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Reshaping Enterprise Architecture

Reshaping Enterprise Architecture






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Reshaping Enterprise Architecture Reshaping Enterprise Architecture Presentation Transcript

  • Reshaping  Enterprise   Architecture   Chris  Haddad   Pla$orm  Evangelism   Last Updated: Jan. 2014
  • About  the  Presenter   ๏  Worked  with  Enterprise  Architecture   Teams  for  many  years  and   transformaBve  iniBaBves   ๏  Success  and  Failure  of  SOA   ๏  ApplicaBon  Pla$orm  Strategy   ๏  Learn  more  about  me   ๏  ๏  @cobiacomm  on  TwiJer   ๏  2   www.linkedin.com/in/cobiacomm/   hJp://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm   ๏  On  Google+  too  
  • Why  Change  Enterprise  Architecture?       Increasingly  Complex  Requirements   http://wso2.com/landing/enabling-the-connected-business
  • Join  The  Now  GeneraBon   Does  EA  Accelerate  or  Inhibit?   ๏  Time  to  create  project  workspace   ๏  Time  to  build,  integrate,  test   ๏  Time  to  approve,  promote   ๏  Time  to  deploy,  release   ๏  Dwell  Bme  –  Bme  waiBng  for  the  next   operaBon  to  commence  or  complete   http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/2013/03/19/accelerating-business-agility-with-app-factory-devops-paas/
  • Evolve  with  The  Web  Channel     Build  Social  Community,  Context,  and  Ecosystems  into  EA   Web  1.0  Presenta.on   •  Web  sites   •  Brochure-­‐ware   •  E-­‐mail   •  Mass  markeBng   •  StaBc  informaBon   delivery   1/21/14   Web  2.0  Transac.onal   •  E-­‐Commerce   •  Social  networks   •  Soware  as  a  Service   •  Search   •  RecommendaBons   and  status     Web  3.0  Community   •  Massive  Data-­‐driven   •  Mobile   •  Ad  hoc  groups   •  Self-­‐SelecBon  and   Social   •  Ecosystems   •  Contextual  and   Personalized   5  
  • Engage  your  customers  and  partners   with  an  Enterprise  Mobility  and  API  Strategy   Mobility, Internet of Everything, and Ecosystem Business Models are Transforming The Web
  • SituaBonal  Context:  Traffic   {incidents: [ {impacting: false, eventCode: 0, iconURL: "http://...", lat: 38.743999, shortDesc: "Exit ramp closed on I 95...", type: 1, severity: 0, fullDesc: "In NEWINGTON exit ramp closed on I-95 ...", startTime: "2010-02-21T00:14:07", lng: -77.188004, id: "368598263", endTime: "2010-02-27T05:04:19" }, Image source: http://www.directoryofnewyorkcity.com/blog/2009/05/how-to-find-parking-in-new-york-city/ Real-time traffic map: http://www.mapquestapi.com/traffic/
  • Increase  Development  Bandwidth   By  Enabling  The  Long  Tail  
  • Become  a  More  Connected  Business   Reduce   interac.on   fric.on  and  cost     Accelerate   interac.ons   inside  and   outside  the   organiza.on     Increase   engagement  and   enhance   produc.vity           Sense     business  ac.vity   and     automa.cally   adapt     http://wso2.com/landing/enabling-the-connected-business
  • Build  a  more  responsive  and  effecBve  IT  Team  
  • Enterprise  Architecture  Pi$alls   ๏  Not  compelling   ๏  Doesn’t  tell  a  story   ๏  Focuses  on  policy  over  process   ๏  Lacks  measurable  benefit  (Time,  cost,  quality)   ๏  Ignores  PerspecBve   ๏  Micro  versus  Macro  View   ๏  Dev  innovaBon  versus  Ops  stability   ๏  IT  Factory  Bme  versus  Business  Just  in  Time  demands   ๏  Too  hard  to  adopt   ๏  ๏  11   New  skills  required,  mismatched  funding  models   Doesn’t  make  the  right  thing  to  do,  the  easy  thing  to  do  
