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Introducing the WSO2 Platform


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  • Founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, web services technologies, standards and open sourceFunded ($11M) by Intel Capital and Quest Software 160+ employees in USA, Europe, Australia and Sri Lanka10 books published, 100+ technical articles, 30 PhD candidates, 2 PhDs Sri Lanka center of excellence for Open Source Leading source of Apache Committers outside the US Largest per-capita Open Source contributors in the world Leading source of Google Summer of Code winners
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    • 1. Introducing the WSO2 Platform Leading you to a Connected Business Prabath Siriwardena Director, Security Architecture 02.10.2013
    • 2. WSO2 History • 2001: Primary contributors to Apache Web Services projects • 2005: WSO2 founded by recognized leaders in XML, Web services technologies, standards and open source • Funded by Intel Capital & Quest Software • Recognized strength in numerous analyst quadrants • 2013: 230+ employees and growing Palo Alto Portsmouth Colombo
    • 3. WSO2 Value Proposition • Complete platform – Data to screen • Componentized – OSGI-based, use what you need, grows with you, internally consistent • Deployment flexibility – On-premise, private cloud, public cloud: same cloud-native code! • Project productivity – Lean model, config vs. code, leverage open standard skill base • Lock-in protection – Apache License 2.0 • Comprehensive support/competitive price
    • 4. WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform 4
    • 5. Carbon 5 • The latest core and products based on the Carbon technology • Modular middleware for on-premise and cloud • Reconfigurable to your needs: • When you need additional components in the same runtime • When you need to vertically scale as well as horizontally scale. • Improvements to Carbon are inherited by all the Carbon products!
    • 6. WSO2 Carbon : Component Architecture
    • 7. WSO2 Carbon
    • 8. WSO2 Carbon : Component Library
    • 9. What is a Feature • In Eclipse world • Feature is a grouping of set of logically related plug-ins/ OSGi bundles • Feature can be installed into Eclipse platform using its Update Manager • In Carbon world • Feature is a grouping of one or more logically related Carbon components
    • 10. WSO2 Carbon : Distribution Artefacts
    • 11. WSO2 Carbon : Share Runtime
    • 12. Carbon 4.2.0 12 • New Distributed Caching implementation based on Hazelcast. • New Clustering implementation based Hazelcast. • Synchronous deployment of CApp artifacts to ensure the atomicity of a CApp. • Improved Patches and Service packs installation model • Multi-profile support at the Carbon platform which enables a Carbon based product to behave in multiple modes/profiles • Feature Categorization
    • 13. WSO2 ESB 4.8.0 13 • Multitenant Mediation Library (Cloud Connector Core) Support for ESB • Five Cloud Connectors - JIRA Connector - Twilio Connector - Salesforce Connector - Twitter Connector - Google Spreadsheet Connector
    • 14. WSO2 ESB 4.8.0 14 • Call Mediator (Non-blocking Callout Mediator) • Loopback and Respond Mediators • Secure vault tool • Improved Message Store and Message Processor (MS/MP) implementation • Throttling support for VFS Listener • Support for FTP+SSL Certificates in vfs transport
    • 15. WSO2 Application Server 5.2.0 15 • J2EE Web Profile support - support for Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Java Transaction API (JTA) specifications out-of-the-box. • Publish Webapp Statistics from Application Server to Business Activity Monitor (BAM) • Improved JNDI support for Tomcat JNDI resources for Web applications • Run AS on multiple modes/profiles which includes webapp profile, axis2 service profile etc.
    • 16. WSO2 Application Server 5.2.0 16 • New Distributed Caching implementation based on Hazelcast • New Clustering implementation based on Hazelcast • Synchronous deployment of CApp artifacts to ensure the atomicity of a CApp • Automated patch application process • Configuration files read/write support for third party libraries • CXF version upgraded to 2.7.6 • Jettison version upgraded to 1.3.4 • Tomcat version is 7.0.34
    • 17. WSO2 Identity Server 4.5.0 17 • Seamless integration with Salesforce and Google Apps. • Custom login pages for OAuth, SAML2, OpenID, OpenID Connect login. • Comprehensive multiple user store support with configuration UI. • OpenID Connect • SAML2 profile for OAuth • Password / account recovery, Account locking • XACML policy wizard improvements.
    • 18. WSO2 Governance Registry 4.6.0 18 • First-class support for WADL. • REST API for Registry • CMIS Specification Support • Enhanced RXT functionalities • Notification for Approvals: Managing Subscription updates, the topics used to subscribe and procedure to add a subscription. • Asset models for ESB
    • 19. WSO2 Governance Registry 4.6.0 19 • Lifecycle state transition through Governance API • Offline WSDL Validation • RXT Lifecycle Workflow Integration: Web Service Executor and it's sample. • Life-Cycle in RXT Definition • Pagination for Registry • Enhanced UDDI Support • Registry Check In-client Improvements
    • 20. WSO2 API Manager 1.5.0 20 • Embeddable API Management • Mediation extension to in/out/fault API flows • Support for multiple deployment environments • Encryption support for access/refresh tokens • Improvements to multitenant API Store • Support for advance API endpoints
    • 21. WSO2 Platforms and PaaS WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform WSO2 Private Cloud Middleware Platform WSO2 Public Cloud Offering On-premise on physical or virtualized environments Cloud-native (multi-tenant & metered), deployed as private or public PaaS Public Java PaaS operated by WSO2 Full suite of products – start with one, click to add more Full benefits of cloud – from using VMs to building higher level PaaS or SaaS apps Instant access to middleware – as-a-Service In production at 100+ F1000 enterprises; 1B txn per day at eBay Manage central ops, enable developers to self-provision middleware services Pay just for what you use; flexible billing • Complete middleware stack • OSGi-based componentized platform • 100% open source and standards
    • 22. Deployment Choices 22 Public PaaS Private PaaS Carbon On-Premise
    • 23. Deployment Choices 23 Public PaaS Private PaaS Carbon On-Premise Or, any combination of these. (Same programming model across all deployment choices)
    • 24. WSO2 App Factory Source Code Management LifecycleManagement Stratos Platform Cartridges Development Cloud Issue Tracker Content PaaS Forums ManagedAPIs&DataSources Stratos Platform Cartridges Test Cloud Stratos Platform Cartridges Production Cloud Continuous Build Cloud App Command: Developer & Management Portal Developer Studio App Store
    • 25. WSO2 App Factory Project and Team Management Software development workflow Governance and Compliance Development Dashboards Develop Code Issue TrackingSource Control Continuous Build Continuous Integration Test Automation Continuous Deployment
    • 26. Tooling
    • 27. Graphical Process Modeling
    • 28. More Info  Corporate website:  Solution Architecture Blog:  Business development team:
    • 29. More Info  Corporate website:  Solution Architecture Blog:  Business development team: 4.8.0
    • 30. lean . enterprise . middleware