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WSO2Con Asia 2014 - Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience

WSO2Con Asia 2014 - Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience






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    WSO2Con Asia 2014 - Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience WSO2Con Asia 2014 - Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience Presentation Transcript

    • Embracing BYOD Trend Without Compromising Security, Employee Privacy, or the Mobile Experience! Shanmugarajah (Shan) Director Architecture, Enterprise Mobility WSO2 Inc.!
    • Agenda   • Work- New definition • Enterprise Mobility Challenges • Different Approaches to Data Security • BYOD • WSO2 EMM • Summary  
    • 16 years back  
    • Employees   Enterprise   Data   Device   Device   Work   • Happens inside a place • Dependent on specific Technology • Resources Within the premise Owned by enterprise
    • Now   Thanks to technology  
    • Enterprise   Data   Employees   Device   Data   Work   •  Independent of place • Independent of Technology • Resources Within the premise and outside Owned by enterprise and employees
    • Enterprise Mobility ?  
    • •  New trend towards a shift in work habits. •  Employees working out of the office with Mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.   Enterprise Mobility  
    • Challenges   Allow Mobility in your organization ?  
    • Enterprise   Data   Employees   Device   COPE   BYOD   Public Store  
    • •  Data Security •  Remote Device Management •  Enterprise Store •  Enterprise Application Development & Management   Challenges  
    • Data Security   How the data can be compromised ? Device being lost or stolen Malicious App stealing the data Data Leak   What is the data ? • Email message or the attachment • Documents like pdf,word,excel,ppt,text • Browser accessing HTML pages,cookies • Contact,Calendar,Notes • Application with Database   Why the data is sensitive ? • It can be highly confidential like quotation value, salary details • It can have a high impact if it goes to the wrong person   Who can compromise ? External Internal  
    • Enterprise needs some kind of Tool to solve the enterprise Mobility challenge! EMM  
    • Data Security - Approach 1   Mobile Device Management  
    • •  Enforce password policy on the device •  Encrypt data when locked (AES 256 FIPS 140-2) •  Enterprise Data WIPE & Device WIPE •  iCloud Backup Disable   How MDM can solve this challenge ?   •  If the password is compromised •  Malware or malicious app stealing data •  MDM has very little control over data sharing and DLP   Data Security - Approach 1 - MDM   Drawbacks  
    • Vendor Apps   Enterprise Apps   Apps from Public Store   Apps in the Device   Challenge 1.Need to separate enterprise apps and data 2.Able to Control it 3.Limit interaction with personal apps and data.  
    • Data Security - Approach 2 - Separate Apps and Data   Within Device   Away from Device  
    • Away from Device • Desktop Virtualization or VDI technology (Citrix XenDesktop,VMWare Horizon View, Dell vWorkspace, Remote Desktop Microsoft. • Web Apps Within Device • Virtualized OS’s on the mobile device (Hypervisor 1 and 2)   Data Security - Approach 2 - Separate Apps and Data  
    • Dual persona, two separate and independent end user environments in a single device.   Mobile Virtualization Virtualized OS’s on mobile (Hypervisor 1 and 2)   BlackBerry Balance Samsung KNOX  
    • Other Dual Persona’s   Blackberry Z10  Samsung Note 3   KNOX Container  
    • Not all the devices support dual persona iOS does not support or Apple will not allow to modify the OS   •  Desktop virtualization •  Web apps •  Mobile virtualization Each one of those options has its flaws.  
    • Data Security - Approach 3   Mobile App Management   • MAM gets you a step closer to managing what you care about • MAM brings the perimeter closer to the corporate resources  
    • Mobile App Management (MAM)   1. MAM (Controlling App behavior) 1a. SDK Approach 1b. App wrapping 2. OS MAM - iOS MAM through MDM 3. App Store and Managing apps with MDM  
