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Social Media for Manufacturing - Strategy and Application



Wendy Soucie presents strategies and application for social media for manufacturing. Understanding how to engage and develop social business relationships to adjust to the new buying selling process ...

Wendy Soucie presents strategies and application for social media for manufacturing. Understanding how to engage and develop social business relationships to adjust to the new buying selling process was the focus. Presented to the Central Wisconsin Social Media Conference hosted by UW Stevens Point.



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    Social Media for Manufacturing - Strategy and Application  Social Media for Manufacturing - Strategy and Application Presentation Transcript

    • 10/5/2010Social Media for Manufacturing: Strategy and Application Central Wisconsin Social Media Conference UWSP – Extension, Wausau WI | Oct. 7 2010 25 years + experience  B2B  Experience– manufacturing, engineering, architecture, accounting,  IT consulting service firm .  Unique focus ‐ technical products and engineering.   Based in the Midwest with national reach. 1 © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved Who is Wendy Soucie? 203,000  results to  choose from  Wendy Soucie © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  2 Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved What questions do  you need answered? need answered? © Copyright 2003‐2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 3 1
    • 10/5/2010 Moving towards Social Business Enterprise 2.0 Use of  emerging software  between companies Social  Business A Business  designed  around sociality  and social tools  Web 2.0  in reaction to  the social web Intro  of web  Stowe Boyd applications on  Patti Anklam http://www.byeday.net/weblog/networkblog.html the Internet© Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 4The buying – selling disconnect today Doing Business 2010 2
    • 10/5/2010Are you in the recommendation chain? 78% of consumers trust peer  opinion – Only 14% trust advertising Figure out how to use social media  for a competitive advantage… …Not a competitive disadvantage © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 8 Are we asking the wrong questions? 3
    • 10/5/2010 A Process Assess Identify  Execute Goals  NCP  Develop  Model d l Strategy Brand  Measure  the  & Track Message Select  Identify  Channels  Ways to  & Tools Engage SocialMedia‐academy.com/methodologies/htm © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Free Listening Tools Technorati Search Google Alerts Compete.com Google Reader TweetDeck Search Google Analytics Search.Twitter.com Google Keyword  Trendrr Addictomatic Socialmention XeesmList of 26 tools http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/155299http://www.dreamgrow.com/46‐free‐social‐media‐monitoring‐tools/ © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 11Four Quadrant Assessment 4
    • 10/5/2010 Understand Your Audience Assessment Identifies Influencers FaceBook Blogs YouTube  Yahoo,  Delicious,  other niche  Twitter  sites LinkedIn http://www.wendysoucie.com/social‐media/citrixwebex‐social‐media‐assessment‐by‐social‐media‐academy‐alumni/ © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  14 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Social Media Landscape Goal 16,000 ftStrategy Tools © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  15 Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 5
    • 10/5/2010 What business owners need to do Take a strategic approach Business  Build  Goals Clarify  Brand Extend Strategy Tactic Tools: Advertising Public relations Direct mail © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  Social media, etc. 16 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Goal  Strategy Be realistic – What resources? Get training – Do you know how to be social when  you apply the tools? Define success – Can you agree on measurement?  Make your team approachable  Business Clarify  Brand Extend Marketing Tools © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  17 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Clarify: What Business is Getting Done… Customer Service/Support Sales Prospecting Marketing ‐ Online Business Partnerships B i P t hi Channel Partner Relations Executive Networking Staffing and Recruiting© Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 18 6
    • 10/5/2010 Social Media Time  Allocation Publishing  Listening  Connecting 25% 50% 25% Shared by Chris Brogan  June 2010 Madison© Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 20 Extending Your Brand Personal – Marketing focused,  keyword enhanced Company – Company message  standardized Business Clarify  Brand Extend Marketing Tools© Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 21 7
    • 10/5/2010 Where does social media go?Business Clarify  Brand Extend Marketing Tools Marketing Build an internal  ild i l Social  Media x‐department  Product  team Sales Dev.  Human  Customer  Resources Service Social  Social  Social  Media Media Media © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  22 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Now your ready to select tools Micro Blogging Easier adoption  Social  for SMB Networks Social  Bookmarking Video /Photo Sharing  Social Directory Search  RSS Feeds Blogging / Forums / Content Generation Website as your home base Adapted from John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing, Microsoft Live Office © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 24 8
    • 10/5/2010Where should B2B focus be? • LinkedIn  – 700K businesses, every Fortune 500 represented. Place to find people  you know. • Blogs  – Best place for thought leadership ‐ 15% of bloggers spend 10 or more  hours each week blogging [Technoratis new State of the Blogosphere.] • Facebook – 3rd most visited website in U.S. (behind Google & Yahoo).  Place to find  people you used to know.  people you used to know • Twitter  – News generator  and source, with 300K new members every day. Place  to find people you want to know • YouTube – 20 hours of video uploaded every minute – Don’t under estimate ‐ video is fastest growing media. • Flickr – Pictures, video, groups and networking. Real time data from compete.com and Alexia © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  25 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2003‐2009 ‐ Wendy Soucie  Consulting LLC ‐ Integrated Alliances ‐ All  26 Rights Reserved 3 Thoughts on social media • It is vital to remember how quickly even  a single update can go viral. (Nestle) • People value honesty, being upfront,  and listening to others. (Dell) and listening to others (Dell) • Prepare for when, not if social media  blunders happen. (SouthWest Airlines) © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  27 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 9
