction Inc., the ping Center. He isn’t alone. to either Kaiser or Palo Alto Medicalhotel, restaurants or conference facili- contractor hired to complete the facil- “We have heard at least anecdotally Foundation, for Kaiser to [invest inties, under its Bay Meadows Specific ity, the project was planned and con- that this is filling a niche for people,” building this facility] means more ofPlan. In 2002, it approved the develop- structed in 10 months. As for how the he said. “People are excited about this the population will have regular orment of a Hotel W on the site, but the city stands to benefit from the new fa- coming to town.” early access to care and gives them aproject was never constructed due to cility, Scott thinks it will bring spinoff Moreover, Jones added, “We’re footprint to expand.”a downturn in the economy. Before business to retailers, with several res- headed into a fairly severe shortageKaiser purchased the space in 2007, it taurants, coffee shops, and other shops of physicians because baby boomers N. Sheree SauNderS is a freelance writer.
  • 8. Focus: Health12 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011 vicki thompsonbig move: Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region CIO Michael Reandeau said Mills-Peninsula Hospital spent between $50 million and $75 million to implement its electronic records system, a process that took about 18 months.Switch to electronic records takes bite out of hospital budgetsBy Eric Van SuStErEn ficer and vice president at Daughters an exact figure on the total costs of mentation. of Charity, said it has been setting this implementation, she said EMR “We did a big-bang implementation,” Local hospitals are pushing to digi- the framework for its EMR system implementation costs used up 30 per- said Michael Reandeau, CIO of Suttertize their medical records to meet 2015 by modernizing and automating the cent of the hospital’s total available Health Peninsula Coastal Region. “Wefederal guidelines. processes from various departments capital each year. The hospital’s op- found it best to front-load everything. But the effort to modernize those in the hospitals over a seven to 10-year erating budget for 2009-10 was $1.9 That way it’s like pulling off a Band-records carries a hefty price tag. period that started in 2006. billion. Aid.” “The challenge is taking the work- During the same year, Stanford Hos- Sutter Health-affiliated Mills-Penin-flow of the hospital and changing it in pital and Clinics began its three-year sula Hospital also took a more aggres- Motivation to completesuch a way that it can be captured,” Although hospitals are streamlin-said Pam Lane, vice president of ing and modernizing medical recordshealth informatics for the CaliforniaHospital Association. “That means ‘We did a big-bang implementation. We found it systems to cut costs and improve ef- ficiency, the move toward electronictaking every conversation between adoctor and a patient and putting it in best to front-load everything. That way it’s like medical records is being pushed by a set of incentives and penalties inan electronic format.” pulling off a Band-Aid.’ the Health Information Technology Expenses related to electronic medi- for Economic and Clinical Health Act,cal records, or EMR, implementation a part of the American Reinvestmentcan include buying expensive soft- Michael Reandeau and Recovery Act of 2009.ware, upgrading hospital hardware CIO, Sutter Health Peninsula Lane said California hospitals willfrom its emergency room to its phar- Coastal Region receive around $1.1 billion in Medi-macy, fixing bugs in the system and care incentives and $707 million fromtraining staff to use it. Medicaid over a four-year period. Six Daughters of Charity Health Sys- effort to move the records of 26 spe- sive approach. After establishing the Hospitals that don’t meet the federaltem hospitals expect a total invest- ciality clinics to one central electronic basic framework, the hospital pushed guidelines by 2015 will face a reduc-ment of $80 million to $90 million in system. This was a complex task be- to have its system planned and imple- tion in Medicare patient reimburse-costs related to implementing its EMR cause the clinics used 13 different mented by April 2009, a process which ment rates.system, and that’s just to get the sys- freestanding records systems. Though took about 18 months. The hospital “Sometime in 2015 the incentivestem up and running. Stanford Hospital Chief Information spent between $50 million and $75 Dick Hutsell, chief information of- Officer Carolyn Byerly couldn’t give million in costs associated with imple- See ElEctronic rEcordS, Page 14
  • 9. August 19, 2011 tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 13
  • 10. The List16 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011A closer look Senior Living Facilities In Silicon Valley* — ranked by total number of units Skilled Total units/ nursing / Independent Alzheimer’s Rank Facility living/ or Community Owner/ 2010 Address assisted living dementia classification/ Partial list of health- community administrator/ rank Phone, website units units monthly price range related amenities year founded 1 The Forum at Rancho San Antonio 443 48 CCRC Meals, fitness center, Self-governed 2 23500 Cristo Rey Drive, Cupertino 95014 319 18 $2,000-3,900 full-time activites Nancy Kao 650-944-0100, 58 director 1991 2 Saratoga Retirement Community 348 94 CCRC Dining services, fitness Independent Order of Odd Fellows 3 14500 Fruitvale Ave., Saratoga 95070 143 12 $2,687-6,957 center with large indoor Kate Ledford 408-741-7194, 99 pool and housekeeping 2004 3 Masonic Homes of California 307 125 CCRC Fitness center with pool Freemasons of California 5 34400 Mission Blvd., Union City 94587 0 14 Life care contracted and jacuzzi, ceramics Dixie Reeve 510-471-3434, 168 community room and sewing room 1898 4 The Sequoias - Portola Valley 299 43 Life Care - CCRC Garden apartments NCPHS Inc. 4 501 Portola Road, Portola Valley 94028 212 18 From 3,000+ with private patios and Ira KurtzThe Forum at rancho san Antonio 650-851-1501, 26 indoor/outdoor pool 1961cupertino 5 The Terraces of Los Gatos 269 59 CCRC 24-hour emergency call American Baptist Homes of the 6 800 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos 95032 175 0 $2,847+ center, physical therapy West443 total units 408-356-1006, 35 and wellness center 1992 6 Channing House 257 21 CCRC Three meals, transpor- Channing House 8 850 Webster St., Palo Alto 94301 188 0 $2,762-$8,173 tation, housekeeping Carl Braginsky 650-327-0950, 48 and linens 1961 7 Woodside Terrace 249 0 Independent/ Restaurant, housekeep- Brookdale Senior Living 7 485 Woodside Road, Redwood City 94061 154 0 assisted living ing, activities and 24 Patrice Evans 650-366-3900, 95 $2,000- $6,000+ hour staffing 1988 8 Acacia Creek 236 60 CCRC Fine dining, buffet Mason Homes of California 9 34400A Mission Blvd., Union City 94587 122 24 $2,775 to $3,512 breakast service, ice Charles Major 510-441-3700, 30 cream parlor 2010 9 The Peninsula Regent 227 0 CCRC Fine dining, including BAC Group 10 1 Baldwin Ave., San Mateo 94401 207 0 Buy-in/Purchase Sunday brunch and flex- Marianne Nannestad 650-579-5500, 20 price: $300,000+ ible meal plan 1989 10 Carmel Valley Manor 208 36 CCRC Fitness center, weekly Northern California2 12 8545 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel 93923 148 36 $2, 850 to $3, 849 housekeeping and three James Valentine 831-624-1281, 24 single occupancy1 meals a day 1963 11 Moldaw Family Residences 193 0 CCRC Fitness center, house- ‡ 15 899 Charleston Road, Palo Alto 94304 176 11 $2,500-$5,800 keeping, memory sup- Marilyn Israel 650-433-3629, 6 port, dining options 2009 12 Canterbury Woods 190 24 CCRC Weekly Housekeeping, Episcopal Senior Communitiessaratoga retirement community 18 651 Sinex Ave., Pacific Grove 93950 831-657-4224, 146 10 0 Entry fee from $110,000 3 three meals per day and 24 hour staffing Norma Brambilla 1965307 total units 13 Atria Willow Glen 187 0 Independent/assist- 24-hour availability of a Ventas Inc.348 total units 16 1660 Gaton Drive, San Jose 95125 145 20 ed living/memory trained staff, a choice Kurt Gursu 408-266-1660, 22 care 4 of apartments 1976 13 Oak Tree Villa 187 0 Independent/ Staffing care, all day Brookdale 14 100 Lockewood Lane, Scotts Valley 95066 187** 0 assisted living restaurant style dining Connie Haworth 831-438-7533, 187** $3,450-$5,000 and 24/7 staffing care 1995 15 Los Gatos Meadows 186 39 CCRC Fitness center, medi- Espiscopal Senior Communities 17 110 Wood Road, Los Gatos 95030 121 10 ‡ cine management Tina Heany 408-354-0211, 26 1971 16 The Village Green at Gilroy 160 0 Independent/ Laundry service, Franco Mola NR 7600 Isabella Way, Gilroy 95020 100 ** 60 assisted living housekeeping and three Eileen Yurek 408-842-0113, 100 ** meals a day ‡ 5 17 The Terraces at Los Altos 152 65 CCRC Fitness center, house- ABHOW 20 373 Pine Lane, Los Altos 94022 73 0 $2,500-$5,000 keeping, meals and Rae Holt 650-948-8291, 14 wireless call system 1949 18 Belmont Village of San Jose 135 0 Assisted living Chef-prepared dining Belmont Village LP 25 500 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose 95128 0 12 $2,875-$4,650 and free scheduled Scott Ambrose 408-984-4767, 123 transportation 2002 19 Carlton Plaza of San Jose 134 0 Independent/ Housekeeping, meals, Carlton Senior Living NR 380 Branham Lane, San Jose 95136 122 ** 11 assisted living 24-hour staffing and Jay Underwood 408-972-1400, 122 ** $2,000-$6,000 ocial activities. 1999Masonic Homes of california 20 Carlton Plaza of Fremont NR 3800 Walnut Ave., Fremont 94538 122 122 ** 0 0 Independent/ assisted living Professionally trained staff on duty 24 hours, Carlton Senior Living Stephanie Brice 510-505-0555, 122 ** $2,795-$4,695*** beauty and barber shop 1995Union city307 total units 20 Sunshine Villa Assisted Living/Memory Care 122 0 RCEF Housingkeeping, meals, BPM NR 80 Front St., Santa Cruz 95060 0 12 $1,924 - $5,100 24-hour staffing and Teri Cilley 831-459-8400, 110 emergency call system 1990 22 Atria Sunnyvale 119 0 Independent/assist- 24-hour availability of a Ventas Inc. Source: buSineSS Journal reSearch NR 175 E. Remington Drive, Sunnyvale 94087 0 27 ed living/memory trained staff and choice Zeinab Donner 408-738-3410, 92 care 6 of apartments 1976 23 San Carlos Elms 115 0 Assisted living Special diets, medicine San Carlos Development Corp. NR 707 Elm St., San Carlos 94070 89 ** 26 $2,500-$5,500+ management and rehab Scott Evans 650-595-1500, 89 ** therapies 1996 24 Atria Hillsdale 114 0 Independent/ 24-hour availability of a Ventas Inc. 2883 S. Norfolk St., San Mateo 94403 0 27 assisted living/ trained staff and emer- Susan StangroomThe following senior living facilities who ranked on last year’s NR 650-378-3000, 87 memory care 6 gency call system 1974list, declined to participate this year: 25 Sunnyside Gardens 84 0 Assisted living/ Housekeeping, laundry, Montevale Inc. NR 1025 Carson Drive, Sunnyvale 94086 0 54 Dementia care/ meals, 24-hour staffing Alexandra Haggblom-PayneSunny View Manor ranked No. 18 with 164 total units. 408-730-4070, 30 respite7 and social activities 1987Forest Hill Manor ranked No. 21 with 143 total units. *Silicon Valley includes: Santa Clara County; Fremont, Newark and NOTES: ‡ - Did not disclose. NR - Not ranked. If your company would like to be considered for next year’s list, or if Union City in Alameda County; Atherton, Belmont, East Palo Alto, there are any corrections or additions, write to:The following senior living facilities who ranked on last year’s Foster City, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, Information was obtained from facility representatives and com- Research, Business Journal, 125 S. Market St., 11th floor, San Jose,list did not submit in time for this list: San Mateo and Woodside in San Mateo County; and San Benito, pany websites. CA 95113; fax: 408.295.5028; or email Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Although every attempt is made CCRC - Continuing care retirement community to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of Business Journal lists, PAMF - Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research by Lemery ReyesVi at Palo Alto ranked No. 1 with 494 total units. omissions sometimes occur. RCFE- Residential care facility for the elderly List published August 19, 2011Classic Residence by Hyatt in Monterey ranked No. 10 with Information for obtaining commemorative plaques, reprints or **Units can be used either as independent or assisted living.227 total units. Web permissions can be obtained from the Business Journal’s ***Plus additional care fees 1Bridgepoint at Los Altos ranked No. 23 ranked No. 23 with designated partner company, Scoop ReprintSource at 800.767.3263 $5,206 to $6,372 double occupancy 2 or No other companies offering similar Congregational Retirement Homes Inc.136 total units. services are affiliated in any way with the Business Journal. 3 to $750,000. Monthly fees from $2,705 to $8,200. 4 $2,395 to $6,395 (rates are subject to change) 5 Formerly Pilgrim Haven 6 $2,295 to $5,595 (rates are subject to change) 7 $2,975 and up
  • 11. August 19, 2011 tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 17 A Local Legacy... - Retirement Communities - Continuing Care Senior Living - Assisted Living - Indenpendent Living - Nursing Homes CALL US TODAY @ 408.287.0246 ...We Do It All
  • 12. The List 18 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011 A closer look Freestanding Surgical Centers In Silicon Valley* — ranked by number of procedures in 2010 Most local outpatient encounters Rank Company 2010 2009 Residents of Santa Clara County claimed the highest num- 2010 Address procedures procedures rank Phone, website encounters encounters Operating rooms Specialities and common procedures Administrator ber of encounters at ambulatory surgery centers in Silicon Valley counties in 2009*, with 38 percent of the 302,882 1 Palo Alto Medical Foundation Mountain View SurgiCenter 26,441 20,111 5 Knee and shoulder arthroscopy, Melody States total local encounters. 1 701 E. El Camino Real 1NW, Mountain View 94040 12,652 14,316 inguinal hernia repairs 650-404-8440, Santa Clara County 114,925 2 Forest Surgery Center 13,097 10,895 5 Orthopedics, pain management, Chris 10 2110 Forest Ave., Second Floor, San Jose 95128 6,217 5,219 gastroenterology McMahon 408-297-3432, Alameda County 85,598 3 Palo Alto Medical Foundation Palo Alto Surgecenter 12,214 14,700 7 Colonoscopy, cataract surgery, Margo San Mateo County 2 795 El Camino Real, Palo Alto 94301 10,587 10,777 endoscopy, sinus surgery Mynderse-Isda 650-324-1832, 56,558 Monterey County 4 Washington Outpatient Surgery Center 10,657 10,704 5 Cataract extraction, breast surgery, Trevin Hunt 23,004 15 2299 Mowry Ave., Fremont 94538 6,562 6,609 Ear Nose and Throat surgery 510-791-5374, Santa Cruz County 19,094 5 Central Coast Surgery Center 8,171 8,382 3 Knee arthroscopy, tonsillectomy, Daniel Spilman San Benito County 16 160 Green Valley Road, Suite 101, Freedom 95019 2,498 2,509 cataract removal 831-763-9700 3,703 0 20K 40K 60K 80K 100K 120K 6 Los Gatos Surgical Center 7,636 7,799 4 Cataract removal with insertion of Stephanie 8 15195 National Ave., Suite 100, Los Gatos 95032 5,664 6,035 lens, colonoscopy Finkelstein *The most recent year data available 408-356-0454, www.losgatossc.comDigestive system most frequent issue 7 Monterey Bay Endoscopy Center LLC 23 Upper Ragsdale Drive, Suite 100, Monterey 93940 6,754 4,851 6,708 4,892 4 Colonoscopy, esophagogastroduo- denoscopy Daniel Luba 11Nearly half of the encounters at freestanding clinics in Califor- 831-375-3577, www.montereygi.comnia in 2009 involved the digestive system, making it the mostcommon type of outpatient surgery. 8 Peninsula Eye Surgery Center 4,662 4,615 2 Cataract extraction with intraocular Julie Butner 17 1128 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View 94040 4,550 4,600 lens implant, corneal and glaucomaNumber of encounters 650-964-3200, procedures Female Urinary Respiratory Anesthesia Genital System System 9 El Camino Surgery Center 4,200 5,193 6 Ear Nose and Throat surgery, urology Sandy Keating 5 2480 Grant Road, Mountain View 94040 ‡ ‡ 2.6% System 1.35% 1.28% 650-961-1200, 2.04% Auditory SystemIntegumentary 0.74% 10 Bay Area Surgical Group Inc. 3,873 3,209 5 Orthopedics, ortho spine, Chris System 20 2222 Lafayette St., Santa Clara 95050 2,042 1,844 gyenecological McManon 3.60% 408-988-0105, 11 Peninsula Procedure Center 3,001 3,246 2 Pain management Sue Zweig 4 369 Main St., Redwood City 94063 3,001 3,100 Eye and 650-366-4600, Ocular System Digestive System 14.7% 37.70% 12 Palo Alto Medical Foundation Fremont Center Procedure 2,348 2,764 2 GI (gastroenterology) Kathryn 19 Suite 2,348 2,389 Borgstrom 3140 Kearney St., Fremont 94538 510-490-1222, Musculoskeletal System 13 National Ambulatory Surgery Center LLC 1,942 ‡ 1 Orthopedics, urology, podiatry Maryam NR 15251 National Ave., Suite 207, Los Gatos 95032 1,097 ‡ Hashemieh 15.9% Nervous System 408-358-1555, 17.4% 14 San Jose Dental Surgery Center 1,210 ‡ ‡ Pediatric dentistry; dental services Kim Nguyen NR 1998 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose 95116 1,922 ‡ performed in a regular setting or under 408-240-9000, general amnesia 15 South Bay Surgery Center 1,002 1,158 2 GI (colonoscopies and esophagogas- Audrey Dunlop SOURCE: OffiCE Of StatEwidE HEaltH Planning and dEvElOPmEnt 16130 Juan Hernandez Drive, Morgan Hill 95037 837 966 troduodenoscopy), Ortho (knee and 23 408-782-6026, shoulder scopes), ENT (septoplasty and submucous resection) 16 Las Ventanas Surgery Center 949 1,030 2 Orthopedics, ophthalmology, plastic Veronica Ceja The following freestanding surgical centers who ranked on NR 1441 Constitution Blvd., Building 400, Suite 103 Salinas, 93906 ‡ ‡ surgery 831-775-0265, last year’s list, declined to participate this year: 17 Los Altos Surgery Center 482 ‡ 2 Orthopedics, gynecological Chris Silicon Valley Surgery Center ranked No. 6 with 8,079 795 Altos Oaks Drive, Los Altos 94024 349 ‡ McMahon NR procedures in 2009; Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center 650-209-5894, Ryan Ranch ranked No. 7 with 7,917 procedures in 2009; Mid-Peninsula Endoscopy Center ranked No. 9 with 7,133 pro- 18 Bay Area Dental Surgery Center 377 ‡ ‡ Pediatric dentistry Laura Young cedures in 2009; Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center ranked NR 1172 Cadillac Court, Milpitas 95035 377 ‡ 408-946-9800, No. 12 with 6,551 procedures in 2009; Wavery Surgery Center ranked No. 14 with 6,314 procedures in 2009; Bascom Sur- 19 Knowles Surgery Center 55 ‡ 1 Orthopedics, podiatry, gynecology Ronnie gery Center ranked No. 21 with 2,649 procedures in 2009. NR 555 Knowles Dr., Suite 115, Los Gatos 95032 37 ‡ Villanueva 408-374-4400, The following freestanding surgical centers from last year’s list did not respond in time for this list: *Silicon Valley includes: Santa Clara County; Fremont, Newark and Union City NOTES: ‡ - Did not disclose. If your company would like to be considered for next year’s list, or if there are in Alameda County; Atherton, Belmont, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Menlo Park, any corrections or additions, write to: Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo and Woodside in San Information was obtained from facility representatives, company websites Research, Business Journal, 125 S. Market St., 11th floor, San Jose, CA 95113; Fremont Ambulatory Surgery Center ranked No. 3 with 13,471 Mateo County; and San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Although and Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. fax: 408.295.5028; or email procedures in 2009; Peninsula Procedure Center ranked No. every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of Business In case of ties, companies are listed alphabetically. Journal lists, omissions sometimes occur. Research by Lemery Reyes 4 with 12,047 procedures in 2009; Advanced Surgery Center ENT - Ear Nose and Throat List published August 19, 2011 ranked No. 18 with 3,376 procedures in 2009; South Bay Information for obtaining commemorative plaques, reprints or Web permis- GI - Gastrointestinal sions can be obtained from the Business Journal’s designated partner Endoscopy Center ranked No. 22 with 2,227 procedures; San company, Scoop ReprintSource at 800.767.3263 or Jose Medical Group Endoscopy Center ranked No. 24 with No other companies offering similar services are affiliated in any way with the Business Journal. 1,531 procedures.
