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Art And Architecture Hartford Pdf

  1. 1. Name____________________________date______ Assessment Details for each assigned section include Art and Architecture in Hartford 10 15 18 21 22 23 art-analysis terms and reflect evidence 24 25 from the art being examined * Note: Not all sections should be complete! Evaluation questions are complete and 5 8 10 12 13 14 15 substantive /40 Total contents ● Map of Downtown Hartford ● Tour Schedule and Information. ● Architecture tour photos & note pages ● Wadsworth Atheneum note pages ● Reflection Assignment Selected Sources: Wadsworth site Name________________________________________ Prepared by William C. Spaulding, Bloomfield High School.  Images are subject to copyright and used with permission for this student- notebook. May 30, 2008  If this booklet is used by a non-BHS group the images should be deleted or individual permission requested.  Some small portions of descriptive text are from the Wadsworth web-site.  This is a non-proofread edition!
  2. 2. Downtown Hartford Map Lunch Possibilities  Join Mr. Spaulding and others in front of the State House and enjoy your packed lunch and the noon-time crowds.  Eat at the Food Court just to the North of the Old State House to get something.  Cross the street (obey all traffic signals and watch for city drivers) for Burger King at the corner of Asylum and Main.  Eat at Dunkin’ Donuts, in the base of the Travelers’ Tower building at the corner of Central Row and Prospect Contact Phone Numbers BHS: 286-2630 Wadsworth Atheneum: 278-2670 Other _____________________________ Page 2 Page 43
  3. 3. Reflection and Evaluation Humanities Art and Please complete this reflection of your experience and evaluation of the trip. This is one of the most important portions of the trip. Architecture Tour 1. What has been the most useful aspect of today’s field-trip? Our Goals: Use local architectural and artistic examples to apply knowledge of architecture and composition. View and interact with paintings and architecture from ancient to contemporary origin. Our Program in and about Downtown Hartford 2. What has surprised you? I. 9:15-10:15 State Capitol Building Tour. II. 10:15-10:45 Walking Tour: Bushnell Park features, ar- chitecture about the park, First Church and stained glass windows, Old State House exterior. III. 10:45-11:15 Lunch: You can eat your own bag lunch or purchase lunch from vendors or shops in the court 3. What has not surprised you? area around the Old State House. 11: 15 ** Please Be Prompt! Meet in front of the Old State House Main Street Side of the building IV. 11:15 Walk to the Wadsworth Athenaeum: interact with 4.What objects or places would you visit again and why? art from ancient to modern periods in the oldest public museum in the United States of America! V. 1:45 Board Bus from Wadsworth to return to BHS Please Remember Appropriate school behavior is necessary and expected! Valuables At the Wadsworth you will be required to check your bags and all electronics. Don’t bring anything valuable! Also you may not take photographs inside the museum without the per- 5. What would you do differently for this field trip? mission of the Wadsworth. Decorum in a museum indicates a whispers for communication, no running, never touch or get too close to the art or walls. Never point at art with pencils or other objects. Please, pause and examine the art — don’t rapidly dismiss it simply because it 6. What have you learned today? —> is different!
