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WSO2 Carbon and WSO2 Stratos Summer Release Roundup


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Webinar:WSO2 Carbon and Stratos Summer 2012release round-upPaul Fremantle, CTO and Co-FounderChris Haddad, VP Technology EvangelismAfkham Azeez, Director of ArchitectureWSO2 Inc.
  • 2. Agenda• What is being released and when?• Carbon 4.0 (C4) • New products • Product enhancements• Stratos 2.0 • New capabilities
  • 3. WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform 3
  • 4. Carbon 4.0 (C4)• The latest core and products based on the Carbon technology• Modular middleware for on-premise and cloud• Reconfigurable to your needs: • When you need additional components in the same runtime • e.g. Combine Business Process Server and Data Services) • When you need to vertically scale as well as horizontally scale: • e.g. Deploy API Manager with 10 gateway nodes, 6 BAM nodes and 2 Store/Provider nodes • Improvements to Carbon are inherited by all the Carbon products!
  • 5. Carbon Core improvements and new features• Enhanced Deployment Synchronizer• Deployment performance improvements• Management & worker node separation• JDK 1.7 support• Better integration with Tomcat 7• Upgrading Equinox SDK (OSGi runtime) to v3.7• P2 Repository: Features grouped by product• Multi-tenancy in Carbon
  • 6. Tomcat inside OSGi• In Carbon 3.x Tomcat lived in a separate classloader from the other OSGi components• Now: • Webapps can see OSGi bundles • Better integration with Carbon APIs • No jar duplication & related problems • Can use standard Catalina server.xml
  • 7. Management & Worker Node Separation
  • 8. Improved Deployment Synchronization
  • 9. Multi-tenancy in Carbon• Previously there but not fully exposed• Now a first class capability• Why? • Better orthogonality between Carbon server runtime and Stratos PaaS foundation • Only a single build per product (no separate Stratos builds of the products)
  • 10. Carbon Products based on C4Available Now Available in October/NovemberWSO2 API Manager 1.0 NEW! WSO2 Identity Server 4.0WSO2 Application Server 5.0 WSO2 Complex Event Processor 2.0WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 4.5 WSO2 Gadget Server 2.0WSO2 Governance Registry 4.5 WSO2 Message Broker 2.0WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2.0 WSO2 Storage Server 1.0.0 NEW!WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer 2.0Available end of SeptemberWSO2 Data Services Server 3.0WSO2 Business Process Server 3.0WSO2 Business Rules Server 2.0WSO2 Cloud Gateway 1.0 NEW!
  • 11. API Ecosystem Model
  • 12. Application Server 5.0• Support for Apache CXF based JAXWS/JAXRS apps • Now WSO2 AppServer ships with both Axis2 as well as CXF frameworks • First class support for Apache CXF services running on the Carbon framework • Full support for Tomcat XML configs (catalina.xml, etc) • URL Mapping support • Merge of Mashup Server features • Includes a new Server-Side JavaScript framework:
  • 13. Jaggery Example
  • 14. ESB 4.5.0• Improve Interoperability • XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0 function support • MSMQ support • SAP adaptor with IDOC and experimental BAPI support • EJB mediator• Enhance Default Performance • Improved mediation performance • JSON streaming support• Expand Ease of Use • Mediation library support – Experimental • Improved Endpoint UI, REST API UI, message store UI, and processors UI • Enhance JSON support• Augment Managability • SNMP monitoring support
  • 15. Passthru performance Axiom 15.00 13.00 11.00 BinaryLatency (ms) 9.00 Relay 7.00 5.00 3.00 Passthru 1.00 -1.00 10 25 50 100 250 500 Concurrent clients
