Madfiber hopes to attract Google's High Speed Fiber to Madison


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Wendy Soucie's latest post concerning the City of Madison's bid to attract Google to build an experimental ultra highspeed network in Madison WI.

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Madfiber hopes to attract Google's High Speed Fiber to Madison

  1. 1. Google fiber project RFI for Madison and interview of Preston Austin by Wendy Soucie on March 19, 2010 When Google speaks, people listen. When Google offers to bring fast fiber networks into a city, people react. When Google suggest that we might all be able to work on a 1G network with a little cooperation, organization and commitment, people take action. Even the cows are looking forward to better connection speeds if Google Fiber lands in Madison. That’s what is all about. Town hall meeting educates the public I attended the recent town Hall style meeting designed to educate the public on the RFI that the City of Madison is pursuing to win the hearts and mind of Google. Community members of all flavors were present including city council, geeks, techies, grandmas, kids, business professionals, TV, radio, and newspapers eager to hear the opinions of the greater Madison community. Ice cream flavor makes for sweet deal Babcock Hall has even created a new flavor of ice cream to honor the Google Fiber interest. I tasted it and it was very good. I didn’t see it before it melted a little but it had candy pieces that were Google’s colors, granola for fiber, and nuts. I am sure it had chocolate or I wouldn’t have liked it so much! Interview of Preston Austin sets the stage for uploads
  2. 2. I had a chance to interview Preston Austin, co-founder of, and to my knowledge a pack leader in the fight to attract Google. He leads a group who is generating action to convince Google to extend its boundaries into every aspect of our community, beyond their very secure If you are interested in participating and wish to speak your mind about this topic, here is your connection touch point: Local website with all social touch points for Madison’s Google Fiber Network at You can find links to upload videos, pictures, post comments, fill out surveys, and state your opinions. March 26, 2010 is the big deadline for submitting the RFI and we need you on the Fan base on Facebook. Related articles by Zemanta   Google Fiber Sparks Online Competition Between Cities Nationwide (   Portland City Council backs Google fiber pitch (   Al Franken Jokes, But Google Fiber Is No Laughing Matter (   Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota Wants All Firstborns To Be Named ‘Google Fiber’ [Humor]  (   U.S. Cities Change Names to Attract Google Fiber (   Google Will Be Chasing Television Ads (   Should My Town Get Goofy for Goo‐Fiber? (   Desperate cities beseech St. Google: bless us with thy fiber (‐2‐0/google‐fiber‐project‐rfi‐for‐madison‐interview‐of‐ preston‐austin‐imby‐info/