  4. 4. Please create notes for each image in the space provided. Architecture of the Connecticut State Capitol & museum We enter from the south side of the capitol building but the building was designed to be entered from the north side which faces Bushnell Park. What are your first impressions of this building? One function of this building is as the meeting place for both houses of the state legislature and the office of the governor. Is the form of the building related to these functions? Explain your answer in point format. Some key terms: Niche with statue tympanum column Page 41
  5. 5. State Capitol Exterior 1878 Extra pages for sketching or notes or questions: What shapes do you notice repeating themselves on the exterior? Statuary of the Dome: Why would these statutes be chosen? 6 Aspects of Humanity: Agriculture (wheat), Commerce (eyes covered holding anchor/triangle) Education/law (scroll) Force/War (spear) Science (cadeuceus paddle &globe) Music (lyre) Left (west) end statue of the south façade: Ella Grasso Who would you add in the right side niche? Why? Page 5
  6. 6. Interior: Use of color, materials and designs. Your Choice: In Depth Analysis and Evalulation Interior floors are inlaid with white marble and red slate from Choose any one painting or object to look at and evaluate in Connecticut and colored marble from Italy. depth. You should aim to spend about 10 minutes for each of these in-depth evaluations. What are your first impressions of the interior of this **Make your examination from 10-15 feet away then again building? from 3-5 feet. Artist:________________________________ Gallery:_________________________________________________ Which seems more important, form or function, or are Title of Piece________________________________________ the both in concert with each other in this building? Explain. Date of Piece_____________ I. What are my first impressions? II. What can I guess about the history of this piece from the date it was Sketch any one symbol or pattern that you notice in the made? floor, ceiling, or walls. III. How can I describe the content of this piece? A. subject ? B. color, line, and textures? C. composition? Page 6 Page 39
  7. 7. Your Choice Please choose any ONE piece to evaluate using the next page—> In the space below sketch the piece or part of the piece. Page 7
  8. 8. Choose a photo: Bushnell Park Area Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Bushnell Park: 1850-1870 Impressions: In what way can a park be considered architecture? Describe how the photographers uses light and arranges objects In what ways does a park serve a city? Choose a photo: Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Sketch (or make outline figures of) the objects contained photo or write a brief story about the person or bird that is the subject! Page 8 Page 37
  9. 9. Pop to the Present: Soldiers and Sailors Arch: 1885 New Questions, New Responses This arch memorializes Civil War veterans. It is the first permanent triumphal arch in America. It is a combination of (Gallery B, Adjacent to Avery Court) Medieval towers, Gothic arch style, and classical friezes. Materials are local brownstone and terra cotta. Photography, especially portrait photography, was not consid- ered art for many years. Do you consider these photographs to be If you were to create a memorial for soldiers returning art? Explain your answer. from war would you consider a memorial arch like this one? List 3 or more reasons for your answer Choose a photo: Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Impressions: Buildings Around the Park Notice how many of the buildings that surround the park have distinctive facades. Describe one façade! Describe how the photographer uses light and arranges objects Page 9
  10. 10. Please create notes for each image in the space provided. Choose a piece that you DO NOT like very much. Use the blank pages in the back of the book for sketching! Artist_______________________________________________ First Congregational Title of Piece________________________________________ Church, Date of Piece______________ Why don’t you like this piece very much Old State House & Other Surprises First Congregational Church (left) Compare this structure to that of the Old State House. In what ways are the two buildings similar, in what ways are they different? Old State House (right) Designed in 1796 by Charles Bulfinch this is one of the most historically important buildings in Hartford. The front is facing the Connecticut River not the Main Street. Label these pictures with names of the architectural elements you can identify. Page 10 Page 35
  11. 11. Avery Court Ancient Burial Ground The only site from the 1600’s that has Surrealism and Other Pieces survived in close to original form. The headstones exhibit sophisticated carving and sentiments of the time. List 8 words to describe the pieces you see in these galleries. They are a very diverse collection so you may have contradictory Mark an X where the African- descriptive words! American Burial Monument is located. Locate the markers of three individuals. Name them and their dates. Can you find Thomas Hooker or a member of the Wadsworth family? How are these pieces similar or different from pieces you have already seen? Choose a piece to analyze: Artist_______________________________________________ Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Impressions: Focus on ONE of the following to describe: materials, subject, use of color, composition of objects Page 11