  • 13. August 19, 2011 tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 19 We Are... Your Healthcare Builder At Swinerton Builders, we believe that excellent healthcare begins with exceptional facilities. With over 620 healthcare projects completed totaling more than $3.2 billion, you can trust our expert teams will deliver just what the doctor ordered. I N N O VAT I O N | I N T E G R I T Y | E X P E R I E N C E Swinerton Builders Silicon Valley John Elwood | D: 408-454-2015 | C: 408-710-7381 Be Social With Us! |
  • 14. Small strategies PaGe 20 AUGUST 19, 2011 Business SILICON VALLEY / SAN JOSE BUSineSS JoUrnal sanjose.bizjournals.comComputer security firm Fireeye stamps out data breachesBy Jon xavier milPitas – Computer hacking is once again makingheadlines when a McAfee investigation uncovered un-precedented security breaches in 72 organizations thatwere possibly orchestrated by China. For FireEye Inc.’s AsharAziz, it just comes as confir-mation of what he’s known for Fireeye inC.a long time: Computer secu-rity has changed. Headquarters: Milpitas Hacking is no longer the Ceo: Ashar Azizdomain of amateurs, teen- Funding: $50 millionagers working out of their Founded: 2004bedrooms with old malware employees: 130programs that are easily de- Hiring: 100 people in the nexttected and defeated. Today’s six monthscomputer security threats website: www.fireeye.comare extremely sophisticated, Phone: 408.321.6300backed by deep-pocketedorganized crime rings andnational governments that attack by uncovering un-known security flaws. It requires more sophisticated security software tohandle those kind of threats, said Chenxi Wang, princi-pal analyst for security and risk at Forrester Research.Traditional methods that test for already known vi-ruses are too slow, she said. FireEye, with $50 million in funding from inves-tors that include Sequoia Capital, Juniper Networksand SVB Financial Group, is working to preventthese breaches. vicki thompson Wang, whose research clients rely on her for advice Fast, aCCurate: CEO Ashar Aziz says his company’s security system has a 90 percent malware detection rate and doesn’t slow down a client’s network.on how to secure their systems, said she’s heard goodthings from clients who use FireEye. “They catch if it’s likely to be malware. That alone is not unique Aziz said FireEye doesn’t make any money forthings nobody else can catch,” she said referring to her among security vendors, but FireEye does them one doing this, but rather does it because it’s the rightclient’s feedback on the company. better – it tests files by actually running them to see thing to do. Aziz, who is founder and CEO of the Milpitas- what they do. It does this on a virtual machine where “Because of the way our products work, we have vis-based security firm, said FireEye’s products ad- the suspect files can’t harm the customer’s computer. ibility into the inner workings of botnets that few otherdress one of the main sticking points for advanced And FireEye can do this testing without slowing people do. And because we have that visibility, we feelsecurity platforms – balancing accuracy with a down a client’s network. obligated to do something about them,” he said.high rate of detection. This approach has a 90 percent detection rate with Lawrence Pingree, security analyst for Gartner “The trouble with computer security is it can go one virtually no false positives, Aziz said. Research, said FireEye is ahead of the curve. Heof two ways,” he said. “You can either catch most of In the process the product can find the control server said he thinks security products like FireEye’s thatthe attacks, but also flag a lot of legitimate traffic as that a virus looks to for instructions. Once the control use virtualization will eventually become standardbeing malware. Or you can set it so there are less false server is found, FireEye can alert authorities where it for securing large enterprises, a process that is al-positives, but you don’t catch as many attacks. Most is to shut it down. This capability has earned FireEye ready under way in security-conscious industriesantivirus software goes this second way because they the nickname “The Botnet Buster.” like banking and social networks. But he notes thatrealize that false positives are very frustrating for the FireEye has shut down three botnets, which are es- competition might one day be fierce for FireEyeuser. What we’ve done is come up with a way that we sentially zombie armies of computers compromised because large players like Symantec Corp. are alsocan have the best of both worlds – a very high detection by viruses that hackers can use to do everything from developing this sort of product.rate, and also very few false positives.” crash websites to send email spam. One botnet that “Right now they’re ahead of the field, but we do an- FireEye’s Malware Protection System goes beyond FireEye shut down in March 2011 was called Rustock, ticipate they’ll have some stiff competition,” he said.just checking files against a list of known viruses and was at one point in time responsible for 40 percentto actually examining a file’s behavior to determine of all email spam. Jon Xavier can be reached at 408.299.1826 or businesses can survive by avoiding fear-response pitfallsBy Jim Pawlak first. Communication “do it this way” dictums to en- Management needs to support its staff; in and collaboration di- sure ongoing needs and what return staff supports its management. “Breaking the Fear Barrier: How minishes. tweaks are needed; continuous Empire Building – “Assert controlFear Destroys Companies from the Rieger identifies three improvement framed around over people, functions or resources.”Inside Out…” by Tom Rieger (Gallup progressive levels of fear organizational goals follows. “Cornering the market” installs falsePress, $24.95). response – parochialism, Territorialism – “Hoard- senses of self-sufficiency and security. Walt Kelly’s comic strip character territorialism and em- ing or micromanaging head Knowledge sharing and collaborationPogo said: “We have met the enemy and pire building– and their count, or decision author- dwindles as egos grow. Battles over re-he is us.” That sums up Rieger’s take on defenses. He believes they ity.” Maintain control at sources and budgets increase. Decisionsthe foibles of businesses in distress. can be overcome because any price and strip employ- take more time. When business turns upside down, hu- the people that built them ees of empowerment. The Avoiding this trap requires manage-man nature’s fear of loss kicks in – and are just as capable of pre- micro manager becomes ment to set up “who does what” checks accelerates. Peo- venting the building. Here’s productivity’s roadblock and balances within its SOP. That doesn’t ple put up their a look at each: because he/she filters mean SOP never changes; it does meanBiz BookS defenses to mini- mize the effects Parochialism – “A tenden- cy to force others to view and funnels information based upon a vague “need there are guidelines that keep everyone on the same organizational page.Jim Pawlak of a downturn the world from only one per- to know” basis. Rieger’s bottom line: Beware the en- on them. Those spective.” The one that ben- Building an organizational culture emy within. “An ounce of prevention isdefenses revolve around using bureau- efits you. In actuality, parochialism around innovation at all levels is the worth a pound of cure.”cracy to guard and block. The problem: keeps things from happening through a cure. Employees closest to the job are theBureaucracy magnifies the problem. Gordian Knot of rules and procedures. most likely to see what does work, what Jim Pawlak is a freelance writer. Contact him atWhy? The organization no longer comes Rieger believes in periodically auditing doesn’t work – and what might work.
  • 15. LEADS Information you can use to build your businessBankruptcies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 22Building permits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 22Business licenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 22Civil judgments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 22 paGe 22Civil lawsuits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 22 AUGUST 19, 2011Foreclosures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 24 SILICON VALLEY / SAN JOSEMechanics liens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 25 businessReal estate sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 25 JOurnaLTax liens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 26 sanjose .bizjournals .combankruptcies Wells Construction Inc., commercial building addi- Envisage Law, 540 Unversity Ave., Palo Alto 94301. Resource Access, 3119 Castle Canyon Way, San Pacific Park Plaza 402 LLC, 388 Alvarado Ave.,, 1257 Lake- side Drive Apt. 1227, ciViL Morton Salt Inc. vs. Water WarehouseNorthern District of California tion/alteration at 4180 First St., (restaurant) interior, Future Electronics, 192 Castillon Way, San Jose Jose 95135. Exigent Solution, 386 Los Altos 94022. Strike Distributing Co., Sunnyvale 94085. Sportsman’s App, 4550 JudGMents Inc., collections, case #111CVL206716, 08/05/11.San Jose Division $396,600; 4,509 square 95119. Tower Hill Ave., San Jose 640 Leap Court, Los Altos Roop Road, Gilroy 95020. V.I.P. Recovery Service LLC The Brix Group Inc. vs. feet. Machining Perfect, 990 95136. 94022. Shop Local Card/Shopgil- vs. Kong Soon Lee dba Extreme Communica-Chapter 7 La Barbera Drive, San Jose Inspired Peru, 220 Vista Just Pure Water, 903 E. El, 2750 Hay Loft Sakuran Sushi & Izakaya, tion Services Inc./dbaITL Events Inc., P.O. Box buiLdinG 95126. Silicon Valley California Roma Way, San Jose 95136. Pho Que Huong, 3210 Camino Real No. 3, Moun- tain View 94040. Way, Morgan Hill 95037., 2750 904 Eleanor Way, Sunnyvale 94087, $12,037, plaintiff, Comstation/Lisa A. Youb, breach of contract, case 1242, Pebble Beach 93953; Assets, $0 to $50,000; perMits Regional Center, 203 Red- wood Shores Parkway Suite S. White Road, San Jose 95148. Cumnor Hill Books, 440 Cesano Court No. 301, Hay Loft Way, Morgan Hill 95037. case #110CV164054, 07/28/11. #111CVL206741, 08/05/11. Hector Ozuna vs. Alpha Debts, $1,000,001 to residentiaL 200, Redwood City 94065. Plus 3 Foundation, 1723 Living Among Giants, 2762 Sand Point Court, San Jose Palo Alto 94306. Elemental Creations, Lucent IP, 752 College Ave., Santa Clara 95050. Capitol Indemnity vs. E&C Auto Depot, 4963 Chiles Factors/dba Century 21 Alpha/Edward Zim- $10,000,000; Major Credi- George Csaplaros and Ma tor, Premiere Events Inc., Karameos Drive, Sunnyvale 95148. 3365 Canada Road, Gilroy, 1664 Fair- Drive, San Jose 95136, brick, negligence, case Hejwowska-Csaplaros, 94087. VuDo, 2844 Schooner Court, 95020. lawn Ave., San Jose 95125. $63,669, plaintiff, case #111CVL206813, 08/08/11. $1,400,000; Attorney, single-family residence addi- Charles B. Greene; case Coffee Society at Cuper- San Jose 95148. Los Gatos Birdhouses, Faith, 367 #110CV162910, 07/29/11. Dobbs Mills LLC dba tion/alteration at 690 Minor tino Library, 10800 Torre La Bamba Magazine, 18332 Black Road, Los Santa Heights, San Jose Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC Phenix Carpets vs. #11-57375, 08/05/11. Ave., $121,470.Sandlot Venture Group Ave. No. 100, Cupertino 1256 Alma Court, San Jose Gatos 95033. 95128. vs. Westar Real Estate Vertical Investments/ GP Residential Designs, 95014. 95112. Deena’s Jewelry, 447 HireBooth, 4502 Carlyle and Mortgage Inc., 1608 dba Carpet Club/Chris- LLC, 15234 Via Pinto, Mon- single-family residence addi- te Sereno 95030; Assets, Made in USA Supporter, Selling Warrior Publishing, Great Mall Drive No. 651, Court No. 511, Santa Clara W. Campbell Ave. No. topher Steven Friend, tion/alteration at 3846 Glen- 20674 Celeste Circle, Cu- 1115 Delmas Ave. No. 3, Milpitas 95035. 95054. 200, Campbell 95008, breach of contract, case (not shown); Debts, (not garry Drive, $118,875. shown); Major Creditor, (not pertino 95014. San Jose 95125. Herb Master Co., 82 Imag- US Polo Association, 8300 $38,591, plaintiff, case #111CVU205768, 07/25/11. Matthew T. and Julia Silicon Valley Authors’ Jyoti Capital Management, es Circle, Milpitas 95035. Arroyo Circle, Gilroy 95020. #110CV90631, 08/02/11. Hermogenes T. Gabriel/Es- shown); Attorney, pro se; B. Harris, single-family case #11-57438, 08/08/11. Panel, 14601 Big Basin 240 Monroe Drive No. 215, NTJ Jewelry, 2897 Senter Creativity Pilot Studio, trella R. Gabriel vs. Elena residence addition/altera- Way, Saratoga 95070. Mountain View 94040. Road No. 130, San Jose 82 Images Circle, Milpitas Judgments direct entities to P. Gabriel/Briggsmohr (involuntary) tion at 1741 Hallmark Lane, The PMO Practice, 477 Creative Program Manage- 95111. 95035. pay financial obligations Properties & Develop- $110,741. Lassen St. No. 6, Los Altos ment, 659 Armanini Ave., Jalene Perfumes and Jew- 3M Motorsports, 2971 El that are not met. Only ment LLC/Ritzland Prop-Chapter 7 is a “straight” liqui- Ray Construction & Devel- dation bankruptcy involving 94022. Santa Clara 95050. elry, 2235 Story Road, San Camino Real, Santa Clara business-related case filings erties & Development opment Corp., single-family Sheldon of Los Altos, 111 Sterling Advisors Insur- Jose 95122. 95051. are listed. LLC, breach of contract, an appointed trustee to sell residence addition/altera- all assets by auction or other Main St., Los Altos 94022. ance and Financial Man- Valley Vintage Vinyl/Dead Crown Knock Entertain- case #111CVU206044, tion at 1739 Coralee Drive, means to pay creditors and trustee fees. $200,453. L. Fay Associates, 720 Spencer Court, Los Altos agement, 101 Metro Drive Suite 550, San Jose 95110. Waxx, 1078 Summerrain Court, San Jose 95122. ment, 1324 S. Winchester Blvd. No. 145, San Jose ciViL 07/27/11. Silicon Valley Security RCUSA Corp., single-family residence addition/altera- 94024. Dragosaurus, 938 Clark Cam Management, 136 Sprucemont Place, San Jose Classic Beanbag, 1310 Race St., San Jose 95126. 