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SlideShare as a Business Tool: How to use for networking and business promotion
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SlideShare as a Business Tool: How to use for networking and business promotion


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This presentation was given at the monthly meeting for the Madison Area Business Consultants. This is a membership based group of over 250 professionals and freelance consultants who cover a diverse …

This presentation was given at the monthly meeting for the Madison Area Business Consultants. This is a membership based group of over 250 professionals and freelance consultants who cover a diverse range of expertise from marketing, education, manufacturing, training, sales, IT, business development, financial services, organizational management etc. The goal was to introduce attendees to a social media business tool that could enhance presentations they were already given and make them more useful as a marketing effort, public relations, thought leadership, and educational tool for potential clients and partners.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Slideshare as a Business Tool as a Business Tool How to use for networking and   growing your business b @wendysoucie Certified Social Media Consultant #Disclaimer: Walter Adamson is not associated with Slideshare.
  • 2. Agenda Why Slideshare? Building your network Building your network Integration across platforms Promoting articles and blogs Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  2 LLC
  • 3. Why Slideshare? Why Slideshare? • 1 5 M visits 1.5 M visits • 60M monthly  pageviews • 30,000M uploads/day • Brand channels • 70% of traffic from  search Potential for high quality connections Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  3 LLC
  • 4. Business Reasons Business Reasons Drive traffic to website Create awareness of brand Support and promote thought  Support and promote thought leadership Create dialogue with peers C t di l ith Find new clients Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  4 LLC
  • 5. Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  5 LLC
  • 6. Be a part of the buzz! Be a part of the buzz! Thousands of presentations linked to,  blogged about, and tweeted about each  blogged about and tweeted about each day Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  6 LLC
  • 7. How do you get started? How do you get started? Social Media Academy NCP Model Social Media Academy NCP Model Network Development  and growth  Development and growth Purpose, quality and size Contribution C t ib ti How and where you contribute  Participation P i i i Engagement link to NCP Model Powerpoint Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  7 LLC
  • 8. Use Slideshare to network Use Slideshare to network Great source of quality material Networking – more followers High potential for quality connections Brand channels to differentiate Customer contacts Filter connections through content quality Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  8 LLC
  • 9. NCP  NCP ‐ Networking Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  9 LLC
  • 10. Use Slideshare to contribute Use Slideshare to contribute • Upload your content to share Upload your content to share – Various file formats • Embed it to your blog,  y g, LinkedIn, Facebook • Create Slidecast • Add audio to your  presentations Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  10 LLC
  • 11. NCP – Contribution • Comment in the usual  way • Add social links • Subscribe for  follow up  • Creates participation Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  11 LLC
  • 12. Use Slideshare to participate Use Slideshare to participate  Share  publically and on private intranets Easily organize, search, tag and download Join Groups, create a group, compile a  collection Research Slideshare widgets to drive traffic g Develop mashups Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  12 LLC
  • 13. NCP – Participation • Best practice tip • David Armano • Ask for help in preparing • Gain participation Gain participation • Better quality output Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting 13 LLC
  • 14. Profile Importance Profile Importance Profile – is it complete? p Add social connector Consistent with other profiles Which social links to auto? Account categories Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  14 LLC
  • 15. Account Category Account Category • Company • Professional Speaker • Ad/PR/Marketing Agency Ad/PR/Marketing Agency • University / School • Event Organizer E tO i • Non‐Profit / Government • Presentation Design Firm • Default Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  15 LLC
  • 16. Company name  p y vs name Category vs default d f lt Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  16 LLC
  • 17. Promoting other content  • Social Links to activate? – Twitter – Facebook – Linkedin – Blogs Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  17 LLC
  • 18. Integration  Integration ‐ Slideshare Autoshare Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  18 LLC
  • 19. Integration ‐ LinkedIn On your home page ‐ you see  latest from your connections latest from your connections On your profile page your  fl connections see the latest from  you! Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  19 LLC
  • 20. Integration – Facebook Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  20 LLC
  • 21. Integration – Search and RSS • Use search to stay on top of info • Feed RSS Latest into Reader • (Filter on keywords – i.e., Identity Theft ) Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  21 LLC
  • 22. Need help to get started? Need help to get started? Create ppt/ doc/whitepapers Create ppt/ doc/whitepapers Select a good blog post. Make a pdf Work with a professional designer   k ih f i ld i If not original presentation – keep it short Think about the keywords. Tag it!  Have a call to action Have a call to action Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting  22 LLC
  • 23. Conclusion • Great tool –NNetwork k – Contribution – Participation • Great resource – Constant input from RSS – Following friends and connections Following ‐ friends and connections – Thought leadership or p // / p // / y Thank you to Walter Adamson for the connection, networking and idea  sharing for this presentation and Copyright 2009 Wendy Soucie Consulting LLC 23