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Lisa sparks power of email marketing and social media marketing for small biz owners

Lisa sparks power of email marketing and social media marketing for small biz owners






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    Lisa sparks power of email marketing and social media marketing for small biz owners Lisa sparks power of email marketing and social media marketing for small biz owners Presentation Transcript

    • The Power of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Small Business OwnersCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact Inc.
    • Housekeeping Please: Please Silence All Cell Phones Silence Cell Phones Please Take Calls Outside of Seminar Room (Quietly)Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 2
    • Win our New Book! Drop Your Business Card for a Chance to Win a Copy of “The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing” by Eric Groves, Senior VP of Global Market Development, Constant ContactCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 3
    • Thank you for attending today’s workshop■ Ask plenty of questions – remember to introduce yourself■ Take tons of notes but don’t worry about the slides■ Additional Resources■ Share your feedback about today■ Receive information about future events■ Remember to network during breaksCONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 4
    • It Takes Relationships to Build a Business Capture Leads Build Relationships Close SalesCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 5
    • Acquiring Customers Time… Money… Energy… Effort… Trust On average, it takes 7 touches for a sale to occur. ■ Some know and trust you, buy right away ■ Others research further, try it before they buy it ■ Some know someone who knows you and are likely to learn more before they act ■ Others show interest but don’t trust you Some just have no interest…Copyright © 2010 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • Strategic Thinking: The 5 Buckets Super Customers Know of You Someday Fans NeverCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 7
    • Building Your List Using Social Media Motivate Action when using Social Media Why Motivate Followers/Fans to Give you their Email Address? With email you can: ■ Control the frequency and length of content ■ Measure the effectiveness of the campaign ■ Segment your list for future follow-up ■ Deepen the relationship with your prospect/client
    • Build Your List Where You Connect Incoming or Events Email Place of Business Online Outgoing Calls and Meetings Signature Guest Book Presence 4 2 3 5 157% of consumers will fill out acard to receive email alertswhen asked to by a clerk at alocal small business. Customer & Prospect DatabaseSource: Transact Media Group
    • Build Your List – Facebook Example #1Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • Build Your List – Facebook Ex ample #2Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • Build Your List – Twitter Example #1 Tweet your Join My Mailing List URL… often!Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • Consumers Define SpamCopyright © 2010 Constant Contact, Inc.
    • The Importance of Permission Types of permission: Explicit: Opt in from your website or fill out a card ■ “Join our mailing list” ■ Single vs. Double Opt-in Implicit: Requests for information, existing relationship Note: Always make sure to ask for permission when collecting information
    • Collecting Information and Permission ■ Include your logo and brand identity. ■ Describe your email content and how often you’ll be sending ■ Ask about your customers’ interests to stay relevant ■ Ask for additional contact information when necessaryCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 15
    • Sending a Welcome Email ■ Include your logo and brand identity ■ Personalize your message ■ Reinforce permission and ability to change preferencesCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 16
    • Using a Permission ReminderCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 17
    • List-Building and Permission Checklist Ask yourself as you build your list… ■ Are you collecting contact information at every customer touch point: both in-person and online? ■ Are you asking for permission as well as contact information? ■ Are you clearly describing your email frequency and content? ■ Are you sending a welcome email or a confirmation email? ■ Are you using permission and subscription reminders to stay current?Copyright © 2009 Constant Contact, Inc. 18
    • Section 2: Inform Creating Valuable Content Determining what is valuable to your audience Creating and reusing content for different audiences Choosing an effective email format and selecting appropriate social media tools Deciding what day and time to sendCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact Inc.
    • Keys to Content Development Know Your Audience (The Influencers/The Talkers) 1. Survey Them 2. Create a Target Audience Profile • Likes/Dislikes • Sense of Humor • Lingo/terminology • Ways they refer to each other 3. Hang out where they hang out • Forums • Blogs • Newsletters • Twitter (Who are they following?)Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 20
    • Know Your Audience Four Biggest Secrets to Powerful Content 1 Start with your customer What are their fears, needs, concerns? What do they talk to their colleagues about? What are their hot buttons? What gets them talking? 2 Find an emotional connection, not just a factual one. 3 Control the flow of communications. Focus on one message only to lead them to respond. 4 Always have an offer. What’s the incentive to respond now?Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 21
    • Coming Up With Valuable Social Media Content What to include in your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Updates ■ Don’t pitch ■ Share current and relevant information that leaves them wanting more ■ Share helpful hints and tips to built trust ■ Answer questions without selling ■ Have insight/opinions ■ Stay focused on keywords/SEO Always provide value.Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 22
    • Always Provide Value Instead of: “Just met Warren Buffet at Economic Turnaround Summit.” Try: “Warren Buffet’s top three stock picks: http://tinyurl.com/buffet3”Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 23
    • Build the Relationship with Cool Content Keep a Content FolderCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 24