95128. Fantasy Jumperz, 4149 LaWsuits & Patrol Inc. vs. Sand Hill Property Manage-buiLdinG tion at 517 Park Meadow Court, $136,289; 1,014 Ave. No. 55, Mountain View 95139. JJ Florist, 1390 Saddle Littleworth Way, San Jose Pacifica San Jose LP dba ment Co./DowntownperMits square feet. 94040. EG Motion, 128 Ada Ave. I4I Consulting, 3801 Chilton Court, San Jose 95111. Rack St. No. 418, San Jose 95126. 95135. Le Vintage Milk Glass Wyndham Hotel San Jose vs. Mexican Heri- Sunnyvale Mixed-Use LLC/Downtown NorthcOMMerciaL Thelma Lamar Trustee, single-family residence addi- No. 20, Mountain View 94043. Nick of Time Short Sales/ CALSSP, 1269 St. Mark Zelectric Supply Inc., 1522 Montague Expressway, San Rentals, 3434 Vistaview Drive, San Jose 95132. tage Corp. of San Jose, breach of contract, case LLC, collections, case #111CVU206264,Applied Const. Technol- tion/alteration at 2421 Glen MEEP, 500 W. Middlefield Court, Los Altos 94024. Jose 95131. Vintage Milk Glass Rent- #111CVL206411, 08/01/11. 07/29/11. ogy, commercial building Fox Court, $150,783. Road No. 153, Mountain South Bay Realty of Cali- JetPens, 2290 Ringwood als, 3434 Vistaview Drive, Feralloy Corp. vs. Brooke T. Bailey vs. addition/alteration at 5521 View 94043. fornia, 10128 Myer Place, Ave. Unit A, San Jose San Jose 95132. K.C. Metal Products Morgan Hill Jewelers Hellyer Ave., (manufactur- ing), $893,556. business Itamo, 440 N. Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale 94085. Cupertino 95014. Viva Realty and Associ- 95131. The Pen Addict, 2290 Sunshine Dry Clean & Al- teration, 1442 Franklin St., Inc., collections, case #111CVL206415, 08/01/11. LLC/Shelly J. Gipson, unfair business practice,Bell Brothers Const. Inc., commercial building addi- Licenses Bay RC, 548 Bryan Ave., Sunnyvale 94086. ates, 363 N. Temple Drive, Milpitas 95035. Ringwood Ave. Unit A, San Jose 95131. Santa Clara 95050. E&A Dry Cleaners, 1648 State Farm Mutual Auto- mobile Insurance Co. vs. case #111CVU206360, 08/01/11. tion/alteration at 111 Curtner Diabetes Help Center, 1171 Lengua Organica, 359 Ever- Peninsula Realty, 6835 Sneaker Culture Shop, Tully Road Suite B, San Target Corp., collections, Kathryn Miller vs. The Ave., (retail), $129,000; Homestead Road No. 160, ett Ave., Palo Alto 94301. Leyland Park, San Jose 2530 Berrryessa Road No. Jose 95122. case #111CVL206453, Leland Stanford Junior 3,085 square feet. Santa Clara 95050. Neck-Laced, 2221 Fazeli 95120. 725, San Jose 95132. Skin Care by Taka, 220 08/02/11. University, employ-De Bella Mechanical Buck’s Vineyard, 16735 Court, Campbell 95008. OPA Authentic Greek Gold Mountain Soap Co., State St. No. 4, Los Altos MPJ-A Partnership vs. Pro- ment discrimination, Inc., commercial building Sheldon Road, Los Gatos Lookbook Nu, 10568 Mc- Cuisine, 352 Main St., Los 531 Lanfair Circle, San 94022. fessional Events LLC/dba case #111CVU206400, addition/alteration at 350 95030. Clellan Place, Cupertino Altos 94022. Jose 95136. Jumpstart Wellness, 248 Exquisite Party Rental, 08/01/11. Trimble Road, (office), English Garden Media, 128 95014. Super Sunnyvale Taqueria Stagecoach Delivery Co., Pamela Drive No. 19, Moun- breach of contract, case Lesley Warnshis vs. Yahoo! $450,000. Ada Ave. No. 20, Mountain Vistara, 1102 Abel St., Milpi- Kabob, 933 E. Duane Ave., 830 Stewart Drive No. 277, tain View 94040. #111CVL206459, 08/02/11. Inc./Yahoo! Local/Ya-Integrated Eng’G Services, View 94043. tas 95035. Sunnyvale 94085. Sunnyvale 94085. Skincare by Ingrid, 1350 Esther Rosas vs. Yeh’s hoo! Travel, defamation/li- commercial building addi- Peninsula Communica- Red Chillies, 167 S. Main Tu Mero Mole, 590 Old San Universal Services Group, Montecito Ave. No. 8, Enterprise Inc./Golden bel, case #111CVU206402, tion/alteration at 5601 Great tions and Network Tech- St., Milpitas 95035. Francisco Road, Sunnyvale 830 Stewart Drive No. 277, Mountain View 94043. Leaf Enterprises LLC, 08/01/11. Oaks Parkway, (manufac- nologies, 562 E. Weddell Caffino AZ, 315 W. Cala- 94086. Sunnyvale 94085. Bodyguard Monitoring, premises liability, case State Farm General Insur- turing), $989,551; 2,450 Drive Suite 2, Sunnyvale veras Blvd., Milpitas 95035. Livie Lou BBQ, 182 Supe- Alto Services, 1401 334 N. Second St., San #111CVL206478, 08/02/11. ance Co. vs. Mario Da square feet. 94089. Kenny and Jun Associates, rior Drive, Campbell 95008. Greenwood Ave., Palo Alto Jose 95112. Jonathan Neil & Associ- Silva Francisco/dbaKuehne Construction Phantastic Wireless, 1509 1314 Hope Drive No. 102, OPA Authentic Greek 94301. Saigon Therapy, 2451 S. ates Inc. vs. Image Dental American Plumbing & Service, commercial build- Hermocilla Way, San Jose Santa Clara 95054. Cuisine, 27 N. Santa Cruz Plaza Services, 1008 Prim- King Road Suite B, San Studio Inc., collections, Drain, insurance coverage, ing addition/alteration at 95116. Champion Boot Camp, Ave., Los Gatos 95030. rose Lane, Gilroy 95020. Jose 95116. case #111CVL206512, case #111CVU206404, 2350 Leigh Ave., (church), RC Advertising and Sales, 1624 Hope Drive No. 627, Mani Snacks, 4 Glen Ridge Mid Cal Diesel Service, JAS Fitness, 4569 Bruns- 08/03/11. 08/01/11. $321,000; 4,520 square 2750 Hay Loft Way, Morgan Santa Clara 95054. Ave., Los Gatos 95030. 9505 Sugar Babe Drive, wick Ave., San Jose 95124. State Farm General Insur- Ronald Telly/Cecilio feet. Hill 95037. Codercharts, 4502 Carlyle Chicken Rings and Other Gilroy 95020. QB Solution Center, 1046 ance Co. vs. Theodore S. Zamora/Ronald F.Midstate Construction, A+L Pool + Spa, 3629 Court No. 511, Santa Clara Rings, 1901 La Corona Excelon Services, 15070 W. Taylor St. Suite 200, James Francis/dba Moon et al. vs. Suncat commercial building addi- Union Ave., San Jose 95124. 95054. Court, Los Gatos 95032. Los Gatos-Almaden Road, San Jose 95126. Ted Francis Construc- Enterprises Inc./dba tion/alteration at 6477 Al- Visovi/Visovi Signs and Global Infra, 20200 Men- World Crepes, 447 Great Los Gatos 95032. Pine Spring Acupuncture tion, insurance coverage, Rain Gutter Services/ maden Expressway, (retail), Graphics, 907 Franquette delsohn Lane, Saratoga Mall Drive, Milpitas 95035. Pro-Septic Service, 13460 Clinic, 1620 Oakland case #111CVL206574, William J. McGowan, $120,000. Ave., San Jose 95125. 95070. Surf City Squeeze, 653 Watsonville Road, Morgan Road No. D-205, San Jose 08/03/11. employment violations,Pinnacle Roofing Co., com- US Mechanical & Hood Space Bakers, 125 San Ra- Great Mall Drive No. K, Hill 95037. 95135. American Express Bank case #111CVU206455, mercial building addition/ Inc., 1719 Grant St. No. 5, mon Drive, San Jose 95111. Milpitas 95035. Punch List Services, 1200 Tag Photography and FSB vs. John Marczak/ 08/02/11. alteration at 2772 Aiello Santa Clara 95050. SVM&CC, 410 N. First St. Oryza Bistro Asiana, 2855 Halford Ave. No. 2, Santa Framing, 238 Plaza Cen- Quicknet Services Mission West Proper- Drive, (warehouse/storage) Castle Plumbing & Garage Unit 332, San Jose 95112. Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite Clara 95051. tral, Los Altos 94022. Inc./adba Quicknet, ties LP vs. Exar Corp./ re-roofing, $123,690. Doors, 2012 Jonewood Sheldon of Los Altos, 825 1124, Santa Clara 95050. BJ’s Gourmet Catering Ryan Photography, 1634 breach of contract, Kovio a DelawareStraightline Construction Ave., San Jose 95136. S. Fifth St., San Jose 95112. OPA Authentic Greek Services, 3295 Wood- Hill Top View Terrace, San case #111CVL206634, Corp., breach of contract, Inc., commercial building Fresh Coat Painting, 315 Hiro Mura, 111 Paseo De Cuisine, 4580 Almaden ward Ave., Santa Clara Jose 95138. 08/04/11. case #111CVU206456, addition/alteration at 451 Azalia Drive, East Palo Alto San Antonio, San Jose Expressway No. 103, San 95054. Blue Organza Produc- United Services Automo- 08/02/11. First St., (office), $115,505; 94303. 95112. Jose 95118. Prudent Choice Insurance tions, 795 E. San Fernando bile Association/Bart C. Sugey Felix/Claudia Sal- 4,525 square feet. The Education Outreach Plumas Urbanas, 153 N. Hiro Sushi, 3005 Silver Services, 101 Metro Drive St., San Jose 95112. Campbell vs. Del Grande cedo/Evangelina FelixSwinerton Builders, com- Project, 3772 Redwood Eighth St., San Jose 95112. Creek Road No. 130, San Suite 315, San Jose 95110. Bay Area Solar Solutions, Dealer Group Inc./dba vs. Joelle Osias MD/Uni- mercial building addition/ Circle, Palo Alto 94306. EVP & Co., 1652 Alum Rock Jose 95121. AA Moving Services, 1524 Theresa Ave., Camp- Kevan Del Grade’s Capi- versity Mission Medical alteration at 1110 Blos- Alpha Casero Trust Ac- Ave., San Jose 95116. Golden Pizza, 1290 S. 172 N. 34th St., San Jose bell 95008. tol Mazda, property dam- Clinic, medical malpractice, som Hill Road, (bank), count, 1925 Concourse Gellus, 1130 Starbird Circle Bascom Ave. No. B, Camp- 95116. Sentinel Companion Care, age, case #111CVL206662, case #111CVU206468, $500,000; 2,732 square Drive, San Jose 95121. Apt. 2, San Jose 95117. bell 95128. Jazvin Cleaning Service, 415 Scotts Bluff Place, 08/04/11. 08/02/11. feet. Schmidt Building Partner- Atom Bear, 1540 Jacob U Name It We Print It 5175 Amelia Drive, San Morgan Hill 95037. HOW tHis sectiOnTimberwolff Construction ship LP, 139 N. Gordon Ave., San Jose 95118. Custom T’Shirts, 265 Jose 95118. Active Living, 20 Decanso Inc., commercial building Way, Los Altos 94022. Debonair Dialects, 6480 Meridian Ave. Suite 1, San MGR Gardening Services, Drive No. 1219, San Jose addition/alteration at 2200 Preston Pipelines and Top Applegate Drive, San Jose Jose 95128. 1665 Christopher St., San 95134. can HeLp yOu Eastridge Loop, (retail), Grade Construction a 95119. Southbay Autohaus, 2230 Jose 95122. R&E Limousine Trans- $100,000; 5,000 square Joint Venture, 133 Bothelo Ay Dios Mio, 100 N. Will Wool Drive, San Jose Smith Transportation portation, 1094 Lily Ave., feet. Ave., Milpitas 95035. Almaden Ave., San Jose 95112. Services, 865 S. Win- Sunnyvale 94086.Vulcan Construction Inc., Sasco Builders, 5755 Rudy 95121. Tile Goddess, 2343 chester Blvd., San Jose Universal Transportation commercial building addi- Drive, San Jose 95124. Zeisco Optical Lab, 101 C.W. Bickham Co., 6060 Boxwood Drive, San Jose 95128. Solutions, 1309 Oakland Business Leads is a weekly compendium of information tion/alteration at 1920 Zank- Loma Prieta Drive, San 95128. Taps Protection Services, Road, San Jose 95112. er Road, (office), $109,974; Redding Road No. B-5, Jose 95123. Mountain View Market, 3002 Plumstead Way, San Merian Trucking, 1431 taken mainly from government records in Santa Clara 3,500 square feet. Campbell 95008. Bay Area Sign Ups Only, 340 Castro St., Mountain Jose 95148. Saratoga Ave., San JoseVulcan Construction Inc., La Vigna Dentale, 12967 106 Lime Blossom Court, View 94041. Fasterlube/Fast Lube, 95129. County. Information is compiled by American City Business commercial building addi- Saratoga Ave., Saratoga San Jose 95123. Quik Henderson Market, 13000 Foothill Ave., San Melissa’s Travel, 1364 E. Leads, 877-593-4157. tion/alteration at 4180 First 95070. Ross Chandler 1053 E. El Camino Real, Martin 95046. Santa Clara St., San Jose St., (restaurant) interior, Pandora Medical, 1856 Enterprises/R.C.E., 293 Sunnyvale 94087. Antech Diagnostics, 3345 95116. $198,545; 2,483 square Emory St., San Jose 95126. Trade Winds Drive No. 8, Buck’s Fine Foods, 16735 El Camino Real, Santa Strike Brewing Co., 640 feet. V Design Homes, 405 San Jose 95123. Sheldon Road, Los Gatos Clara 95051. Leap Court, Los Altos This information (plus phone numbers) is available via Camille Circle Suite 11, San Reps, 5034 Rafton Drive, 95030. VIP Used New Tires & 94022.Vulcan Construction Inc., commercial building addi- Jose 95134. San Jose 95124. Claudio’s Produce, 610 Automotive, 326 Phelan Vino Locale, 431 Kipling St., email subscription. Please call 877-593-4157 for average tion/alteration at 160 Santa MFP Sterling Advisors Insurance and Financial Greenem, 101 Glen Eyrie Fisher Ave., Morgan Hill Ave., San Jose 95112. Palo Alto 94301. counts and cost information. Clara St., (office), $197,030; Ave. No. 410, San Jose 95037. VIP Used and New Tires, 9,475 square feet. Management, 101 Metro 95125. Panaderia El Rey Bakery, 326 Phelan Ave., San Jose These documents must beVulcan Construction Inc., Drive Suite 550, San Jose Colehawk, 1142 Lenor Way, 2440 McKee Road, San 95112. filed with the County Clerk commercial building addi- 95110. San Jose 95128. Jose 95116. Elite Commercial Environ- by an individual or other Business Leads is designed to help you grow your busi- tion/alteration at 160 Santa Mai Vo Allstate Insurance Ark-Ola, 1465 San Tomas V Design Space, 405 Ca- ments, 373 River Oaks entity that intends to do ness, increase your cash flow and keep you informed about Clara St., (office), $144,674; Agency, 740 Story Road Aquino Road, San Jose mille Circle Suite 11, San Circle No. 817, San Jose business under any name 7,475 square feet. Suite 6, San Jose 95122. 95130. Jose 95134. 95134. other than their own. what’s happening in the region’s business world.
  • 16. UNI_CBP-1398-Hello_SanJoseBusJournal.pdf 1 8/11/11 2:21 PM August 19, 2011 tHE BusINEss JOuRNAL 23 How often do you have to teach your business banker, your business? SM There’s only one way for a bank to thoroughly understand your business. Spend years on it. That’s why Comerica Bank business bankers have been with Comerica for an average of 12 years. So you always know they know you and your business. We’ve been adding value by bringing forth meaningful ideas to help companies solve business challenges for almost 150 years. Consistently. Want to learn more? Ask Comerica about a C one-on-one consultation with a seasoned banker. M Just another reason why we’re the leading bank for business. * YCMMYCYCMY K PERSONAL SMALL BUSINESS CORPORATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT *Based on commercial and industrial loans as a percentage of total assets. Data provided by Highline Financial LLC, a Thomson Reuters Company, December 2010. M MMIT MMITTED to To find a business banker nearest you, please visit us at or call us at 800.979.0850. SM Business MEMBER FDIC. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LENDER. NATIONAL SBA PREFERRED LENDER.
