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Introducing WSO2 API Manager for Mobile Applications and Rapid Integration

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  • 1. Webinar:Introducing WSO2 API Manager forMobile Applications and Rapid Integration
  • 2. Invention comes in many forms and at manyscales. The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity – to pursue their dreams. Jeff Bezos
  • 3. Growth which can’t be ignored
  • 4. The API billionaires • More than 15 billion calls per day • More than 1 billion calls per day • More than 5 billion calls per day •More than 260 billion objects stored in S3 •More than 1 billion transactions per day (via WSO2 runtime for API gatewaying)
  • 5. Running Your SOA as a Web Startup
  • 6. APIs• An API is a business capability delivered over the Internet to internal or external consumers • Network accessible function • Available using standard web protocols • With well-defined interfaces • Designed for access by third-parties• A Managed API is: • Actively advertised and subscribe-able • Available with SLAs • Secured, authenticated, authorized and protected • Monitored and monetized with analytics
  • 7. WSO2’s API Management Vision• Create APIs • WSO2 Application Server, Data Services Server and ESB• Find and subscribe/buy APIs • API Store and Governance WSO2 API Management• Manage, secure and protect APIs Platform • API Management and Gateway• Monitor and Monetize APIs • API Monitoring and Analytics• Develop, host and run API-based applications in a Platform-as-a-Service • WSO2 App Factory • Domain Specific PaaS
  • 8. APIs three ways 2. Managing access from inside the enterprise to cloud APIs 3. Managing cross-department acces internal APIs1. Offering external APIs to partners, mobile apps and cloud apps
  • 9. WSO2 API Manager 1.0.0• Launched in August 2012• Can be installed and deployed: • as a single JVM for small usage or testing • as a HA cluster for scalability and failover • as an EC2 image for cloud deployment• Runs on the WSO2 Carbon core • OSGi, modular, robust, scalable, in large scale production• Already in production!
  • 10. Not really a 1.0.0 product...• API Manager leverages WSO2 proven components: o WSO2 ESB  used as API Gateway by eBay, AAA, and others. eBay handles > 1 billion API calls/day o WSO2 Governance Registry  used by British Airways, Intermountain Healthcare, and many others o WSO2 Identity Server  used by Citigroup, Federal Home Loan Bank of SF, US Navy and others  WSO2 Business Activity Monitor  In production at AAA, MA and others
  • 11. API Manager Components
  • 12. Product Features• API Storefront for subscribers • Including link to OAuth2 provider for key issuing• API Producer back office • Including publishing lifecycle, versioning, etc• API Gateway • OAuth2 token validation • Throttling and SLA management• API Monitor • Monitoring, links to monetization engines
  • 13. API Store
  • 14. API Store Features
  • 15. API Publisher
  • 16. API Publisher Features
  • 17. API Store: Key Management
  • 18. Scalable Analytics Deployment
  • 19. API Analytics
  • 20. Further Details• Full support for web protocols: • JSON/HTTP(S), REST interactions • SOAP/HTTP(S), XML/HTTP(S) • Non-blocking high-performance HTTP transport handles thousands of concurrent connections• API Key Management based on OAuth2 • Get Key (with or without asynchronous approval process)• Monitoring and analytics • Latency, Response Time, Failures vs Success, Total Transactions, Transactions by API Key • By user specified time period as well as over the last 1m, 5m, 10m, 1hr, 4hr, 8hr, 24hr periods• Throttling by API and API key
  • 21. Using the API Manager for Mobile• Supports issuing keys to mobile apps• Supports JSON/HTTP for simple iPhone/Android apps• A single key for each app makes life simple and allows app usage monitoring• Throttling of different applications protects backend services from over-eager developers• Managing side-by-side versions for different versions of apps in the iPhone or Android AppStore
  • 22. Roadmap Summary 1.0 next • API Publishing: • Monetization • Documentation/Samples/SDK/Links to • Improved API experience external docs • Embedded API Testing • Tagging • Enhanced Self-Registration process • Track consumers by API • View Statistics by API • Additional Collaboration Features • API LifeCycle Management • Improved administration • API Subscribing • Custom API LifeCycle • Search - Rate - Comments • Integration with 3rd party Key • API Versioning Management Systems • Manage multiple APIs via the application • Integration with 3rd party repositories concept such as GITHub • User self-registration • Role-based views for usage reports • OAuth2 based Key Management • GoogleApps / OpenID based login • Throttling/SLA Limits per API • Enhanced Throttling Scenarios • Integration with BAM for API Statistics • Skinnable UI
  • 23. Powering Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Integrationand Application Development
  • 24. Resources• Website • http://wso2.com/products/api-manager/• Product Documentation • http://docs.wso2.org/wiki/display/AM100/WS O2+API+Manager+Documentation• Getting Started (highly recommended) • http://d.content.wso2.com/files/WSO2APIMan ager-v1.0.0-GettingStarted.pdf• Remaining webinars in this series: • http://wso2.com/landing/api-webinar-series/
  • 25. Questions?