  • Enterprise  Architecture  Success  Factors   ๏  Converges  boJoms-­‐up  interest  with  top-­‐down   benefit   ๏  Builds  adopBon  on-­‐ramps   ๏  Delivers  accelerator  packs   ๏  Provides  educaBon,  mentoring,  and  project  assistance   ๏  Creates  an  easier  process   ๏  12   Recognizes  trust  and  relaBonships  
  • What  architecture  goal-­‐state  is  required?   http://edcforums.com/threads/the-atwood-collectors-thread-part-2.101226/page-5
  • 14  
  • Connected  Business  Reference  Architecture  
  • Old  IT  à  Responsive  IT  
  • Accelerate  Success  by     AdopBng  New  IT  Disciplines  
  • Select  fit-­‐for-­‐purpose  architecture  accelerators  
  • Based  on  Composable  Components  
  • Spanning  Comprehensive  Requirements   WSO2  Carbon  Enterprise  Middleware  Pla$orm  
  • Pla$orm  Component  SelecBon  Flexibility  
  • How  do  we  reduce  Wait  States  and     enable  Responsive  IteraBons?   Dev  Ops   Tooling   Automated   Governance   ConsumpBon   based   Funding   Service  Level   Management  
  • WSO2  xPaaS  -­‐  Key  DifferenBators   •  A  complete  set  of  Cloud-­‐NaBve  middleware  services   enabling  complex  project  delivery   •  Enterprise-­‐ready  foundaBon   •  Re-­‐shapes  team  collaboraBon  and  reduces  wait  states   •  Business  driven  PaaS   –  Lowest  run-­‐Bme  cost   –  CxO  dashboards  delivering  por$olio  visibility   –  Development  and  DevOps  dashboards  Showback/chargeback  billing   http://wso2.com/landing/wso2-advantages
  • WSO2  Cloud  NaBve  Advantage   ๏  Automated  governance     ๏  Mul.-­‐tenant  plaHorm     ๏  On-­‐demand  self  service     ๏  Elas.c  scalability     ๏  Service-­‐aware  load  balancing     ๏  Cartridge  extensions    
  • Cloud-­‐NaBve  Pla$orm  Architecture   http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/2013/04/18/cloud-
  • Cloud  NaBve  Difference   http://wso2.com/whitepapers/cloud-native-advantage-multi-tenant-shared-container-paas
  • How  do  we  Efficiently  Collaborate  and   Streamline  Processes?   Execute  according  to  DevOps  Principles   ๏  IteraBve   ๏  Incremental   ๏  ConBnuous   ๏  Automated   ๏  Self-­‐service   ๏  CollaboraBve   ๏  HolisBc  
  • Implement  DevOps  Processes   ๏  Infrastructure  as  Code   ๏  Self-­‐service  configuraBon   ๏  Automated  provisioning     ๏  Automated  release  management   ๏  ConBnuous  delivery   ๏  ConBnuous  build   ๏  ConBnuous  integraBon   ๏  ConBnuous  deployment   ๏  Incremental  tesBng  
  • WSO2  DevOps  Advantage   ๏  Complete  lifecycle  automa.on   ๏  Collabora.on  oriented     ๏  Project  workspaces  and  dashboards   ๏  Con.nuous  delivery    
  • DevOps  PaaS  DifferenBaBon   Self  service  project  and  policy  configuraBon   ๏  ๏  Via  project  configuraBon  portals   ๏  Security,  service  levels,  frameworks,  usage,  topology   Automated  pla$orm  provisioning   ๏  ๏  Via  service  Ber  templates   ๏  Framework  and  policy  enforcement  points  (PEPs)   Process  automaBon   ๏  ๏  ๏  ๏  ConBnuous  build,  test,  and  deployment   Code  promoBon  and  synchronizaBon  across  environments  and  servers   Dependency  analysis  and  impact  analysis  
  • AcBon  Step:  Adopt  Unified,  Full  Life  Cycle   DevOps  
  • AcBon  Step:    Accelerate  with  DevOps  PaaS  
  • Reference  Architecture  for  DevOps  PaaS   1/21/14   App  Command   Governance  and  Visibility   Enterprise  IT  Store   WSO2   App   Factory   DevOps-­‐Forge   Complete  Cloud   PaaS   33  