  • 17. Leads24 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011Rogelio M. Ruiz vs. Maria Reyes vs. Save Mart Address: 2121 Limewood Original Balance: Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Yuri Alexis Calderon/ Supermarkets/dba Food Drive, San Jose 95132 $869,893 ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: 11:00 AM GCR LLP/Garcia Cal- Maxx, premises liability, Trustee: Cal-Western Recon- Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: $574,254 224-23-002; Trustor: Leonel 684-32-127; Trustor: Anto- Address: 360 S. 13th St., deron Ruiz LLP, fraud, case #111CVU206698, veyance Corp. Market St., San Jose; APN: Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- F. Fierros nio De La Rosa and Erika I. San Jose 95112 case #111CVU206476, 08/05/11. Original Balance: $698,202 532-27-005; Trustor: Da- ket St., San Jose; APN: 694- Document no.: 21261450 De La Rosa Trustee: Recontrust Co. 08/02/11. Union Bank NA vs. Young Sale Location: 190 N. nilo and Liliana Ra Goliani 29-030; Trustor: Gustavo Trustee no.: 450250CA Document no.: 21264643 Original Balance: $552,100Roya Bahrami vs. Anthony C. Kim/dba Kim’s Custom Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustees and Lorena V. Hernandez Trustee no.: Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Michael Davitt/C&J Con- Builder, breach of contract, 092-21-045; Trustor: Juan Document no.: 21261446 Document no.: 21267113 Date, time of sale: 20099070815272 ket St., San Jose; APN: 467- tracting Inc., auto tort, case case #111CVU206710, Jimenez III Trustee no.: 245623CA Trustee no.: 450185CA 08/22/11 10:00 AM 40-054; Trustor: William F. #111CVU206477, 08/02/11. 08/05/11. Document no.: 21262937 Address: 893 Delmas Ave., Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 HansenCach LLC vs. Jesse M. Agu- Milpitas Town Center 2008 Trustee no.: 1325156-02 Date, time of sale: Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 San Jose 95125 11:00 AM Document no.: 21265239 ilar/dba L. Jaguar Plumb- LP vs. National Communi- 08/23/11 11:00 AM 10:00 AM Trustee: Chicago Title Co. Address: 7316 Rainbow Trustee no.: 11-0028062 ing, breach of contract, cation Consultants Inc./ Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Address: 18529 Aspesi Address: 53 Calle de Guada- Original Balance: Drive, Cupertino 95014 case #111CVU206484, Hugo Santana/Marshall 10:00 AM Drive, Saratoga 95070 lupe, San Jose 95116 $879,954 Trustee: NDEx West LLC Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 08/02/11. Harris, breach of lease, Address: 564 Flagler St., Trustee: California Recon- Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: 11:00 AMWells Fargo Dealer Ser- case #111CVU206721, San Jose 95127 veyance Co. ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: $1,099,503 Address: 256 N. Cragmont vices vs. Mathew Enter- 08/05/11. Trustee: Cal-Western Recon- Original Balance: Original Balance: $592,830 264-45-033; Trustor: James Sale Location: 190 N. Ave., San Jose 95127 prises Inc./dba Stevens Charles E. Meddings Jr. a veyance Corp. $1,548,947 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- H. and Young K. Choy Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee: Recontrust Co. Creek Chrysler Jeep minor by FAL Charles E. Original Balance: $640,269 Sale Location: 190 N. ket St., San Jose; APN: 481- Document no.: 21261490 366-58-005; Trustor: Kim Original Balance: $556,950 Dodge, breach of contract, Meddings vs. Patrick M. Sale Location: 190 N. Market St., San Jose; APN: 21-137; Trustor: Jose Chavez Trustee no.: 11-00135-4 and Teresa Nguyen Sale Location: 190 N. case #111CVU206490, Hogan/A&A Refrigera- Market St., San Jose; APN: 389-25-003; Trustor: He- and Josefina Castellon Document no.: 21264518 Market St., San Jose; APN: 08/02/11. tion Inc., premises liability, 599-03-077; Trustor: Luis sameddin and Stephanie Document no.: 21264253 Date, time of sale: Trustee no.: 601-41-071; Trustor: Anto-William Gott dba Westval case #111CVU206732, and Joelda Vega Pakdel Trustee no.: 448205CA 08/22/11 11:00 AM 20100015000937 nio Enciso and Rosalinda Property Management 08/05/11. Document no.: 21267565 Document no.: 21264500 Address: 441 Camille Circle Ramirez vs. Herbert C. Berquist Denise Campagna vs. Trustee no.: 1325334-02 Trustee no.: 739048CA Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 No. 14, San Jose 95134 Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Document no.: 21265897 DMD MS, breach of lease, Hilton Worldwide 11:00 AM Trustee: CR Title Services 11:00 AM Trustee no.: 09-0135882 case #111CVU206504, Inc., premises liability, Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Date, time of sale: Address: 18660 Serramonte Inc. Address: 764 Harriet Ave., 08/02/11. case #111CVU206734, 10:00 AM 08/23/11 11:00 AM Drive, Los Gatos 95030 Original Balance: $538,153 Campbell 95008 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11Miguel Ilaw vs. Sedg- 08/05/11. Address: 1435 Jasmine Way, Address: 3263 Janelle Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: NDEx West LLC 10:00 AM wick Insurance, fraud, Yen Nguyen/Viet-Bac Morgan Hill 95037 Drive, San Jose 95148 ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: $524,635 Address: 149 Goularte Way, case #111CVU206521, Vu vs. Walmir Ortiz/ Trustee: Cal-Western Recon- Trustee: California Recon- Original Balance: 097-59-023; Trustor: Srid- Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- San Jose 95116 08/03/11. V+B Transport, auto tort, veyance Corp. veyance Co. $1,033,482 har Jallapuram and Padma- ket St., San Jose; APN: 403- Trustee: Recontrust Co.Melissa Rodriguez- case #111CVU206745, Original Balance: $587,945 Original Balance: Sale Location: 190 N. vathi Ganta 08-018; Trustor: Shahrokh Original Balance: $558,948 Spaulding vs. J.P. Morgan 08/05/11. Sale Location: 190 N. $563,047 Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21257483 H. Entezari Sale Location: 190 N. Chase Bank/Manuel Roofing Constructors Inc. Market St., San Jose; APN: Sale Location: 190 N. 510-55-011; Trustor: Saeed Trustee no.: T11-73797-CA Document no.: 21263009 Market St., San Jose; APN: Pulido, wrongful termina- dba Western Roofing 728-15-065; Trustor: Brand Market St., San Jose; APN: Ghaffari Trustee no.: 481-71-017; Trustor: Hector tion, case #111CVU206529, Service vs. City of San N. Worley 659-41-021; Trustor: Maria Document no.: 21261449 Date, time of sale: 20100015010697 Borrayo Salazar 08/03/11. Jose/Turner/Devcon Document no.: 21262936 C. and Matthew A. Pitagora Trustee no.: 250260CA 08/25/11 10:00 AM Document no.: 21262968Betti D. Hinton vs. Santa aka Turner/Devcon JV/ Trustee no.: 1325091-02 Document no.: 21264246 Address: 436 Elm Court, Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 Trustee no.: 08-0076284 Clara Valley Transporta- Turner Construction Co., Trustee no.: 435022CA Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Milpitas 95035 10:00 AM tion Authority, negligence, breach of contract, case Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 11:00 AM Trustee: DSL Service Co. Address: 514 Suez Terrace, Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 case #111CVU206540, #111CVU206751, 08/05/11. 11:00 AM Date, time of sale: Address: 55 Willow St., San Original Balance: Sunnyvale 94089 11:00 AM 08/03/11. Jose Umana vs. Indymac Address: 808 Valencia Drive, 08/23/11 10:00 AM Jose 95110 $550,223 Trustee: Old Republic De- Address: 27 Lemon BlossomNorthern California Col- Mortgage Services/ Milpitas 95035 Address: 14916 Ridgetop Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. fault Management Services Court, San Jose 95123 lection Service Inc. OneWest Bank FSB/ Trustee: Cal-Western Recon- Drive, San Jose 95127 ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: $655,972 Trustee: Recontrust Co. vs. Associated Con- RSM&A Foreclosure veyance Corp. Trustee: California Recon- Original Balance: $796,515 022-18-043; Trustor: Ha- Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Original Balance: $560,972 solidators Express/Em- Services LLC, fraud, Original Balance: $755,212 veyance Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- feez and Farhat Raja ket St., San Jose; APN: 110- Sale Location: 190 N. manuel Bulatano/Raul case #111CVU206784, Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: ket St., San Jose; APN: 264- Document no.: 21259648 50-048; Trustor: Sudong Market St., San Jose; APN: Mabalatan, collections, 08/08/11. Market St., San Jose; APN: $677,087 37-048; Trustor: Christina Trustee no.: 69226 Chung 690-06-015; Trustor: Corine case #111CVU206561, Peter Glasner vs. Hillary H. 028-02-042; Trustor: Helen Sale Location: 190 N. Melchor Document no.: 21268519 Masri 08/03/11. Freeman/Nellis L. Free- Jackson Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21262694 Date, time of sale: Trustee no.: 11-41893 Document no.: 21265908American Express Bank man/Four-Ten Sheridan Document no.: 21264508 599-22-022; Trustor: Hai Trustee no.: 243060CA 08/26/11 11:00 AM Trustee no.: 09-0150322 FSB vs. Ken Schop- Avenue Owners Asso- Trustee no.: 1200619-14 P. Nguyen and Kim Anh T. Address: 162 N. 14th St., Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 pet/dba Ken Schop- ciation, breach of contract, Nguyen Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 San Jose 95112 10:00 AM Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 pet, breach of contract, case #111CVU206812, Date, time of sale: Document no.: 21251312 11:00 AM Trustee: ETS Services LLC Address: 17090 Peak Ave., 10:00 AM case #111CVU206565, 08/08/11. 08/29/11 10:00 AM Trustee no.: 736038CA Address: 17041 Los Robles Original Balance: Morgan Hill 95037 Address: 1121 Longshore 08/03/11. Anneline Andresen vs. Address: 674 Fenton St., San Way, Los Gatos 95030 $529,706 Trustee: PLM Lender Ser- Drive, San Jose 95128Carol Budzinski/John Prometheus Real Es- Jose 95127 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. vices Inc. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Budzinski vs. Hilton tate Group Inc./Man- Trustee: Cal-Western Recon- 10:00 AM ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: Original Balance: $562,865 Worldwide Inc./dba sion Grove, negligence, veyance Corp. Address: 7248 Scarsdale Original Balance: $719,066 467-16-033; Trustor: Jose $1,076,371 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Hampton Inn & Suites case #111CVU206816, Original Balance: $508,778 Place, San Jose 95120 Sale Location: 190 N. Daniel Yanez Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- ket St., San Jose; APN: 282- San Jose, negligence, 08/08/11. Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: California Reconvey- Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21261996 ket St., San Jose; APN: 767- 07-090; Trustor: Jimmy Fong case #111CVU206582, Target Corp. vs. Global Market St., San Jose; APN: ance Co. 532-36-008; Trustor: Scott Trustee no.: GM-283471-C 03-017; Trustor: Marquis and Gail K. Gillson 08/03/11. Services Building Inc., 599-49-058; Trustor: Gilbert Original Balance: K. and Mary L. Pickett Partnership Document no.: 21264076Paul Mendoza vs. Apple breach of contract, case Rodriguez and Silvia Olivera $1,530,296 Document no.: 21262695 Date, time of sale: Document no.: 21262833 Trustee no.: 11-0033692 Inc., breach of contract, #111CVU206817, 08/08/11. Document no.: 21247182 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Trustee no.: 450288CA 08/26/11 11:00 AM Trustee no.: 156-060535 case #111CVU206583, Paula A. Talus vs. Bank Trustee no.: 1264148-02 ket St., San Jose; APN: 583- Address: 5449 Silver Vista Date, time of sale: 08/03/11. of America NA/BAC 43-028; Trustor: Salvatore Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Way, San Jose 95138 Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 08/22/11 11:00 AMJose Dolores Coronado Home Loans Servic- Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 and Janelle K. DeLuca 11:00 AM Trustee: ETS Services LLC 11:00 AM Address: 1515 Hillsdale vs. Kaddu Inc./Splen- ing LP/Countrywide 11:00 AM Document no.: 21261447 Address: 1777 Nomark Original Balance: $647,008 Address: 2729 Darknell Way, Ave., San Jose 95118 dor Restaurants Inc./ Financial Corp., fraud, Address: 6347 Firefly Drive, Trustee no.: 450184CA Court, San Jose 95125 Sale Location: 190 N. San Jose 95148 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Praveen Singha, fraudulent case #111CVU206819, San Jose 95120 Trustee: California Reconvey- Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: transfer/unfair competition, 08/08/11. Trustee: California Reconvey- Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 ance Co. 680-24-048; Trustor: Original Balance: $915,974 $738,268 case #111CVU206584, Craig Person/Edmund ance Co. 10:00 AM Original Balance: Gregory Alan Mayhew Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Sale Location: 190 N. 08/03/11. Yang vs. Cedar Fair Original Balance: Address: 1254 Ashcroft $1,131,715 Document no.: 21261999 ket St., San Jose; APN: 652- Market St., San Jose; APN:Surjit S. Mattu/Babita Entertainment Co./ $1,025,682 Lane, San Jose 95118 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Trustee no.: GM-274786-C 12-053; Trustor: Herlinda 447-01-037; Trustor: Arnold Mattu vs. Saint-Gobain Cedar Fair LP/Cedar Fair Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Trustee: California Reconvey- ket St., San Jose; APN: 439- and Juan G. Barrios Bustamante Containers Inc./Wine Management Inc., viola- ket St., San Jose; APN: 577- ance Co. 54-038; Trustor: Mauricio Date, time of sale: Document no.: 21267684 Document no.: 21262011 Co. Inc./Constellation tion of CA civil rights code, 38-001; Trustor: Michael Original Balance: $583,036 and Alma Mena 08/23/11 10:00 AM Trustee no.: 10-0055645 Trustee no.: 10-0036310 Companies, product liabil- case #111CVU206821, Dorian Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21264252 Address: 16115 Condit ity, case #111CVU206603, 08/08/11. Document no.: 21268943 Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 439784CA Road, Morgan Hill 95037 Date, time of sale: Date, time of sale: 08/03/11. Pentech Funding Trustee no.: 738723CA 567-47-007; Trustor: Zaya Trustee: Fidelity National Ti- 08/26/11 11:00 AM 08/25/11 10:00 AMKirsten Hayes/Kevin LLC vs. RSPC Inc./ and Nancy N. Betmalo Date, time of sale: tle Co. dba Fidelity National Address: 792 Homeward Address: 353 Washington Hayes vs. Vox Design Marjorie A. Mariluch, Date, time of sale: 08/19/11 Document no.: 21267557 08/23/11 11:00 AM Default Services Place, San Jose 95125 St., San Jose 95112 Group Inc./Reliance breach of agreement, 11:00 AM Trustee no.: 738018CA Address: 357 War Admiral Original Balance: Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Management Group case #111CVU206823, Address: 7244 Wild Creek Ave., San Jose 95111 $5,910,362 Original Balance: $841,789 Original Balance: $615,631 Inc./Forrest D. Line- 08/08/11. Drive, San Jose 95120 Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 Trustee: California Recon- Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. barger, breach of contract, Pentech Funding LLC Trustee: California Reconvey- 11:00 AM veyance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; Market St., San Jose; APN: case #111CVU206605, vs. DTS Holdings Inc./ ance Co. Address: 2908 Vanport Drive, Original Balance: 817-13-032; Trustor: Good APN: 694-37-057; Trus- 249-49-077; Trustor: Alex 08/03/11. David E. Delaney/dba Original Balance: $524,759 San Jose 95121 $650,229 Karma Hospitality Inc. tor: George and Sabrina RamirezAllstate Insurance Co. vs. Dump Truck Services, Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21251209 Choochagi Document no.: 21267713 Starcraft Tours Corp., breach of agreement, case Market St., San Jose; APN: ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: JMB-111718- Document no.: 21267679 Trustee no.: 09-0084495 insurance coverage, #111CVU206828, 742-36-134; Trustor: Lynn Original Balance: $700,668 684-26-007; Trustor: Vi- CA Trustee no.: 07-0022662 case #111CVU206610, 08/08/11. M. Fortune Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- cente and Leticia Corona Date, time of sale: 08/03/11. Document no.: 21261986 ket St., San Jose; APN: 670- Document no.: 21264499 Date, time of sale: Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 11:00 AMMallika Kotian vs. Po- New litigation filed in Santa Trustee no.: 748820CA 31-032; Trustor: Lorenza and Trustee no.: 738373CA 08/23/11 11:00 AM 08/24/11 11:00 AM Address: 2208 Tampa Way, laris Wireless Inc., Clara County Court Supe- Benedict Alonzo Address: 3734 Deedham Address: 4432 Headen San Jose 95122 breach of contract, rior Court. Only business-re- Date, time of sale: Document no.: 21265226 Date, time of sale: Drive, San Jose 95148 Way, Santa Clara 95054 Trustee: Recontrust Co. case #111CVU206613, lated case filings are listed. 