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2010 Q1 WSO2 Technical Update

2010 Q1 WSO2 Technical Update






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    2010 Q1 WSO2 Technical Update 2010 Q1 WSO2 Technical Update Presentation Transcript

    • WSO2 Middleware Products & Cloud Services:  Technical Overview January 2010
    • Company  Founded in 2005 by acknowledged leaders in XML, Web  Services Technologies & Standards and Open Source  Producing entire middleware platform 100% open source under  Apache license  Business model is to sell comprehensive support &  maintenance for our products  Venture funded by Intel Capital  Global corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka  80+ employees and growing 2
    • WSO2 Middleware Products 3
    • SOA – Enterprise Expectations 4
    • WSO2 SOA Platform 5
    • Modular, Customizable Middleware ESB W SAS D a ta M a sh u p P ro ce ss R e g is t r y S e r v ic e s Se rve r Se rve r D ata S c r ip t BPEL C ore P ro x y JSR181 So u rce S e r v ic e s R u n t im e Repos M gm t M sg S e r v ic e D ata P ro c e ss S c r a p in g A to m P u b M e d ia t io n H o s t in g S e r v ic e s UI S e r v ic e DS In s t a n c e SO A T a sk s G ad ge ts C lie n t s W iz a r d UI G o v e rn C o re C arb o n F ram e w o rk B u n d le U se r C lu s t e r in g T ra n sp o rts M gm t L o g g in g T h ro t t le M gm t M anager K e ySto re S e c u r it y M gm t Sta ts T r y It Cache M anager OSGi 6
    • OSGi – Dynamic Module System for Java  Defines a way to create true modules and a way for those modules to interact at runtime  Modules (Bundles) in OSGi can be installed, updated and uninstalled without restarting the JVM  WSO2 Carbon is the first and only OSGi-based comprehensive middleware platform 7
    • WSO2 Carbon  Not just OSGi for componentizing a single product, but rather  entire middleware platform  Even admin console is an OSGi powered framework – every  server component offers an admin UI component that fits into  the console  Our “products” are now simply our choice about how you start  with this platform  You can assemble your own product by downloading the Carbon core  and adding only the components you want  Features of any product can be added to any other product  Powered by P2 OSGi provisioning system  e.g., add service hosting to ESB, mediation to BPS 8
    • lean . enterprise . middleware "The value of the WSO2 Carbon platform, is that it taps into the growing developer frustration with bloatware. A modular framework allows my team to configure the runtime with only the components I want for the application I'm building. If I need a hammer, I configure a hammer; if I need a sledgehammer, I configure a sledgehammer.” - Jeffrey S. Hammond, Senior Analyst, Forrester 9
    •  WSO2 Web Services Application Server  A secure, reliable and transactional runtime for creating, consuming and  deploying JVM based Web services  Powered by Apache Axis2/Java  Alternative to traditional JEE Application Server   Features  Comprehensive, interoperable WS­* & REST support  Policy guided configuration  Clustering and high availability  Registry integration for centralized management  Lightweight graphical administration / monitoring console  Eclipse plugins for easy development 10
    • 11
    •  WSO2 Web Services Framework  Tool for creating and consuming services in all major languages,  including Java, Jython, Javascript, JRuby, Spring, C, C++, PHP, Perl, &  Ruby  Powered by Apache Axis2/Java and Axis2/C  Features  Comprehensive WS­* & REST support  Policy guided configuration  Designed for embedding / integration 12
    • 13
    •  WSO2 Web Services Framework for C++  Standards compliant, enterprise grade C++ library for providing and  consuming Web services in C++  Extends WSO2 Web Services Framework for C which is based on  Apache Axis2/C  Based on Apache Rampart/C, Apache Sandesha2/C and Apache  Savan/C  Features  Comprehensive WS­* & REST support  Policy guided configuration  Designed for embedding / integration 14
    •  WSO2 Data Services  Tool for exposing data as services and/or Web resources  Empower DBAs to create services for managed data consumption  Expose relational databases, CSV files, XLS files or LDAP data  Features  Declarative language for publishing data as services and/or resources  Wizard UI for authoring  Support for full WS­* security, reliability and more  Caching, throttling, high availability  High performance streaming for large data sets  Support for Oracle RefCursors 15
    • 16
    •  WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus  Enables loosely coupled service interactions  Manage, route and transform messages and services  Highly performant, lightweight and extensible  Powered by Apache Synapse  Features  Configured via declarative XML language or graphical console  Highly scalable execution with completely non­blocking behavior  Easily extended in Java or scripting languages  Support for timed/periodic job execution  Support for wide range of protocols and formats including HTTP, JMS,  SMTP, FIX, AMQP, EDI and more  Clustering and high availability  Registry integration for centralized management  Lightweight graphical administration / monitoring console 17
