Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Store

Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Store






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Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Store Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Store Presentation Transcript

  • Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Store Managing and Accessing Digital Assets by Ruchira Wageesha (Associate Tech Lead)
  • About WSO2 ● Providing the only complete open source componentized cloud platform ■ Dedicated to removing all the stumbling blocks to enterprise agility ■ Enabling you to focus on business logic and business value ● Recognized by leading analyst firms as visionaries and leaders ■ Gartner cites WSO2 as visionaries in all 3 categories of application infrastructure ■ Forrester places WSO2 in top 2 for API Management ● Global corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka ■ 200+ employees and growing ● Business model of selling comprehensive support & maintenance for our products
  • 150+ globally positioned support customers
  • What is WSO2 Enterprise Store WSO2 Enterprise Store will provide a store for all digital assets of an enterprise, it will provide discovery, provisioning and will manage all aspects of an asset lifecycle.
  • What you can do ● Plug your own asset type ● Create and manage your assets ● Associate your own lifecycle ● Control access to your assets ● Inherit all generic features like searching, tagging, categories, social features etc. ● Customize, enrich listing pages, detail pages of your asset ● Have your own subscription flow
  • WSO2 Enterprise Store ● Store - search, discover assets ● Publisher - add and manage assets
  • Store
  • Store Homepage - recent assets by type
  • Listing - assets by type
  • Listing - by category
  • Sorting - by rating, alphabet or created time
  • Listing - Infinite scrolling
  • Search - backed by Apache Solr
  • Search - by attributes
  • Detailed - customize based on asset type
  • Social - comment and rate, backed by Apache Cassandra
  • Login - saml2 based sso, backed by WSO2 IS
  • Subscribe - customize based on asset type
  • Subscribed - :)
  • My Items - manage subscriptions
  • My Items
  • Publisher
  • Publisher Homepage
  • Listing - assets by type
  • Detailed
  • Creating - auto generated form based on RXT
  • Editing
  • Asset Lifecycle - auto generated based on scxml
  • Versioning
  • Demo
  • Adding New Asset Types
  • Steps . . . . ● Creating an RXT definition for your asset type ● Creating SCXML based lifecycle for your asset type ● Install RXT, lifecycle into the Enterprise Store ● Configure publisher ● Configure store
  • RXT definition <?xml version="1.0"?> <artifactType shortName="mobileapp" singularLabel="Mobile App" ..> …. <content> <table name="Overview"> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Provider</name> </field> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Name</name> </field> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Version</name> </field> ..... </table> <table name="Images"> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Thumbnail</name> </field> <field type="text" required="true"> <name>Banner</name> </field> ..... </table> </content> </artifactType>
  • Lifecycle
  • Installing ● RXT ○ <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/resources/rxts/ ● Lifecycle ○ <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/publis her/config/lifecycles/
  • Configure Publisher ● /_system/config/publisher/config/publisher.json ○ ["gadgets", "sites", "ebooks", "mobileapps"] ● Put your extension file as ○ <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/publis her/config/ext/mobileapp.json
  • Configure Store ● /_system/config/store/config/store.json ○ ["gadget", "site", "ebook", "mobileapp"] ● Put your extensions into ○ <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/exten sions/assets/mobileapp/
  • Next . . . . ● Customize views for your asset using extension mechanisms
  • Engage with WSO2 ● Helping you get the most out of your deployments ● From project evaluation and inception to development and going into production, WSO2 is your partner in ensuring 100% project success
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