08/22/11 11:00 AM Trustee no.: 732889CA 08/26/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Fidelity National Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $561,757 08/03/11. Address: 2605 Kring Drive, Address: 125 Coelho St., Title Insurance Co. Original Balance: $618,551 Sale Location: 190 N.Belen Martinez vs. Wal-Mart Stores FORECLOSURES San Jose 95125 Trustee: California Recon- Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 11:00 AM Milpitas 95035 Trustee: California Recon- Original Balance: $723,781 Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: 491-25-013; Trustor: Alicia Inc., premises liability, Date, time of sale: veyance Co. Address: 4867 Stoneyford veyance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: 097-90-092; Trustor: Han- Plancarte case #111CVU206614, 08/26/11 11:00 AM Original Balance: Court, San Jose 95138 Original Balance: $521,175 654-69-033; Trustor: Tom jun and Eunsil Cho Document no.: 21262012 08/03/11. Address: 1119 Prescott $1,043,534 Trustee: California Reconvey- Sale Location: 190 N. W. and Ginger A. Potter Document no.: 21262969 Trustee no.: 08-0037492Brigitte Tambu vs. Elwyn Ave., Sunnyvale 94089 Sale Location: 190 N. ance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21265878 Trustee no.: 10-0076813 NC, employment compensa- Trustee: Atlantic & Pacific Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: 026-12-016; Trustor: Anto- Trustee no.: 11-01623-5 Date, time of sale: tion, case #111CVU206637, Foreclosure Services LLC 439-42-017; Trustor: Steven $1,303,767 nio S. Ruelas Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 11:00 AM 08/04/11. Original Balance: $557,204 Meyberg Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21256010 Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 11:00 AM Address: 3483 TimberlakeLori Eirich vs. Mel Cotton Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21262693 Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 249933CA 08/25/11 10:00 AM Address: 595 Moreland Ave., San Jose 95148 Rentals Inc., personal in- Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 436273CA 680-58-016; Trustor: Manuel Address: 20488 Stevens Way, Santa Clara 95054 Trustee: Recontrust Co. jury, case #111CVU206643, 104-25-114; Trustor: Noe Correia and Ramona Tobias Date, time of sale: Creek Blvd. No. 1812, Cu- Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: 08/04/11. Hernandez Date, time of sale: Document no.: 21267114 08/23/11 11:00 AM pertino 95014 Original Balance: $807,316 $833,218H.V. Welker Co. Inc. dba Document no.: 21261528 08/26/11 10:00 AM Trustee no.: 450363CA Address: 1829 Sheri Ann Trustee: First American Title Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Welker Bros. vs. Mayta Trustee no.: 11-09257 Address: 10531 Davison Circle, San Jose 95131 Insurance Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: & Jensen Inc./Hartford Ave., Cupertino 95014 Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Trustee: California Recon- Original Balance: $513,247 097-97-147; Trustor: Fowzia 652-33-003; Trustor: Benja- Casualty Insurance Co., Date, time of sale: Trustee: California Recon- 10:00 AM veyance Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Khan min Murguia-Rodriguez and breach of contract, case 08/25/11 11:00 AM veyance Co. Address: 919 Rancho Place, Original Balance: $615,750 Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21264062 Erika G. Galvan #111CVU206657, 08/04/11. Address: 942 Colusa Ave., Original Balance: $513,950 San Jose 95126 Sale Location: 190 N. 369-53-196; Trustor: Sean Trustee no.: 10-0125994 Document no.: 21262013John Hanna/Elaine Hanna Sunnyvale 94085 Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: California Reconvey- Market St., San Jose; APN: Patrick Roach Trustee no.: 08-0072374 vs. Urology Associates Trustee: Aztec Foreclosure Market St., San Jose; ance Co. 244-27-061; Trustor: Kwong Document no.: 21264644 Date, time of sale: of Silicon Valley/Shah- Corp. APN: 369-13-057; Trustor: Original Balance: $573,785 Yew Yap Trustee no.: 08/24/11 11:00 AM Date, time of sale: ram Shawn Gholami Original Balance: Gueitin Chang and Chia-Lin Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21251313 CA1000194591 Address: 88 Sunnyslope 08/25/11 11:00 AM MD, medical malpractice, $502,838 Chang Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 736566CA Ave., San Jose 95127 Address: 1078 Villa Maria case #111CVU206658, Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21261451 230-55-070; Trustor: Brenda Date, time of sale: Trustee: Recontrust Co. Court, San Jose 95125 08/04/11. Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 250216CA U. and Samuel Castillo Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 10:00 AM Original Balance: Trustee: Recontrust Co.Melissa Fletscher vs. 205-11-050; Trustor: John Document no.: 21262696 08/24/11 11:00 AM Address: 315 Grey Ghost $501,299 Original Balance: $547,349 James M. Hartford Rodan Date, time of sale: Trustee no.: 250298CA Address: 2064 Main St., Ave., San Jose 95111 Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. MD/Stanford Hos- Document no.: 21260169 08/23/11 11:00 AM Santa Clara 95050 Trustee: First American Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: pital, wrongful death/ Trustee no.: 11-516834 INC Address: 16888 S. Quarry Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 Trustee: California Recon- Trustee Servicing Solu- 601-13-061; Trustor: Greg 434-32-053; Trustor: Pres- medical negligence, Road, Los Gatos 95030 11:00 AM veyance Co. tions LLC W. Cisneros ton and Cheri Monroe case #111CVU206691, Date, time of sale: Trustee: California Recon- Address: 5841 Tandera Ave., Original Balance: Original Balance: Document no.: 21264549 Document no.: 21265241 08/04/11. 08/22/11 10:00 AM veyance Co. San Jose 95123 $558,825 $580,609 Trustee no.: 10-0115314 Trustee no.: 11-0003235
  • 18. LeadsAUGUST 19, 2011 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL 25Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Address: 1275 Donohue Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Tract 761 El Rancho Roblar Jagini, 10191 Stern Ave., Lot 3 Tract 631 Garden Gate 11:00 AM Drive, San Jose 95131 11:00 AM Original Balance: $569,056 ket St., San Jose; APN: 676- Unit No. 2, $1.47 million. Cupertino 95014, APN: 375- Village, $961,818.Address: 5392 Joseph Lane, Trustee: Recontrust Co. Address: 8950 Taos Way, Sale Location: 190 N. 32-013; Trustor: Armando Geoffrey Paul Ballew to 11-066 Lot 6 Tract 1004, Robert L. and Elizabeth San Jose 95118 Original Balance: $789,467 Gilroy 95020 Market St., San Jose; APN: M. Corral or Lorinda Corral Kenneth J. Duncan and $1.14 million. Henke Trustees to KathyTrustee: Recontrust Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: Recontrust Co. 464-10-021; Trustor: Ignacio Co-Trustees Shida Sheibani, 18430 Russell J. and Veronica L. Khodi and Houman Ker-Original Balance: $867,504 Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: $781,984 and Carmen Carretero Document no.: 21262972 Hernandez Ave., Monte Knittel Trustees to Man- chgani, 350 W. MeadowSale Location: 190 N. 245-40-001; Trustor: Manuel Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21265898 Trustee no.: 09-0118481 Sereno 95030, APN: 510- ish and Prachi Gupta, Drive, Palo Alto 94306, Market St., San Jose; APN: F. and Rebecca Cortez Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 10-0046830 54-002 Parcel 2 Rancho 1420 Kring Way, Los Altos APN: 132-43-146 Lot 28 569-14-120; Trustor: Paulino Garcia Nicolas Document no.: 21268555 Trustee no.: 10-0125872 790-16-139; Trustor: Blanca Rodriguez Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 MECHANICS Rinconada de Los Gatos, $1.45 million. 94024, APN: 342-06-056 Lot 8 Tract 5889, $1.13 J.J. Morris Cogan Tract, $960,000.Document no.: 21262971Trustee no.: 08-0094031 Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 Document no.: 21264551 Trustee no.: 08-0007137 11:00 AM Address: 2966 Crystal Creek LIENS Stuart H. Rosenbaum Trustee to Ram Subra- million. Alan P. and Carol S. Har- Stephen P. Komachuk and Carole Lambert to Richard 11:00 AM Drive, San Jose 95133 Claimant: Platt Electric manian and Priya Krish- ris Trustees to Kartik G. Jackman and PatriciaDate, time of sale: 08/25/11 Address: 2151 Green Acres Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Supply Inc, Contractor: namoorthy, 12780 Sara- Vaithyanathan and Deepi- Connell, 6015 Crossfield 11:00 AM Lane, Morgan Hill 95037 10:00 AM Original Balance: $696,945 All Bay Electric, $13,179, toga Creek Drive, Saratoga ka Srinivasan, 5526 Castle Court, San Jose 95120,Address: 5979 Bowen Court, Trustee: Recontrust Co. Address: 1822 Eisenhower Sale Location: 190 N. Owner: Madrone Parkway 95070, APN: 386-15-007 Manor Drive, San Jose APN: 696-29-040 Lot 66 San Jose 95123 Original Balance: Drive, Santa Clara 95054 Market St., San Jose; APN: Holdings LLC, on property Lot 24 Tract 1764, $1.45 95129, APN: 378-17-005 Lot Tract 6457, $950,000.Trustee: Recontrust Co. $1,830,801 Trustee: Recontrust Co. 592-28-032; Trustor: Phil at 18675 Madrone Parkway, million. 209 Tract 4290 Lynnbrook Jason S. Moon and HyonaOriginal Balance: $961,878 Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: $709,558 Khac Tran Morgan Hill, document Ju Hyong Yi to Alexander Unit No. 6, $1.11 million. Hywang to Irfan Abdul-Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Market St., San Jose; APN: Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21265246 #21263322, 08/01/11. Cy Mei and Wen Ting Lin Arshad H. Khan to Wen- qayyam Saadat and Adila ket St., San Jose; APN: 694- 776-29-030; Trustor: Juan Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 10-0131206 Claimant: Carlos Uribe dba Trustees, 10111 Phar Lap ming Mao and Rong Yan, Anwar Saadat, P.O. Box 40-013; Trustor: Ignacio Liz- Carlos Casas and Patricia 097-19-053; Trustor: Diana Genesis Roof Removal, Drive, Cupertino 95014, 6373 Devonshire Drive, San 1709, Fremont 94538, APN: ardo Jr. and Liberty Lizardo/ Casas Trustees Charles Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Contractor: Dinyari Inc., APN: 326-18-013 Lot 95 Jose 95129, APN: 373- 296-39-051 Lot 3 Tract Maria Carmen Lizardo Document no.: 21265910 Document no.: 21264075 10:00 AM $10,045, Owner: Richard Tract 3628 Oakdell Ranch 04-015 Lot 32 Tract 2000 3711, $930,000.Document no.: 21265240 Trustee no.: 10-0035478 Trustee no.: 11-0033654 Address: 4896 Morden and Trilby Rennolds Trust- Unit No. 2, $1.38 million. Saratoga Meadows Unit No. Matthew A. and Pamela N.Trustee no.: 11-0030384 Drive, San Jose 95130 ees, on property at 350 Mar- Jane E. Slenkovich to Pai 1, $1.11 million. Hansen to Derek Maak, Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Trustee: Recontrust Co. tin Ave., Santa Clara 95050, Pao Chang and Wan- Serguei Beloussov to Ro- 6435 Montego Court, SanDate, time of sale: 08/22/11 11:00 AM 10:00 AM Original Balance: $584,642 document #21265518, gHuan-ChenPai Trustees, man and Elena Simonov, Jose 95120, APN: 575-17- 11:00 AM Address: 2994 Larciano St., Address: 651 Wilson Court, Sale Location: 190 N. 08/03/11. 12493 Brookglen Drive, 14520 Fruitvale Ave. No. 014 Lot 520 Tract 4711Address: 2059 Mary Helen San Jose 95136 Santa Clara 95051 Market St., San Jose; APN: Claimant: Schricker Engi- Saratoga 95070, APN: 386- D-208, Saratoga 95070, Montevideo Unit No. 8, Lane, San Jose 95136 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. 403-34-053; Trustor: Steven neering Group Inc., Con- 07-062 Lot 75 Tract 1644 APN: 410-17-067 Parcel B, $930,000.Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $684,842 Original Balance: $834,248 J. Messer tractor: Carlson Design Con- Brookview Unit No. 2, $1.34 $1.1 million. Lisa Massey Trustee toOriginal Balance: $596,611 Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Document no.: 21262967 struct, $325,148, Owner: million. Mark J. and Stefanie L. Liteh Chang and JennySale Location: 190 N. Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: Trustee no.: 08-0049030 Siren Data Holdings LLC/ Janet M. Thomas Trustee to Nelson to Gaurav and C. Hung, 1172 S. Bernardo Market St., San Jose; APN: 455-76-093; Trustor: Lee 294-25-014; Trustor: Agron Vantage Data Centers, on Vipulkumar Chandrakant Ashima Goel, 109 Mojon- Ave., Sunnyvale 94087, APN: 455-81-071; Trustor: Darwin M. Lonitz and Kenneth Paul Astafa Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 property at 2880 Northwest- Dalal and Rikti Vipulku- era Court, Los Gatos 95032, 202-36-022 Lot 3 Tract 2777 Wongkar Lonitz/Anh Ngoc Lonitz Document no.: 21265243 11:00 AM ern Ave., Santa Clara 95051, mar Dalal, 11175 La Paloma APN: 424-44-044 Lot 8 North Park, $928,181.Document no.: 21264074 Document no.: 21264072 Trustee no.: 10-0124995 Address: 3530 La Castellet document #21269216, Drive, Cupertino 95014, Tract 7979, $1.1 million. Borel Private Bank & TrustTrustee no.: 11-0009469 Trustee no.: 10-0152308 Court, San Jose 95136 08/05/11. APN: 356-16-039 Lot 157 Stephen and Jay Moir to Co. Trustee to Carl A. and Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Tract 3492 Baywood Terrace Alan M. and Shungven L. Diana Borsody Trustees,Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 11:00 AM Original Balance: Tax releases from liens satis- Unit No. 3, $1.33 million. Han, 803 Runningwood Cir- 19126 Legend Court, Mor- 11:00 AM 11:00 AM Address: 3415 Buckner $1,410,542 fied or cleared against busi- Amondo Investments LLC cle, Mountain View 94040, gan Hill 95037, APN: 830-Address: 1059 Hamline St., Address: 840 Woodcreek Drive, San Jose 95127 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- nesses by the State of Cali- to Kirin Partners LLC, 1110 APN: 198-05-006 Lot 21 22-010 Lot 157 San Martin San Jose 95126 Way, Gilroy 95020 Trustee: Recontrust Co. ket St., San Jose; APN: 659- fornia exceeding $10,000 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road, Tract 5840, $1.09 million. Ranch Map No. 3, $907,272.Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $707,951 79-003; Trustor: Emanuel are listed. These documents Sunnyvale 94087, APN: 211- Jeffrey P. and Jennifer L. Barbara L. and DennisOriginal Balance: $717,024 Original Balance: $514,091 Sale Location: 190 N. Nguyen are retrieved from the Santa 35-033 Easter Gables Map Martin to Tomas R. and L. Palmer to Gerri B.Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21265901 Clara County Recorder’s No. 1, $1.32 million. Kathryn M. Zazueta, 1144 Wood, 982 Pocatello Ave., Market St., San Jose; APN: ket St., San Jose; APN: 790- 601-34-009; Trustor: Pedro Trustee no.: 10-0018170 Office, 408.299.5667. Capital One NA et al. to Tim Meredith Ave., San Jose Sunnyvale 94087, APN: 230-21-052; Trustor: Irina 55-046; Trustor: Paul M. and and Rosa Garcia and Wendy Wenzel, 1580 95125, APN: 429-16-042 326-36-005 Lot 119 Tract Anita Marquez Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Cottle Ave., San Jose 95125, Lincoln Ave./McCash, $1.08 2621 Altamont Unit No. 2, KoroyevaDocument no.: 21267680 Document no.: 21265911 Document no.: 21267677 Trustee no.: 08-0090501 11:00 AM REAL EStAtE APN: 429-31-033 Parcel 1, million. $903,636.Trustee no.: 09-0113978 Trustee no.: 10-0105569 Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 Address: 610 Cree Drive, San Jose 95123 SALES $1.31 million. Victor E. Van Duzer Trustee Venkata M. and Vijaya L. Durvasula to Robert W. Shawn and Teri Draeger to Kenneth L. and KathleenDate, time of sale: 08/22/11 Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. Valliant Investments Asso- to Yi-Te Huang and Ho- and Lori B. Hill, 13765 S. Waldvogel, 3385 Daf- 11:00 AM 11:00 AM Address: 5817 Cannes Original Balance: $652,520 ciation to William C. and Mei Huang, 760 Kendall Sycamore Drive, Morgan fodil Court, Soquel 95073,Address: 268 Pennyhill Drive, Address: 694 Albanese Place, San Jose 95138 Sale Location: 190 N. Karen L.S. Kao Trustees, Ave., Palo Alto 94306, APN: Hill 95037, APN: 776-09- APN: 728-09-009 Lot 1 San Jose 95127 Circle, San Jose 95111 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: 574 Panchita Way, Los Altos 137-10-070 Lot 49 Tract 533 018 Machado Tract, $1.07 Tract 7633, $878,181.Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $511,993 695-31-019; Trustor: Gary 94022, APN: 467-24-109 Bol Tract, $1.3 million. million. Shirley Bell Trustee toOriginal Balance: $614,781 Original Balance: $646,728 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- and Valerie Arballo Lot 10 Block 1 R8N, $4.7 Judith L. Terrel Trustee Gregg R. Parker and Fe- Prashant and ShwetaSale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. ket St., San Jose; APN: 680- Document no.: 21265900 million. to Daniel Loughry and licia B. Vieira-Parker to Pogde, 704 Durshire Way, Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: 46-031; Trustor: Linh Trong Trustee no.: 10-0041101 Robert G. and Joy E. Kru- Ruoyu Jiang Loughry, Michael Austin Bock and Sunnyvale 94087, APN: 484-11-031; Trustor: Rodel 497-41-022; Trustor: Mai Do and Julie Nguyen Do ger to Mohammadreza 21371 Vai Ave., Cupertino Lisa Shimomura, 6801 309-34-005 Lot 387 Tract B. Cruzet Trang Dang Document no.: 21267683 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Rohaninejad and Mojgan 95014, APN: 362-05-015 Elwood Road, San Jose 2951 Lindvale Park Unit No.Document no.: 21264060 Document no.: 21264554 Trustee no.: 10-0047415 11:00 AM Morshedi, 14980 Gypsy Lot 15 Tract 597 Bianchi Ter- 95120, APN: 581-23-028 6, $874,545.Trustee no.: 10-0120961 Trustee no.: 21264554 Address: 439 S. White Hill Road, Saratoga 95070, race, $1.3 million. Lot 216 Tract 2729 Almaden Christopher James Han- Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 Road, San Jose 95127 APN: 397-40-028 Lot 33 David and April Tsai Villa Unit No. 2, $1.07 million. sen and Siu-Hung SiuDate, time of sale: 08/25/11 Date, time of sale: 08/26/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. Tract 8316, $3.4 million. Trustees to Vikas Manan Chee-Horng Lee and Pey- Trustees to Yawei Li and 11:00 AM 11:00 AM Address: 1410 Sunrise Drive, Original Balance: $528,273 Howie H. and Teresa T. and Jingshi Yao, 10670 Wen Chiou to Howie H. Zhengning Xu, 1638 HeronAddress: 1233 Karl St., San Address: 1258 Ortiz Court, Gilroy 95020 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Wang Trustees to Jun Larry Way, Cupertino 95014, and Teresa T. Wang, 1466 Ave., Sunnyvale 94087, Jose 95122 Sunnyvale 94089 Trustee: Recontrust Co. ket St., San Jose; APN: 484- Liu and Xiaobing Zhang, APN: 316-02-034 Lot 40 Sturgeon Way, San Jose APN: 309-48-037 Lot 11Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $720,594 26-079; Trustor: Rosana 13659 Saratoga Vista Ave., Tract 895, $1.28 million. 95129, APN: 377-26-063 Tract 1638 LondonderryOriginal Balance: $622,324 Original Balance: $615,289 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Concayda Gutierrez Saratoga 95070, APN: Tracy Hsu and Huei-Hwang Lot 13 Tract 3936 Saratoga Glen, $873,636.Sale Location: 190 N. Sale Location: 190 N. ket St., San Jose; APN: 783- Document no.: 21262009 393-43-024 Lot 20 Tract Hung to Tsao-Tung Tsai Shadows, $1.06 million. Joel F. Smith Trustee to Market St., San Jose; APN: Market St., San Jose; APN: 55-040; Trustor: Ogarita and Trustee no.: 10-0104779 537 Saratoga Vista, $2.26 and Chi-Hui Tsai Trustees, Sara Lane Development Raymond W. and Jennifer 486-21-007; Trustor: Luis R. 104-27-019; Trustor: Paula Joseph Carranza million. 10365 Palo Vista Road, LLC to George H. Chan A. Mo, 1078 Happy Valley Baquera A. Soto Document no.: 21267717 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 In Won Suh to Robert M. Cupertino 95014, APN: and Mimi M. Lo, 1610 Sara Ave., San Jose 95129, APN:Document no.: 21267685 Document no.: 21267719 Trustee no.: 09-0124763 11:00 AM and Olenka S. Villarreal, 357-03-025 Tract 1113 El Lane, Mountain View 94041, 381-46-035 Lot 47 TractTrustee no.: 08-0060608 Trustee no.: 09-0151897 Address: 14150 Candler 416 Fulton St., Palo Alto Dorado Ave. Monte Vista, APN: 154-10-090 Lot 2, 3468 Magnolia Manor Unit Date, time of sale: 08/19/11 Ave., San Jose 95127 94301, APN: 003-25-006 $1.27 million. $1.04 million. No. 2, $870,000.Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 10:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. Addison Ave. Lot 28 Boyce Gail Shimamoto Lee Trust- Jean Vandiver to Thien Meridian Financial Servic- 11:00 AM 11:00 AM Address: 3507 Pleasant Row Original Balance: $534,365 Addition, $2.15 million. ee to Billy S. and Yuriye Khong and Michelle Tieu, es Inc. to Gina Serraiocco,Address: 702 Jenny St., San Address: 5334 Lenora Ave., Court, San Jose 95148 Sale Location: 190 N. Eric B. and Francie Chris- Fukui Trustees, 18250 5210 Birkdale Way, San Jose 550 Palo Alto Ave., Mountain Jose 95138 San Jose 95124 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: tenson to Robert K. and Montpere Way, Saratoga 95138, APN: 679-24-005 View 94041, APN: 154-Trustee: Recontrust Co. Trustee: Recontrust Co. Original Balance: $594,245 647-11-024; Trustor: Albino Laura Roskoph, 14458 95070, APN: 320-08-014 Lot 5 Tract 8369, $1.03 24-049 Lot 9 Block 7 R5SOriginal Balance: $775,747 Original Balance: Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- and Maria Jacobo Oak Place, Saratoga 95070, Lot 30 Tract 5894 Wood- million. Snow and Pettis, $864,545.Sale Location: 190 N. $758,835 ket St., San Jose; APN: 654- Document no.: 21262010 APN: 397-22-059 Parcel B, vale, $1.25 million. Michael Reandeau to Mar- James Hugh Liddiard and Market St., San Jose; APN: Sale Location: 190 N. 67-008; Trustor: Rodolfo Trustee no.: 10-0102445 $1.9 million. Christina and Linda Su to cus and Hullene Salomon, Eleanor Liddiard Co- 678-24-084; Trustor: Jae H. Market St., San Jose; APN: S. Romo Terry D. and Catherine D. Oleg Alex Gergel and Ma- 525 S. Sixth St., San Jose Trustees to Dharmaraj and Sarah S. Park 567-54-014; Trustor: R. Document no.: 21261298 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Graff to Kenneth J. and rina Medvedeva, 417 Hill- 95112, APN: 472-28-005 Lot and Gowri Kuthanur, 1011Document no.: 21264064 Laurence Kuhn Trustee no.: 10-0162194 11:00 AM Meaghen M. Spencer, wood Court, Mountain View 4 B5 R6S, $1.03 million. Tulipan, San Jose 95129,Trustee no.: 10-0132129 Document no.: 21264067 Address: 997-999 Zarick 17281 Zena Ave., Monte 94040, APN: 154-09-005 Craig M. and Saskia B. APN: 377-06-004 Lot 4 Trustee no.: 10-0141134 Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Drive, San Jose 95129 Sereno 95030, APN: 409- Lot 23 Block 6 Garliepp, Wien to Douglas P. and Tract 4739 Orchard FarmDate, time of sale: 08/25/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. 33-015 Lot 30 Tract 611 $1.25 million. Yanina Whitman, 1580 East, $862,727. 11:00 AM Date, time of sale: Address: 3901 Lick Mill Blvd. Original Balance: $775,229 Rinconada Terrace Unit No. Gareth Oliver Upton Trust- Capitancillos Drive, San Jose Chet Phoeuk and SaloeuthAddress: 177 Banana Grove 08/26/11 11:00 AM No. 167, Santa Clara 95054 Sale Location: 190 N. 3, $1.66 million. ee to John C. and Elvie E. 95120, APN: 587-66-003 Len to Pragnesh and Lane, San Jose 95123 Address: 407 Terrace Drive, Trustee: Recontrust Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Samuel Wong to Dharmesh Scott/Benjamin Guilardi Lot 55 Tract 6521, $1.02 Manisha Patel, 3350Trustee: Recontrust Co. San Jose 95112 Original Balance: $546,691 381-12-067; Trustor: Richard D. and Sherry S. Thakker, Trustee, 14280 Lutheria million. Chemin De Riviere, SanOriginal Balance: $603,871 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Jackson 2365 Glen Creek Court, Way, Saratoga 95070, APN: Tseng-Chung Lee and Jose 95148, APN: 659-Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: $670,154 Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21262392 San Jose 95138, APN: 680- 397-24-020 Lot 21 Map of Shawna Hui-Kuang Yen 59-040 Lot 10 Tract 9009, Market St., San Jose; APN: Sale Location: 190 N. 097-10-247; Trustor: Eun-Joo Trustee no.: 10-0141905 03-022 Lot 221 Tract 8991, Cunningham Acres Quito Trustees to Ajay Kanagala $860,000. 690-16-021; Trustor: Mireya Market St., San Jose; APN: Chang and Jian Chang $1.65 million. Rancho, $1.22 million. and Chalana Bezawada, Oliver G. and Kelly E. and Guillermo Diaz 249-63-022; Trustor: John Document no.: 21264073 Date, time of sale: 08/25/11 Hans O.G. Assarsson and Paul E. Leblond and Ca- 5807 Firestone Court, San Dittrich to Mark D. andDocument no.: 21267682 and Michelle M. Villalobos Trustee no.: 11-0004673 11:00 AM Kerstin Assarsson Trust- mille Teyssonneau to Jose 95138, APN: 680- Rebecca P. Loose, 2500Trustee no.: 10-0078032 Document no.: 21267722 Address: 990 Minnesota ees to Kian and Amy L. Steven Xuan Cen and Yi 51-039 Lot 116 Tract 8714 Mardell Way, Mountain View Trustee no.: 10-0087266 Date, time of sale: 08/19/11 Ave., San Jose 95125 Sandjideh, 394 W. Edith Wu, 1252 Miramonte Ave., Silver Creek Valley Country 94043, APN: 147-16-001Date, time of sale: 08/23/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. Ave., Los Altos 94022, APN: Los Altos 94024, APN: 189- Club Neighborhood No. 16, Lot 1 Block 7 Tract 1217 10:00 AM Date, time of sale: Address: 2686 Poplarwood Original Balance: $774,455 175-58-001 Lot 19 Tract 12-032 Lot 25 Tract 961 $1.00 million. Mardell Manor Unit No. 2,Address: 3426 Gila Drive, 08/26/11 11:00 AM Way, San Jose 95132 Sale Location: 190 N. 4235, $1.55 million. Miramonte Gardens, $1.22 Patricia Payton Shier Trust- $854,545. San Jose 95148 Address: 320 Avenida Trustee: Recontrust Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Douglas E. and Lisa L. million. ee to C. Leanne Palmer Francesca R. LoBue Trust-Trustee: Recontrust Co. Nogales, San Jose 95123 Original Balance: $609,390 429-19-016; Trustor: Arturo Raisch to Joe Walter Jon Finley to Gary E. and and Joseph Edens, 1773 ee to 6749 Rio Linda APOriginal Balance: $762,713 Trustee: Recontrust Co. Sale Location: 190 N. Mora Miller Jr. and Karmelina Mary L. Johnson, 1196 Kirkmont Drive, San Jose LLC, 1307 Saratoga Ave.,Sale Location: 190 N. Original Balance: Market St., San Jose; APN: Document no.: 21265909 Mia Miller, 1681 Mulberry Kotenberg Ave., San Jose 95124, APN: 442-02-015 San Jose 95129, APN: 381- Market St., San Jose; APN: $859,763 092-05-076; Trustor: Elvira Trustee no.: 09-0083583 Lane, San Jose 95125, APN: 95125, APN: 429-03-055 Lot 1 Tract 3549 Dry Creek 28-047 Parcel 4 Royal De- 652-18-008; Trustor: Eric C. Sale Location: 190 N. V. Baldueza 446-24-021 Lot 10 Tract Kotenberg/Gribner, $1.2 Unit No. 1, $999,999. velopment Co. Lots 75 and and Kristina N. Luu Market St., San Jose; Document no.: 21262390 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 1294 Linden Oaks, $1.55 million. David C. Kay Trustee to 76 Tract 1886 ClarendonDocument no.: 21264548 APN: 464-11-023; Trustor: Trustee no.: 10-0140801 11:00 AM million. Narender Ramarapu Stephen F. and Kelly P. Park Unit No. 2, $850,000.Trustee no.: 10-0025521 Nhung To Address: 2892 Plumas Drive, Randy C. and Carol N. Berg Trustee to Sudhir A. and Loughlin, 1606 Gretel Lane, John C. and Cindy Shearer Document no.: 21267678 Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 San Jose 95121 to Kirk Saban and Jenni- Jyotsna S. Shah, 4457 Mountain View 94040, APN: to Nhiem T. and PhiloanDate, time of sale: 08/26/11 Trustee no.: 08-0060277 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. fer Lynn Saban, 113 Hilow Billings Circle, Santa Clara 193-16-014 Lot 35 Tract D. Nguyen, 2929 Fruitdale 10:00 AM Address: 3151 Fowler Ave., Original Balance: $743,547 Court, Los Gatos 95032, 95054, APN: 097-92-057 1373 Montalto Unit No. 2, Ave., San Jose 95128, APN:Address: 333 Santana Row Date, time of sale: Santa Clara 95051 Sale Location: 190 N. APN: 523-08-011 Lot 11 Lot 26 Tract 9419, $1.18 $989,090. 279-09-034 Lot 14 Tract Unit 227, San Jose 95128 08/23/11 11:00 AM Trustee: Recontrust Co. Market St., San Jose; APN: Tract 3947, $1.51 million. million. Anirban Sengupta and 449, $850,000.Trustee: Recontrust Co. Address: 570 E. Main Ave., Original Balance: $755,748 499-04-058; Trustor: Pedro Vincent F. Yip to Chun- Earl K. and Candace C. Shubhra Sarkar to Piyush Wellington and PaulaOriginal Balance: $697,631 Morgan Hill 95037 Sale Location: 190 N. Mar- Velazquez Fang Liu, 3885 Nelson Wentworth Trustees to Agarwal and Parul Aggar- Koepsel to Ryan Har-Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee: Recontrust Co. ket St., San Jose; APN: 220- Document no.: 21262970 Drive, Palo Alto 94306, APN: Matthew S. Gotshall and wai, 1538 Blackhawk Drive, rington and Melinda Anto- Market St., San Jose; APN: Original Balance: 08-033; Trustor: Thi Ngo Trustee no.: 08-0089248 147-14-054 Lot 2 Block 1 Jennifer L. White, 794 Sunnyvale 94087, APN: lak, 1000 Carolyn Ave., San 277-44-019; Trustor: Saleem $502,636 Document no.: 21264552 Tract 1310, $1.5 million. Dry Creek Road, Campbell 309-38-036 Lot 3 Tract Jose 95125, APN: 264-57- Attaie Sale Location: 190 N. Trustee no.: 08-0089138 Date, time of sale: 08/22/11 Deborah Shepard and 95008, APN: 412-37-048 3562, $979,999. 016 Garfield Ave./SandersDocument no.: 21267681 Market St., San Jose; APN: 11:00 AM Ricardo E. Gonzalez to Lot 9 Tract 6756, $1.17 Ming Yao and Bo Mei Lane, $850,000.Trustee no.: 08-0060263 726-17-022; Trustor: Robert Date, time of sale: 08/24/11 Address: 3939 Forestwood Malay Desai and Dharti million. Trustees to Roberto and Emily Martin Trustee to M. and Peggy L. Graves 11:00 AM Drive, San Jose 95121 Dhami, 38740 Tyson Lane Andrew A. Chan and Maria Sung, 10683 N. Robert E. Greeley andDate, time of sale: 08/26/11 Document no.: 21264065 Address: 419 Avenida Abe- Trustee: Recontrust Co. No. 115, Fremont 94536, Joanne Hsu to Nagesh Stelling Road, Cupertino Abel P. Olivas, 1967 Amalfi 10:00 AM Trustee no.: 10-0132197 tos, San Jose 95123 Original Balance: $694,313 APN: 170-47-041 Lot 99 C. Konduru and Vanaja 95014, APN: 326-08-047 Way, Mountain View 94040,
  • 19. Leads26 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011 APN: 193-48-001 Lot 6 Unit 5 Lot 1 Tract 6584 Uni- Sardesai and Anuradha Shea Homes LP to Marc and Starhomecare Inc., 16585 94086, $11,008, (941), document #21262571, San Jose 95131, $40,499, Tract 6022, $842,727. versity Oaks Condominium, R. Kare, 1828 Anne Court, Luisa Crosby, 211 Dali Ave., De Witt Ave., Morgan Hill document #21267883, 08/01/11. Employment DevelopmentJae Sook Jun Evans and $790,000. San Jose 95124, APN: 527- Mountain View 94041, APN: 95037, $10,456, (941), 08/04/11. Los Gatos Electric et al., Department, document Bradley A. Evans to Si- David Garth Bacon and 36-032 Lot 40 Tract 4292, 161-43-044 a Condominium document #21267795, 5088 Nerissa Way, San #21265754, 08/03/11. mon L. and Elizabeth E. Christine M. Bacon to $752,727. Unit 9-2 Bldg. 9, $702,727. 08/04/11. Tax liens filed against busi- Jose 95124, $13,811, Chemistry & Technol- Harnett, 717 Tiana Lane, Samuel Stingley and Mara Norman De Nardi to Shapell Industries Inc. to Zaba Quality Tune-Up, nesses by the Internal Employment Development ogy For Genes Inc., 2365 Mountain View 94041, APN: Williams, 18576 Bucknall Carolyn J. Scaglione, 906 Stephen M. McCann, 7643 3106 McKee Road, San Jose Revenue Service exceeding Department, document Paragon Drive Suite H, 161-12-024 Lot 24 Tract Road, Saratoga 95070, APN: Willowshire Way, San Jose Braid Court, Gilroy 95020, 95127, $41,759, (940/941), $10,000 are listed. These #21262573, 08/01/11. San Jose 95131, $10,094, 7771, $833,636. 386-13-004 Lot 14 Block 6 95125, APN: 429-03-080 APN: 810-77-005 Tract 9701, document #21267828, documents are retrieved Verizonsoft Technologies Employment DevelopmentWallace C. and Barbara E. Tract 708, $785,454. Lot 2 Tract 9855, $740,000. $700,000. 08/04/11. from the Santa Clara Inc., 3191 Falls Creek Drive, Department, document Gibson Trustees to Kevin Milton C. Carris and Mi- D.R. Horton Bay Inc. to Marilyn A. Brady to Ramind- Quach DDS Inc., 88 Tully County Recorder’s Office, San Jose 95135, $173,123, #21265755, 08/03/11. K. and Victoria Mapar, chael Kirk Carris to Eric C. Amanda M. Nguyen and er S. Sachdeva, 152 Calle Road Suite 103, San Jose 408.299.2966. Franchise Tax Board, docu- Fernandes & Sons Gen- 6556 Bose Lane, San Jose Su/Chin-Yi Hung/Leeland Daniel B. Wong, 340 Bel Larga, Los Gatos 95032, 95111, $19,516, (940/941), ment #21263263, 08/01/11. eral Contractors, 2110 95120, APN: 581-10-031 Lot 36 Tract 3957 Canyon Wong and Jin Chu Wong, 4278 Blackford Ave., San Air Way, Morgan Hill 95037, APN: 726-16-028 Lot 14 APN: 407-35-007 Lot 7 Tract 6566 Rinconada Hills Unit document #21267830, 08/04/11. TAX LIENS Tri Valley Construction Group, 2244 Quimby Road, S. Bascom Ave. Suite 201, Campbell 95008, $56,620, Del Toro, $823,636.Romelda Anderson to Jose 95129, APN: 414-10- 026 Lantz Ave./Tract 477 Tract 9853 San Savigno Phase 1, $736,363. No. 11, $700,000. Johnny’s Custom Auto Body et al., 275 Welburn RELEASES/ San Jose 95122, $58,651, Franchise Tax Board, docu- Employment Development Department, document Alexander and Carol Hanuska, 804 Kenneth Willester Tract Unit No. 1, $780,000. Toll Land XXII LP to Huaan Zhang and Yun He, 414 These are recent commercial and residential real estate Ave. Suite S-K, Gilroy 95020, $21,851, (941), STATE ment #21263266, 08/01/11. Mortensen Real Estate #21265756, 08/03/11. Quality Glass Inc., 4079 Ave., Campbell 95008, Charlene Ho to Ajaykumar Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale sales. We list transactions re- document #21267834, Maycadeh Cafe & Res- Inc., 1089 Dwyer Ave., San Ingot St., Fremont 94538, APN: 404-30-080 Ronald L. and Meeta Upadhyay, 94089, APN: 110-51-012 a corded in Santa Clara County 08/04/11. taurant LLC, $12,333, Jose 95120, $38,659, Fran- $37,602, Employment Ave. Tract 531 Sunnyoaks 19866 Beekman Place, Condominium Unit 1 Lot 1, $700,000 and up. A&E Painting Inc., 711 Employment Development chise Tax Board, document Development Department, Manor, $820,000. Cupertino 95014, APN: 316- $730,000. Mountain View Drive, Ben Department, document #21263267, 08/01/11. document #21265762, #21260088, 07/28/11.Jonathan B. Perez to Oy- land Wong, 1588 Capitan- 30-122 Lot 13 Tract 4721 Beekman Place, $775,454. Ramki Natesan and Suma- thi Natesan to Ken Lin, TAX LIENS Lomond 95005, $95,056, (6721/941), document Buckner Consulting LLC, Leon D. Davis Jr. DDS, 10430 S. De Anza Blvd. 08/03/11. MHB Group Inc., 1240 cillos Drive, San Jose 95120, APN: 567-68-001 Lot 57 Getsen Acquisitions LLC to Fadi Y. Eltal and Julie Ing- 10171 Stern Ave., Cupertino 95014, APN: 375-11-064 Lot RELEASES/ #21267835, 08/04/11. Enterprise Protective Ser- Franchise Tax Board, docu- ment #21263226, 08/01/11. Suite 260, Cupertino 95014, $15,671, Employment Devel- Mountain View Alviso Road Suite C, Sunnyvale 94089, Tract 6521 J.F. Shea Co. Inc., $820,000. lis, 1658 Cherry Grove Drive, San Jose 95125, APN: 288- 4 Tract 1004, $724,545. Carrie Patrick to James FEDERAL vices Inc., 7560 Monterey St. Suite 206, Gilroy 95020, Shrim Gaja Krishna Inc., Franchise Tax Board, docu- opment Department, docu- ment #21264374, 08/02/11. $39,282, Employment Development Department,Matthew Gotshall and 27-012 Lot 27 Tract 1702 P. Collins and Perviz Sunstone Construction Inc., $119,320, (941), document ment #21263227, 08/01/11. Thinktank Learning Inc., document #21265766, Jennifer White to Mark Cherry Grove, $774,545. Tharani, 1141 Main St., 176 Gilman Ave., Campbell #21267836, 08/04/11. BDD Inc., Franchise 10650 Bubb Road, Cu- 08/03/11. Anthony Villegas and Ralph H. and Connie L. Santa Clara 95050, APN: 95008, $40,845, (941), D&L Engineering Inc., 2880 Tax Board, document pertino 95014, $116,728, Tymar Precision Inc., Mi Suk Chang Trustees, Donnelly Trustees to Kyu 269-15-048 Lot 3 B2N R1W, document #21251676, Zanker Road Suite 203, San #21263228, 08/01/11. Employment Development 312 Brokaw Road, Santa 106 Amato Ave., Campbell Hwa Jeong and Inyoung $724,545. 