    • Build the Relationship with Cool Content Google ReaderCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 25
    • Depth vs. FrequencyCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 26
    • Content Checklist Ask yourself as you create email content… ■ Are you trying to promote, inform, or relate? ■ What is your audience interested in? ■ Is your email format branded and supportive of your message? ■ Is your email concise and does it include a strong call to action? ■ Does your content match your frequency and timing? Ask yourself as you create social media content… ■ Are you trying to generate awareness, increase sales, or heighten loyalty? ■ Are you providing value to your audiences, reusing relevant information?Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 27
    • Frequency & Delivery Time How often to send ■ Create a master schedule ■ Include frequency in online sign-up “Monthly Newsletter” ■ Keep content concise and relevant to planned frequency When to send ■ When is your audience most likely to read it? ■ Day of week (Tuesday & Wednesday) ■ Time of day (10am to 3pm) ■ Test for timing ■ Divide your list into equal parts ■ Send at different times and compare results Maximum impact with minimum intrusionCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 28
    • Frequency – Social Media Daily 2 – 3 times/week 2 times/ week Weekly/Monthly Graphic Courtesy of Jay Baer, http://www.convinceandconvert.com.Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 29
    • Developing the RelationshipCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact Inc.
    • They’re on Your List – Now What?Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 31
    • Text vs. GraphicsCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 32
    • Building Relationships – FeedbackCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 33
    • Building Relationships – FeedbackCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 34
    • Building Relationships – FeedbackCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 35
    • Content Resources List of Article/Content Resources -Copyblogger.com -EzineArticles.com -BluePenguinDevelopment.comCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 36
    • Filling the Sales Funnel Marketing Funnel The MassesUsually free Lowor low cost Cost Customers Dedicated customers email $47 - $247 who return over and over to your business Fans Thousands, Millions Email marketing helps you find FANS within the MASSES: ■ 7 Touches before sale occurs ■ Use email to continue upsell process ■ Retain happy customers for life with your personality. SHARE!
    • Email Marketing – YOU: the missing linkCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 38
    • Closing the Sale – Boulder Arts and Crafts Problem: Needed to clear out excess inventory. Solution: Sent 25% off discount email to list of 1600 Result: Within hours received $4,000 in salesCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 39
    • Closing the Sale – Fajita Grill Problem: Wanted more customers in their restaurant Solution: Sent email with coupons to list of 400 Result: 100 redeemed the coupon within a month (that’s a 25% coupon redemption rate!) Note: They email coupons at 10 a.m. and will have a line outside the door of the restaurant at 11:30 a.m. with printed email coupons in hand!Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 40
    • Closing the Sale – Duck Tours Problem: Grow interest in the tours year-round Solution: Send targeted campaigns to groups such as schools, religious and community organizations Result: 153% increase in revenue over a three year periodCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 41
    • What next? Just getting started? ■ Start building your list ■ Learn how to create an email ■ Sign up for a free trial Ready to learn more? ■ Attend an in-depth seminar ■ Read “Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing” ■ Visit the Constant Contact learning center Want to expand your expertise? ■ Join Constant Contact’s online community ■ Sponsor a non-profit through Cares4Kids.com ConstantContact.comCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 42
    • Twitter Case Study – Treats TruckCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 43
    • Twitter Case Study – Treats TruckCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 44
    • Twitter Case Study – Treats TruckCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 45
    • Keeping it all togetherCopyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 46
    • Additional Resources ■ Constant Contact Free Trial Free 60 day trial for up to 100 email addresses. Signup form for your website, 150+ templates, free technical support. www.constantcontact.com. ■ Local Seminars Constant Contact’s Regional Development Director provides ongoing seminars on a variety of marketing topics. For more information on local seminars visit: www.local.constantcontact.com ■ Constant Contact Learning Center From live and recorded webinars to daily live product tours, the Constant Contact Learning Center is the place to find all the resources you need get started or take your email marketing to the next level. www.constantcontact.com and click on Learning Center. ■ ConnectUp! User Community Meet others - like you - to share and gain insights on email marketing and other topics you care about. Read and post to the discussion boards on issues that matter to you. ■ Email Marketing Hints & Tips Our monthly email newsletter featuring email marketing insights from CEO Gail Goodman will help you create great campaigns, increase your open rates, build your list, and be the best email marketer you can be.Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 47
    • Constant Contact Cares 4 Kids The Constant Contact® Cares4Kids program assists community-based non-profit organizations that help children build the fundamental skills they need to succeed in their communities and in life. Cares4Kids program recipients receive free use of a 10,000 list Constant Contact account for their organization. www.cares4kids.com Who is eligible? Any organization that is a non-profit that provides educational mission to support children. How do I get started? Visit the Cares4Kids program to get started at www.cares4kids.com.Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact, Inc. 48
    • Thank You! Please drop your business card and receive a copy of today’s presentation.Copyright © 2008 Constant Contact Inc.