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Socialmedia Wsiwek


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Social Media for Educators

Social Media for Educators

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media for Educators By: Wendy Siwek
  • 2. PLNs
    • Personal Learning Networks-Ways to connect and collaborate with professionals all over the world.
    • Three Steps to PLN Development
        • Connect
        • Collaboration
        • Creation
  • 3. PLNs
    • PLNs I have explored, created and joined. (To name just a few!)
      • Ning
      • Twitter
      • Delicious
      • Glogster
      • Animoto
  • 4. Ning
    • Created
      • Private PLN for educators
      • PLN for gaining and sharing technological information and resources, with the hope to incorporate technology in the classroom.
      • This was easy to create and personalize for what information you were looking for or looking to share.
  • 5. Ning Networks
    • I really enjoyed and found excellent information on other Ning networks.
    • Currently I joined the following Nings:
      • Classroom 2.0
      • Educators Interested in Moodle
      • ISTE Community
      • LiveShare
      • Valley Educator
        • I am still looking for new networks to join.
  • 6. Ning Successes/Challenges
    • The Ning site is very user friendly and each step “walks” you through the creation of your Ning.
    • Remember which email and password you use.
      • I forgot which I used and this lead to being locked out of my own Ning.
      • Helpdesk does reply, and has a lot of great information.
  • 7. Twitter-Tweet, Tweet
    • My twitter account:
    • Microblogging-Only 140 characters.
    • Short tweets to share valuable resources or information.
    • I am still learning all of the tweeting terminology and formats.
  • 8. Twitter-Tweet, Tweet
    • There are many educators who have excellent resources and information to share on Twitter. The suggested educators to follow was very helpful in getting started.
    • At first I was a little overwhelmed with all the information, but I received great advice from one of my tweeps (I hope I am using the correct term), and now I am taking it all in strides.
    • I hope to continue to use this on a networking and professional development basis.
  • 9. Delicious
    • I think the name says it all. Absolutely awesome form of social media. (In my opinion of course)
    • Extremely helpful and useful site to access all your favorite bookmarks from any internet connection.
    • This is something I can definitely use in my computer lab.
    • My Delicious bookmarks:
  • 10. Glogster
    • Social Media that allows you and your students to create an online bulletin board.
    • Once you sign up for this site, it has many ready made graphics to help in the creation of your bulletin board. This site was very user friendly for educators and students alike.
    • My Glog:
  • 11. Social Media-In Conclusion
    • Overall, I feel I learned an immense amount of new information regarding many different avenues of Social Media.
    • I do however feel I have much more to learn and since things change by the second I will always be a student of technology.
    • I feel this class has really given me a great start to becoming an active member of several different PLNs.
  • 12. Social Media-Online Learning Experience
    • This course was extremely organized, and provided excellent examples, and information for completing all the assignments.
    • At any time I needed assistance, feedback or clarification I received it in a very timely manner.
    • I thought Moodle was very easy to use and to follow.
    • I would definitely participate in another online class in the future.
  • 13. Social Media-Online Learning Experience
    • Thank you for the positive online learning experience and all that social media has to offer educators.
    • I look forward to trying to incorporate some of the social media I learned in my classroom or for the benefit of my professional development.
  • 14. So Much More To Explore!