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Wso2con Asia 2014 Keynote

  1. 1. WSO2 for Your Connected Business Sanjiva Weerawarana, Ph.D. Founder, Chairman & CEO March 25, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda • What is a connected business? • WSO2 open platform for connected businesses • Why us?
  3. 3. Connected Car Credits:
  4. 4. Connected Home Credits:
  5. 5. Connected Health
  6. 6. Connected Supply Chain
  7. 7. Boeing Digital Airline
  8. 8. Connected Telecom • Next keynote: Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya
  9. 9. Connected Retail
  10. 10. Connected Banking • Tomorrow’s first keynote: Rana Peiris
  11. 11. Connected Government
  12. 12. Connected Manufacturing Credits:
  13. 13. What does connectedness mean for you? • Imagine …
  14. 14. Business case for a connected business • Deeper / better relationship with your customers • Further focusing on core • Responsive / agile business execution • New revenue opportunities
  15. 15. What does it take to get there? • Expose yourself internally and externally • Eat your own dogfood • Facilitate your ecosystem • Federate security
  16. 16. What about security? • In the post-Snowden world its impossible to not discuss security • New open standards for security make it much easier to secure a connected business • No short, simple path to security – continuous monitoring & iteration needed
  17. 17. WSO2 is the open platform for connected businesses
  18. 18. WSO2 is “open” • Open standards • Open source • Open business model • Open architecture • Open development • Open by default, for anything!
  19. 19. WSO2 Platform
  20. 20. Gartner says .. • WSO2 provides a broad portfolio of technology, including support for development and deployment of SOA-style applications, API management and application integration. WSO2 has been leading in innovation that enables developers to deploy applications on-premises or in the cloud with a platform that provides native elasticity and multitenancy, and supports hybrid cloud deployment models. • WSO2 offers a complete open-source portfolio, which reduces its costs and prices, simplifies consumption by customers, and has led to a notable installed base. • WSO2's broad portfolio of technology includes capabilities to support private cloud and other deployment options, which positions them favorably versus other OSS options. • Substantial proof points for application development, deployment and integration, including high-volume and high-scale environments, add credibility for a relatively small company. • A combination of simplified functions, various deployment options and a completely open-source model makes it easy for customers to consume WSO2 products, even when compared with other open-source middleware.
  21. 21. WSO2 Middleware Platform
  22. 22. WSO2 Cloud Platform
  23. 23. Enterprise Mobility Reference Architecture Device WSO2 Agent Ap p SaaS APIs API Calls EnterpriseBoundary API Calls Baa SAPI Calls SDK SOA & Integration Enterprise IdP API Calls Identity Federation ID Proxy Connect Multi-Factor Authentication
  24. 24. WSO2 is here for the long term … • Started in 2005 with the vision to re-think enterprise middleware • Now nearly 350 people strong and growing • Offices in Colombo, London, Bloomington Indiana and Palo Alto California • Vision is to become the #1 middleware company in the world!
  25. 25. Lets go build your connected business!
  26. 26. Credits:
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