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WSO2Con US 2013 - Store and Deliver Data to the Mobile App Edge: WSO2 Storage-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Store and Deliver Data to the Mobile App Edge: WSO2 Storage-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service Anjana Fernando WSO2 Inc. Technical Lead
  • 2. The Requirement ● Mobile application friendly data store management and data access – Data source provisioning – Data services – Mobile friendly protocols / data formats Image sources: ,,
  • 3. Storage as a Service ● Data Storage Provisioning ● Ideal for SMEs – – No need to have specialized expertise to setup / maintain – ● No need to maintain your own hardware Pay as you go Rapid Application Development Image Source:
  • 4. Storage as a Service... ● WSO2's offering: WSO2 Storage Server ● Multiple Data Store Types – RDBMS – Cassandra ● Databases / Users / Permission Management ● Multi-tenant data source provisioning ● Used internally in WSO2 App Factory Image Source:
  • 5. Data as a Service ● Data operations on a data store exposed as standard services ● No duplication, encourages re-usability ● Creates a data access layer by abstracting out data repositories ● Service governance – Service design / development is managed properly according to the requirements – Runtime governance aspects also to enforce SLAs such as performance of the services
  • 6. Data as a Service... ● WSO2's offering: WSO2 Data Services Server ● XML based declarative language for defining data services ● Service data input mapped to a target data source query and the output from a data source mapped to the service result
  • 7. Data as a Service... ● WSO2 Data Services Server Features :– Multiple data source types, and custom data sources for extensibility – Data federation – Data batch support – Transactional data access – Secured data access – Multiple protocol and data type support, e.g. HTTP, JMS, XML, JSON – RESTful data access
  • 8. Mobile Application Data Access Challenges ● Limited access to data store clients ● Lightweight client-side processing ● Mobile friendly transports and data types ● Rapid development ● Security and performance ● Native vs HTML5 Image Source:
  • 9. Mobile Data Services ● Creating a data access layer ● Access control, security aspects defined by data services ● ● Clear service interface accessed using well known transports, all data related actions offloaded to data services layer RESTful services with JSON data payloads Image Source:
  • 10. Integrated Solution ● ● ● WSO2 Storage Server for data source provisioning WSO2 Data Services Server for exposing created data source as data services Mobile application, either HTML5 or native applications access data services using HTTP/HTTPS with JSON/XML data payloads
  • 11. Demo
  • 12. Upcoming enhancements ● WSO2 Storage Server – Additional data store support: MSSQL, Oracle databases – Policy driven provisioning ● Based on QoS / SLA params – – ● Storage and bandwidth monitoring Usage policies for billing WSO2 Data Services Server – Data quality / data filtering capabilities – Complex input data support – Advanced query composition inside data services – Improved transaction support – Finer extension support, data source, queries, interceptors etc..
  • 13. Questions?
  • 14. Thank You!