WSO2Con US 2013 - Apache Stratos (Incubating) on OpenStack

WSO2Con US 2013 - Apache Stratos (Incubating) on OpenStack






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WSO2Con US 2013 - Apache Stratos (Incubating) on OpenStack WSO2Con US 2013 - Apache Stratos (Incubating) on OpenStack Presentation Transcript

  • Apache  Stratos  on  OpenStack   Frank  Rego   SUSE   Business  Development  
  • Cloud Infrastructure Enterprise Linux Integrated Systems
  • SUSE  at  a  Glance  
  • Where  SUSE  Leads  
  • Global  Customers  
  • Comprehensive  PorColio  
  • Broad  Ecosystem   Solution Providers (VARs, VADs) and System Integrators Training Partners (VARs, VADs) Technology Partners (ISVs, IHVs) Certified SUSE Linux Enterprise Products
  • Open  Source  Community  Leadership OPEN VIRTUALIZATION ALLIANCE
  • Provides selfservice management, elastic scaling, multi-tenant deployment for services But needs an elastic cloud framework for true scalability
  • What  is  OpenStack?  
  • SUSE  Cloud   •  •  •  Open  source  soFware  soluHon     Based  on  the  OpenStack  and  Crowbar  projects     Facilitates  enterprises  deployment  of  IaaS  Private  Cloud   End Users Self Service Portal APIs Automated Image Repository Configuration Optimized Deployment APIs Pool of Virtualized Servers (Compute Storage Nodes)
  • Why  an  OpenStack  DistribuHon?   RabbitMQ PostgreSQL Compute (Nova  Grizzly)   Hypervisor  Hypervisor     (Xen,  KVM) (HyperV,  ESX) Operating  System:   Physical  Infrastructure:   OpenStack  component SUSE  Cloud  Enhancement     EC2  API Block (RBD) S3 (RGW) Object (RADOS) SUSE  Linux  Enterprise  Server  11  SP3 Any    x 86-­‐64  server  certified  on  SUSE  Linux  Enterprise  11  SP3 SUSE  Product Partner  Product Network (Neutron) Required Services OpenStack  Cloud  APIs Sec  &  Perf Volume (Cinder) SMT Crowbar DHCP TFTP Chef Dashboard (Horizon) App  Monitor Object (Swift) Admin Server SUSE  Studio Images (Glance) Management SUSE  Cloud Portal (Keystone) SUSE  Manager Image  Tool Authentication VM  Mgmt Billing
  • Why  an  Install  Framework?   782 11 2 Parameters Components Hours Days
  • SUSE  Cloud  Structure     Control Node Admin Server • SLES • Chef server • Crowbar • Software mirror • TFTP • PXE Server • SLES • Database • Message queue • Self-Service Portal • Image Repository • Centralized Tracking • Scheduler • Identity and Authentication • Storage Crowbar + PXE Boot Customer Center Cloud Control Compute / Storage Node • SLES • Xen, KVM, Hyper-V, ESXi • Cloud Compute • Storage proxy
  • OpenStack  and  WSO2  PaaS  
  • Today……   + = Validated, enterprise-ready open source Middleware and PaaS solution for enterprise and private cloud deployments √  WSO2 Stratos certified on SUSE Cloud and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server √  Reference architecture for WSO2 Stratos on SUSE Cloud √  √  Joint support agreement SUSE membership in Apache Stratos
  • SUSE  and  WSO2  Success   Emerging opportunities • Who:  FoundaHon  responsible  for  the   Netherlands’  epilepsy  insHtutes   • What:  WSO2  Carbon  ESB,  BAM  on  SUSE   • Result:  gained  an  integrated  way  of   exchanging  informaHon  quickly  and  securely   between  systems,  including  electronic   paHent  records,  electronic  prescripHons   physician  informaHon  and  personnel   planning,  as  well  as  with  external  partners.   “The solution provides us with a centralized platform for exchanging data by integrating previously disparate information storage systems. From day one we have benefited from the user-friendly solutions of WSO2 and SUSE.” Jean Willem Barzilay CEO and Chairman of the Board, SEIN
  • Tomorrow……   + √  √  √  √  √  √  = Tighter integration between middleware and OS SUSE Manager integration Floating user permissions Automated deployment SUSE Studio image templates …………
  • •  Project  is  looking  for  people  to:   •  provide  feedback     •  write  or  update  documentaHon     •  help  new  users     •  recommend  the  project  to  others     •  test  the  code  and  report  bugs     •  fix  bugs  and  [submit  patches]   •  give  us  feedback  on  required  features     •  write  and  update  the  soFware     •  create  artwork     •  translate  to  different  languages     •  anything  you  can  see  that  needs  doing
  • Why  SUSE?  
  • Learn  More   •  Visit our web site •  Download a free evaluation copy •  Contact us
  • Thank  You