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WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
WSO2 Roadmap and Vision
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WSO2 Roadmap and Vision


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  • Platform as a service is middleware "in the sky." Although offered as a service, its functional role remains the role of the middleware — platform, integration or other middleware type. Because there are different types of middleware offerings (application servers, integration brokers [ESBs], business process management suites [BPMSs], portal products, messaging products, etc.), each can also be delivered as a service. In some cases, these middleware services are delivered stand-alone as specialized PaaS services (StormMQ is a specialist messaging service). More often, the same cloud service provider offers multiple middleware services to meet the requirements of real-world projects ( includes services of a DBMS, an application server and an application development tool). Over time, most PaaS providers will aim to deliver a growing set of middleware functions. To be implemented as a cloud service, a PaaS service must not only deliver its middleware functionality, but also possess the features that make it cloud-worthy (the cloud performance foundation) and cloud-enabled (cloud behavior foundation). The cloud performance foundation is responsible for scalability and availability to match the potential demand of the global cloud user base. The cloud behavior foundation delivers resource sharing, multitenancy, elasticity, self-service and other characteristics expected of a cloud service. The common, shared development and management environments complete the picture of a well-designed PaaS platform, whether it offers only a few middleware services or is a comprehensive end-to-end PaaS.
  • Transcript

    • 1. WSO2 Roadmap and Vision<br />by<br />Paul Fremantle<br />CTO and Co-Founder<br />WSO2<br /> <br />#pzfreo<br />
    • 2. Some stuff I’d like to talk about<br /><ul><li>How our vision changes and has changed
    • 3. What remains the same?
    • 4. What’s been improved
    • 5. Where we have come from:
    • 6. what is new since WSO2Con2010
    • 7. Themes for the future
    • 8. Roadmap updates
    • 9. What to look for beyond 2012</li></li></ul><li>In return I’d love to hear….<br /><ul><li>What you need?
    • 10. What you see coming in your roadmaps?
    • 11. Where do you go to look for inspiration for the future?
    • 12. Ongoing discussion and participation
    • 13. In the corridors at WSO2Cons
    • 14. On
    • 15. In regular discussions with me, Sanjiva and the product leaders</li></li></ul><li><br />
    • 16.
    • 17. Our original vision (in our very first slide deck)<br /><ul><li>Lean
    • 18. Encapsulated by “not J2EE / build from ground up”
    • 19. Platform
    • 20. Not just one product but three based on the same core runtime
    • 21. Open Source and Open Standards
    • 22. 100% Apache License from Day One
    • 23. Based on wire level interoperability</li></li></ul><li>Composite Systems<br />Three things you care about:<br /><ul><li>Creating new stuff
    • 24. Using existing stuff
    • 25. Interesting ways of putting the two together</li></li></ul><li><br />Have you got any nice presents recently?<br />
    • 26. © WSO2 2011<br />Carbon Studio<br />
    • 27. Message Broker and CEP Server<br />
    • 28. Major Enhancements<br />ESB Templates<br />ESB Message Stores<br />Relay Transport<br />SCXML Governance Lifecycle<br />HL7 and SAP support<br />Built in Transaction Manager<br />DSS Distributed Transactions<br />OAuth support<br />Registry Extensions<br />Registry Performance <br />Kerberos<br />Major XACML updates<br />Tomcat 7<br />Custom BAM reports<br />cAppDeployment<br />SAML2 within Carbon/Stratos<br />
    • 29. Stratos and StratosLive<br />
    • 30. Stratos / StratosLive enhancements<br /><ul><li>Apache Cassandra / Data-as-a-Service
    • 31. Deployment Synchronizer
    • 32. Elastic Load Balancer
    • 33. Billing / Metering / Throttling
    • 34. Logging as a Service
    • 35. Local Transport
    • 36. Cache Service</li></ul>Soon: <br /><ul><li>Ghost Deployer
    • 37. cAppdeployer command-line and Eclipse tooling</li></li></ul><li>
    • 38. How Stratos innovation is feeding back into Carbon<br /><ul><li>Deployment Synchronizer (in Carbon 3.2)
    • 39. Distributed Cache (in Carbon 3.2)
    • 40. WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer (sorta alpha)
    • 41. Metering and Billing as a Product / Service (future)
    • 42. Centralized Logging (available as a services offering)
    • 43. Cassandra support</li></li></ul><li><br />
    • 44.
    • 45. SLA Management with WSO2 Carbon<br />
    • 46. More Roadmap<br />Carbon Studio 2.0<br />ESB Flow based Tooling<br />Productization of API management <br />BAM 2.0 (redesign for scale)<br />Registry with Cassandra storage<br />BPS support for BPMN 2.0<br />Looking at adding wider SCXML support<br />Message Broker – significant work on large scale<br />
    • 47. What has changed in our vision?<br /><ul><li>Catalogue, secure, manage, monitor and govern the stuff
    • 48. New composition models
    • 49. Mashups, Rules, CEP
    • 50. A big appreciation of Cloud
    • 51. Cloud Native
    • 52. Shared Nothing, Async
    • 53. Data, Big Data and Analysis
    • 54. Mobile and Pervasive
    • 55. Social Enterprise</li></ul><br />
    • 56. Complexity<br />We expect to dig into every detail<br />We expect to correlate diverse events and data<br />We expect to look at the world from new angles<br />
    • 57. Big Data<br /><ul><li>Apache Cassandra
    • 58. Highly scalable / Dynamically scalable
    • 59. NoSQL model
    • 60. Merge of Amazon Dynamo / Google Bigtable
    • 61. Infinispan
    • 62. Distributed Cache
    • 63. Apache HDFS (in progress)
    • 64. Highly scalable / Dynamically scalable
    • 65. Filesystem model
    • 66. Apache Hadoop (in progress)
    • 67. Processing Big Data</li></li></ul><li>Data at Rest vs Data in Motion<br /><br />
    • 68.
