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What’s new in share point 2013


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Sharepoint 2013 new features

Sharepoint 2013 new features

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  • What this lecture is about: an overview of the new features in SharePoint, not an overview of the SharePoint product in general. Not enough time for that.
  • Who in the room is using SharePoint? What version are you using?
  • These are the topics we’re going to be covering today.
  • Transcript

    • 1. What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference 2013 Becky Bertram Owner, Savvy Technical Solutions SharePoint MVP, MCT, MCITP, MCPD
    • 2. A Little About Me • Originally from Durham, NC. Graduated from Calvin in 1999, live in St. Louis now • Married since 2007, Lilly turning 2 next week, one on the way in July • Own my own SharePoint consulting company, Savvy Technical Solutions • Microsoft SharePoint MVP 4 years • Microsoft Certified Trainer • Have helped author several MS SharePoint exams • Co-authored Wrox SharePoint Six-in-One • Blog: • Twitter: @beckybertram
    • 3. A Brief History of SharePoint • Windows SharePoint Services 2.0, SharePoint Server 2003 and SharePoint Team Services • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) • SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) and SharePoint Server 2010 • SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013 • SharePoint Online/Office 365
    • 4. Upgraded Functionality Covered in Today’s Session • Social • List and Library Enhancements • Web Content Management • SharePoint Apps
    • 5. Social
    • 6. Feeds • Facebook-like ability to “follow” people (and also lists or documents) or “like” something • Twitter-like “micro-feed” functionality and ability to mention someone, create and follow hashtags. • List of all your activities • Mobile apps for following activity feed.
    • 7. Yammer • Stand-alone product recently acquired by Microsoft • Right now it’s a separate service that can integrate with SharePoint • No clear direction yet from MS as to how it will replace existing Social features in SharePoint
    • 8. Yammer Features • Facebook-like features of leaving messages that can be replied to, following people, etc. • Twitter-like ability to tag items. • Ability to create mini workspaces, upload files, etc. • Can use web site, desktop app, mobile apps, etc.
    • 9. Community Sites • Group site • Discussion threads • Searching within the site • Ratings • Achievement Rating System • Community Portal lists all Community Sites
    • 10. Sharing • Ability to share documents and sites with individual people • Use of SkyDrive Pro
    • 11. Lists and Libraries
    • 12. New Features • Drag and drop documents into a library • Synch a library or document to your hard drive. • Save files directly to SharePoint site from Office applications. • Quick Edit view allows you to quickly add columns to a list.
    • 13. Lightweight Project Management • New Project Site template • Includes • Timeline • Synch tasks to Outlook. Outlook tasks will also show up in Tasks under Newsfeed.
    • 14. Web Content Management
    • 15. Design Manager • Step by step guidance for customizing the look and feel of your site. • Use out of the box styles or upload your own design • New concept of “Display Templates”, which are combinations of HTML and JavaScript. • Device channels can be used to apply different master pages to different devices.
    • 16. Other New WCM Features • Content Search web part • Product catalog and cross-site publishing • Managed metadata navigation • Friendly URLs
    • 17. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization Tools • Ability to specify exclusion paths for the sitemap file that internet search engines crawl. • Ability to add tracking metadata tags to each page. • Ability to filter link parameters to help SEO results for a page. • Ability to add SEO properties for pages.
    • 18. Image Renditions • Ability to have SharePoint create standard sizes of uploaded images. • Ability to specify which image rendition should be used in a page. • Utilizes “BLOB caching” which means these images are cached on the server and will be served up quickly to site visitors.
    • 19. SharePoint Apps
    • 20. App Store and Storage • Public marketplace • Private marketplace • Use HTML5 and JavaScript • Can be hosted remotely
    • 21. Other New Features • Improved E-Discovery functionality • Ability to crawl Exchange • Ability to lock records at a point in time but not prevent them from being further edited • Video • Video in search results • Video can from external sites like YouTube can be displayed in an IFrame
    • 22. References • What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 microsoft-sharepoint-server-2013-HA102785546.aspx • What is SkyDrive Pro? help/what-is-skydrive-pro- HA102822076.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HA102785546
    • 23. Q & A