Cataloging 101


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Discusses ways of adding records to Booksystems' Atriuum catalog

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Cataloging 101

  1. 1. For Booksystems’ AtriuumMadison County Librarians Wendy Stephens September 7, 2012
  2. 2. Keying them in by hand– original catalogingVia Z39.50 – copy catalogingVia batch load process – vendors’ copycataloging
  3. 3. Ultimate control over the bibliographicdescriptionSometimes necessary for unique or esoteric itemsTime-consumingDemands knowledge of MARC record format andAACR2 standards for bibliographic description, aswell as Sears for subject description and Dewey forclassification
  4. 4. Quick and easy for bibliographic informationMust still create holdings manuallyCan include Dewey classificationDepending on some one else’s analysis of the bookPulling in unwanted fieldsConnections shared and sometimes unreliable
  5. 5. MARC files often included with purchase of booksHoldings can be imported directly (if vendors aregiven preferences and specifications)Many vendor records are based on incomplete CIP dataQuality issuesNo local customizationIf holdings preferences are incorrect, clean up can beconsiderable
  6. 6. Duck, duck, goose and other motion gamesTales of a fourth-grade nothingOtherwise known as Sheila the GreatA great man: the life of Henry AdamsThe first Agatha Christie omnibusThe best of P.G. WoodhouseVisiting California: a guide for young peopleLarousse’s French-English dictionaryA treasury of Pre-Raphaelite painters4:50 from Paddington
  7. 7. Main entry (usually 100s for personal or corporateauthors)Title, other title information, statement ofresponsibility (if it varies from main entry) (245)Publisher, date of publication (260)Extent (pagination) (300)Any notes taken from source of information (500s)Standard number (ISBN = 020, LCCN = 010)
  8. 8. Why I LOVE the500s…
  9. 9. Three places to look:The 082 MARC tag in the Library of Congress catalog public libraries through WorldCat don’t forget about OCLC’s Dewey Browser
  10. 10. Deweynumbersareassignedby LC,even ifnot used
  11. 11. Withoutholdings,items won’tdisplay inOPAC –remember thisfor ebooks!
  12. 12. 900s arelocalholdings –you candelete thoseyou import
  13. 13. If you have questions about the way your records areloading, check your import rules and with your bookvendor.They can adjust the holdings information based on yourlocal preferences (for example “B” prefix rather than092).
  14. 14. Updating bibliographic information wholesaleBringing in bibliographic records one-at-a-timeWant to catalog a video? You can import MARC informationfrom Amazon’s description using this site:
  15. 15. Be consistent!If you used truncated Dewey, ALWAYS use truncatedDewey. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.Don’t forget about AACR2! Mistakes in capitalization arenothing anyone else want to clean up.Use the 500s field to add summary and analyticsinformation rather than creating your own subjectheadings.Check 813 and 823 for fiction that might be mis-shelved.
  16. 16. If all else fails, there is alwaysdatabase cleanup!