WSO2Con 2013 - West Connect Powered by WSO2


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WSO2Con 2013 - West Connect Powered by WSO2

  1. 1. West Connect Powered by WSO2 Pranav Patel VP, Systems Development
  2. 2. Leading Global Provider of Technology-Driven Communication Services
  3. 3. West’s Suite of Communication Solutions
  4. 4. West Interactive • Headquartered in Omaha, NE - Subsidiary of West Corp • Providing contact center solutions for 20+ years cloud-based IVR/Speech automation mobile apps for customer care hosted contact center carrier grade, scalable and reliable platform
  5. 5. Our Scale & Reach • • • • • • • • 4 Billion Minutes of Customer Engagement annually. Half Billion Proactive mobile and voice notifications delivered annually. 140,000+ Ports of IVR. 4,000+ Customer Engagement Applications deployed. 350+ Client Contact Centers are frontended with West’s voice solutions. 150+ real time host interfaces. 44 Global Contact Centers owned and managed by West. 35 Global Data Centers across all of West Network Operations Center in Omaha, NE
  6. 6. The Challenge
  7. 7. The Business Challenge • Customers are demanding anytime, anywhere access to data and services • More channels for communication than ever before – mobile apps, text messages, phone, e-mail, social,… • Just offering the channels is not enough, need to connect them to improve the overall customer experience • Systems have to be intelligent
  8. 8. Consumer Interactions • More complex and urgent the problem, the more likely the consumer will attempt to access channels at the higher end of the scale
  9. 9. Our Internal Challenges • Inflexibility – Silo’ed technology and services with channel centric application business logic, not flexible enough to support dynamic business needs. • Lack of Standardization • Need for Centralization – underutilized duplicate technology resources resulting in higher operational management & maintenance costs • Old, Proprietary technologies
  10. 10. West ConnectTM • Enabling middleware platform based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Set of technologies and core services that are open, flexible, and standards based • Provides for multichannel communication, multi-tenancy and services such as Identity Mgmt. Rules Engine Notifications Context awareness Analytics and more
  11. 11. West ConnectTM APIs • REST APIs made available for internal and external consumption • Cloud APIs – potential new source of revenue • Allows communication channels not owned by West to take advantage of West Connect Services
  12. 12. Architecture
  13. 13. Why WSO2? • Open Source – low cost of entry • Flexible, pluggable architecture – allows to install only products we are interested in using • Low infrastructure footprint • API Manager
  14. 14. Interaction Cycle Collect & Store Collect and store customer interaction data across all channels Based on the learning and rules perform action – could be pro-active Act Analyze Analyze the data, learn from it and apply business rules
  15. 15. West Connect™ Context Services Manages customer context and history to drive intelligence in various interactions, regardle ss of channel Video Mobile Recent History Customer Identity Customer Past History Web Agent Social
  16. 16. Context Services • APIs to support reading and writing of context data about customer interactions from all channels • User profile management – identify users based on any one of their stored IDs – phone number, email, login id, mobile device id • Business logic, rules and event processing • Drives predictive and proactive communication
  17. 17. Use Case Example
  18. 18. Thank You