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WSO2Con US 2013 - Connected Business - making it happen



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Connected  Business  –  Making  it  Happen   Paul  Fremantle   WSO2   CTO  and  Co-­‐Founder  
  • 2. About  Me  
  • 3. About  Me  
  • 4. About  Me   Count  Dracula’s  first  cousin     17  2mes  removed    
  • 5. The  drive  towards  Connected  Business  
  • 6. MoDvaDons   •  Moore’s  Law  for  Data   •  •  •  •  App  Stores   •  11/8/13   Encoding  data  in  DNA  stores  700TB  in  1   gram   And  of  course  almost  infinite  compute   power   400M  users,  650K  apps   Most  apps  have  a  small  number   of  users   •  •  Infinite  data  storage  is  coming   •  •  Global  data  is  doubling  every  15  months   New  apps  must  be  wriNen  to  work  with   this  data   •  This  is  not  your  father’s  app   •  •  Mobile  apps,  ecosystem  apps,  API-­‐ based  apps,  IoT  will  proliferate   API  Economy   •  •  Long  tail  is  really  long   The  App  must  work  in  a  federated,   external  model  as  well  as  internal   Internet  of  Things   •  Connected  Cars,  Smart  meters,   Wireless  Sensor  Networks,   Thermostats,  Door  locks,  etc   6  
  • 7. “ Invention comes in many forms and at many scales. The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity – to pursue their dreams. “ Jeff Bezos
  • 8. Connected  Business   hNp://  
  • 9. Connected  Business   •  ConnecDng  your  internal  systems,  your  partners  and  your   ecosystem   •  CreaDng  a  pla_orm  for  internal  and  external  innovaDon   •  VirtualizaDon  of  your  data,  funcDon  and  processes   •  Cloud  based  approaches  for  tenancy,  billing,  metering  and   self-­‐service   •  Monitoring  and  governance  
  • 10. VirtualizaDon  –  in  the  wider  sense   Automation } Control Monitoring Import org.apache.x Agility Flexibility
  • 11. Some2mes   Crea2vity  needs   limits  
  • 12. hNp://   hNp://  
  • 13. What  is  a  Milestone  Plan   •  A  set  of  milestones!  (ok  that  was  obvious)   •  Each  milestone  is  self-­‐contained  and  useful   •  At  each  milestone  review  and  course-­‐correcDon   takes  place   •  Milestones  can  be  independent   •  Can  be  Dme  or  funcDon  based  
  • 14. Start  integraDng  beNer   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Use  SOAP  and  REST  appropriately   Use  JSON  for  mobile-­‐friendly  applicaDons   Don’t  put  up  with  an  average  service  re-­‐use  of  1.02   Iterate     Iterate  again   Think  of  Internal  APIs  and  internal  API  customers   Don’t  let  the  organizaDon  structure  dictate  the  SOA  
  • 15. APIs   •  Use  the  opportunity  to  subset  the  SOA   •  A  constrained  API  store  will  encourage  creaDvity,   improvement  and  beNer  architecture  
  • 16. Why  WSO2  API  Management?   •  •  •  •  •    Leader  in  the  Forrester  Wave   Ease  of  use  for  simple  cases   Flexibility  and  Openness  for  hard  cases   Amazing  performance   Extensible  with  the  rest  of  the  Carbon  pla_orm  
  • 17. Enterprise  DevOps      
  • 18. WSO2  App  Factory      
  • 19. App  Factory  is  more  than  just  DevOps   §  Governance  and  Compliance   §  The  guiderails  for  development   §  Lifecycle  Management   §  Version  Control   §  IntegraDon  with  the  Pla_orm  as  a  Service   §  Stratos  2.0  –  a  Cloud  Pla_orm  
  • 20. Why  use  WSO2  App  Factory?   Unique  product:   •    Cloud  DevOps   •    PaaS  integraDon   •    Governance  and  Compliance   •    MulD-­‐tenant,  mulD-­‐project  –  ecosystem  enabled   Doesn’t  have  to  be  big  bang:   •    Partner  PaaS,  DevàStaging,  etc    
  • 21. Apache  Stratos  /  WSO2  Private  PaaS   >  stratos  subscribe  php  myphp  -­‐min  1  -­‐max  3     >  git  clone  hNp://   >  git  push  myphp  
  • 22. In  2005  we  built  a  company…   •  …based  on  the  idea  that  all  new  applicaDons  would   be  distributed  and  service-­‐oriented       •  Seems  we  were  right.   •  In  7  years  Dme  all  new  applicaDons  will  be  running  on   a  Pla_orm-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  
  • 23. Why  Stratos  for  PaaS?   •  Polyglot   •  Carbon  Pla_orm,  Tomcat,  MySQL,  PHP  for  starters   •  Inherently  MulD-­‐Tenant   –  Important  for  any  cloud  environment  (Public,  Private,  Partner)   –  1000’s  of  tenants  per  machine  are  possible   •  Shared  container  mulD-­‐tenancy  for  Carbon   –  Shared  OS  mulD-­‐tenancy   •  Core  services   •  Messaging,  Registry,  IdenDty,  Data,  Deployment,  etc   •  The  only  completely  open  PaaS  
  • 24. Mobile  App  Store  
  • 25. Ecosystem       Publish  new   APIs  into  API   Store   (and  App  in   AppStore)   Partner   Registers   Allocated  a   development     env  (Git,   Jenkins,  etc)   Deploy   Code/Build/ Test   Subscribes   to  APIs  
  • 26. Our  Roadmap   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  App  Factory  2.0  and  Apache  Stratos  4.0   API  Manager   WSO2  Cloud   ESB  Cloud  Connectors   Big  Data  and  Complex  Event  Processing   WSO2  Store  –  Enterprise  App  Store,  etc   WSO2  Mobile   And  business  as  usual  product  enhancements  
  • 27. How  to  get  there?   •  •  •  •  Formulate  the  vision   Work  out  realisDc  milestones   Book  a  QuickStart  for  your  first  milestone   Use  the  milestones  for  review  and  course  correcDon  
  • 28. Take  the  first  step   hNp://  
  • 29. Thank  you