Delivering Best Apps with Efficiency


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Delivering Best Apps with Efficiency

  1. 1. Delivering Best Apps with Efficiency Ajanthan Balachandiran( Software Engineer Janaka Ranabahu ( Senior Software Engineer
  2. 2. About WSO2 ● Providing the only complete open source componentized cloud platform ○ Dedicated to removing all the stumbling blocks to enterprise agility ○ Enabling you to focus on business logic and business value ● Recognized by leading analyst firms as visionaries and leaders ○ Gartner cites WSO2 as visionaries in all 3 categories of application infrastructure ○ Forrester places WSO2 in top 2 for API Management ● Global corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka ○ 200+ employees and growing ● Business model of selling comprehensive support & maintenance for our products
  3. 3. 150+ globally positioned support customers
  4. 4. What is WSO2 App Factory ●Platform for managed application development ●Support application from cradle to grave ●Manage infrastructure ●Provide automated configurable devops and governance ●Hosted as a cloud service ●100% Open source – Apache 2 licence
  5. 5. Delivering App with Efficiency ● Delivering app with efficiency depends following aspect of the development process ■ Collaborating ■ Developing ■ Building and Deploying ■ Governance ● WSO2 App Factory is designed to facilitate above aspects during software development process ● Extensible architecture of the WSO2 App Factory enables us to adopt above aspects based on the environment ■ BPELs ■ Plugins
  6. 6. Automated Infrastructure Provisioning ● Self service for infrastructure creation ■ Git repository ■ Pre-configured Jenkins job ■ Issue Tracking project ■ Runtime for each development stage ● Focus on application immediately ■ No need to wait for infrastructure ● Scalable and shared infrastructure ■ Shared infrastructure using various cloud technologies ● Your choices of proven tools ■ Version control GIT ■ Continuous build Jenkins ■ Issue tracking Redmine
  7. 7. Project and Team Management Software development workflow Governance and Compliance Development Dashboards Develop Code Issue TrackingSource Control Continuous Build Continuous Integration Test Automation Continuous Deployment WSO2 App Factory unifies Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud
  8. 8. Collaborate
  9. 9. Collaborate : Build Your Team ●Users are added to different roles. ●Developers ●QA ●Devops ●Each role has different sets of permissions. Application Developers QA Devops Application Owner Manages Users and Roles
  10. 10. Develop
  11. 11. Develop : Start from Sample App ●Manage your source code using GIT ●Use Maven as your build tool ●Start with Sample project ●Deploy in Dev runtime and do developer testing ●Manage your bugs using Issue tracker
  12. 12. Develop : Resource Management ●There are 3 kinds of resources in the context ●Data sources/Databases ●No need to maintain a separate Database Server. ●Creating a databases/datasources is quick and simple.
  13. 13. Develop : Resource Management ● APIs ● WSO2 API Manager is integrated. ● Can be subscribed to APIs simply.
  14. 14. Develop :Resource Management ● Properties ● Users can defined name value pairs and can be used in the anywhere of application such as End Points. ● ●Different resources (database, API, registry resources) at each stage automatically wired to correct resource based on stage.
  15. 15. Develop : Appfactory Tooling Support ●Tooling support is provided with WSO2 Developer Studio. ●Appfactory perspective in Developer Studio for Integrated development experience.
  16. 16. Develop : Appfactory Tooling Support ● Switch to the Appfactory perspective, login using Appfactory credentials and start developing applications. ● Checking/checkout code ● Trigger builds ● Deploy artifacts
  17. 17. Build
  18. 18. Build : Single Place to manage Build & Deploy ●Quick and simple branch creation. ●Builds can be triggered. ●Artifact can be deployed.
  19. 19. Build:Jenkins to Do Continuous Integration ● Pre-configured jenkins job based on app type ○ Configured to build with test ○ Configured to build on every commit ○ Configured to deploy on every successful build
  20. 20. Deploy
  21. 21. Deploy : Deploy Apps in Isolated Environment ●Stratos based Runtime per environment
  22. 22. Govern
  23. 23. Govern : Lifecycle Management ● Software development lifecycles of the application are easily manageable. ● Application can be managed through ● Development ● Testing ● Production lifecycles.
  24. 24. Govern : Lifecycle Management
  25. 25. Govern : Management Dashboard for CXOs ● Development dashboards deliver at a glance view of projects’ status, lifecycle, activity, and health ● Application and API subscriptions and usage ● DevOps KPI monitoring via integration with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor
  26. 26. Demonstration
  27. 27. More Resources Try out App Factory at : User Guide: http://docs.wso2. org/display/AF100/WSO2+App+Factory+Documentation WSO2 Developer Studio Download WSO2 Developer Studio Documentation http://docs.wso2. org/display/DVS320/Working+with+App+Factory+Applications
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Engage with WSO2 ●Helping you get the most out of your deployments ●From project evaluation and inception to development and going into production, WSO2 is your partner in ensuring 100% project success