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Accelerate Application development with WSO2 App Factory


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Accelerate Application Development with WSO2 App Factory Asanka Dissanayake Software Engineer Manisha Eleperuma Software Engineer
  • 2. ** About the Presenters Manisha Eleperuma Software Engineer, WSO2 Asanka Dissanayake Software Engineer, WSO2
  • 3. ** About WSO2 ๏ Global enterprise, founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, web services technologies, standards and open source ๏ Provides only open source platform-as-a-service for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments ๏ All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0. ๏ Is an Active Member of OASIS, Cloud Security Alliance, OSGi Alliance, AMQP Working Group, OpenID Foundation and W3C. ๏ Driven by Innovation ๏ Launched first open source API Management solution in 2012 ๏ Launched App Factory in 2Q 2013 ๏ Launched Enterprise Store and first open source Mobile solution in 4Q 2013
  • 4. Challenges of Traditional Application Lifecycle Management IT and Infrastructure ● Poor Agility ● Lack of continuous integration/build and DevOps ● No consistency in ○ Repo creation ○ Jenkins build systems ○ Issue tracker ○ Dependency usage ○ Resource usage External ● Too complex for 3rd party developers ● Hard to access APIs infrastructure ● No App Store/ No API Store. Governance ● Governance is manual hence costly and inconsistent ● Management have no insight into development Environments ● Hard to create and maintain environments
  • 5. Accelerated Application Development Why Application Development need to be accelerated? “within the digital universe the data volume to double every 18 months” The Expanding Digital Universe: A Forecast of Worldwide Information Growth through 2010 John F. Gantz, David Reinsel et al. o Building applications need to keep phase with o Growth of data o Growth of demand to consume data o Advance requirements to consume data
  • 6. Accelerated Application Development An Accelerated Application Development Platform provides, o Collaboration and Communication among stakeholders o Agility/ Continuous Delivery o Proper governance (Resources and SLDC) o Dependency management o Re-usability
  • 7. Project Setup o Repository Creation o Continuous Integration Tool o Issue Tracking tool etc... Image source - This takes time …..
  • 8. Development Phase o Manage development team o Manage resources across environments o Providing Test Environments o Continuous integration o Software Development Lifecycle Management o Bug tracking image source -
  • 9. Deployment Phase o Continuous Deployment o Setting up a deployment environment o Enable high security in the production environment o Ensure scalability and high availability
  • 10. Image source - Appfactory does them all for me ? …. hmm well .. what is Appfactory?
  • 11. WSO2 App Factory A platform that supports applications from cradle to grave
  • 12. WSO2 App Factory
  • 13. How it is made easy ….. o Single click infrastructure creation during application creation. o Code repository o Issue tracking o Continuous integration
  • 14. Private Build and Repo Space for Devs o A parent repo for the entire team o Per Developer Repositories (Forked Repository) o Per Developer Builds o Merged with the parent repo upon a pull request
  • 15. Lifecycle Management o Configurable checklist for promoting o Check list + Single click for promoting o Different security levels for each lifecycle
  • 16. Resource Management o Supported resource types o Datasources o APIs (External/Enterprise) o Properties o Resource creation, editing has never been this easy o Automatically wired according to the environment
  • 17. Resource Management o Automatically wired according to the environment Development Testing Production Resource Resource Resource Resource Creation Image source - ,
  • 18. Coding made easy o Code snippets available for each resource type o Just copy and paste into your code o Utilize resource you created within your application with minimum effort.
  • 19. Agility People Image source - Source Code Development Testing Production Feedbacks/ Requirements
  • 20. Communication & Collaboration o Application wall - communicate application level information among team members o Branching o Application team management information o Lifecycle state changes o Build Status o Deployment Status o User Wall - Shows user level notification o Information of all applications that user belongs to. o Dash Board o overview of the application statistically.
  • 21. ** More Information ! ๏ ๏ https://docs.wso2. com/display/AF200/WSO2+App+Factory+Documentation ๏
  • 22. ** Business Model
  • 23. Contact us !