    • 69. Changing price points<br />
    • 70. Canappi<br />Invokes Stratos Data Service to store answers<br />
    • 71. Canappi DSL<br />layout startTheSurvey {<br /> button startSurvey (44, 42,232, 205) {<br /> Bordered ; <br /> action startSurvey navigate to answerViews ;<br /> }<br /> image instructions (20, 275,280, 165) { }<br />}<br />main wso2 {<br />splashscreen &apos;scansurvey.png&apos; ;<br />navigationBar ;<br /> start startSurveyView ;<br /> menu { startSurveyView , aboutUsView , twitterView , locationView } <br /> data { Response } <br />}<br />
    • 72. Mobile App created from a single DSL file<br />All WSO2 Office Locations stored in a data service<br />This is HTML <br />WSO2 Twitter<br />Feed<br />
    • 73.
    • 74. WSO2 and Social<br /><ul><li>Our initial Registry was designed from the start to enable Social interactions</li></ul>“SOA World session discusses how social governance brings viability to Web 2.0 for the enterprise” 2008<br /><ul><li>Carbon has OpenSocial 2.0 support built right into the heart</li></li></ul><li>“Ecosystem PaaS”<br />Tenant<br />Apps<br />Tenant<br />Apps<br />Tenant<br />Apps<br />Tenant<br />Apps<br />Industry Vertical / Ecosystem Guardian <br />Customizations / APIs<br />(e.g. Mobile, Retail, Gaming, B2B)<br />Platform As A Service<br />
    • 75. Gartner Reference Model for Platform as a Service<br />SaaS<br />Applications<br />PaaS Service Offerings<br />Integrated PaaS Application Modeling, Design, Development, Maintenance, Life Cycle Management<br />Business Process Management Platform<br />Cloud Database Platform<br />User Experience Platform<br />Integrated PaaS Platform Management, Monitoring, Governance,<br />Provisioning<br />Application Platform<br />Integration Platform<br />Other<br />WSO2<br />StratosAppServer<br />WSO2<br />Stratos ESB<br />Message<br />Broker<br />WSO2<br />Stratos BPS<br />MySQL<br />Cassandara<br />WSO2 Stratos<br />Gadget Server<br />WSO2 Stratos<br />CEP<br />PaaS Technology Core<br />Cloud Value Foundation<br />(Shared Resources, Multitenancy, Self-Service, Elasticity, Real-Time Versioning, Metadata Management, Subscription/Use Billing)<br />PaaS<br />WSO2<br />Stratos Controller<br />BAM<br />Governance Registry<br />WSO2 Carbon Studio<br />WSO2 Stratos Governance<br />Stratos Controller, OSGi/Carbon App, Governance Registry, Stratos Billing, <br />Stratos Elastic Load Balancing<br />Cloud Performance Foundation<br />(In-Memory Computing, Grid/Massive Scale, Auto-Scaling, SLA Enforcement, Use Tracking, High Availability, Security, Data Integrity, Parallel Processing)<br />WSO2 Stratos Cache, HDFS (future), Stratos Load Balancer,<br /> WSO2 Stratos Identity, Stratos Metering<br />System Infrastructure or System Infrastructure Services (IaaS)<br />IaaS<br />Hardware<br />
    • 76. Stratos Services<br />33<br />
    • 77. Composite Systems<br />Three things you care about:<br /><ul><li>Creating new stuff
    • 78. Using existing stuff
    • 79. Interesting ways of putting the two together</li></li></ul><li>Sugru<br />
    • 80. Application DevelopmentA unified model in JavaScript<br />Thesis:<br />If you have the right underlying services, <br />the overall logic/composition/UI is pretty simple<br /><ul><li>JavaScript services/web interactions
    • 81. JSSP
    • 82. Data access (Cassandra/CouchDB/MySQL)
    • 83. Integration with existing stuff – Mashup Host Objects and XML
    • 84. Entity / Data / Schema modelling</li></li></ul><li>End-to-End Development Lifecycle<br /><ul><li>Right now:
    • 85. Deployment Synchronizer with SVN
    • 86. Working on integration SVN / Github with Stratos/StratosLive for Deployment
    • 87. SVN-as-a-Service
    • 88. Soon
    • 89. Better integration from SVN + Git into Registry
    • 90. Future
    • 91. Full lifecycle development in Stratos
    • 92. SVN/Maven/FindBugs/Selenium/Jenkins</li></li></ul><li><br />
    • 93.<br />