    • 10/5/2010 Social Media Policy“A new, more sophisticated and targeted generation of business‐to‐business (B‐to‐B) social media is building on the current B‐to‐B weaknesses of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.YouTube ”~Peter Von Dyck, Founder, Chairman and CEO ZassiMedical Evolutions (Medical Device Industry) Social Media Policy Create at least 2 policies – Employee boundaries and limits – Operational ‐ based on job role Start with your email policy Social Media Policy List: http://www.socialmedia‐ academy.com/index.php/resources/s ocial‐media‐guide‐lines/ http://www.socialmedia‐academy.com/blog/index.php/resources/social‐media‐guide‐lines/ http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/docs/DOC‐1257 Analysis of Social Media Policies: Lessons and Best Practices Chris Boudreaux Social Media Policy Use employees as ambassadors Provide guidance Support your employees State  your corporate boundariesb d i Provide the right info, to the right people , at the right time Provide hyperlinks in all policies to all relevant documents and contacts. 10
    • 10/5/2010 What’s the ROI on social media? “What’s the ROI for putting on your pants every morning? But it’s still important to your b i business.” ” Scott Monty, Digital Communications Manager, Ford What does success look like? Reach Engagement and Influence• Traffic – visitors and views •Sharing and evangelism• Interaction – volume of  comments •Commenter authority and influence• Trust – Incoming links •Retention – connections, clients, etcAction and insight i di i h •Favorites, Friends, Fans, Connections• Sales ‐ conversion• New business• Customer engagement  satisfaction and loyalty Source: Econsultancy – Chris Lake, Tactica and Digital Resource Group, Measuring  the influence of social media 11
    • 10/5/2010 Tools for measuring• Alterian• Scoutlabs• Radian6• Xeesm © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  34 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Xeesm/Flights!™ Social Business Relationship Mgmt • Tracking engagements • Setting milestones • F ll i Following a process • Show progress © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 35 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 36 12
    • 10/5/2010© Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 37 Facebook Insights LinkedIn Profile © Copyright 2003‐2009  Integrated  Alliances LLC  / Wendy Soucie Consulting  39 LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 13
    • 10/5/2010 Twitter Profile © Copyright 2010  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 40 © Copyright 2003‐2009  Integrated  Alliances LLC  / Wendy Soucie Consulting  41 LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved You need to make your profiles  standout © Copyright 2010Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 42 14
    • 10/5/2010 Profile Building Model – A process Determine Business Goals First Business  Profiles  Network Search Communicate Applications © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  43 Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved Establishing a Profile on the Internet • CONSISTENCY IS  IMPORTANT More than your picture  and name Needs to evolve over  time Time is of essence  Photo credit Amy Lynn Schereck© Copyright 2003‐2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 44 Example Profile Names © Copyright 2003‐2009  Wendy Soucie  45 Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 15
    • 10/5/2010 Profile Tips• Look and feel – Brand  you• Link back to key sites • Profile name Profile name• Claim profile  www.knowem.com Photo credit Amy Lynn Schereck © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  48 Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 16
    • 10/5/2010 “Networking is not about hunting. It is about farming.  It’s about cultivating relationships. Don’t engage in  ‘premature solicitation’. You’ll be a better networker if  you remember that.” – Dr. Ivan Misner, NY bestselling author &  founder of BNI © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  49 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Why is network size important? • Network ‐ size matters, you must grow • Contribute – thru questions, blog posts,  events, knowledge share • Participation – thru feedback,  comments, views, downloads,  comments views downloads bookmarking or other consumption Socialmedia‐academy.com You can begin to measure ROI  and social capital value © Copyright 2010  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 50 Stay Visible. • Completeness• Content• Context• Applications A li ti• Network • Activity level 51 © Copyright 2003‐2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  ‐ All Rights Reserved 17
    • 10/5/2010 What to Publish– Blogs– Podcasts– Videos – Photos Photos – Presentations– Ebooks– News releases Make Use of Existing Material – Make emails into blog  posts – Turn forum posts into blog  posts – Make blog posts into  presentations – Shoot video at your events – Interview clients for your  blog – Repurpose company info  for public reports – Create case studies Social Media Examples © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  54 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 18
    • 10/5/2010 Timken.com Email  Campaign Website  Home 55 © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights ReservedOracle has:•Wiki•Twitter account •OpenWorldroom on FriendFeed.com.  Hycor Biomedical 19
    • 10/5/2010 Cree Lighting  ‐ LED Lighting Williams & White Lincoln Electric – Welding Machines © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  60 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved 20
    • 10/5/2010 Sterling Surfaces  Louis E. Page Fencing (last but not least)  B 2 C & B2B © Copyright 2009  Wendy Soucie  62 Consulting LLC ‐ All Rights Reserved Partnerships | Strategic Alliances | Joint Venture • Wendy Soucie Consulting  – www.wendysoucie.com • Founder/Principal • End Result Marketing • Nurture marketing and research • Social Media Academy  • Certified Social Media Consultant • Founding Gold Member  and Alumni • Black Diamond Consultant • Xeesm – Social CRM  • Business Partner – Wisconsin • Integrated Alliances  – IA Certified Trainer • Images from IstockPhoto.com© Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 63 21
    • 10/5/2010 We provide:  Technical Product Expertise Manufacturing experience Social media assessmentsYour Questions?Your Questions? Marketing b k i best practices Thought leadership strategies Social media building blocks Training on tools and strategy Implementation help and coaching Network . Contribute . ParticipateSocial web links:  http://xeesm.com/wendysoucie © Copyright 2003‐2010 ‐ Wendy Soucie  64 Consulting LLC  All Rights Reserved 22