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Wsi 10 Minute Intro Digital Marketing


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Introduction to WSI\'s Digital Marketing Services

Introduction to WSI\'s Digital Marketing Services

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  • This was an eye tracking study done to determine what areas people look at when they arrive at a websiteThe areas that are red & yellow show where most people are lookingThis is Google’s home page that we are looking atSee how few views there are on the right hand side where the adwords are displayedThis verifies that only 20% of people click here (at this stage your prospect could say that they never click on the ads)You can reply “most people that click on the ads are normally in a buying or take action mode” and this is why it is wise to advertize on pay per click to get those 10% of people who are ready to buy.This is the reason that Google sometimes places the top 3 sponsored links at the top of the page so that theu can get more clicksThat is the main way that Google makes its moneyPoint out that any call to action that is placed in the bottom right is normally invisible to the eyeThe red lines show how many people leave the site as they have to scroll below the fold on a web page.This is the reason why call to actions should be placed in the “soft F” (the shape that the red & yellow tracking makes)
  • Now that we know this, how many clicks can you expect if you rank on Google’s 1st pageRead through a couple of these and point out that the number 10 position in organic search can attract over 3 %The reason that PPC position 5 & 7 are higher was really based on the B2B report and it is assumed that these positions got a better click through rate because of compelling adcopy. The better your meta titles & descriptions are, the more chance you have of getting the click against your competitor’s poor descriptionThis information also shows that it is not necessary to be in the top 3 to get clicks to your websiteThat can be expensive and take a considerable amount of time & in the end one may not get a return on investmentThe way we work at WSI is to determine how much more business you need and then to try and get you the necessary amount of leads to get the best return on your online spendWe do this by measuring business goals that you wish to achieveI will show you some actual examples as we go through some of my client’s actual reports
  • So let me introduce you to ‘Social Media Content Marketing.First a recap of the “how we learn” slide as this will give us ideas on our content marketing strategyWe already worked out the content blueprint earlier, so now its time to figure out how we get this content onto the social media sites that matter the most for our particular industryFRESH CONTENTTo play the search and social media game, a website must be in the content publishing business. Search engines and visitors on the social web respond favorably to the signals created from frequent updates.Websites that frequently add content provide more web pages for search engines to include in search results and attract more links from other websites. Fresh content and inbound links give search engines more reason to re-crawl content on a more frequent basis. Frequent visits from search bots means your content will get included in search results more quickly.Fresh content can also take on a social flavor based on the tools used to publish. Syndicate your content with RSS as well as from other social media tools such as Twitter, Flickr & YouTube and blogging.
  • This scatter graph shows the “high value” road that white hat SEOs should implement.Focus on getting your content found, then make it easy to share so that it gets spoken about and goes viral.Vertical search engines for specific nichesE.G. Embeded widgetsCreating embeddable content like widgets, badges, or videos can be a fantastic link-building strategy for many reasons.Ensures the link when they use your widgetHas anchor text & target page – you get to chooseHard to buildHard to incentivizeHard to get wide distributionWhere is it relevant to your business
  • Transcript

    • 1. 10 minuteIntro
      WSI’s Internet Marketing Services
    • 2. Agenda
      Initial Meeting
      Web Scan, Insights, Analysis
      Web Design
      Heat Map, Layout , CMS, Conversion Strategy
      Keywords, Referrers, Goals Funnels
    • 3. Initial Meeting
      Some Customers
      Web Scan, Insights, Analysis
    • 4. WebScan Site Analysis
      All of our websites have to pass this test at launch
    • 5. Initial Keyword Research
    • 6. Geographic and Related Terms
      High Growth Related Terms
    • 7. Website Design
      Heat Map, Layout , CMS, Conversion Strategy
    • 8. We Build Sites The Way People Look & Read
      The Golden Triangle
      Eye tracking study determines how visitors view web pages
      Why Navigationis Top & Left
    • 9. Design & Layout Features
      Logo = Key Top Left position
      Phone Number Prominent
      Standard Info = Top
      Product Navigation =Left
      This Design Will Not Stand Much Text, so, text hidden to the eye but not to Google
    • 10. Easy To Use Back Office (CMS)
      Very Search Engine Friendly
      SEO at Product Level
      Can Add Unlimited Pages
      Includes Help Manual
      Includes E-mailer
      Includes Reporting
      Includes Intranet
      Includes Events
    • 11. Conversion Architecture
      • Clear 1 Stop Checkout
      • 12. Registration Optional
      • 13. Clear Images
      • 14. Related Products
      • 15. Calls To Action
      • 16. Easily Navigable
    • Analytics
      Keywords, Referrers, Goals Funnels
    • 17. Why is Analytics Important ?
      A website is a Sales Machine or a Lead Generator
      It should be managed like a sales person
      Left alone it will decline
      Using Analytics will improve performance by:
      Understanding what your customers and prospects are doing on your site
      Understanding and testing what works
      If you don’t measure you can’t manage
      Helps Measure What Marketing Works
    • 18. Analytics Dashboard –Free With Hosting
      Key Stats and Comparatives
      Which Marketing Campaigns Are Working Best?
      What is Most Popular Content
      What Are Users Searching For?
      How Are You Being Found?
      Where Should Future Marketing Be Spent?
    • 19. Set Goals For Valuable Behaviour
      Small Informed Improvements Can Radically Increase Sales
    • 20. Marketing
    • 21. Pay Per Click Campaigns ( Adwords)
      • We Bid For Positions On Google
      • 22. We Split Test Adverts, Headlines, & Landing Pages to get the Best Results
      • 23. Monthly Reporting on what is working best
    • Improve Campaigns with Organic Success
      Can Target ‘000s of Words
      Can Target a Few Words
      Average 1.2%
      Average 5.5%
      Increase Sales 3-5 times by getting Organic Positions
    • 24. Social Media
    • 25. More Social Media
      Happy to Send My Social Media Presentation from last 10 Minute Presentation
    • 26. Social Media Increase Sales
    • 27. Social Media Plans
      • E-mail is the Glue
    • SMO now Key SEO & Conversion Strategy
      Wikipedia links
      Press releaseoptimization
      Search enginesubmission
      Spam reportingcompetitors
      DMOZ, Yahoosubmission
      Keyword stuffing
      Link trading
      Automated content generation
      Automatedblog spam
      IP cloaking
      On pageoptimization
      Parasite hosting
      Injected links
      Paid directorylink building
      Do followblog comments
      XML Sitemapcreation
      Vertical searchtargeting
      Keyword research
      Rewriting dynamic URLs
      Embedded widgets& badges
      Viral contentLinkbait
      PageRank sculpting
      Internal linkarchitecture
    • 42. ..... What We Give Away
      And Finally...
    • 43. Free Social Media Strategy Kit
      All Of Our Social Media Customers Get Our Free Social Media Strategy Kit
    • 44. £100 Off Google Campaign Clicks
    • 45. Help Yourself to Our Resources Gateway to many of our resources Our monthly expert webinars Access to our regular blog Access to our marketing White Papers Our Video / Webinar Archive
    • 46. Follow Us
    • 47. Does Any Other Web Company Offer So Much?