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Bahrain Agency, Online Business, Bahrain Internet Business, Saudi Online Marketing, Qatar Online Marketing
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Bahrain Agency, Online Business, Bahrain Internet Business, Saudi Online Marketing, Qatar Online Marketing


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Our proven business model helps your business to reach long term goals you set and drives traffic and convert more customers online.

Our proven business model helps your business to reach long term goals you set and drives traffic and convert more customers online.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Proven Business ModelThe WSI ABCs of Internet Marketing Success™ and our InternetMarketing Lifecycle™ combined facilitate online success and continuedprofitability for small and medium sized businesses, the world over.At WSI, we simplify the Internet and what better way to do this than byproviding our Consultants and customers with three easy steps tofollow for success that we call the ABCs of Internet Marketing. TheInternet continues to be the fastest growing communication andbusiness channel today. Our Internet Marketing Consultants helpbusiness owners leverage the power of the Internet by providingAffordable Web design solutions, Internet marketing services to Buildmore targeted site traffic and Convert more customers online.To effectively deliver on the ABCs of Internet Marketing, ourConsultants are all Certified IM Professionals who follow the higheststandards and processes set out by our Internet Marketing Lifecycle.These proven systems and our expertise in the SME market paired withour industry specific knowledge create a powerful combination that isleveraged throughout the WSI organization for the benefit of SMBs.Business owners who work with a WSI Internet Marketing Consultanthave access to the personalized service with the backing andknowledge of an international organization.Internet Marketing ModelIts one thing to have an Internet solution but it is a totally differentthing to have an effective Internet marketing strategy that ensures abusiness owner’s site actually becomes a profit driving machine.
  • 2. At WSI our franchisees’ main focus is on driving dollars directly to thebottom line of their clients and creating a solid well recognized brandfor them. This is accomplished through the systems and training weprovide each of our franchisees.WSI will train you on the fundamental components that are the key toour Internet Marketing Model.There are 5 Key Components of an Internet Marketing System: 1. Conversion Architecture 2. Search Engine Optimization 3. Pay Per Click Services 4. Email Marketing 5. Web AnalyticsAs a WSI franchisee you are always ahead of your competition when itcomes to helping your clients profit through the Internet.Global e-MarketplaceThe WSI Global e-Marketplace is unique in the Internet marketingindustry, but the concept has been proven many times over bycompanies like IBM, Microsoft and General Electric. By joining WSI youwill enjoy preferred access and pre-negotiated wholesale rates to awide variety of products and services. These include advanced websitetechnologies, search engine optimization and marketing services,profitable site add-ons, and popular innovations such as WebConferencing and Video Email.The e-Marketplace allows WSI Consultants to offer advanced Internetmarketing solutions for less (often a lot less) than other providers
  • 3. charge for their solutions. In fact, this system is one of our greatestcompetitive advantages.Here’s why:Because our network is so large, the costs of research anddevelopment, technical production and specialized services are sharedamong all of our Consultants, allowing them to pass the savings ontotheir clients. Compare this to the typical local Web developers on MainStreet who have to recover all of their development costs on a projectby project basis. This is where your opportunity to provide competitiveyet profitable solutions comes from.Master Production SystemTying everything together is our proprietary Master Production System(MAPS™), a private extranet and project management system thatallows Consultants, Suppliers and WSI Staff to connect and exchangeinformation online in a consolidated environment. In addition totracking projects through every stage of the production process, MAPSgives WSI Consultants easy access to vital business resources, websitehosting and maintenance tools, billing information and more. Wedeveloped this system for our franchisees to maximize theirproductivity and help them stay focused on serving clients and notwrestling with back-end business administration duties. All you need toaccess MAPS in the e-Marketplace is a computer and an Internetconnection, allowing you to operate your business effectively from justabout anywhere, at any time of day. It’s why our franchisees sometimesrefer to WSI as the “Freedom Franchise”, as they aren’t locked down toa set schedule or chained to a storefront. This level of flexibility andlife/work balance is unheard of within the franchise industry, and we’reproud to provide this benefit to all of our franchisees.
  • 4. To learn more about our proven business model and to qualify for yourFREE WSI Internet Marketing Information Package & CD, pleasecomplete the Information Request form below or call us today!1-888-678-7588 - USA & Canada08-08234 6105 - United Kingdom1-905-678-7588 – International