    • Data security features   1.  Encrypt the data at transmit use app VPN tunnel or app tunnel 2.  Encrypt the data at rest & decrypt only when viewing 3.  Two factor authentication 4.  Data Loss prevention (Disable Cut,Copy and Paste) 5.  Data at rest should be controlled (Delete) 6.  Policy based Data control , where policy can be pushed and updated   MAM controlling apps behavior   Additional Features 1. Enterprise Apps in the mobile should be able to use SSO 2. Data can be shared between application 3. DLP (cut,copy,paste) should be enabled between enterprise applications  
    • MAM SDK Approach   SDK contains all the necessary API to implement the MAM features Provides enterprise-grade security with user authentication, single sign on, copy/paste prevention, data encryption, app-level policies, compliance monitoring and management.  
    • MAM - App Wrapping   App Wrapper Tool   •  For apps already built •  Need unsigned app binary. •  Not to apps from public app stores. •  Can do basics of encryption, authentication, or app-level VPNs. •  Can intercept, block, or spoof API calls made •  Can change the app icon  
    • MAM Solution (Controlling app behavior) • Works across all versions of Android and iOS • Native apps provide a superior user experience. Remote desktops, web apps, and virtualized mobile devices each have their place in the EMM world, but MAM has distinct advantages.   Data Security - Best Approach  
    • •  Remote Device Management (MDM) •  Enterprise Store •  Enterprise Application Development & Management (MEAP, mBaas)   Other Challenges in Enterprise  
    • Embracing BYOD in Enterprise - Benefits! •  Cost •  Device Maintenance •  Improved Productivity!
    • User-Experience and Privacy in BYOD! More than one Enterprise Apps Every app needs login Desktop apps have SSO Why not give the same experience Native App! Monitor the personal data like contact info, app info Location info of the user   User- Experience   Privacy  
    • WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager WSO2 EMM!
    • WSO2 EMM Features   •  MDM •  Enterprise Store with Publisher •  Mobile App Management  
    • Mobile Device Management   •  Employee / Corporate Owned •  Supports Android, iOS •  Identity integration •  Policy Management •  Containerization (Email) •  Self Service Provisioning •  Role Based Permission •  End-User MDM Console •  Enterprise Wipe •  Reports & Analytics  
    • Configuration   Android Features   • Device Lock • User password protected WIPE • Clear Password • Send Message • Wi-Fi • Camera • Encrypt Storage • Mute • Password Policy • Change Lock Code • App Blacklisting   • Location • Battery Information • Memory Information • Operator Information • Root Detection • Application Information   Information  
    • iOS Features   • Device Lock • Clear Passcode • Wi-Fi • Camera • VPN • APN • Email • Calendar • LDAP • Black - Listing Apps • Enterprise WIPE • Password Policy   • Battery Information • Memory Information • Application Information   Configuration   Information  
    • WSO2 EMM Screens  
    • •  Supports multiple platforms •  Android •  Native, Hybrid Application (.apk) •  Web Application •  Market Place Application (Google Play) [Free] •  iOS (iPhone, iPad) •  Native, Hybrid Application (.ipa) - Need to have enterprise developer account •  Web Application •  Apple Store Application [Free] •  VPP Application (Next Release)   Publisher    
    • WSO2 EMM – Publisher  
    • Store     Supports multiple platforms User subscription Advanced search options App sorting Support for existing user stores (Widgets, Gadgets, Books, Magazines , APIs). Single-Sign on  
    • WSO2 EMM – Store  
    • Application Management Console   • Mobile app policy enforcement • Compliance monitoring • Bulk app push • User App Management • Tracking app Installation  
    • WSO2 EMM – App Management  
    • Enterprise   Data   COPE   BYOD   Public Store   Mobile Project Management   Unified Store Backend API, mBaaS API   Development IDE   MDM  MEAP   Big Picture  
    • Roadmap   • App Containerization (SDK Approach) • Samsung KNOX Integration • Dynamic Policy • mBaaS • MEAP  
    • Summary   • Different approaches to BYOD problem • Based on your requirement Can be MAM , or it can be hybrid (MDM & MAM) • End-user experience and their privacy is important  
    • Consumerization is a two-way street. You need to make sure your users understand the need to keep resources safe, but you also need to make corporate resources accessible.! IT Consumerization  
    • Q/A  
    • Thank you