An Enhanced User Experience for Automobile Purchases with the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway


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An Enhanced User Experience for Automobile Purchases with the WSO2 Mobile Services Gateway

  1. 1. An Enhanced User Experience for Automobile Purchases with the WSO2 Mobile Services GatewayJordan Corn – Director of Solutions Research for IT , AAA MAEd Kilchinsky- Manager Mobile Development, AAA MAMiyuru Wanninayaka – Senior Software Engineer, Member Integration Technology Group, WSO2Asanka Abeysinghe - Director, Solutions Architecture, WSO2 © WSO2 2012. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.
  2. 2. WSO2 Background-  Founded in 2005 by recognized leaders in XML, Web services technologies, standards and open source-  Primary contributors to Apache Web Services projects started in 2001-  Funded by Intel Capital & Quest Software ($11M)-  Technology OEM’d by IBM, Progress, Software AG, Alcatel, EMC, and CA-  Global offices: -  Palo Alto, USA - Portsmouth, UK - Colombo, Sri Lanka-  145+ employees and growing
  3. 3. WSO2 Platforms and PaaSWSO2 Carbon WSO2 Stratos WSO2 StratosLiveEnterprise Middleware Cloud Middleware Platform Java PaaSPlatformOn-premise on physical or Cloud-native (multi-tenant & Public Java PaaS operated byvirtualized environments metered), deployed as private WSO2 or public PaaSFull suite of products – start with Full benefits of cloud – from Instant access to middleware –one, click to add more using VMs to building higher as-a-Service level PaaS or SaaS appsIn production at 100+ F1000 Manage central ops, enable Pay just for what you use;enterprises; 1B txn per day at developers to self-provision flexible billingeBay middleware services Common Code Base •  Complete middleware stack •  OSGi-based componentized platform •  100% open source and standards
  4. 4. WSO2 support engagement model-  QuickStart-  Development Support-  Development Services-  Production Support-  Turnkey Solutions
  5. 5. AAA Mid-Atlantic-  Part of the AAA association, serving more than 50 million members across the United States-  One of over 40 AAA clubs-  Territory extends from Virginia through New Jersey-  Customers include more than 3.5 million members
  6. 6. AAA Mid-Atlantic Products Roadside Discounts Insurance assistance Maps and Travel Auto repair directions booking Auto Driver Retail Buying training
  7. 7. Business Requirements-  Deliver an iPhone auto buying app for the entire AAA Association-  Deliver an app that works for different clubs with -  Different fulfillment options -  Different business rules-  Provide the following functions: -  Allow all users to research and compare vehicles -  Present member prices to members -  Allow members (in some territories) to buy cars at guaranteed member prices
  8. 8. Simplified Application Flow Varies by •  Validate membership number and zip code territory Contact dealers •  Receive dealer information •  Transmit leads to dealers •  Select from makes/models, Research and saved favorites, saved searches compare vehicles •  Study, compare, price vehicles •  Specify shopping location Enter •  Intent is to allow shopping near Shopping Zip or away from home
  9. 9. Technical  Requirements  -  Communication between iPhone application and WSO2 ESB should use JSON messages-  Backend services uses different message formats -  SOAP, REST, POX, JSON-  Expose services provided by multiple vendors as composite services-  Minimize iPhone to ESB service calls by aggregating backend services-  Expose AAA internal database as services-  Monitor activity of Mobile Service Gateway
  10. 10. Component Architecture
  11. 11. Solu3on  Architecture   AAA  Internal  Services   Media3on  Sta3s3cs   JSON External  Providers   ESB  Configura3on  Ar3facts  
  12. 12. Deployment  Architecture  •  7 x 4GB dual core VMs• Clustered MS SQL server
  13. 13. Exposing DataData is stored in MS SQL databaseStored procedures exposed as SOAP web services using WSO2 DSS35+ backend service operations created just using XML configuration JDBC MS SQL WebService  
  14. 14. Monitoring•  WSO2 BAM is used to monitor services exposed by WSO2 ESB •  Push model•  Presents statistics in dashboard and as reports•  Email alerts•  Logging Mediation Statistics Push
  15. 15. Manage Configuration-  WSO2 Governance Registry is used to store artifacts of-  Shared registry instance across multiple products using registry mounts-  Each product has separate registry space-  Shared space to store common artifacts ( WSDLs, Schemas )-  DEV > IST > UAT > PROD migration using check-in/check-out Mount Mount Mount
  16. 16. Complex Service CreationAggregated services created in ESB using Service chaining Cloning Aggregating Conditional routing Message transformation Individual     Services   Aggregated   Service  
  17. 17. Get Vehicle Info By Chrome ID And Zip-  Call GetVehicleInfoByTrimID-  Call GetDealershipInfo-  Call GetTrims-  Call In parallel -  TrueCarPricing -  TrueCarIncentivesAndFees -  TrueCarSpecifications -  TrueCarEditorialReviews -  TrueCarStandardFeatures -  TrueCarOptionsAndColors -  TrueCarPhotos-  Call addVehicle (DSS)
  18. 18. Get Vehicle Info By Chrome ID And Zip TrueCar Pricing TrueCarIncenti vesAndFees TrueCar Specifications GetVehicleInfo GetDealership TrueCarEditori GetTrims alReviews AddVehicle ByTrimID Info TrueCarStand ardFeatures TrueCarOption sAndColors TrueCar Photos Parallel Processing
  19. 19. Project Challenges: Geographical Variations-  Primary functionality varies by geography: -  Some territories partner with the Association’s primary provider of vehicle information and guaranteed prices -  Others use different partners -  Others do not actually offer auto buying-  Secondary functionality varies by geography: -  Cross-promotion of related products (financing, protection, insurance) -  When member prices are shown varies-  The app design had to handle all cases with no sense of degradation!
  20. 20. Project Challenges: Overall-  Account for geographic variability-  Connect to multiple partners -  Provider of vehicle data and pricing -  Provider for VIN resolution -  AAA National-  Allow club-specific cross-promotion and messaging-  Abstract changes from the application-  Manage multiple partners-  Maintain close ties with major clubs and AAA National-  Coordinate launch across all of AAA
  21. 21. Project Challenges: Technical-  Ability to create JSON APIs-  Ability to create reliable composite services-  Ability to consume services with various message formats-  Ability to create data service APIs-  Ability to have service monitoring capabilities-  Security challenges exposing internal challenges to internet-  Service response times
  22. 22. Results-  Success!-  Store reviews have been positive-  We have passed 10,000 downloads-  Application is allowing members to research and purchase cars-  Architecture has been extremely robust-  Numerous changes have been made without app redeployment
  23. 23. Possible Future Enhancements-  Extend application functionality -  VIN recognition -  Overall ownership cost estimates -  Used cars?-  Port to other platforms -  Android -  iPad -  Windows Phone-  The architecture will help us regardless of where we go!
  24. 24. Summary-  Reuse of existing services-  Usage gateway pattern and bus architecture to build the solution-  Unified API to hide the complex backend services-  Lightweight API with JSON-  Go to market within a shorter project cycle-  Enterprise solution with scalability, high-availability and performance
  25. 25. More Info§  Corporate website:§  Developer portal:§  Business development team:§  AAA Mid-Atlantic §  Website :
  26. 26. lean . enterprise . middleware26