Addressing Integration needs in the education industry with the WSO2 Platform


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Addressing Integration needs in the education industry with the WSO2 Platform

  1. 1. Last Updated: Jan. 2014
  2. 2. Ruwan is a Senior Software Engineer with the solutions technologies team where he is mainly involved in the development of WSO2 API Manager and App Manager Products. In addition to his product development efforts he is an active contributor to the Apache Synapse project.
  3. 3. ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏
  4. 4. ➔ The Challenges… ➔ The 5 Criterias : APIs, Data, Apps, Security and Resources ➔ A couple of use cases and how WSO2 Products will help make your life easy..
  5. 5. "Business as usual is not in the future cards and we must innovate." Molly Broad, President, American Council on Education (ACE) ➔ The student demographic is changing. ๏ Most Students are : Non-Residential, Part-Time and Older ➔ Need to control cost and growth associated with expansion ➔ Keep up with E-learning, and make it a competitive advantage ➔ Make themselves available over contemporary channels of communications and technology.
  6. 6. APIs Security Data Applications Resources
  7. 7. University “ABC” decides to “INTEGRATE” !
  8. 8. University “ABC”, wants to : ๏ Share student course subscription data (stored as DB tables) in the academic department with the marketing department as a REST service for a research purpose. ๏ Host educational / training materials in a centralized location and display Students the relevant information based on courses subscribed. ๏ Generate notifications on courses to students and implement an automated payment reminder mechanism
  9. 9. “If you don't know where you are going, How will you know when you get there...” ๏ Analyze library borrowing / online content consumption patterns of students for strategic purposes ๏ Analyze historical grades of students over the past years and identify make decisions accordingly
  10. 10. ๏ A Heterogeneous data access layer with WSO2 DSS ๏ Extend your data as SOAP/REST services without a single line of code ๏ Support for Mongodb & Cassandra in addition to relational databases
  11. 11. (Screenshots)
  12. 12. ๏ Filter events by conditions and generate alerts ๏ Process historical RDBMS data in real time ๏ Detect and respond to various event patterns ๏ Joint event streams and create new streams
  13. 13. University “ABC”, wants to : ๏ Share its legacy SOAP services between departments ๏ Outsource development of its latest mobile app to a third party vendor without worrying about data security ๏ Monitor statistics and analyze what are the most popular services ๏ Implement service chaining and not have to worry about maintaining code. ๏ Share information between various devices, using security measures best suited for each platform
  14. 14. “API Management: the missing link for SOA success” - Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO, WSO2
  15. 15. ๏ Design, Manage and control version your APIs ๏ Manage Subscription ๏ Associate meta data and documentation to your APIs ๏ Workflows ๏ A store to Advertise your APIs ๏ Documenting APIs with swagger ๏ Plug it into your existing user stores ๏ Add your own mediation / enrichment / transformation logic
  16. 16. ๏ Apply throttling policies ๏ Control who can see and access your APIs ๏ Block API subscriptions ๏ Observe statistics
  17. 17. ๏ Resource level authorization via OAuth2 Scopes ๏ Different Grant types to suit different devices ๏ Authorization Code - For apps running on web servers ๏ Implicit - Browser based Apps ๏ Password - for when it is required to login with username and passwords (Privileged apps with a high level of trust) ๏ Client credentials - Server to server communications Custom Grant Types : ๏ SAML2 Bearer - Exchange SAML2 assertion for OAuth2 Tokens ๏ NTLM - Exchange NTLM credentials for OAuth2 Tokens
  18. 18. University “ABC”, wants to : ๏ Facilitate single sign on amongst its in house applications for students ๏ Need to make certain applications accessible to only users of a particular designation ๏ Monitor application invocation statistics
  19. 19. ๏ Monitor, manage and control access to your web applications ๏ SALM2 based Single Sign On / Single Log out amongst your in house applications ๏ Easy Administration with Enterprise Subscription ๏ Multi-Tenancy support ๏ Google Analytics support ๏ Document your Webapps ๏ Plug in Workflows
  20. 20. University “ABC”, wants to : ๏ Control access to their SOAP/REST services with a policy based fine grained access control model ๏ Wants to enable students and staff to log in to in house applications with their social media accounts ๏ Promote BYOD amongst faculty members whilst maintaining a strong focus on information security.
  21. 21. ๏ Single Sign-On (SSO) via OpenID, SAML2, and Kerberos KDC ๏ Identity Federation ๏ Role Based access control ๏ Plug in multiple user stores ๏ Fine grained authorization via XACML ๏ OAuth2 based authorization
  22. 22. ๏ Self-service device enrollment and management with end-user MDM console ๏ Manage both employee and corporate owned devices ๏ Support for Android and iOS ๏ Integrates to enterprise identity systems for device ownership: LDAP, Microsoft AD
  23. 23. University “ABC”, wants to : ๏ Store services provided by all departments in one location and... Isolate finance department from marketing Selectively share some finance dept. services with marketing
  24. 24. ๏ Supported by all the products in the WSO2 Stack ๏ One application deployment shared amongst Multiple divisions / client organizations with : ๏ Data level tenant isolation ๏ Execution level tenant isolation ๏ Selective sharing of artifacts
  25. 25. ๏ connected-age