07/21/11. Jose 95134, $12,423, (941), Inc., Department, document Clara 95050, $57,503, 95008, APN: 307-54-016 Kim, 425 Hershner Drive, Catherine Hall Dreyer Paul Molnar Inc./Plastech, document #21267837, Franchise Tax Board, docu- #21264384, 08/02/11. Employment Development Lot 18 Tract 370 Campbell Los Gatos 95032, APN: Trustee to Jere M. and 2532 Seaboard Ave., San 08/04/11. ment #21263229, 08/01/11. Sylvan Corp., 1309 S. Department, document Manor, $820,000. 527-49-031 Lot 165 Tract Joan E. Cohen, 1628 Trona Jose 95131, $17,952, (941), D&L Engineering Inc., Durez Corp., $13,812, Mary Ave. Suite 208, #21265770, 08/03/11.Jason D. and Kristin W. 3723 Cameo Park Unit No. 3, Way, San Jose 95125, APN: document #21267907, 2880 Zanker Road Suite Employment Development Sunnyvale 94087, $17,442, Bistro Tupaz et al., 5809 Chancey to Hua Hui and $770,000. 446-17-003 Lot 165 Tract 08/04/11. 203, San Jose 95134, Department, document Employment Development Santa Teresa Blvd. Suite Yujuan Cheng, 1485 Cam- Veronica and Guadalupe 3508 Tiffany Park Unit No. 2, Elco Electric Inc., 1957 $17,218, (941), document #21264437, 08/02/11. Department, document 101, San Jose 95123, eo Drive, San Jose 95129, Saucedo to Desmond J. $720,000. O’Toole Way, San Jose #21267853, 08/04/11. Alecto Corp./Zultys #21264394, 08/02/11. $29,926, Employment APN: 381-33-067 Lot 15 and Frances A. Dillon, William Capogeannis and 95131, $11,125, (941), docu- Town Tile & Stone, 471 Technologies, $34,332, Metro Publishing Inc./ Development Department, Tract 2528 Calico Terrace, 625 Calle Siena, Morgan Hill Cathleen Capogeannis ment #21267908, 08/04/11. E. Campbell Ave., Camp- Employment Development Metro Newspapers/Metro document #21265774, $820,000. 95037, APN: 726-20-077 Co-Trustees to Norland bell 95008, $15,589, Department, document Publishing Inc. 401K Plan, 08/03/11.David L. and Brenda M. Ad- Lot 83 Tract 9601 Morgan Management Group LLC, Tax releases from liens satis- (940/941), document #21265760, 08/02/11. 550 S. First St., San Jose Zahir Ouddus dba Zahir’s, ams to Sylvain Francoeur Lane-Phase 4, $764,545. 3350 Scott Blvd. Bldg. 65, fied or cleared against #21267855, 08/04/11. 95113, $14,780, Employ- 174 W. Calaveras Blvd., and Maki Hirata, 4946 Rebecca Sandefur and Santa Clara 95054, APN: businesses by the Internal Palo Alto Concrete and Tax releases from liens satis- ment Development Depart- Milpitas 95035, $10,570, Kenson Drive, San Jose Monica McDermott to Su- 216-53-013 Lot 65 Tract Revenue Service exceeding Construction Inc., P.O. fied or cleared against busi- ment, document #21264414, State Board of Equalization, 95124, APN: 419-36-031 man and Aradhita Sarkar, 6212, $715,454. $10,000 are listed. These Box 300, Palo Alto 94302, nesses by the State of Cali- 08/02/11. document #21266301, Lot 17 Block 6 Tract 1605 936 E. Cardinal Drive, Owen J. and Carol J. Olson documents are retrieved $137,601, (941), document fornia exceeding $10,000 M&B Painting Inc., 991 08/03/11. Cambrian Gardens Unit No. Sunnyvale 94087, APN: 198- to Nassim Mahzoon and from the Santa Clara #21267857, 08/04/11. are listed. These documents Richard Ave. Suite A, Santa Valley Athletic Inc., 1256 2, $814,545. 41-020 Lot 309 Tract 994 Shahla Saadati, P.O. Box County Recorder’s Office, Rycon, 347 Commercial St., are retrieved from the Santa Clara 95050, $16,120, S. Bascom Ave., SanMission Ranch LP to Cherry Chase Unit No. 3, 9432, San Jose 95157, APN: 408.299.2966. San Jose 95112, $58,106, Clara County Recorder’s Of- Employment Development Jose 95128, $38,619, State Richard L. and Gina M. $760,000. 305-37-033 Lot 30 Tract (1120/941), document fice, 408.299.2966. Department, document Board of Equalization, docu- Thibault, 18250 Los Padres Kishan B. and Ranita Shah 3324, $710,000. TAX LIENS/ #21267879, 08/04/11. #21264435, 08/02/11. ment #21266305, 08/03/11. Place, Morgan Hill 95037, APN: 728-32-017 Lot 9 to Sri Gowri Yadlapati, 4182 Tobin Circle, Santa Wilson Properties Part- nership to Manching Ko FEDERAL Give Us This Day LLC/Mis- sion Cafe, P.O. Box 1267, TAX LIENS/ Accel Manufacturing Inc., 1709 Grant St., Santa Tax liens filed against busi- Tract 9810 Misson Ranch Phase 10, $794,545. Clara 95054, APN: 097-88- 019 Lot 19 Tract 9321 The and Jessica Tseng, 1779 Villarita Drive, Campbell Kurosch N. Hatami, 12306 San Juan Bautista 95045, $26,540, (1065/940/941), STATE Clara 95050, $20,375, Employment Development nesses by the State of Cali- fornia exceeding $10,000Sharon R. Gardner to Al- Greens, $754,545. 95008, APN: 307-15-034 Beauchamps Lane, Saratoga document #21267880, BD Trading Inc., 2311 Kruse Department, document are listed. These documents lan and Nancy Miner, 719 Elise Qingyu Guo and Wei- Lot 154 Tract 1671 Los 95070, $44,139, (941), 08/04/11. Drive, San Jose 95131, #21265752, 08/03/11. are retrieved from the Santa University AVe., Los Gatos Zhong He aka Wayne Ranchitos Gardens Unit No. document #21267793, Cybustek Inc., 1286 Kifer $10,023, Employment Silver Shield Security, Clara County Recorder’s Of- 95032, APN: 529-53-005 Wei-Zhong to Vikram S. 3, $710,000. 08/04/11. Road Suite 101, Sunnyvale Development Department, 2107 N. First St. Suite 100, fice, 408.299.2966. SIL .iCON CHALLENGE
  • 20. PAID ADVERTISEMENT AUGUST 2011 VOLUME 83 NUMBER 8 PART 3 OF 4 WWW.SJCHAMBER.COM Prescription for Happiness (and Health) By David Sobel, MD take for granted and people who mean a great deal to you. Studies have shown that doing this for two weeks leads to measurable improvement Let’s say there is a new medication that could make you live longer, feel more posi- in life satisfaction. tive, and improve your overall quality of life. It is an elixir that does not have side effects. It is effective. And it does not cost a in your praise—the details make a big difference in elevating your mood, and penny. It is out there. Really. theirs. It goes by many names—healthy living, wellness, prevention. Its components are happiness and health—because the two are intertwined and have a direct effect on receiving a massage can have positive effects on your health. each other. Here are some scientific data to back that up: People who are happier and enjoy with faith or philosophy, for example, or care for plants or pets—you actually greater satisfaction with life report feeling 50 percent healthier, and their good health improve your health and survival. lasts: They are less likely to report poor health two years later. So where can you sign up? live longer and enjoy life more. If you are not inclined to have a rosy outlook, you First things first. You cannot control all of your happiness—because your genes can train yourself to focus on the positive. determine about half of it. And major events, such as a new baby, a new spouse or So here is my prescription for you: Go on a vacation, take a siesta, watch a funny a new home, influence about 10 percent of your happiness.The good news is, this movie and write thank-you leaves about 40 percent of your well-being that you are able to influence—by your notes. You might be surprised thoughts and actions. with what happens. Ok, so that is easy enough. Right? Just go out buy a new car or get a new, better- For more information about paying job. Maybe win the lottery. Instant health and happiness. Not so fast.Those things mind/body health, go to www. can bring a smile to your face, but usually only for a short while.They are not usually the (select Northern keys to lasting happiness and health.Despite what many people think, money does not California as your area.) “buy happiness.” Money can make a huge difference to people who are poor.When your basic life needs are met, money alone does not boost happiness by very much. David S. Sobel, M.D., M.P.H., is How you spend your money is the key to lasting happiness. If you spend it going Medical Director of Patient Educa- out with friends, traveling or on other experiences for you and those around you, it tion and Health Promotion for The will bring more lasting joy than if you spend money on material items. According to Permanente Medical Group, Inc. and one study, regular vacations can lower cardiovascular risk by 30 percent. Even small Kaiser Permanente Northern Cali- vacations can make a difference, so it needn’t be a huge investment. You can also fornia. He is also a practicing physi- increase happiness -- and by extension, your health – by doing small things for your- cian in adult medicine at Kaiser self throughout the day. Permanente Medical Center in San Jose. He is co-author of eight Here are some scientifically proven mood-enhancers: books including: Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, The Healing Brain, Healthy Pleasures foods and relaxing to music. and The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Hand-book.Welcome New San Jose Silicon Featured Board MemberValley Chamber Members California Waste Solutions, Inc., is a proud member of the San Jose Silicon ValleyANI Professional Services Group, Professional Sutter Street, Suite 922, San Francisco 94102, (SJSV) Chamber of Commerce. Our company was founded on the principles ofServices, 530 Lakeside Drive, Suite 200, Sunnyvale (415) 398-8308 entrepreneurship, community involvement, environmental sustainability and the94085, (408) 419-2257 Montalvo Realty- April Tavares, GRI, ASP, personal growth of our stakeholders. Our founders arrived in the Bay Area in theBallet San Jose, Ballet, 40 First Street, San Jose Real Estate - Residential, 14585 Big Basin Way, early 1980s as immigrants, unfamiliar with American business95113, (408) 288-2820 Saratoga 95070, (408) 309-5471 practices, politics and regulations. Over time, the companyCostco Wholesale, Retail, 2201 Senter Road, NxGen Modular, LLC, Technology, 2290 North developed into a global entity with operations in the South Bay, East Bay and East Asia. We provideSan Jose 95112, (408) 275-0198 First Street, Suite 201, San Jose 95131, (408) recycling and waste diversion programs to over twoCourt Services Unlimited, Legal Service Plans, 435-5004 million residents and visitors to the area each week,255 North Market Street #130, San Jose 95110, Ryan & Raymond Inc, Bar & Restaurant collecting, processing and marketing several(408) 277-6700 Consultant, 4649 Paloma Avenue, San Jose 95111, hundred thousand tons of recoverable materialsDalcon Electric, Electrical, 757 B Chestnut (408) 799-0154 in the Bay Area each year. Through participationStreet, San Jose 95110, (408) 278-1809 San Jose Silicon Valley Tours, Inc., Tours, with the SJSV Chamber, companies in theDuncan Parking Technologies, Parking 95 South Market Street, Suite 300, San Jose region can improve their relationships withServices, 633 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1600, 95113, (408) 995-3205 one another, with their governing agencies andMilwaukee 53203, (414) 847-3701 Spa Severino, Spa Services, 5710 Cahalan Avenue, with the community at-large, helping to foster aExclusivelySpain.US, Convention & Meetings, 110 Bldg. 6G, San Jose 95123, (408) 768-6741 healthy environment for sustainable, profitableWest Ocean Blvd., Suites 305/306, Long Beach Tutor Docto, Educational Services, 6081 Meridian and smart business growth in Silicon Valley.90802, (877) 276-6636 Avenue, Suite 70 #146, San Jose 95120, ( 4 0 8 )KDInfotech Inc., Information Tech-nology 705-2411 David DuongServices, P.O. Box 7412, San Jose 95150, (408) Umbrella Salon, Beauty Salons, 2 North Market CEO256-3803 Street Suite #100, San Jose 95113, (408) 293- California Waste Solutions, Inc.Law O ces of Darius T. Chan, Attorneys, 500 4242
  • 21. PAID ADVERTISEMENT Featured Community Builder: Rose Garden Auto Care Great Service by a Business You Can Trust By: Jonathan Lester auto care places around here that people Rose Garden Auto Care, once the Rose can go to but they come here because they Garden Shell Station at Hedding Street know we’ll take care of them.” and Bascom Avenue, knows the impor- Another great aspect of Rose Garden tance of great customer service. Starting Auto Care is their ability to conveniently from humble beginnings as a full-service refer clients to Hardcastle Autobody for gas station and small auto repair shop, collision repair services when the need Rose Garden Auto Care was forced to arises. The directions to Hardcastle are relocate in 2004 at the end of his lease. simple because to get there from Rose Now located at 590 Coleman Avenue, the Garden Auto Care you take about 15 to shop has converted to strictly auto care but 20 steps and you have arrived. Maybe you keeps their same high standards of service need your vehicle detailed. No problem to their customers. there, just take a quick trip two blocks Owner and operator George Fota north to Taylor and Coleman Avenue in said; “When a customer comes to our the other direction and you will find your- shop it doesn’t matter how busy we are; self at AJ’s Auto Detailing. someone will stop what they are doing to This “mini conglomerate” of auto greet them right away.” Fota said it is this care specialists realize that in these tough attitude of customers coming first that has economic times, small businesses should kept their shop running. “Loyalty is huge unite instead of fighting each other for when you are a small business. When a customers. Each business retains its inde- customer comes to our shop we don’t pendence, yet the group leverages its want it to be a one-and-done experience, combined expertise and contacts that we want them coming back for years.” brings in more customers for all involved. Rose Garden Auto Care is a family Jim Alves, owner of Harcastle, Al run automotive repair service that brings Wheeler of AJ’s, and George Fota from a family feel to every aspect of their busi- Rose Garden collectively agree, “Build ness. From the second you step foot in a village and don’t remain an island to their shop you are treated like family. compete in today’s market; these small If you are a repeat customer expect a business have united to re-invent them- friendly first name greeting from Fota selves and continue to flourish in difficult followed by some friendly small talk and times.” candid stories from the “World According • Rose Garden Auto Care “established to George.” 1955” When you bring your car to Rose • Hardcastle Autobody and Paint Garden Auto Care you can be sure that “established 1926” Fota and company will do anything and • AJ Auto Detailing “established everything to accommodate your busy 1985” schedule. While their shop is fine tuning For more information about Rose your automobile you can rest assured Garden Auto Care call (408) 243-6392 that if you need to be anywhere Fota will or go learn more about Hardcastle Auto make it happen. It is not uncommon for Body & Paint and AJ Auto Detailing by Fota to be seen driving his clients to and visiting or call from the airport while their car is being (408) 292-1488 and serviced. Fota said; “There are plenty of or call (408) 947-1111.July Member BriefingCongratulations to the following companies that received their membershipplaques at the July Membership Briefing. New members included NxGenModular, LLC., Undivided Attention, Zerona, Classic Rock, Urban OasisAcademy of Beauty, Provence with Martine, KDInfotech, Waterman &Associates, Dalcon Electric, Ryan & Raymond, Allstate Insurance, CostcoWhole Sale, Parsons Engineering, and Caravelle Inn & Suites. Thank youto the SJSV Chamber’s official catering sponsor, Cosmopolitan Catering, forproviding lunch and to 8x8 Inc. for sponsoring the event.
