How to Use Facebook Advertising Effectively


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Use Facebook Advertising effectively with targeted ads, various facebook applications, sharing information & experiences with friends. WSI Milton helps to improve return on investment, improve business by taking complete advantage of Facebook Marketing

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How to Use Facebook Advertising Effectively

  1. 1. How to Use Facebook Advertising Effectively Facebook advertising is a relatively new approach that marketers are using to reach targeted audiences online. Since it is so new, a lot of people are currently trying to figure out how to take advantage of Facebook advertising to make it work effectively for them and improve their return on investment (ROI). Why is Facebook such a great marketing channel? On Facebook more than anywhere else people willingly share information about themselves. Based on this information marketers can then target ads directly to specific users based on details about their consumers (such as age, interests, location, relationships). For example, if you are a toy company, you may want to target women who are married and have children. This type of information about consumers will be available in their user profile. It is important for marketers to keep in mind that people on Facebook don’t search for products and services. Instead, their activities tend to revolve around:
  2. 2. • Interacting with friends • Sharing information and experiences • Connecting with important causes • Playing games Therefore, marketers must ensure their Facebook ads contain carefully selected images and calls to action which will draw users away from their normal activities so that they will click on the Facebook ad. Marketers have had more success when they tailor the Facebook experience to users rather than expecting to drive traffic from Facebook directly to their websites. This can be done by using custom pages and applications to capture traffic, which allows users to interact with your product or brand within Facebook resulting in a lower bounce rate. For those marketers who need to convert traffic outside of Facebook they can tailor landing pages to social users as a method to convert this traffic outside of Facebook to the website in question. Custom pages, which are a part of your Facebook page, make it easier for consumers to “like” your company, brand or product. You can then remarket to the consumers who have “liked” your page by using status updates about deals or upcoming events.
  3. 3. Facebook applications are another effective method for marketers to use. Marketers have more control over the user experience through applications because they can gather demographic data from user profiles. This data can be used in a way that will allow marketers to segment their ads. In other words, marketers will then target certain consumers (based on things like age, location and gender) and then see how each responds to the ad campaign. Marketers should monitor how each ad campaign is doing in each segment and then adjust future bids for future ad campaigns accordingly, which will help to optimize the Facebook ad budget and improve overall ROI. Finally, marketers want to ensure their ads are well designed and will grab user’s attention. Facebook users are inundated with content and as a result scan images and text very quickly which means that they skip over quite a lot of content. A good way that marketers can get users to read their ads is to design colourful, engaging images that are compelling (such as providing a relevant offer). Colours like orange and yellow are great to use in the borders of an ad because they naturally contrast with the blue and white interface that Facebook uses. As for any campaign it is important to monitor results and make changes accordingly. For example, you may find that the ads
  4. 4. that are clicked the most in your campaign aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but may be the ones that stand out the most. In this case you would want to adjust your campaign so your ads aren’t as “pretty” but instead are more eye-catching. Also, you may find that ads that are shown to the same users repeatedly will be tuned out and therefore over time their performance may drop. If this happens you may find that rotating images and the headline will help to improve the ads performance.
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