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 Social media strategy and planning waukesha county business alliance
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Social media strategy and planning waukesha county business alliance


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Wendy Soucie, certified social media strategist,, presented to the Waukesha County Business Alliance on strategy and planning social media engagements. The examples included B2B, …

Wendy Soucie, certified social media strategist,, presented to the Waukesha County Business Alliance on strategy and planning social media engagements. The examples included B2B, B2C, B2W, Non Profit and small business.

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  • 1. Social Media Strategy and Planning Waukesha County Business Alliance | February 3, 2011 25 years + experience B2B Experience – Business development, sales and marketing Manufacturing, engineering, architecture, accounting, IT, pharmaceutical, financial service firms. Unique focus - complex sales, channel empowerment, scientific, technical products and engineering. Based in the Midwest with national reach. 1
  • 2. Who is Wendy Soucie? 25,000 reasons to speak with me Wendy Soucie 2
  • 3. The buying – selling disconnect
  • 4. Doing Business in 2010 and beyond
  • 5. In the recommendation chain?78% trust recommendationsfrom social graph90% of B2b buyers trust peerreviews70% trust online reviews.
  • 6. Figure out how to use social mediafor a competitive advantage… …Not a competitive disadvantage 6
  • 7. Many organizations are looking for the right tool?They are asking the wrong question
  • 8. A Process Assess Identify Execute Goals NCP DevelopModel Strategy Measure & Brand the Track Message Select Identify Channels & Ways to Tools Engage
  • 9. Four Quadrant Assessment
  • 10. Free Listening Tools Technorati Search Google Alerts Google Reader Google Analytics Trendrr Google Keyword Addictomatic Socalmention XeesmList of 26 tools 10
  • 11. Identify Your AudienceSource: Groundswellbook,,
  • 12. Understand Your Audience
  • 13. Identify Influencers FaceBook BlogsYouTube Yahoo, Delicious, other niche Twitter sites LinkedIn academy-alumni/ 13
  • 14. Objectives Social Media Landscape & Goal 16,000 ftStrategy Tools 14
  • 15. Build a cross functional teamBusiness Brand Marketing• Clarify • Extend • ToolsInclude: Product Development Sales Marketing Customer Service Human Resources Legal 15
  • 16. Balance goals with strategy Be realistic – What resources? Make your team approachable Get training – Do you know how to be social when you apply the tools? Define success – Can you agree on measurement?Business Brand Marketing• Clarify • Extend • Tactics &Objectives Message Tools 16
  • 17. Clarify: What Business is Getting Done…Customer ServiceSales ProspectingMarketing - OnlineBusiness PartnershipsProduct CrowdsourcingStaffing and RecruitingChannel Partner Relations Business Brand Marketing • Clarify • Extend • Tools 17
  • 18. Governance - Policy Create at least 2 policies – Employee boundaries/limits – Operational / job role Start with your email policy of Social Media Policies: Lessons and Best Practices Chris Boudreaux
  • 19. Extend Your Brand Personal CompanyBusiness Brand Marketing• Clarify • Extend • Tools 19
  • 20. Content Development Strategy• Determine media you have• Identify media to share• Build editorial calendar• Integrate with Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Sales, Product Development 20
  • 21. How to Leverage Social Media Optimization 22
  • 22. Time, tools and tactics Listening Participation Generate Buzz Share Content Social Networking Community building30231580 Time Source: Beth Kantar
  • 23. A Facebook Fan has no value. Getting aFacebook Fan to do something does!Chase McMicheal, CEO Infinigraph 24
  • 24. Consider resources before tools Micro blog Easier adoption for SMB Social Networks Social Bookmarking Video /Photo Sharing Social Directory Search RSS Feeds Blogging / Forums / Content Generation Website as your home base Adapted from John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing, Microsoft Live Office 25
  • 25. Where is the ROI? 26
  • 26. Without engagement you won’t bemoving the the needle on the metricsthat really matter. Chase McMichael, CEO Infinigraph © Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved 27
  • 27. Considerations Source: HubSpot © Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved 28
  • 28. Follow a model• Network - size matters, you must grow• Contribute – thru knowledge & value share• Participation – thru reaction and consumption Socialmedia-academy.comYou can begin to measure ROI and social capital value 30
  • 29. What does success look like?Reach Engagement and• Traffic Influence• Interaction •Sharing and evangelism• Trust At the end of the day •Commenter authority and influence •Retention – connections, clients, etc – it needs to makeAction and insight •Favorites, Friends, Fans, Connections money for the• Sales• Customer engagement• Customer satisfaction and company loyaltySource: Econsultancy – Chris Lake, Tactica and Digital Resource Group, Measuring the influence of social media
  • 30. Tools for Tracking• Lithium• Radian6• Xeesm• Alterian 32
  • 31. Xeesm/Flights!™Social Business Relationship Mgmt• Tracking engagements• Setting milestones• Following a process• See the touch points• Social capital progress 33
  • 32. Social Media Examples 34
  • 33. (B2B) Email Campaign 35
  • 34. Hycor Biomedical (B2B)
  • 35. Organic Valley (B2C)
  • 36. Cree Lighting -Channel (B2W)
  • 37. (NonProfit)
  • 38. Louis E. Page Fencing (B2B & B2C ) B 2 C & B2B 40
  • 39. We provide: Technical Product Expertise Manufacturing experience Social media assessments Your Marketing best practices Thought leadership strategies Social media building blocks Questions? Training on tools and strategy Implementation help and coaching Network . Contribute . ParticipateSocial web links: 41
  • 40. Partnerships | Strategic Alliances | Joint Venture • Wendy Soucie Consulting • Founder/Principal • End Result Marketing • Nurture marketing and research • Social Media Academy • Certified Social Media Consultant • Founding Member, Alumni, Faculty • Black Diamond Consultant • Xeesm – Social CRM • Business Partner – Wisconsin • AdzZoo Campaign Manager • Integrated Alliances Certified Trainer – IA Certified Trainer • Images from & WSC 42