  • 16. Governance Registry 4.5.0• Enterprise Development Ease of Use • Support for Source Configuration Management(SCM) • Worklist Notification Bar and Notification Type information display • XPath Query Support for Search• Manageability • Support for Java Management Extensions(JMX) • Task Scheduling for Registry• Registry Model • URL Referenced Assets and API Assets • Improving Support for Configurable Governance Artifacts • Hierarchical Subscriptions for Collections• Risk and Compliance • Reporting improvements and Lifecycle audit • Onetime Email Verification for Subscriptions• Interoperability • WS API for Governance Artifacts(CRUD Operation Support)
  • 17. WSO2 Business Activity Monitor v2.0.0
  • 18. Scalable Analytics Deployment
  • 19. Elastic Load Balancer 2.0• Tenant-aware and Service-aware load balancing • Ability to dedicate clusters for tenants (private jet mode) • Establish multi-tenant service partitions• New sysadmin friendly configuration language• High performance PassThrough transport• Improved auto-scaler
  • 20. ELB Configuration
  • 21. WSO2 Identity Server 4.0• Decentralized federated SAML2 IDP • Read/Write Active Directory • Federated Single-Sign On support• OAuth 2.0 support • Federated XACML PDP • Simpler support for HTTPS-based • WS-XACML support for tokens communication between PEP and• SCIM 1.0 support PDP • REST-based cloud user-provisioning • Improved Identity Management standard features• XACML 3.0 support • Password Policies • Multiple request profile • Obligation & advice
  • 22. WSO2 Complex Event Processor 2.0• Fast • High performance Thrift transport • Supports same data publishers as BAM2.0 • New pluggable CEP engine Siddhi • A high performance Java engine• Easy to get started and use • Management UI improvements • Develop Studio mode • Straightforward CEP language from allStockQuotesStream#window.time(120000) insert into fastMovingStockQuotesStream symbol,avg(price) as avgPrice, price group by symbol having ((price > (avgPrice*1.02)) or ((avgPrice*0.98)>price ));
  • 23. WSO2 Message Broker 2.0• Re-architected core for high scalability and performance • Designed to manage large scaling of persistent messaging • Large numbers of queues, subscribers and messages • Elastically scalable datastore • No SPOF / Full HA • Significant improvement in performance compared to MB 1.0
  • 24. Stratos 2.0 – Platform as a Service• Support for multiple languages and runtimes (PHP, Jetty, plus extensible) • New Cartridge model allows new languages and frameworks to be plugged in • Supports existing VM-based IaaS but also enables lightweight LXC model• Support for more IaaS providers (vmWare, EC2, OpenStack, CloudStack, Rackspace, etc) via Jcloud • Supports a single Stratos deployment over multiple IaaS (hybrid cloud)• Enhanced Manageability • Puppet based deployment • Improved logging model • Smaller minimum footprint • Improved autoscaling and ELB
  • 25. Stratos 2.0 Conceptual ModelaPaaSiPaaS Carbon Carbon Other PHP Any ESB AppServer Carbon Cartridge Pluggable Cartridge Cartridge Cartridges Cartridge Logging Securit Regist Relatio Colum File Task Billing Messagi Service y ry nl n Storag Mgmt Servic DataFoundation ng Service Servic Storag e Servic e Service e Servic e Servic e e Servic e PaaS e Stratos Controller Elastic Cloud Artefact Deployment Manageme Load Load Controller/ Distribution Synchronise nt Monitor Autoscaler Service r Console Balancer IaaS Infrastructure Cloud (EC2, vmWare, Rackspace, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, etc)
  • 26. Virtualization models Stratos 2.0 supports all these Pure hardware models (in combination too) Virtual MachineIsolation LXC Shared Process (e.g. Carbon MT) Resource Optimization
  • 27. Tenant-aware and Service-aware Load Balancing
  • 28. Private Jet mode• Analogy • Economy class • no SLA management, only elasticity • Business class • elasticity plus SLA guarantees • Private Jet • Guaranteed isolated VMs or machines for a specific tenant • Still elastically scaled
  • 29. Logging
  • 30. Lazy loading with Ghost Deployment
  • 31. Questions!