  12. 12. Phoenix Building I like it! If you stand with your back to the eastern side of the Old State Choose a piece that you DO NOT like very much. House and look towards the Connecticut River you will see a Artist_______________________________________________ bridge across the road that has glass railings. Straight-ahead and to the right is the Phoenix building. Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Sketch or describe this building in the space below. Why don’t you like this piece very much It tells me a story Choose a picture or object that tells a story to you. Artist_______________________________________________ Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ What story does this piece tell? Municipal Building Page 12 Page 33
  13. 13. American Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries (3rd Floor) List 8 words to describe the pieces you see in these galleries. They are a very diverse collection so you may have contradictory descriptive words! OR: sketch one of the pieces you see. How are these pieces similar or different from pieces you have already seen? OBJECTS! This gallery contains many objects of art in addition to the many fine paintings. Choose an object to evaluate Object______________________________________________ Artist_______________________________________________ Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece______________ Sketch:
  14. 14. Wadsworth Atheneum: Exploring Art Directions: A Message 1. This notebook is organized by sections. Each section has a Choose one piece that conveys a message. different set of questions and a unique set of pieces to view. You will see all sections, but not necessarily in the Artist:________________________________ order in which they are published. 2. Stay with your group. Your chaperone will guide you to the Title of Piece________________________________________ galleries that we will focus on today. In each gallery you Date of Piece________________________________________ will have 15-20 minutes for a specific assignment. What message does this piece convey? 3. Remember the museum rules: Keep away from the art and walls. Do not use objects to point at art. Use quiet voices please. 3. Record your work in the space provided. Use terms that we have used yesterday and earlier this year in analyzing pizza and art. Does this message resonate (make sense) with your own Selected Terms to Describe and Evaluate Art experience? Explain. Three General Questions to Ask: I. What is my first impression? II. What is the history of this piece? How old is it? Who made it? Who paid for it? What materials and techniques [processes] were used? Does it represent a particular period, place or person? III. How can I describe the content of this piece? A. subject ? B. color, line, and textures? color: What colors and color-shades are used? Ask the Artist Do the colors symbolize or represent something? Choose one piece that provokes questions for you. What effects are sought? texture: how the viewer may believe the surface feels Artist:________________________________ C. composition? forms: objects, shapes, and structures; Title of Piece________________________________________ composition: is organization of forms in an artwork Date of Piece________________________________________ symmetry and balance use of shapes forms and lines What questions does this piece provoke in you? Do you think use of proportion and scale the artist has answers? perspective (the creation of illusion of depth) foreshortening reduction of figure size blurring of distant forms convergence of diagonal lines How is space used? Page 31
  15. 15. Gallery C: Huntington Gallery African-American Art (2nd Floor , close to the Elevator and area labeled Most of the paintings and objects in this section are from the 1800’s. This collection of paintings and objects is titled, Reflections and “Open to Helen and Harry Gray Court Gallery I) Shadows: Impressionism and Nineteenth Century Style. Paintings by some of the most famous artists of this time period are Media and Message displayed in this gallery: Renoir, Klimt, Degas, Gauguin, Pissarro, and a What types of media (materials) are found in these pieces? Name as self-portrait by van Gogh; sun-dappled landscapes by Corot, Pissarro, many as you can. Monet, and Cézanne; interior scenes by Bonnard, Vuillard, Armstrong, and Tissot; and Paris at night as depicted by Lautrec. A. Scene: Choose any one painting of a scene (not a portrait of an individual). Artist____________________________________ Title_____________________________________ What factors encourage an artist to use particular materials? Do you see movement or does it seem still? How does the artist use colors, lines, shapes, or techniques to evoke (create in you) this feeling? Note that the Impressionists were given this name because they sought to create an impression rather than create a photo-like image. They were known for their unique use of brush strokes, paint and color. Is the media (materials) part of the message? Explain Describe the space that you see created by this art. What media do you find most interesting, least interesting, most desir- Does this space remind you of a place in your own life? able, least desirable, most or least unusual? Continued —>
