APIs and Beyond


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APIs and Beyond

  1. 1. lean . enterprise . middlewareAPIs and Beyond Chris HaddadVP, Technology Evangelism Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-Founder © WSO2 2011. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.
  2. 2. Business APIs“APIs provide a way to make resources available for internal and external partners to access information and services.”
  3. 3. API ArchitectureAn API is a business capability delivered over the Internet to internal or external consumers • Network accessible function • Available using standard web protocols • With well-defined interfaces • Designed for access by third-partiesA Managed API is: • Actively advertised and subscribe-able • Exhibits high Quality of Service (QoS) • Available with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) • Secured, authenticated, authorized and protected • Monitored and monetized with analytics
  4. 4. APIs All the Way…
  5. 5. APIs and Business Consumers Mobile Apps Legal or government Employees authorities Core Business Corporate Services Suppliers Websites External Distributors Partners
  6. 6. Don’t ignore API ProliferationSource: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2011/10/03/4000-web-apis-whats-hot-and-whats-next/
  7. 7. Some Statistics • Twitter : More than 15 billion calls per day 75% through APIs • Netflix : More than 1 billion calls per day • Facebook : More than 5 billion calls per day • Amazon : More than 260 billion objects store in S3• eBay : More than 2 billion transactions per day (using the WSO2 ESB)
  8. 8. The New WebCreate an Architecture of ParticipationSource: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2011/01/03/api-growth-doubles-in-2010-social-and-mobile-are-trends/
  9. 9. API Opportunities “APIs create a new relationship opportunity – B2D; Business to Developer, that creates direct B2C, B2B and indirect B2C relations”Source: http://asanka.abeysinghe.org/2012/02/apis-create-new-relationship-b2d.html
  10. 10. API Opportunity
  11. 11. WSO2’s API Management Vision• Create APIs • WSO2 Application Server, Data Services Server and ESB• Find and subscribe/buy APIs • API Store and Governance WSO2 API• Manage, secure and protect APIs Management Platform • API Management and Gateway• Monitor and Monetize APIs • API Monitoring and Analytics• Develop, host and run API-based applications in a Platform-as-a-Service • WSO2 Stratos and Cloud Development Platform • API Cloud
  12. 12. The API Platform Architecture Self-service Access API Store Front API Explorer API Back Office Key Management Monetization Engine API Governance API Gateway Load Balancer Mediation Broker Authorization and Authentication API CloudMobile and Web Applications API Analytics Data Store Consumer Identity Traffic Control Provider Policies Monetization Repository API Repository
  13. 13. Business Design of the APIs• Know the consumer • Who will use the APIs (both developers and final end-user)? • What type of applications will use the APIs? • What business assets will be delivered?• Maintain Operational Control • What Quality of Service is expected? • Who can access the assets?• Remember Usability and Monetization • How will the API expose business assets? • How will you demonstrate business value via direct revenue, chargeback, or showback?
  14. 14. API Ecosystem Model•From SOA lessons learned, best practices roles•API Publisher • Builds, publishes, manages, and versions API • Understand business and technical requirements • Cares about usage and scaling • Seeks feedback, ratings, usage•API Manager •Promotes and encourages consumers to adopt API •Determines usage patterns and how to best monetize asset •Monitors and secures•API Consumer •Understands the interface definition •Subscribes and connects application to API •Monitors own usage and cost basis •Provides feedback and ratings
  15. 15. Architect’s View of API ObjectivesAPI Publisher•Publish easily consumable APIs•Increase API accessibility, availability, reliability, and security•Drive API adoption by building communities and promoting APIsAPI Consumer•Identify API matching project requirements•Evaluate API and rapidly compose solution•Assess service level agreement and cost•Socialize project requirements with API Publisher API Manager •Meter, rate limit, and monetize investment •Promote and enforce API lifecycle best practices •Optimize API portfolio and reduce custom development •Identify usage patterns, successful providers, and business opportunity
  16. 16. Developer’s View of API Objectives API Publisher •Quickly develop and publish secure RESTful APIs •Associate service level policies and monetization rates •Promote samples, how-to-guides, and roadmaps •Evolve and version service API Consumer •Register as an API consumer •Review API documentation and match project requirements •Obtain API key, integrate with API, test API •Subscribe to API at a specific service level and pricing rate API Manager •Follow best practice API lifecycle workflow •Version API •Request API features and file issue •Automated migration across lifecycle environments (e.g. Dev/QA/Prod)
  17. 17. Built on Proven Components• API Management Platform leverages WSO2 proven components: o WSO2 ESB  used as API Gateway by eBay, AAA, and others. eBay handles > 1 billion API calls/day o WSO2 Governance Registry  used by British Airways, Intermountain Healthcare, and many others o WSO2 Identity Server  used by Citigroup, Federal Home Loan Bank of SF, US Navy and others
  18. 18. Scalable Deployment Architecture
  19. 19. API Store Features
  20. 20. API Publisher Features
  21. 21. Adding an API See more
  22. 22. Listing APIs
  23. 23. API Store
  24. 24. Scalable Analytics Deployment
  25. 25. Questions? http://www.flickr.com/photos/oberazzi/ 25
  26. 26. Resources
  27. 27. Follow us: http://twitter.com/#!/wso2 Follow us:Contact us: http://twitter.com/#!/wso2http://wso2.com/contact/