    • 18
    •  WSO2 Mashup Server  Tool for creating services by quickly mashing up existing services,  resources and data  Mashups implemented in Javascript  Features  Compose services, feeds, Web pages and more using pure Javascript  logic  Complete data binding to/from Javascript to XML Schema  Automatic creation of WSDL  Registry integration for centralized management  Lightweight graphical administration / monitoring console 19
    • 20
    •  WSO2 Business Process Server  Tool for deploying, executing and managing business processes  A structured model for Business Process Management based on Open  Standards  Integrated with Eclipse BPEL tooling to provide a graphical process  management approach  Powered by Apache ODE  Features  Complete support for WS­BPEL 2.0, BPEL4WS 1.1  Complete support for WS­* and REST  Lightweight graphical administration / monitoring console for managing  processes and process instances  Full persistent support for long­running processes  Support for Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL and other major databases  Instance recovery support  WS­Security support for calling and exposing services  Clusterable   BPEL process viewer built in 21
    • 22
    •  WSO2 Governance Registry  Lightweight registry and repository for service metadata and all SOA  resources  Governance framework for building customer­specific governance  features  Features  Enterprise repository for all resources with full versioning and rollback  Supports RESTful AtomPub, WS and Java interfaces   Hierarchical authentication and authorization support  Highly effective governance capabilities including:  Dependency management, Lifecycles and SOA Dashboard  Notification model to inform users or systems of changes  Highly extensible and customizable  Social features including tagging and rating of all resources  Highly integrated with WSO2 ESB, BPS, and other tools  Can be integrated into 3rd party tools  23
    • 24
    •  WSO2 Identity Server  An open source Identity and Entitlement management server  A single open standards approach to managing identity and  authorization  Removes the requirement for individual servers to store  passwords or have direct access to LDAP  Features  Support for user centric identity management with Information Cards  and OpenID  Fine grained authorization with XACML  Single sign­on support with SAML 2.0  Claim based Security Token Service  Extension points for claim management  Pluggable user store support – including ActiveDirectory, LDAP or  custom  Supports multi­factor authentication for enhanced security  OAuth support will be added Q1 2010 25
    • 26
    •  WSO2 Gadget Server  An Enterprise Portal built for SOA and Web scenarios  Based on the Google Gadget specification  Hundreds of available gadgets (portlets)  Simple programming model based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS  Powered by Apache Shindig  Features  Enterprise Gadget Repository  OpenID, InfoCard login support  Fits with existing LDAP, ActiveDirectory servers as well as WSO2 Identity Server  Clusterable, scalable, manageable  Fully personalized with each user having a customizable set of tabs, each with gadgets 27
    • 28
    •  WSO2 Business Activity Monitor  Monitor both technical SOA and business SOA  Visualization – a picture is worth a thousand words!  Analytics – identify patterns and trends  Extensible to support other systems by leveraging event-driven model  KPI monitoring – act when deviating from normal levels  Features  Five main dashboards providing data and analytics  Highly extensible using Gadget model  Monitor Anything - can be integrated with third-party systems using published standard APIs  Reports in PDF and Excel formats  WSO2 Carbon base gives a secure, clusterable, manageable foundation 29
    • 30
    • New Products coming in 2010  WSO2 Event Server  Pub-sub event broker  Complex Event Processing  WSO2 Business Rules Server  Rule services  Rules as agents  WSO2 Repository  Enterprise content repository 31
    • WSO2 Cloud Services 32
    • Launched in November 2009 33
    • SOA & Cloud Computing 34
    • WSO2 Cloud Computing  Cloud Virtual Machines  VMs of all products for EC2, VMWare, KVM  Cloud Connectors  Products to bridge cloud VMs to legacy enterprise  Cloud Services  Hosted offerings of all WSO2 products as SaaS and PaaS  Cloud Middleware  Platform for building cloud applications, including a private cloud solution 35
    •  Virtual machines of all WSO2 products  Supporting both public and private clouds  Amazon EC2  VMWare ESX  KVM  Free to use/download  Buy support as with products  Advantages  Easy of deployment  Zero configuration  Pay-as-you-go  Auto scaling as load increases 36