  16. 16. Landscape B. Portrait: Choose a portrait of an individual. One of my favorites is the self-portrait of Van Gogh, but you are free to choose any painting Find any landscape painting in the F galleries. that focuses on a single person or a small group of people. If you were to enter into this scene where would you go? Mark Artist____________________________________ an x in the box below to show where you would go. Title_____________________________________ If the person portrayed could speak to you from the portrait what would he/she say? What mood or attitude does this person seem to have? How does the artist use paint, color, or technique to convey a particular attitude or expression? Why would you go there? What would you expect to see? C. Your Choice: Choose any object or painting in this gallery and do one or more of the following: * Sketch the image or object. * Write an advertisement for this object as if you were going to sell it. * What do you feel that this object reveals about the artist who made it? What might this painting suggest about the artist’s attitudes towards the land and the relationship of people to the land? Page 29
  17. 17. Faith and Fortune, continued Choose One: Artist:________________________________ Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece________________________________________ Impressions: Artistic Description (Use appropriate artistic terms (see page 8 for a brief list of terms and concepts.) Choose One: Artist:________________________________ Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece________________________________________ Impressions: Artistic Description (Use appropriate artistic terms (see page 8 for a brief list of terms and concepts.) Page 28 Page 17
  18. 18. Gallery E: Hartford Youth Art Renaissance A Conversation This gallery contains art created by Hartford youth. Have a conversation with any painting in this collection. What Please identify two pieces of art that appeal to you. A. Your Choice: Artist____________________________________ Title_____________________________________ Your First Reactions: Techniques used by the artist: B. Your Choice: Artist____________________________________ Title_____________________________________ If this object could speak to you what words would it use? Techniques used by the artist: Page 18 Page 27
  19. 19. Faith and Fortune C. Talk Back! Choose another piece of art to “talk back” to on this (2nd Floor, Galleries marked F) page. Artist____________________________________ This exhibition is focused on the theme “Faith and Fortune” as ex- Title_____________________________________ pressed in European art from the middle ages and through the Renais- sance. You should be able to discern some similarities in art you see Ask three or more questions for the artist (or the subjects —people— in the Wadsworth with art you have studied in class. portrayed or photographed in the art)? Timeline of Art To get a sense of the development of art and to complete this chart. Choose a painting in the What comments do you have for the artist? Century Title & Artist Topic 1000-1099 1100-1199 1200-1299 D. Your Art: If you were going to prepare a piece of art to include in this exhibition what would you create? 1300-1399 Media you would use: (type of materials) 1400-1499 1500-1599 Subjects: people, places, actions, activities, ideas: 1600-1699 Colors, Lines, Textures you would employ: 1700-1799 Page 19
  20. 20. Morgan Great Hall: Main Gallery Side Gallery: Medieval and Early Renaissance Choose one of the Medieval to Early Renaissance Paintings In this gallery you will examine three large paintings and make stick figures to indicate Artist:________________________________ A) the position of the body and the hands B) the attention of the face Title of Piece________________________________________ Date of Piece________________________________________ Circle one of the following questions that you have pondered (thought Impressions: about deeply) . How do hands and expressions direct the viewer’s attention? How do hands and expressions influence our reaction to the scene? How do your own hand movements and expressions reflect you? Do you consciously use hand expression and facial direction to communicate? Observations: (Use appropriate artistic terms) Hand and Facial Attention Sketch: The Fish Market Jan de Bondt, Dutch, d. 1653 Examine the piece titled Madonna and Child with Angels by A. Della Robbia. This is a very important piece. Why? Impressions: Observations: (Use appropriate artistic terms) Page 20
  21. 21. Morgan Great Hall: Side Galleries Hand and Facial Attention Sketch: Note the use of light and the facial expressions. Note the clothing! This is European clothing! Architecture of the Great Hall What features of color or architec- tural detail define this hall? The Summer at Emmaus Circle of Gerrit von Hornhurst , Dutch, 1690-1656 Side Gallery: Ancient Art and Artifacts:, Make a set of brief notes about each of the following items. Mummy: What surprises you or impresses you? Relief of an Assyrian Deity: Compare this image to Mesopotamian gods described in Gilgamesh. Hand and Facial Attention Sketch: Add lines indicating the source of light. Sketch two or more of the figures around the table. Compare these statues and pieces of statues The Declaration of Independence John Trumball, American Sketch similar parts of each statue, or create a T chart of comparisons or contrasts in the space below: —>Egyptian statue: and —> Greek Statues Standing Man (#8) (#8, 10, and foot #8) Page 24 Great Hall Continued —>
  22. 22. Hand and Facial Attention Sketch Exploration of Perspective Sketch the position of hands and facial direction of Jesus and two or Find the painting titled The Men’s Bath by Viviano Godazzi and more people close to him. Domenico Gargiulo. The Rising of Lazarus Benjamin West, 1790 Stand about 25 feet away from this painting. Look into the painting and walk towards it., keeping your eyes in the painting. Be careful not to touch the stone tub in front of the painting! What do you notice? Do you feel like you are walking into the painting? How does the artist create this feeling? Page 22 Page 23