  • 22. Valley LifeAUGUST 19, 2011 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL 31PEOPLE ON THE MOVEACCOUNTING CONSULTING BDO USA LLP promoted Elliott Binder from senior More ways to submit Dorene Fong was named director of business devel- tax manager to tax partner. The Business Journal is accepting People on the Move submissions online at We welcome opment at DeWinter Binder has more than 14 information about any valley-based business person who has been promoted, joined a new company or received an Consulting. She was years of public accounting award. Include a photo of the person when possible, along with a company contact name and phone number in case previously an account experience, providing tax additional information is needed. Photos should be sent as jpeg attachments and should be 200 dpi in size or larger. executive at Robert Half consultation and compliance International Inc. DeWinter services to the technology Fong Consulting has an office in industry, including software, company provides software as a service- Cupertino-based SugarCRM Inc. added Campbell.Binder hardware, life science/bio- based and cloud computing electronic design Andrew Chmyz as chief financial officer. technology, semiconductor, automation products. Hogan has worked in Chmyz has been CFO at public software com- solar (green technology) and Internet-based the semiconductor design and manufacturing pany Marimba (acquired by BMC Software service companies. industry for more than 33 years, serving as Inc. in 2004) and other technology companies. TEChNOLOGy a senior executive in electronic design auto- The company makes customer relationship Zenprise Inc. named Chris Doell as its mation, semiconductor intellectual property, management applications. newly created vice presi-BOARD OF DIRECTORS semiconductor equipment and fabrication dent of customer success.The board of directors of History San Jose companies. He is chairman at Solido Design American Society of Women Accountants In his new role, Doell will appointed two new board members at its Automation and a director at Scoperta and named Monika Miles as be responsible for the recent annual meeting — Carl Cookson and Tela Innovations. its new president. Miles is Redwood City-based mo- Kathleen Orlenko. Cookson is a lifetime also the president of San bile software company’s resident of San Jose and was recently honored Santa Cruz-based GraphOn Corp. added John Jose-based Labhart Miles customer care, client for his commitment to the culture and heritage Cronin and Steve Ledger to its board of direc- Consulting Group Inc., a services and account of the valley. Having spent a career in the title tors. Cronin is the founder, managing director professional services firm management. Doell has insurance business, he has served on many and chairman of ipCapital Group, an intellectual specializing in multi-state worked for software as a Doell boards, both professionally and in the com- property strategy firm and a strategic partner of tax solutions. The ASWA service companies for the munity of nonprofits. Orlenko has been a con- GraphOn. Before that he was an inventor at IBM provides women in ac- past 20 years, including servator, working with museums, libraries and for 17 years, patenting 100 inventions. Ledger is counting and finance with Mountain View-based Intuit Inc. and Net- Miles archives to preserve their collections for the the founder and managing partner at Tamalpais leadership, education and Gravity Inc. future. Orlenko attended Columbia University Partners LLC, a principal investor in emerging networking opportunities. in New York City and received her masters of growth companies. Miles is also expected to join the organization’s San Mateo-based Dot- library service and a certificate in library and 17-member board of directors. NetNuke Corp. said Bob archives conservation. She worked at the Li- Brendan Harrington, Richard Johnston, Kruger joined the compa- brary of Congress, the Walters Art Gallery, the Robert Gunsalus and Mark Spell joined the Violin Memory Inc. said ny as senior vice president Huntington Library and the National Archives Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Jonathan Goldick will join of engineering. In this role, before starting her own conservation business. Convention Visitors Bureau. Johnston is the company as its chief Kruger will be responsible Orlenko lives in Santa Clara with her husband. resident manager at Graphic Packaging Interna- technical officer of software. for leading the San Mateo tional; Spell is human resources leader at Owens Prior to joining the Mountain company’s worldwideOclaro Inc. named former Sun Microsystems Corning; Gunsalus is vice president of university View-based flash memory engineering organization. Inc. executive Marissa Peterson to its board relations at Santa Clara University; and Har- company, Goldick was the Kruger Kruger joins DotNetNuke of directors. San Jose-based Oclaro provides rington is president of Lexus of Stevens Creek. CTO of Campbell-based On- from data management optical communications and laser products. Stor before it was acquired startup SmApper Technologies. Peterson spent 17 years at Santa Clara-based Sudhir Aggarwal joined Skyline Construc- Goldick by LSI Corp. in 2009. After Sun, where she was executive vice president, tion’s board of directors. The company has of- the acquisition, Goldick Power Integrations Inc. worldwide operations, services & customer fices in San Francisco and Santa Clara. became a fellow with LSI working to help define promoted Ben Sutherland advocacy. the company’s strategic and technical direction. to vice president of world- Steve Torres joined the board of directors at wide sales. Sutherland hasNetwork security company Palo Alto Networks the Silicon Valley Business Travel Cloud9 Inc. named Tracy Eiler chief marketing been working at the San appointed Chuck Robel to its board of direc- Association. He is currently a corporate officer. The Redwood City company said Eiler, Jose company in the posi- tors. A 26-year veteran of PricewaterhouseCoo- and travel industry sales manager at Four who will report to CEO Jim Burleigh, has more tion on an interim basis pers, Robel brings a wide range of experience Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley. than 25 years of enterprise software marketing since March. The company in finance, corporate governance, accounting, experience in sales-driven companies. She was makes integrated circuits mergers and acquisitions as well as technol- formerly senior vice president of marketing for Sutherland for energy-efficient power ogy strategy to the board. Robel brings nearly C-LEVEL San Carlos-based MarkLogic Corp., and before conversion. Sutherland 40 years of relevant experience to his role as SuccessFactors Inc. named Kara Wilson that was vice president of global marketing at has been with the company since 2000 in a board member of Santa Clara-based Palo Alto chief marketing officer. San Mateo-based Suc- SaaS-company Postini. succession of sales management roles. Networks. He is currently a private investor in cessFactors is a provider of cloud-based busi- early- and late-stage technology startups. Most ness execution software. Wilson was formerly Santa Cruz-based GraphOn Corp. hired Eldad Avangate added Michael Ni and Joseph recently, Robel served as chairman of the board vice president of marketing for San Jose-based Eilam as chief technology officer. The Santa Brown to its management team. Ni is now of McAfee Inc. — the world’s largest dedicated Cisco Systems Inc.’s communications and Cruz company said Eilam is a technology expert Avangate’s chief marketing officer and se- security technology company — from 2006 until collaboration portfolio. in the Windows operating system, mobile user nior vice president of marketing and prod- its $ 8 billion sale to Intel Corp. in February 2011. interfaces and advanced software development ucts. Brown, who was previously RightNow Dave Williams was named chief technology tools. Before joining GraphOn, he held a techni- Technologies Inc.’s general manager ofSan Jose-based Infineta Systems, which pro- officer at Santa Clara- cal position at Microsoft Corp. and senior posi- Europe, Middle East and Asia operations, vides hyper-scale wide area network optimization based Stoke Inc. The tions at Emblaze and Menta Software. is now senior vice president of worldwide systems, appointed Ashok mobile broadband startup sales. Krishnamurthi to its board said Williams comes to the San-Jose based PFU Systems Inc. announced of directors. Krishnamurthi company from Comcast a change in its executive lineup with a new ForeScout Technologies Inc., a provider is a networking executive Corp., where he was the CEO, CFO and COO. San Jose-based PFU — of automated security control solutions for recognized for his lasting senior vice president of the North American subsidiary of PFU Ltd., a Fortune 1000 enterprises and government contributions in helping to wireless technology. In his Fujitsu company — named Kyou Katoh chief organizations, said Sam Davis joined the build Juniper Networks from new position, Williams will executive, replacing Kiyoshi Hasegawa, who Cupertino company as its new vice presi- an early stage startup to the Williams be in charge of Stoke’s will now serve as president of PFU Ltd. Dale dent of business development. Davis will be market force that it is today. technology direction and Pierce was promoted to both chief financial responsible for the overall management of Krishnamurthi is a co-founder long-term business devel- officer and chief operating officer; Yasuhiko ForeScout’s business development organi-Krishnamurthi of Xsigo Systems and serves opment strategy. Nagaoka to senior vice president of research zation, including strategic partnerships and as executive chairman. Prior and engineering; Hirjoi Fukui to vice president channel development. to Xsigo, he held the positions of vice president Santa Clara-based Aurora Networks Inc. of business development; and John Hoye to and general manager of the infrastructure prod- named Craig McCollam vice president of imaging. Lucid Imagination promoted Grant uct line at Juniper Networks. chief financial officer. The Ingersoll to chief scientist. The Redwood Santa Clara company, which Electronic signature company DocuSign Inc. City-based company specializes in ApachePeter Chung and Michelle Lee joined the Asian focuses on optical transport named Keith Krach its chief executive. Krach Lucene /Solr open source enterprise Pacific Fund board of directors. Chung is cur- products for cable opera- will retain his role as chairman of the board, search technology. In his new role, Inger- rently managing director at Summit Partners LP tors, said McCollam most which he has held for two years at Seattle- soll is expected to lead development and and Lee is deputy general counsel and head of recently served for 18 years based DocuSign, which also has an office in strategic leadership initiatives for product patents and patent strategy and Google Inc. at Dionex Corp. in various San Francisco. Krach, a Silicon Valley veteran, architecture and engineering. He is one financial roles, with the last co-founded Sunnyvale-based Ariba Inc. in of the founding members of the company,Nimbic Inc. named Jim Hogan a member McCollam 12 years as CFO. 1996, serving as CEO and chairman of the starting in 2007. of its board of directors. The Mountain View board for seven years.
  • 23. The News32 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUGUST 19, 2011condoS: San Jose’s high-rise housing sees jump in salesCONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 all buyers are paying cash now, but for the relocation folks, it’s a higher percentage.”a week,” Houston said. “But so far it has exceeded my First-time homebuyers are taking advantage of Ax-expectations.” is’s assistance programs and historically low interest rates, according to Moore. Buyers with good creditSales are strong and resources can get low interest rates with as little All this has contributed to a jump in sales for Axis as 3 percent down, according to Sandra Eaton, salesthis summer. manager at Axis. Over a five-week period in late June and July, Axis Nationally, 30-year fixed loans can be financed for assold 18 units, including four penthouses, compared to low as 4 to 4.25 percent.10 sold last year during the same timeframe. And that’s “I’ve been shocked by the number of 25 to 35 year oldsnot including three sales that took place in the last coming in with a lot of money,” Eaton said.week, all of which involved first-time homebuyers. Seth Bland, a partner with developer Wilson Meany “A big chunk of those buyers pay cash,” said Axis Sullivan who built The 88 on San Fernando Street,spokesman Spencer Moore. “About 25 to 30 percent of agrees that much of the recent interest can be attrib- uted to the frenzy in tech hiring. “We’ve certainly benefited from general improved conditions with increased Silicon Valley hiring,” Downtown San Jose high-rise condos Bland said. And buyers seem to be wanting to spend more than Axis in the past. 38 N. Almaden Blvd. “Overall, we’re seeing both more qualified and more Developer: Almaden Tower Ventures serious buyers,” said Christy Marbry, senior develop- Units: 329 ment manager for Barry Swenson Builder, which con- Units sold: 181 as of mid-August structed the 16-story City Heights condos on St. James versus 108 in March 2010 Place. Bland agrees, noting that The 88 has seen an in- Price range: $400,000 to more crease in sales of its larger and more expensive units. than $1 million Drawing in buyers The 88 The properties have also worked to entice buyers vicki thompson 88 E. San Fernando St. with different promotions, including slashing prices. Swenson recently reduced prices at City Heights Good inveSTMenT: Jeff Houston, a senior vice president at CB Richard Ellis, Developer: CIM Group & Wilson within the past 30 days by as much as $50,000 a unit in purchased a one-bedroom unit at Axis where he plans to stay while his home in Meany Sullivan hopes of closing out the property, Marbry said. San Francisco is under construction. Units: 197 Units sold and under contract: Today, the 124-unit property is about 85 percent sold. 138 versus 68 in mid-March 2010 Ten standard, upper-floor units and seven penthouses after the property was foreclosed upon. Price range: $300,000 for studios remain on the market. “With that being up in the air for a long time, the to several million dollars for pent- “We have been selling about one a month in 2011,” she actual move to rental took some of the ambiguity out houses said, “which is up from one every two months in 2010.” of the market and further solidified decisions to buy at The 88 also is offering to take $30,000 off some of its one of the few remaining projects,” Bland noted. City Heights units. Indeed, sales at The 88 have surged from the 68 sold 175 W. St. James St. Bland believes luxury condos are generally in de- as of mid-March 2010. Approximately, 70 percent of the Developer: Barry Swenson Builder mand in San Jose as of late. 197 units have been sold or are under contract as of Units: 124 While the adoption of high-rise living has been slow- mid-August. Units sold: 107 as of mid-August er than anticipated in San Jose, absent from the reces- For Houston, his condo buy at Axis was more than compared with 95 units sold in sion, he thinks more people are becoming attracted to just an alternate place to live. It was an investment. February 2010 high-rise condo living. “I bought it thinking that this is a quality building Price range: Low $300,000s to He credited Three-Sixty Residence’s decision to rent that will eventually fill out and do well,” he said. $950,000 out its residences as possibly being a catalyst for sales at the other high-rise properties. Condo project Three- Mary ann azevedo can be reached at 408.299.1820 or mazevedo@ Sixty converted to a rental property earlier this year drawings of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino Apple Inc.’s proposed new Cupertino campus looks management positions at Rhapsody like a gleaming UFO just landed on planet Earth, in renderings released by the city of Cupertino. ToP WeB readS Networks, McDATA, EMC, Hewlett- Packard Co. and IBM, and has more1 The city posted a number of new documents containing further details about the spaceship- The most-viewed stories from the last week as than 30 years of experience in the storage, computer and telecommuni- like “Apple Campus 2,” including floor and site seen on the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business cations industry.plans. Apple hopes to break ground next year on the Nottenburg is currently a memberproposed 175-acre campus, to be built at the former Journal’s website of the board of directors of ComverseHewlett-Packard Co. site at Interstate 280 and Wolfe Technology Inc., Verint Systems Inc. Michael KlaykoRoad. and Aeroflex Holding Corp. The main, 2.8-million-square-foot circular “space-ship” building will be four stories tall, with two Former Brocade CEO to pay $845,000 in SECbasement levels of parking and a 58,050-square-foot ing garage adjacent to the freeway will provide 4,300 settlementrestaurant on the first floor, according to the plans. parking spaces, in addition to the approximately 4,600 Greg Reyes, the former CEO of Brocade Communi-In addition to the main building, the documents also spaces underneath the main building. cations Systems Inc., will pay $845,251 in a settlementshow two additional round buildings that will house The company hopes to house 12,000 employees at the with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.a 1,000-seat corporate auditorium and a two-story, new campus by 2015. Bloomberg reported that the payment by Reyes25,000-square-foot fitness center. A four-level park- still needs to be OK’d by a judge but could resolve Brocade CEO Klayko joins PMC board, new chair and the case in its entirety. The total includes a fine director also named of $550,000. PMC-Sierra Inc. said Michael Klayko and Richard Nottenburg have joined its board of directors, 3 Reyes and Stephanie Jensen, the former vice president of human resources at San Jose-based and Jonathan Judge was named chairman. Brocade, were indicted in 2006 by the U.S. At- 2 Sunnyvale-based PMC-Sierra is a semicon- ductor company focused on storage, optical torney’s office on eight counts each including securities fraud, falsifying records, mail fraud and and mobile networks. filing false financial statements that overstated the Klayko is currently chief executive officer of company’s profits. Reyes was also indicted on four Brocade Communications Systems Inc. and a mem- counts of making false statements to Brocade auditors ber of the Brocade board of directors. He also held investigating the company’s stock option practices.
  • 24. 36 THE BUSINESS JOURNAL AUgUST 19, 2011