  • Insight  Architecture   34  
  • AcBon  Step:  Monitor  And  Analyze   ๏  ๏  Take  decisions  in  real  Bme   through  Complex  Event   Processing   ๏  35   Monitor  millions  of  events,   leveraging  highly  scalable  NoSQL   database   Common  Events  Collector     ๏  Create  dashboards  for  both   technical  and  business  monitoring  
  • Enterprise  Mobility  Experience   36  
  • Enterprise  Mobility  Architecture   37  
  • How  do  we  support  Joint  Ventures  and     the  Value  Web?   A  Cloud-­‐based,  Digital  Business  Ecosystem  Pla$orm   Cost-­‐effecBve,  development,  collaboraBon,  and  deployment  infrastructure  enabling  a   long  tail  of  applicaBon  development   ๏  ๏  Architecture  templates  and  applicaBon  pla$orm  services   A  shared  environment  for  cross-­‐organizaBon  applicaBon  development  and  delivery   ๏  ๏  ๏  ๏  Governed,  iteraBve  lifecycle  management  across  hybrid  clouds  and  composite  applicaBons   IT  Business  performance  metrics  and  analyBcs   Infrastructure  enabling  user  experience  composiBon  across  mulBple  disparate   applicaBon  providers  
  • Ecosystem  Architecture  Focus   ๏  MoneBze  assets  based  on  business  value   ๏  Tenant/Consumer  personalizaBon  and  isolaBon   ๏  Sharing  domain  specific  business  capabiliBes   ๏  Dynamic  orchestraBon  and  composiBon  
  • Cloud  Ecosystem  Pla$orm  Architecture   Components   1/21/14   Your APIS Your Digital Business Ecosystem Personalized SaaS Solution App Store 3rd Party Partners Your Core Business Capabilities DevOps Forge and Governance Cloud Deployment 40  
  • AcBon  Step:  Publish  and  Socialize   Business  CapabiliBes  and  Assets   41  
  • Who  is  building  an  Ecosystem   Pla$orm  with  WSO2?   ๏  An  aerospace  company   ๏  A  mobile  device  manufacturer   ๏  A  connected  car  consorBum   ๏  A  construcBon  soware   provider       ๏  A  telecommunicaBons   provider  
  • Today,  APIs  Drive  Everything   Source: http://www.ericsson.com/res/docs/whitepapers/wp-50-billions.pdf
  • Embrace  Contextual  PersonalizaBon   Tenant  /  Consumer  Personaliza.on  Dimensions   ๏  InformaBon  access  privileges   ๏  InformaBon  aggregaBon  and  composiBon   ๏  Social  network  access  privileges   ๏  Business  processes  and  rules   ๏  Service  levels  and  Quality  of  Service   ๏  Security  policies   ๏  MoneBzaBon  rates  
  • Open  API  and  CollaboraBon  
  • End-­‐to-­‐End-­‐Architecture  
  • New  IT  Results   Measurements •  Industry Ecosystems •  Community and Context •  Decreased time to market Agility Attributes •  Open Collaboration •  Micro-iterations •  User-led innovation
  • AdopBon  Accelerators   ๏  ๏  Self-­‐service  and  automated  governance   ๏  Policy  applied  by  Ber  of  service  selecBon   ๏  48   IT  Storefront   Integrated  Pla$orms    
  • Recommended  Reading   ๏  The  Path  to  Responsive  IT   ๏  ๏  DevOps  Meets  ALM  in  the  Cloud   ๏  ๏  hJp://wso2.com/whitepapers/devops-­‐meets-­‐alm-­‐in-­‐the-­‐cloud-­‐cloud-­‐devops-­‐paas   Cloud-­‐NaBve  Advantage   ๏  ๏  hJp://wso2.com/whitepapers/the-­‐path-­‐to-­‐responsive-­‐it   hJp://wso2.com/whitepapers/cloud-­‐naBve-­‐advantage-­‐mulB-­‐tenant-­‐shared-­‐container-­‐paas   PromoBng  Service  Re-­‐use  with  API  Management   ๏  hJp://wso2.com/whitepapers/promoBng-­‐service-­‐reuse-­‐within-­‐your-­‐enterprise-­‐and-­‐ maximizing-­‐soa-­‐success  
  • Business  Model   50  
  • Contact  us  !