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Generate online leads with latest landing page optimization strategy by internet marketing consultants in Halifax. Request quote or call (902) 405-8777

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Landing page-optimization-by-internet-marketing-consultants-halifax

  1. 1. YOUR MONTHLY REPORT ON THE LATEST INTERNET MARKETING TRENDSIN THIS ISSUE: Whats Your 2013 Landing Page Optimization Strategy? What Is a Landing Page and How Do I Use It? How to Optimize Landing Pages in 2013April 2013CONNECT WITH WSI HALIFAX:(902) 405-8777ehmidan@wsiweblinksolutions.comWhats Your 2013 Landing Page Optimization Strategy?Its All About Generating Leads That Convert!DIGITIZATION OF BUSINESSWhat is the goal of any marketing campaign?The obvious answer would be to generate leads. Whether it isorganizing an event or advertising on television or in the printmedia, the end goal is to generate leads that can be converted intosales. Every branding activity that a business engages in has tosupport this objective.This brings us to the next question, and the focus of this newsletter.Whats a Landing Page and How Do I Use It?Key Steps For Attracting Visitors to Your Landing Page!What is a landing page?Is Your Website MobileReady?Get more out of your website.Convert it into a mobile-readysite to capture more leads onmobile and maximize your returnon investment. Click on the linkor picture below for an interactivesample preview!Mobile Site Preview
  2. 2. Simply put, a landing page is a web page that helps businessescapture leads. It is different from a Home page, which usually serveas the doorway to generic information about the various products,solutions, and services offered by the business. As such, a typicalHome page has too many elements vying for the visitors attention.A targeted landing page will work towards compelling a visitor totake the specific and desired action.There are several ways a visitor can be directed to yourlanding page: Search engine results link when someone runs a query foryour keyword Clickable links in your pay per click ad or other onlineadvertisements Links pointing to this page incorporated in social mediaposts Email campaigns providing links to this page Organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns throwup links to this page during relevant keyword searchesThe impact of your landing page can be measured by analyzing thenumber of visitors who convert. Tools are available to measure thenumber of visitors. These tools will also provide you information onthe means by which they landed there - was it your SEO strategy oryour PPC campaign or your social media activities or even yourdirect mail campaign.If your campaigns are attracting a lot of visitors but none areconverting into leads then the problem might lie with your landingpage. The solution lies in enhancing and optimizing your landingpage to maximize conversions.Types of Landing PagesDepending upon the objective you want to achieve, your landingpage can be of two types: Informational landing page: If you want to presentyourself as a thought leader then you can create aninformative landing page, which displays content that isrelevant to your visitor. Ideally, the information should centeraround the keyword that brought the visitor to your landingpage in the first place. Action-oriented landing page: This is a landing page witha clear call to action. It could be oriented towards convincinga visitor to buy a product or capture contact informationthrough an online form. If making a sale is the objective, youhave to ensure that previous interactions with you providedRequest a FREE preview ofyour mobile site Today!MARKETING STATSVisibility Is Key to Clicks* Click-through rates averaged 0.34%on ads that were 50% viewable* Once ads reached 60% viewability,clicks and post-click conversions rosealongside.Read the Article (eMarketer)ON THE BLOGCheck out some of our recentblog posts* Heard of the WSI Cycling Team?* Changing Landscape of SEO* Understanding Backlinking forSEO: The DOs and the DONTsASK WSIGet further insights from WSIexpertsQuestion: Ive hired a greatdesign and copywritingteam who will be workingon our landing pagea; howcan we make sure that wedont overwhelm visitorswho land on our page anddrive them away?
  3. 3. the visitor enough compelling reasons to do so. If capturinginformation is your goal then you can do so by offeringvaluable content.How to Optimize Landing Pages in 20137 TO-DOs for Optimizing Your Landing Pages!A good landing page needs to target a particular action. Leadingvisitors to your Home page, for instance, can prove confusing. Thevisitor might have been searching for information on a particularkeyword. Now unless your Home page immediately offersinformation related to that keyword it is likely to leave your visitorconfused. More often than not, this will result in a quick exit fromyour website, and thereby, a missed opportunity for you.You need to be very clear about what you want your visitor to doonce they land on your website. Only then can you increase thepossibility of converting your traffic into actionable leads.Below we have listed a few measures you should take tooptimize your landing pages in 2013.1) Singular purpose: You need to be absolutely clear about thetargeted traffic and the action you desire from them. Minimizedistractions. Eliminate unnecessary copy, graphics, form fields, andlinks. Provide clear and simple call to actions. Do not confuse yourvisitor. Make it easy for them to focus on your call to action.2) Short lead form: Visitors hate filling forms, so the longer yourlead form the more the number of visitors who are likely to drop off.Keep it short. Capture only information that is necessary to stay intouch.3) Relevancy of content: Ensure that the content on your landingpage is relevant to your keyword. Highlight the benefits of engagingwith you for business. Ideally, your landing page headline shouldmatch the link your visitors clicked to get there.4) Call to action: Make sure your call to action (CTA) is clearlyvisible. Use directional cues to direct attention to your CTA. HaveCTA links spread across the page in order to make it easy forvisitors to take action whenever they are ready.5) Responsive design: Think like a user. Test your page to checkwhether it provides information that is relevant to the keyword theyused. Is it visually pleasing? Is the messaging consistentAnswer: While landingpages might seem simpleenough, theres a clearscience behind theircreation. The best practicesand tips we mention in ourInside Edge newsletter thismonth are perfect tools tohelp you start planning outthe elements of yourlanding page. But when itcomes to what your pageshouldnt include, thats adifferent story.Here are a few items tokeep off of your landingpages!Navigation links: Thesewill confuse your visitors!Remember, your landingpages call-to-action is thepriority. Dont give anyonethe option to leave thepage.Inconsistent headlines:Ultimately, you want yourvisitor to understand thepurpose of the page assoon as they get there.Help make this possible bymaking the ad, headline,sub-headline, and call-to-action are all consistent.You dont want to confuseyour potential customersand scare them away.Too much copy: Relevant,valuable information isalways great. But too muchcopy can overwhelm yourvisitors and increase yourbounce rates! So makeyour content relevant, shortand sweet.
  4. 4. throughout?6) Transparency: Visitors will always be wary about sharing theircontact information. Clearly state what you intend to do with theinformation you collect. Ease any concerns they may have aboutthe information falling into wrong hands. Highlight your contactinformation such as phone number and address. Provide links toyour social media handles at the bottom.7) Test thoroughly: Creating a landing page is only the first step.Use real-time A/B or multivariate testing to continuously test thevarious elements on your landing page and determine whatresonates best with your visitors. Improve your page accordingly.Contact your local WSI Consultant to help you create effectivelanding pages that will convert visitors into qualified leads for yourbusiness.For more help on buildinglanding pages that convertvisitors into sales, contactyour local WSI Consultantnow.WSI AROUND THE WEBRecent news articles and PRsabout WSI* WSI Internet Franchise AnnouncesMembership in the BDO SeidmanAlliance* WSI Achieves Six Standard ofExcellence Recognitions in the WebMarketing Associations 2012WebAwardsThis Edition of Your Inside Edge Newsletter is Brought to You by WSICopyright © 2013 WSI - We Simplify the InternetForward this emailThis email was sent to by |Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.WSI - Surelink Internet Marketing Solutions | Halifax | - | Nova Scotia | B4B1W1 | Canada