WSO2 Intro Webinar - Simplifying Enterprise Integration with Configurable WSO2 esb


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WSO2 Intro Webinar - Simplifying Enterprise Integration with Configurable WSO2 esb

  1. 1. Simplifying Enterprise Integration with WSO2 ESB Hiranya Jayathilaka Senior Technical Lead PMC Member (Integration Technologies)
  2. 2. A Word About WSO2• Founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, Web Services technologies & standards and open source. Primary contributors to Apache Web Services projects started in 2001.• Producing entire middleware platform 100% open source under the Apache license.• Business model is to sell comprehensive support & maintenance for our products.• Technology OEM’d by IBM, Progress, Software AG, Alcatel, EMC and CA.• Venture funded by Intel Capital and Quest Software• Global corporation with offices in Palo Alto (USA), Portsmouth (UK) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).• 150+ employees and growing.
  3. 3. Software in Enterprise• Modern day business organizations have many software systems • Enterprise resource planning solutions • Management information systems • Decision support systems • Tools for research, development and testing
  4. 4. Reality Check…• Enterprises have many reasons for using software • Saving time and resources • Automating complex and repetitive tasks • Detecting problems quickly and reacting to them• But most software deployments don’t even come close to realizing these goals
  5. 5. What’s Wrong with Software?• Nothing really – We are not using them right• A business is comprised of many related activities and processes• These should be carried out in perfect unison• Software systems that look after individual business aspects do not see this big picture• ‘Narrow minded’ systems often obstruct productivity than improve
  6. 6. A Couple of Examples…• The supply chain management system should keep an eye on the inventory management system• Decision support systems cannot help make useful decisions without insight to all the aspects of the business
  7. 7. And the Solution is…• Integrating systems and applications together• Get software systems to work in perfect synchronism with each other• Let applications see the bigger picture and enable them to take the right action at the right moment• These requirements lead to………..
  8. 8. Enterprise Application Integration• Integrating enterprise computer applications using software and computer systems architectural principles• Not limited to integration within an organization • Integrating with customer applications • Integrating with supplier/partner applications • Integrating with public services
  9. 9. Easier Said Than Done• EAI is often one of the hardest problems to crack• Enterprise applications are diverse • Different programming languages (C, Java, C#) • Different protocols (HTTP, AMQP, FIX) • Different platforms (J2EE, .NET, LAMP) • Different message formats (XML, SOAP, JSON) • Different QoS requirements (security, reliability)
  10. 10. If We are Not Careful…
  11. 11. ESB to the Rescue• A software architectural construct which provides fundamental services for complex architectures• Resembles a data bus used in computers• Provides a uniform approach for integrating systems• Reduces point-to-point connections between systems and reduces coupling
  12. 12. ESB in Action
  13. 13. Introducing WSO2 ESB• A lightweight, high performance ESB• Feature rich and standards compliant • SOAP and WS-* standards • REST support • Support for generic protocols (HTTP/S, JMS…) • Domain specific protocols (FIX, AMQP…)• Easy to configure (Zero code development)• Easy to extend (Clean APIs where necessary)
  14. 14. Lightweight to the Core• The entire binary distribution is sized ~150 MB – Download  Extract  Run• No special tools or IDE required – Use the built-in management console or go old school by manually editing the configuration files• Implement complex messaging scenarios and integration patterns within minutes – Powerful mediation features and flow constructs• Low CPU utilization and small memory footprint
  15. 15. Functional Components• Mediators • Tasks• Sequences • Local entries• Endpoints • Registry• Proxy services • REST APIs• Event sources • Message stores• Priority executors • Templates• Message stores
  16. 16. Mediators• The basic message processing unit in the ESB• Each mediator performs a predefined task on the input messages• WSO2 ESB ships with many mediators • Core mediators (Log, Send, Drop) • Transformation mediators (XSLT, XQuery) • Filtering mediators (Filter, Switch) • Advanced mediators (Clone, Iterate)
  17. 17. WSO2 ESB Messaging Model• Uniform view of “messages” regardless of underlying protocol and message format• Pipes and filters model for message flow control • Filters Mediators • Pipes  Sequences• Non-blocking, stateless, asynchronous messaging – High performance by design – 1 Billion transactions a day at eBay alone
  18. 18. Configuring the ESB• The task of laying out ESB functional components and configuring them• Done using the Synapse configuration language (XML based)• WSO2 ESB makes the job easier by providing a set of UI wizards and graphical tools• Equivalent to programming in many ways
  19. 19. An Example Configuration
  20. 20. One UI to Rule Them All!
  21. 21. Switch Between Design View & Source
  22. 22. Built-in Statistics & Monitoring
  23. 23. Carbon Studio for a More Integrated Development Experience
  24. 24. Supported Protocols/Standards• Transports • HTTP/S, POP/IMAP, SMTP, JMS, AMQP, FIX, Raw TCP, Raw UDP, SAP, File transports (FTP/CIFS)• Content interchange formats • SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, POX, HTML, Plain text, Binary, JSON, Hessian• WS-* standards • WS-Addressing, WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Policy, MTOM/SwA, WS-Discovery
  25. 25. WSO2 ESB Also Supports…• JMX based • Caching and throttling monitoring and • Scripting languages control • JDBC• Statistics collection • Registry integration• Priority based • Spring mediation • Drools• XSLT, XPath, XQuery, Smooks • Clustering
  26. 26. As a Router
  27. 27. As a Message Filter/Validator
  28. 28. As a Message Transformer
  29. 29. Protocol Switching
  30. 30. As a Load Balancer/Fail-over Router
  31. 31. As a QoS Enforcer
  32. 32. WSO2 ESB in Action
  33. 33. Summary• ESB is a powerful integration technology and a key enabler for implementing SOA• WSO2 ESB is a fast and lightweight ESB implementation which can be used in a wide range of integration scenarios• Powerful abstractions – Many mediation features – No coding required• Easy to get started – Easy to grow with
  34. 34. Resources• WSO2 ESB home page: bus/• Product documentation:• Samples: mples_index.html• WSO2 ESB – eBay case study: casestudy/
  35. 35. Selected Customers
  36. 36. WSO2 Engagement Model• QuickStart• Development support• Development services• Production support• Turnkey solutions – WSO2 Mobile Gateway Solution – WSO2 FIX Gateway Solution – WSO2 SAP Gateway Solution
  37. 37. Thank You