    •  Running applications and middleware in the cloud does not mean the enterprise goes away!  “Calling home”  Products that help bridge between cloud applications and enterprise middleware  Cloud Services Gateway  Services Accelerator 37
    • WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway 38
    •  Provides a managed, secure gateway between the cloud and services in the enterprise  Applications  API protection  Service firewalling  Private data access  Outsourcing computations  Security verification  Public WSO2 Cloud Service Gateway  Developer tool for any developer to experiment with CSG  Available as a cloud virtual machine  Pay-as-you-go  Zero configuration  Trivial to publish services from any WSO2 middleware in the enterprise 39
    • CSG - Architecture 40
    • Decouple QOS from backend services and plugs them to  a layer that can process messages under high throughput. Powered by    41
    •  Hosted, multi-tenant versions of all WSO2 products  Free to use for starter usage and then pay-per-use 42
    •  Offering an opportunity to manage Governance in the Cloud  No software setup  Each company can configure their own Governance Registry  Can optionally publish some data publicly (e.g. B2B service entries)  This is something customers are already doing  Using Google Spreadsheets, etc  Multitenant, hosted version of WSO2 Governance Registry  Free to use for limited use  Volume based pay-as-you-go after that  Each tenant (domain) can have their own theme and manage their own user community  Complete Self-service 43 http://governance.cloud.wso2.com/
    •  Hosted, multitenant offering of WSO2 Identity Server  Full function identity and entitlement management  Publicly available from Feb 15th http://identity.cloud.wso2.com/ 44
    •  Data management  Provided by Governance Registry  Identity / security management  Provided by Identity Server  Service hosting, mediation and management  Provided by core Carbon framework  User interfaces & portals  Provided by Gadget server  Billing and metering  Management and monitoring  Provided by BAM 45
    • WSO2 Private Cloud Solution  WSO2 Ozone  Self-service portal for creating virtual machines on a hardware cluster  Uses Xen  Powered by WSO2 Gadget Server, WSO2 Identity Server  Pre-installed with images of all WSO2 products  Pre-installed images of standard OS/AppServer/Database combinations  Recommended initially for dev/test environments  Great way to support QA automation environments  Advantages  Major cost savings compared to using Amazon EC2 type public clouds  Improve utilization of already available hardware resources  Turn-key solution from WSO2 46
    • Summary of WSO2 cloud offerings 47
    • WSO2 in Action 48
    • Our Customers Please contact us for information about our  customers: http://wso2.com/contact 49
    • WSO2 Engagement Model  Quick Start  Combination of consulting, training and POC development in one week by WSO2 on-site team working hand-in-hand with customer team  Development Support  On-going support for Customer's engineering teams  Production Support  Full 24x7x365 enterprise support providing software maintenance and support 50
    • The WSO2 Difference  Technology  Only vendor to build an entire middleware stack from the ground up  Totally focused on interoperability & system scalability  Cloud ready by design  Business Model  All software 100% open source under Apache license without gimmicks!  World's best commercial support available from evaluation to development to production  Online cloud services of entire middleware platform 51
    • Our Approach  Open Development Methodology  Truly open approach for software development  All architecture, development and bugs public  Please join architecture@wso2.org  Unique Support Model – “We build it. We support it. We manage it. We improve it."  No distinct Support Engineers  No Multi-Year Roadmap  Build Trusting Relationships with our Customers  Hire Amazing People 52
    • Our People  Building Sri Lanka as Center of Excellence  Largest Per-Capita Open Source Contributor Globally  Leading Source of Google Summer of Code Winners  Most number of Apache Committers outside the US  WSO2 Culture: Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial  Strong University Ties and Incubation of IT Talent  7 Books, 100+ Technical Articles, numerous Conference Presentations  20 PhD Candidates, 2 PhDs  Industry-leading Staff Retention 53
    • Summary  Technology: Best built­for­purpose enterprise middleware  platform for SOA  Only vendor offering a complete platform designed from the ground  up!  Support & Services: Based on building deep partnerships  Company: Delivers continuous, straightforward value to  customers 54
    • More Info  Corporate website: http://wso2.com  Developer portal: http://wso2.org  Business development team: bizdev@wso2.com 55
    • lean . enterprise . middleware 56