Analyzing the Effectiveness of Mobile and Web Channels using WSO2 BAM


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Analyzing the Effectiveness of Mobile and Web Channels using WSO2 BAM

  1. 1. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Mobile and Web Channels Using WSO2 BAM Presented by: Sinthuja Rajendran ,Software Engineer Maninda Edirisooriya, Software Engineer
  2. 2. E-Commerce..● E-commerce has become an emerging trend in the internet marketplace for online purchases.● Two primary channels of e-commerce, ● Web Channel ● Mobile Channel
  3. 3. Web Applications● All time available, 24X7 hours in a week.● Zero Install - A web browser will be enough for all web applications.● Anybody, any where in the world● Quick and easy updates● Detailed Information● Easy access ...Many more....
  4. 4. Mobile apps● Mobile apps are becoming popular.● All advantages mentioned for web applications, but No zero Installation. You need to install the specific mobile app you want to use. - Easy to use - Access while transport - Increased computing power - Smart phones becoming cheaper - Cool trend among youth
  5. 5. Business from Web to Mobile?● Business is easier with, - Smart Phones - Tablets● New mobile apps - Getting popular in business applications● People getting familiar with mobile apps
  6. 6. RequirementIts important to analyze which e-commerce channel is suitable for anenterprise application, and make some strategic decisions such as providingpromotions targeting the market segments of each different channel.
  7. 7. Problem !How to monitor them? - Their usage - Tracking user behavior - Mobile user preferences - Mobile user interaction patterns - Compare with web app usage
  8. 8. Solution : WSO2 BAM 2.x.x (WSO2 Business Analytics Monitor)
  9. 9. WSO2 BAM 2Open Source Big Data analytics framework - Cassandra big data storage - Hive/Hadoop big data analysis - Jaggery based dashboard/ WSO2 GS Dashboard - Toolboxes ApproachIdeal for, - Thrift for web app monitoring / big data interception - REST API for mobile apps
  10. 10. BAM Architecture
  11. 11. Demo....Monitoring and analyzing both web and mobile channels of an, E-Ticket Booking System
  12. 12. In this demo,Web app - Running on WSO2 App ServerMobile app - Running on Android platformBAM toolbox - receiving, analyzing and visualizing channel usage
  13. 13. Online Ticketing ApplicationThe application consists of following operations,● Order a ticket● View a ticket● Cancel a ticket
  14. 14. Event Capture
  15. 15. Analytics and Visualization
  16. 16. Analyzed Outcome
  17. 17. Demo....
  18. 18. Whats more?Compare for each channel....● User geographic locations● Time variation analysis● App usage● Transaction quantities● User preferences● Cloud service usage metering● Theft detection and alerting● And many more .....
  19. 19. Questions??
  20. 20. Useful Links.. • Download WSO2 BAM from monitor/ •See the documentation on ocumentation • Download the toolboxes from monitor/toolboxes/ • See how you can write new Data Agent which publish to WSO2 BAM in bamcep • See how to use REST API of receiver in • See about BAM Dashboard in
  21. 21. Thank You