WSO2 Platform Introduction - Why,What and How

WSO2 Platform Introduction - Why,What and How






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WSO2 Platform Introduction - Why,What and How WSO2 Platform Introduction - Why,What and How Presentation Transcript

  • WSO2  Pla&orm  IntroducFon:   Why,  What,  and  How?   Chris  Haddad   VP  Pla&orm  Evangelism   Twi3er  @  cobiacomm   h3p://   Last Updated: Jan. 2014
  • About  the  Presenter   ๏  Chris  Haddad   ๏  VP  Pla&orm  Evangelism   ๏  Learn  more  about  me   ๏  ๏   Follow  me   ๏  ๏  h3p://   ๏  2   @cobiacomm  on  Twi3er   On  Google+  too  
  • Why  Change?       Increasingly  Complex  Requirements
  • Join  The  Now  GeneraFon   ๏  Time  to  create  project  workspace   ๏  Time  to  build,  integrate,  test   ๏  Time  to  approve,  promote   ๏  Time  to  deploy,  release   ๏  Dwell  Fme  –  Fme  waiFng  for  the  next   operaFon  to  commence  or  complete
  • Evolve  with  The  Web  Channel     Social  Community,  Context,  and  Ecosystems   Web  1.0  Presenta.on   •  Web  sites   •  Brochure-­‐ware   •  E-­‐mail   •  Mass  markeFng   •  StaFc  informaFon   delivery   1/17/14   Web  2.0  Transac.onal   •  E-­‐Commerce   •  Social  networks   •  So]ware  as  a  Service   •  Search   •  RecommendaFons   and  status     Web  3.0  Community   •  Massive  Data-­‐driven   •  Mobile   •  Ad  hoc  groups   •  Self-­‐SelecFon  and   Social   •  Ecosystems   •  Contextual  and   Personalized   5  
  • Engage  your  customers  and  partners   Mobility, Internet of Everything, and Ecosystem Business Models are Transforming The Web
  • SituaFonal  Context:  Traffic   {incidents: [ {impacting: false, eventCode: 0, iconURL: "http://...", lat: 38.743999, shortDesc: "Exit ramp closed on I 95...", type: 1, severity: 0, fullDesc: "In NEWINGTON exit ramp closed on I-95 ...", startTime: "2010-02-21T00:14:07", lng: -77.188004, id: "368598263", endTime: "2010-02-27T05:04:19" }, Image source: Real-time traffic map:
  • Increase  Development  Volume   By  Enabling  The  Long  Tail  
  • Become  a  More  Connected  Business   Reduce   interac.on   fric.on  and  cost     Accelerate   interac.ons   inside  and   outside  the   organiza.on     Increase   engagement  and   enhance   produc.vity           Sense     business  ac.vity   and     automa.cally   adapt
  • Become  more  responsive  and  effecFve  
  • What  architecture  goal-­‐state  is  required?
  • 12  
  • Connected  Business  Reference  Architecture  
  • Old  IT  à  Responsive  IT  
  • Accelerate  Success  by     AdopFng  New  IT  Disciplines  
  • Select  fit-­‐for-­‐purpose  architecture  
  • Based  on  Composable  Components  
  • Spanning  Comprehensive  Requirements   WSO2  Carbon  Enterprise  Middleware  Pla&orm  
  • Pla&orm  Component  SelecFon  Flexibility  
  • Typical  IT  business  use-­‐case   ๏  New SOA strategy ๏  Leverage the existing IT infrastructure ๏  Build new business services ๏  Use externally available services ๏  Expose business services internally/externally ๏  Make the system enterprise ready
  • How  to  deliver  
  • Business  Service  Pla&orm     ImplementaFon  :  IntegraFon  and  Data  
  • Business  Service  Pla&orm    ImplementaFon  :  Services  and  Governance  
  • Business  Service  Pla&orm     ImplementaFon  :  Business  Processes,  Security  
  • Business  Service  Pla&orm     ImplementaFon  :  Monitoring  and  Portals  
  • Case  Study  :  Boeing  -­‐  A  PaaS  soluFon  to  reshape  client  engagement   (Architecture)    
  • AcFon  Step:  Integrate   27  
  • AcFon  Step:  Expose  Services  As  APIs   28  
  • AcFon  Step:  Don t  Loose  Control   29  
  • AcFon  Step:  Monitor  And  Analyze   ๏  ๏  Take  decisions  in  real  Fme   through  Complex  Event   Processing   ๏  30   Monitor  millions  of  events,   leveraging  highly  scalable  NoSQL   database   Common  Events  Collector     ๏  Create  dashboards  for  both   technical  and  business  monitoring  
  • AcFon  Step:  Publish  and  Socialize   31  
  • AcFon  Step:  Adopt  Unified,  Full  Life  Cycle   DevOps  
  • AcFon  Step:    Accelerate  with  DevOps  PaaS  
  • Shape  the  Cloud  
  • Recommended  Reading   ๏  The  Path  to  Responsive  IT   ๏  ๏  DevOps  Meets  ALM  in  the  Cloud   ๏  ๏  h3p://­‐meets-­‐alm-­‐in-­‐the-­‐cloud-­‐cloud-­‐devops-­‐paas   Cloud-­‐NaFve  Advantage   ๏  ๏  h3p://­‐path-­‐to-­‐responsive-­‐it   h3p://­‐naFve-­‐advantage-­‐mulF-­‐tenant-­‐shared-­‐container-­‐paas   PromoFng  Service  Re-­‐use  with  API  Management   ๏  h3p://­‐service-­‐reuse-­‐within-­‐your-­‐enterprise-­‐and-­‐ maximizing-­‐soa-­‐success  
  • WSO2:  The  only  Open  Source  visionary  in     all  3  applicaFon  infrastructure  categories Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose
  • Business  Model   37  
  • Contact  us  !